How to Make Facetime More Enjoyable


26 April 2019


Facetime easily connects us to our loved ones and friends anytime and anywhere. It has made communication more accessible for everyone especially if we live in different parts of the world. It’s available in Apple products, like the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. You can stay in touch no matter where you are. If you love Facetime, here are some tips on how to make it more enjoyable and memorable:

1. Use Effects or Filters:

camera effects facetime


If you would like to play around during your conversation, Facetime offers a lot of filters to choose from such as animal filter, black and white effect, dreamy backgrounds and even scary ones and much more.

How to use Effects and Filters:

  • Launch the Facetime app on your gadget.
  • Choose the person to call and tap on audio or video.
  • Tap the filters icon on the left of the red circle.
  • Select the filter you like and then tap the small x on the side to return to the call.

2. Use Animoji and Memojis:



Animojis were a big hit with IOS 11. A friendly lion, happy bear, cheeky Chinese dragon head, and a talking skull will mimic your facial expression in real-time. How cool is that? There is also the Memoji. This feature lets you customize the look of the avatar close to what you look like in person! These are the new features of Facetime using the new IOS 12 that will truly make your conversation more fun and exciting.

How to use Animojis and Memojis:

  • Launch the Facetime app on your gadget.
  • Make a video call and then tap on the box showing your face.
  • Tap the effects button on the left side of the red circle.
  • Select the Animoji or Memoji icon.
  • Pick out your preferred Animoji or Memoji avatar.=

For the Memoji avatar, you can personalize the skin tone, face shape, length of hair, eye color, nose, mouth, and even your brows. It will look just like you in a cartoon way!

3. Talk in Group Chats:

Group Chats


This is the most popular feature for family and friends who want to get together. You could be planning a special event, grand reunion, or simply a quick lunch date. You can add up to 31 people and that is a big meeting indeed. You can use a phone stand <do-follow> if you think your group chat will last for a while. This way, your hands are free to relax and do other stuff.

How to make group calls:

  • Launch the Facetime app on your gadget.
  • Make a video call and tap + to add a person.
  • Enter the contact name, number or email.
  • Tap the added person to Facetime.
  • Add up to 31 people to join your group chat.

4. Play Conversation Games:

To spice up your Facetime conversation, there are lots of new stuff to try to make your regular talks livelier, such as having conversational games. This will surely improve the quality time with your loved ones. This would come in handy when you ran out of things to say but still want to carry on with the talk.

Here are some games you can try out on your next Facetime call.

  1. Two Truths and One Lie– This game is when you have to tell each other two truths and one lie which varies anything from your childhood days up to present. The other person has to identify which one is the lie and why. You take turns in this game.
  2. Song Lyrics– If you and your family or friends are music lovers, then this game is perfect for you. One person will have to sing a line from the song and the other person will need to guess the title. You can score on the correct titles and decide on the punishment or dare for the person who will lose.
  3. Movie Lyrics– On the other hand, if you are both movie lovers, then famous and best movie lines can be your game. The other person can guess the correct movie title from the dialogue given. There are thousands of lines to choose from especially on all-time favorite movies.


Facetime is an awesome way to connect with your family and friends. It allows you to have quality time with them even when you’re not living under the same roof. Try out these awesome tips to make your conversations more fun and memorable!

