What to Look for When Buying A Flail Mower

Flail Mower

Thanks to technology, farm, and landscape management have been made better. Green areas and landscape management equipment like flail mowers have eliminated the need for human labor, increased efficiency, made work faster, and saved farm management costs. As much as there are these benefits to enjoy, it is critical to find the right equipment. Lest you might end up with a product that cannot work on your landscape, and cost you a lot in maintenance, among many other limitations.

A good flail mower will work on any type of vegetation, produce a net job, help in preserving soil nutrients and minimize accidents caused by projectiles. That is why you should consider the following before purchasing a flail mower.

Here are What to Look for When Buying A Flail Mower:

Flail Mower

1. The manufacturer

The quality of the flail mower you buy highly depends on its manufacturer. PERAZZO Srl. has been in the manufacturing farm machinery business for over six decades. They have been present every step of the way in the development of farm technology, and they know what the consumers need. They have been very relentless in research and innovation to discover technology and equipment that can bring about sustainability in farming practices.

By reading PERUZZO flail mower reviews, you will get insights into the experience consumers have with this manufacturer’s products. It is a consideration you need to make, even when buying from any other manufacturer. Reviews tell a lot about the quality of the products. If you do not want disappointments, purchase a mower from manufacturers with a track record of satisfying consumer expectations.

2. Weight and resistance

You should not pay a blind eye to the weight and resilience of a flail mower. It needs to be compatible with the towing capacity of your tractor. Different models of flail mowers come with different weights. If you choose a mower that exceeds your tractor’s capacity, it may not be able to work. More so, it will cause excessive wear to your tractor, which can be costly to repair. Before you go shopping, have accurate information on your tractor’s towing capacity: it will help you choose the right mower.

3. Knife count

This will determine the completeness of the job of the flail mower. A high knife count will result in linear cuts and less clean up to do after clearing the landscape. A flail mower with a higher knife count does mulching, which also goes a long way in preserving the health of your farm’s soil. A high knife count will give the mower enough power to work on thick vegetation without wearing out.

4. Height adjustment

Look for the height adjustment features of the flail mower if you want to enjoy flexibility in choosing the level of cut. Note that a mower that brushes too low can have detrimental effects on the soil. It can cause soil disturbance, which results in soil erosion. More so, it can encourage the infestation of insects and increased growth, which will be a problem for landscape management.

To be safe, consider purchasing a mower, which can be adjusted to a desirable height, that neither cuts to low or too high. This will ensure that the soil is protected and you do not have to mow too often.

5. Width

The width of the flail mower will determine the degree of clearance. If you have an open and big field, you might want the job to be done fast. In this case, a wide flail mower will be ideal as it will clear a bigger area within a short time. However, if the landscape consists of trees and other obstacles, you will need a mower that is not too wide and say that four-foot clearance would be ideal.

When choosing a flail mower, it is essential to look at the five things listed above. The brand will determine the reliability of the equipment. Buying a mower from a trusted and experienced manufacturer means fewer problems when handling the machinery. The clearance, weight, and the availability of height adjustment features also must not be ignored. With all of these in mind, you should be able to get a flail mower that can meet your landscape management needs.

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