Making Your Office Move A Fun Experience – Where Should You Begin?


23 February 2023


Making Your Office Move A Fun Experience

Have you ever moved into a new office space from the older one before? 

Well, I have. And, trust me when I say this, it was the most hectic and stressful experience of my life. The process felt too long, I kept losing my stuff, my people became restless, and a lot more kept happening at the same time.

It’s not like I didn’t have any plans, though. I did, and I executed it perfectly. 

Nevertheless, it felt a little boring at times, and all of us wanted to give up multiple times. But fortunately, we were wary about the entire issue the second time. 

So, when we started moving. I added a few fun elements to the process. Here’s what I added to make the experience less boring and more exciting this time.

Making Your Office Moving Session Fun

When it comes to moving your office, the first thing you should do is involve everyone in the project. Even before you start planning, be sure to ask them if they’re okay with a decision or not. They might contradict it and offer you even better advice and make it all easier.

In addition to this, you should also do the below-mentioned –

1: Give Everyone A Role

Moving and packing is a difficult job and it mustn’t be done by a single person. Therefore you can try to give everyone a specific role to lower the pressure from your shoulder. 

This way, you can also ensure that you are getting everyone involved in a more structured and elaborate manner. It won’t affect their psychological health in any way at all.

2: Offer Incentives

Hold a friendly competition on who can do a better job with the role they have been given. If someone is working better than the other, praise their assistance with incentives and prizes. 

However, don’t keep the other people hanging though. Even if they don’t do enough, it doesn’t hurt to offer them a small prize. This way, you can keep both parties happy and content.

3: Snacks And Drinks

Moving your office from one place to another can be quite tiring. So, why don’t you set up an epic snacks-and-drinks station near where everyone is working?

Yes, it can slow down the pace of your work, but your employees will feel motivated and have fun all the way. Also, eating is a part of working, right?

4: Ask The Employees What They Want In The Workplace

It’s always important that your brand-new office caters to all the needs and requirements of all of your employees. So, make sure to ask what they are looking for from the new space.

It’s not possible to provide them with everything, though. So, list down all of their opinions or needs in a single place and create a poll. Only focus on offering the top five elements.

5: Celebrate Your Move

Once you are done with moving to the new office, don’t forget to celebrate it as much as you can. You can throw a party, treat everyone, or go on a fun tour. Remember, moving to a new office can put quite a lot of pressure on people working with you.

For example, they might have to come through a new route, work in a different ecosystem, and so on. So, if you want to ease them into a new system, it will be important for you to keep the individuals motivated. And that’s where the celebratory element will be beneficial for you.

The Bottom Line

Making commercial moves in Singapore can be a quite difficult thing to do. 

After all, the place is quite busy. So, if you don’t have a professional working with you, you’ll certainly mess up the process one way or another.

In any case, now, I will be finishing up our article. I hope I could offer enough information or insights to answer your questions and queries. 

However, if you’re still worried about anything, make sure to comment below. We will try our best to help you out in any way we can.

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In-Home Care Cost

How Much Does 24/7 In-Home Care Cost?