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is whatsapp safe

Is WhatsApp Safe: What You Need To Know

WhatsApp has evolved from being just an instant messaging app to becoming a social phenomenon. It processes over two billion messages daily. However, despite its massive popularity, security experts have pointed out the app's less-than-ideal security features. They have particularly the level of communication security it provides.WhatsApp is constantly at the center of rumors and controversy. Is WhatsApp safe? In this article, we will debunk some of the myths surrounding WhatsApp and WhatsApp getting hacked.WhatsApp And Hacking: OverviewBefore the latest updates, WhatsApp did not encrypt the messages that you used to send with the help of the platform. This made it easy for anyone connected to the same network to see messages that were sent. To address this issue, WhatsApp released a new version. It includes message encryption to ensure the security of user communications.However, recent reports indicate that the encryption used is not strong enough, making it possible to intercept communications even with this new version. Moreover, it's because the encryption code that WhatsApp uses for Android devices is an MD5 hash of a device's IMEI number in reverse format. On iOS devices, WhatsApp generates encryption keys by duplicating the MAC address of the Wi-Fi interface and generating an MD5 hash.It is partially true that WhatsApp is not entirely secure, intercepting and decrypting messages requires that the attacker is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you. They will also need to know your device's IMEI number and have enough computer knowledge to capture network traffic. This will help them calculate the MD5 hash of the IMEI number and decrypt messages.By taking some basic security measures, you can continue using WhatsApp without compromising your privacy. One such measure is to avoid using WhatsApp on public Wi-Fi networks. For example, those found in airports or coffee shops, as these networks may not be secure.Additionally, it's important to use basic security measures on your Wi-Fi network to prevent unauthorized users from connecting to it. Myth 1Banning WhatsApp can save you from recordkeeping fines. Reality:Firstly, there are numerous instances of businesses paying astronomical fines to authorities when their employees use WhatsApp in a non-compliant manner. Recent FINRA fines, where US regulators discovered that businesses had implemented ineffective channel blocks, brought this to light.According to our 2023 Industry Insight survey, 59% of participants said their organization had outlawed the usage of WhatsApp and related apps. However, only 2.6% of respondents thought that outright banning would be a good idea. Besides, employees still use WhatsApp even after the channel is blocked, whether they like it or not.This is due to a number of factors, including the app's widespread use in daily life, its simplicity in texting, voice messaging, and attaching files. Furthermore, it also has a tendency for client-facing teams to use the apps that their clients prefer in order to streamline communication. Ban or no ban, teams will continue to communicate using WhatsApp. Companies that use it with non-compliance will continue to face fines from regulators. Is WhatsApp Safe? Yes.Myth 2You don't need a dedicated WhatsApp business account – sending personal chats is fine.Reality:Nothing about utilizing WhatsApp for business purposes should ever become personal. Regulators won't view it that way, even though employees may believe it's acceptable to speak with clients (or discuss business-related issues) via personal WhatsApp accounts.This is due to the fact that messages sent through personal accounts are not recorded and kept in a messaging archive. This makes it impossible for regulators or internal auditors to review them to determine whether or not discussions and activities are appropriate.Regulators detest few things more than irreversible data. The emphasis now clearly lies on individual accountability when it comes to utilizing private devices for illicit conversations. Your WhatsApp Business account includes a business number linked to it for a reason.In other words, guaranteeing that conversations are documented in a compliant manner removes compliance concerns while allowing staff members to keep up connections with clients and contacts on their favorite platforms. Is WhatsApp Safe? Yes.Myth 3All  WhatsApp data collection solutions are the same.Reality:Incomplete data may hamper compliance attempts. Besides, delays in investigations can arise from not knowing which messages are transmitted, to whom, or when. Regulators won't condemn you or shrug their shoulders if you don't know all the answers.Some companies claim that their solutions for communications would guarantee that all of your data is safe. But message emulators, like"app wrappers," and scrapers, have significant technical drawbacks. These third-party services can not guarantee completeness, and they may record all WhatsApp messages sent from a device, including private ones, or cause metadata loss.Above all, due to insufficient data collection, you run the risk of regulatory fines and reputational harm. Additionally, using a solution with direct API connectivity with Meta is the only method to ensure complete data capture since it allows you to obtain your data directly from the source. Is WhatsApp Safe? Yes.Myth 4The collection of WhatsApp data through third-party APIs is a comprehensive and compliant collection.Reality:The likelihood of weak connections increases with chain length. Although it could save internal work, licensing your communications acquisition solution to several suppliers adds risk and might even be against your terms of service.Operational concerns associated with third-party indirect API solutions include hacker assaults and infringements on user privacy and security. Your client information will be at risk if a data breach happens farther down the multivendor chain. Besides, they will still hold you legally liable for the resulting damages.The solutions are integrated, direct, and end-to-end, preventing possible financial and reputational effects. It provides you full visibility and control of your data without having to worry about a cascading effect. All you need to do is enable it. Is WhatsApp Safe? Yes.Myth 5You can't use WhatsApp for business communications – it's just not compliant.Reality:Although it may appear impossible to use WhatsApp for business interactions due to all of these beliefs, the actual question is: can you afford not to? It's quite likely that your teams have begun using it to communicate with your clients and that they will be utilizing it in the near future. However, it's never easy to get employees to support compliance, so forcing them to give up WhatsApp or utilizing a completely new communication channel isn't the best course of action. Is WhatsApp Safe? Yes.Wrapping UpIn conclusion, organizations cannot bury their heads in the sand and rely on a risky third-party solution or channel ban, as authorities are adopting a zero-tolerance approach towards non-compliance. We now have a few options for folks who are trying to dispel the stereotypes and want to use WhatsApp for business.If you have thoughts to share or want to know is WhatsApp safe, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!Read Also About:Why You Need A Secure Wifi Connection In Shared Space?WhatsApp Not Working: Why It Happens And How To Fix ItYour Wrist, Your Chat: Setting Up WhatsApp On Apple Watch