Many clinic patients, the elderly, or people who are undergoing long-term rehabilitation after major surgery at home, need outside help. Relatives or close friends will not always be able to provide qualified support and care for such patients. In such cases, a 24-hour home care service is required with the involvement of qualified specialists and medical personnel. Many people who have faced a difficult situation in life are often interested in the question, how much does 24/7 in-home care cost? What is a 24/7 In-Home Care Service? 24/7 In-Home Care Service is a set of medical services that leads to a quick recovery of a patient after a serious illness, surgery, injury, or alleviates his suffering and improves the quality of life in the provision of palliative care. In our company, this service is carried out at home with the involvement of the following set of specialists: Certified general doctors or highly specialized doctors. Registered Nurses. Speech correction specialists. Osteopaths, massage therapists, and other doctors ensure the normal functioning of the patient's musculoskeletal system. Nursing support staff and social workers. Nurses on duty monitor the health level of seriously ill patients 24/7. In addition to these specialists, we also attract additional staff to provide round-the-clock quality care, as well as monitor the patient's health status with the provision of emergency or planned care, if necessary. What kind of work do 24/7 In-Home Care Service employees do? The work plan of medical and auxiliary staff and specialists, as well as nurses in caring for the patient, is determined individually for each specific case. The general set of services provided includes the following actions of the staff: Carrying out drug treatment, or intramuscular injections of the patient. Monitoring the state of health, making primary or final diagnoses, and conducting examinations, without the use of professional equipment. Communication with the patient, identifying and updating the clinical picture, and prescribing new medications. Assistance in moving the patient around the house, for example, to the kitchen, and to the bathroom. Walking with the patient, if such procedures do not contradict the prescription of the attending physician. Maintaining the standard life of the patient, such as washing, changing clothes, helping to use the toilet, preparing meals, and performing other vital tasks. Help in establishing the ability to communicate normally, correcting the speech of a patient after a stroke or other serious illness. Perform dressings, treatment of wounds, bedsores, and other traumatic injuries. Conducting intensive care. Assistance in occupational therapy, gymnastics, or other physical exercises. Feeding the patient, including intravenous, with the inability to eat independently. Providing psychological assistance, getting rid of stress and depression, and pursuing a special course of treatment. All services that are provided around the clock by our service are aimed at ensuring a comfortable life for the patient, regardless of the age and severity of the identified pathology. Our qualified specialists relieve suffering and provide the necessary assistance in various pathologies. How Much Does 24/7 In-Home Care Cost? The cost of maintaining staff for round-the-clock care at home is calculated individually, according to the company's price list, as well as adjusting factors, and depends on several important criteria: The age of the patient. The patient's health status. The type of pathology identified. The need for round-the-clock monitoring of the patient. The number of specialists involved in working with patients. The need for intensive care. Category and method of dosage of drugs. The cost of procedures prescribed to the patient. The need for periodic planned hospitalization. The need for analysis. Removing the location of the patient from the region of service. The need to maintain the living conditions of the patient. According to the results of calculations and compilation of statistics, regardless of the category of the patient and several specialists involved in caring for him, home care is no more than 1/3 of the cost of hospital stay bills. Thus, the customer incurs lower costs both for the direct payment for each service, according to the price list, and for the purchase of insurance, including 24/7 In-Home Care Service. In recent years, experts have explicitly stated that home care is becoming more and more profitable for customers, due to the growth in the number of companies providing this service, as well as due to the reduction in the cost of such services with the development of digital technologies. When is 24/7 In-Home Care required? The decision to contact the round-the-clock assistance service for sick or incapacitated people is made in the presence of the following circumstances: Conclusion on the incapacity of an elderly person, or a patient with pathologies. The presence in the house of a child with ASD, or with other mental developmental disabilities. Relatives notice the patient's untidy appearance, exhaustion due to lack of food, or other signs of socialization disorders, this means that the person needs third-party help, and they need to turn to specialists. If the patient cannot move independently, he needs round-the-clock supervision, since when he tries to transfer from bed to a wheelchair, he can injure himself. One of the main reasons why people don’t always turn to the services of round-the-clock care for a sick person is the reluctance to spend extra money. At the same time, if relatives have to take care of an elderly person, this can drag on for years, which will certainly affect the mental state of relatives. After the departure of the ward from life, the years will already be lost, and the relatives will not have time to enjoy life. In this regard, experts recommend always contacting professionals in such cases. Particular attention should be paid to older people who are diagnosed with dementia, starting with the second degree. Such patients are always ready to serve themselves and declare complete independence, but in fact, they cannot do without professional help. One of the most important reasons for hiring a nurse to look after a sick person is the fact that the patient is always more subordinate to a stranger than to a relative. This means that if the ward behaves too capriciously, and does not want to follow the daily routine or take the medications prescribed by the attending physician, it is recommended to seek professional help. The specialists of our company perfectly understand the condition of sick people, since we have been working with such patients for more than a year. We provide psychological assistance, we understand the algorithm of interaction with a person, even in the most difficult situations. All our nurses and doctors have completed advanced training courses and meet the highest requirements, as evidenced by the positive feedback from our patients' relatives. Tips for choosing 24/7 In-Home Care It is very difficult to make the right choice of a nurse who will simultaneously satisfy the patient and his relatives, and also fulfill all the regulatory requirements and prescriptions of the doctor. When looking for such staff for a home for around-the-clock care for a sick person, it is recommended to take into account several nuances: When conducting an interview, it is recommended to invite the future nurse to the patient and look at his reaction. The nurse should have a pleasant timbre of voice and arrange for the patient to quickly establish contact with him. The nurse must have the necessary qualifications, and be able to provide first aid, following the disease in her future ward. It is recommended to request in advance from the future employee all the necessary qualification documents, as well as a diploma of higher education. The nurse should initially be ready for an irregular working day, namely, staying next to a sick person 24/7, or, if she disagrees, it is recommended to hire two people. Our company immediately presents to a potential customer 2 or 3 highly qualified people who will be next to the patient for 24 hours. A nurse must always be in touch, have a mobile phone, be able to use instant messengers to answer a question at any time of the day, or transfer information to the attending physician in case of a force majeure situation. Regardless of professional qualities, the nurse must have such personal traits as benevolence, compassion, and care. Only with a good attitude from the home staff, the patient will quickly recover, or his last days of life will be comfortable. Our company All American Home Care has only highly qualified medical staff and nurses who provide round-the-clock support for a sick person, regardless of the degree of progression of the disease. We are always ready to help your relative both in the postoperative period and in the provision of palliative care. Read Also: Art Activities for Stress Relief Releasing Stress Even if You Don’t Leave Home Make Your Vacation Less Stressful With the Following Tricks Why It’s So Hard to Quit Drugs Cold Turkey?