Dominant Mobile App Trends To Keep An Eye On

While many younger people see mobile apps as a fact of life, there are some older people and businesses out there who still don’t appreciate just how prevalent mobile apps are in today’s world. Quite simply: there’s no escaping them. For many businesses, developing a mobile app can be the key to connecting with previously untapped markets—but it isn’t wise to go in blind. With millions of apps available for download, it’s a good idea to brush up on some of the trends and forces that are currently dominating the world of mobile apps.In the ever-evolving landscape of dominant mobile app trends, having an edge is crucial. Utilizing an innovative Android app maker can help you stay at the forefront of these trends, ensuring your place in the dynamic world of mobile applications. Social Networks: Social networks can have an enormous impact on the success of a mobile app, if only because of sheer size: as Buffer notes, social media is one of the most effective means of reaching your target audiences because it features nearly 2.5 billion users across different platforms, and there is a plethora of data available on their likes, dislikes, and habits.Integrating social networks into your development and marketing strategy can yield great results. Social advertising allows for precisely targeted ads that find audiences based not only on demographics, but also on past behavior, interests, and previous purchases. The likelihood of your app gaining a dedicated following, of course, is higher if you can present it specifically to the demographics for which it is designed.Social networks also offer the potential for effective advertising at no cost through organic posts. The right social media strategy will increase the likelihood of audiences being exposed to your app organically, and—hopefully—spreading positive buzz themselves through their own networks.Google Play: As of early 2018, Android users are able to head to the Google Play store and choose between more than 3.8 billion apps. So, while making your app available through the Google Play store can be a primary goal during app development, learning to make your app stand out amidst all the competition can be an uphill battle. A smarter, easier way to help your target audiences find your app is to work with a developer who is not only experienced in building apps, but also in launching them. Guaraná Technologies, for example, has found success in a competitive market by ensuring that their involvement with their clients doesn’t end with the development.Visit their blog to learn more information about app development and how they work with clients to ensure that a launch strategy is fully formed and implemented in order to make the most of the app. Although launching may seem like a relatively small part of the app-making process compared to the actual coding and development, its importance can’t be understated—when you’ve got to make a name for yourself against nearly 4 billion Google Play competitors, you’d had better be putting your best foot forward. Lifestyle: Ever have trouble imagining leaving your smartphone behind when you leave the house? It’s not just you. Smartphones and, by extension, mobile apps, are rapidly changing our lifestyles. Facebook found that in 2016, Americans aged 18-34 spent more time on their mobile devices than they did watch live television—21.1 billion hours on mobile versus 19.1 billion on television. Increasingly, Millennials and young people are describing old standbys like television as too expensive or unnecessary, instead opting to view a video on their mobile devices. In fact, even when people are watching television, they’re also probably using their smartphones: the same Facebook study found that 94% of participants had a smartphone in their hand while watching television. The takeaway? Not only are mobile apps a dominant means of connecting with consumers, but it’s also worth taking into account that as lifestyles keep changing and smartphones and other devices become ever more prevalent, but mobile apps will also go from “one way to connect with customers” to “the way to connect with customers.”Trends provide a useful cheat sheet of shortcuts to mobile app success. Creating an app that maximizes engagement through social media, takes into account users’ changing lifestyles and works to stand out in crowded marketplaces like the Google Play store, which will give you a better chance at carving out a name for yourself in the world of mobile apps. Ignoring all of these trends, meanwhile, is a good way to ensure that the only phone your app reaches is your own.Read Also:7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App Securing Mobile App Development With Blockchain Technology

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How To Market Your App Successfully Mobile App Marketing Agency

The mobile app is becoming quite popular and are being used to sell products and services. Hence, it is not surprising to note that as of January 2017 there are around 2.7 million apps I App store and around 2.5 million apps in the Google Play Store. These numbers are simply staggering, and they are going up quite satisfactorily with each passing day. However, many thousands of apps fall by the wayside because of wrong marketing and improper selling of the same. It would be wrong to expect that users will flock to your app even if the services are offered free. If you sit down and expect miracles to happen, it is not going to happen. This is because of fierce competition. Hence you must find out ways and means by which you can identify the services of a good app marketing agency for marketing and popularizing your app. Additionally, here are a few more important points to be kept in mind when it comes to marketing to your app. How To Market Your App Successfully Mobile App Marketing Agency: Website Presence : Unless you have an online presence for your app, you will find it difficult to reach a big mass. People would like to find out ways and means by which they are aware that you have an app that offers them value for money. Towards this objective has a good website is a starting point, and it should have a link to your app. The website should prominently talk about the services being offered by the app, and it should not just be a link in some indiscreet corner. Hence, this is one of the most important points to be kept in mind when marketing an app successfully. A good mobile app advertising agency would be able to do the job properly. Presence In Social Media : The next important thing is to ensure that your app is actively promoted on social media. Today social media plays an important role in all our lives, and you must be able to take advantage of the same. You could have an organic approach and have a Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter profiles. You could use it to follow people who you think are the target audience. However, you must not spam people by being excessively promotional. You should try and connect with your audience in a meaningful and decent way. The promotion should happen in such a way that you can engage the audience in a conversation with you rather than being pushy and spamming in your approach. Here again, the role of agencies could play a big role because they know how to go about it professionally and effectively. Paid social media promotion is also effective. This could include scientific and intelligent CPC programs. This could increase your CTR or click-through rates by almost 40%. Public Relations : Media and public relations could also play a big role. You could have a press release and host a local party where the local media is invited. You also could give interviews to local newspapers. These are expensive but could be done on a small scale using the services of professional mobile app promotion agencies.App Store Optimization or ASO : Just as SEO you should also appoint agencies for ASO which is known as app store optimization. It is effective because it helps to identify your app in a market that is fierce and oversaturated. Your app name must be unique, and you must learn to include relevant keywords but should not make it keyword stuffed. The app should have a good description which talks about the objective and values it offers to customers. You should know how to promote your app using such ASO techniques graphically. Word Of Mouth Advertising : Finally, the good old word of mouth advertising also works. You could try and incentivize people who promote your app, talk about it and ensure that it is being downloaded and used by people. You could appoint local franchisees for marketing the app and ensure that they are paid handsome commission for installation and downloading as the case may be. Hence, there are many ways by which agencies can play a role in marketing your app in a good way.Read Also :7 Of The Best Entertainment Apps On Android 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App 7 Essential Apps For Your Mac In 2018