Office Carpets

Why Office Carpets Are A Health Hazard And How Commercial Cleaning Helps

If you work in a nice, cool, and modern office, you spend most of your day sitting at your desk and walking on a carpeted floor. Indeed, carpeted floors feel so much better to walk on; they are pretty to look at, absorb sound and reduce noise, help insulate the room, provide a non-slip and safer surface, and are just a lot more comfortable. However, there is also a good chance that the very carpet you love could be hiding some serious dangers. As we all know, carpets are excellent dirt magnets. Foreign particles ranging from allergens, and bacteria to toxic chemicals could get trapped in between the fibres of the carpet; these things can pose potential health hazards. This is what commercial cleaning, particularly office cleaning and carpet deep cleaning, is about. Allergens One of the most common, and probably the biggest, danger hiding in between the fibres of your office carpets are allergens. Allergens come in various forms, from dirt, dust, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, etc., which are all practically invisible to the naked eye. These particles get trapped on the carpet but can become airborne when someone walks on the carpet. People with hypersensitivity to these allergens can easily feel allergic reactions from these particles, such as sneezing, coughing, stuffy or runny nose, red, watery and itchy eyes, headaches, etc. Those with asthma, allergic rhinitis, or similar respiratory conditions will feel the worst of the symptoms. If you often suffer from allergies, you may notice that your symptoms are usually worse t work. And if you work in a carpeted environment, there is a good chance it is caused by dirty office carpet. To reduce your exposure to harmful allergens, make sure to invest in a vacuum cleaner that comes with a HEPA filter. HEPA is a special type of filter that traps extremely small particles. The good thing about hiring good commercial cleaning companies is that they use HEPA vacuums for their office cleaning. Bacteria Another common danger that could be lurking in your office caret is bacteria. As said earlier, carpets are practically dirt traps. It traps anything and everything, including moisture. Beverage spills, wet food, or various liquids dropped on the carpet turn the carpet into a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria, as we all know, can cause a long list of serious illnesses, such as pneumonia, meningitis, etc. To reduce your risk of these health problems, it is important to have your office carpet professionally cleaned. Commercial office cleaners use HEPA filter vacuums, special cleaning equipment and commercial-grade cleaning agents to effectively clean and disinfect carpets. They can safely clean bacteria lurking between the fibres and deep into the carpet without damaging the fabric. Toxic Chemicals Another danger that is often overlooked in the office setting is toxic chemicals. Often, office chemicals are treated with special chemicals to make them flame-retardant and stain-resistant. You will often see this in carpets placed in high-traffic areas, as they are incredibly convenient in terms of care and safety. However, over time, as the carpet ages, these special chemicals can off-gas, releasing toxic fumes into the air. Some of the most common chemicals used in treating carpets are benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene. These chemicals have been linked to a variety of health problems, such as respiratory issues, dizziness, and headaches. To reduce your chances of exposure to these chemicals, make sure to choose office carpets that are certified as low-emitting or free from harmful chemicals. If your office has already installed carpets with these chemical treatments, consider testing them for chemical emissions. Mould Mould is another common danger that is often overlooked in work settings like offices. Since carpets can trap moisture, they become damp. Hence, they become an ideal environment for mould growth. Mould can release spores into the air, and like allergens, they can cause respiratory and health problems. To reduce your risk of exposure to mould, it is crucial to have your pipes checked for possible leaks, improve office ventilation, and use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity levels. Also, make sure to have your carpets cleaned by professional commercial cleaners. Tips For Keeping Your Office's Carpet Clean And Safe Now that you know the dangers that could be lurking in your office carpet, it is important to take the necessary steps to keep your carpets clean and safe. Here are some tips for that: Vacuum Regularly Office carpets must be thoroughly vacuumed at least once a week to remove dust, dirt, and another allergen buildup. Use HEPA Filter Make sure to invest in a HEPA filter to effectively remove all small particles that have settled deep into the carpet. Clean Up Spills As Soon As Possible Prevent moisture from seeping deep into the carpet fibres by cleaning up spills promptly. Invest In Safe Cleaning Products Not all cleaning products are the same. Many may be effective in cleaning and killing bacteria, but they can be made from harmful chemicals. People hypersensitive to these strong cleaning solutions may be at risk of experiencing health problems such as allergic reactions and respiratory symptoms. Have Your Office Carpets Professionally Cleaned You can save yourself from all the hassles of cleaning and buying special cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions or hiring and training office cleaners by simply getting the services of professional office cleaners. Professional commercial cleaning services include deep cleaning, which is exactly what office carpets need. Health experts recommend that office carpets must be deep cleaned at least once a year (twice for offices with heavy foot traffic) to remove deep-seater allergens and dirt and keep them clean and safe for everyone. Takeaway Your office's carpet may seem innocuous, but it could be hiding some serious dangers. Save yourself from the stress of guesswork and hire professional commercial cleaning services to take care of your carpet cleaning needs. Commercial cleaning services provide customized cleaning plans to give you the exact, comprehensive, and quality service you need. Also, these office cleaning services companies hire professional cleaners, train them, and equip them with advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to ensure safe and thorough cleaning of your office. Their experienced cleaners are fully trained and well-versed in handling various cleaning and building maintenance tasks, including deep cleaning. Lastly, hiring professional cleaning services from legit professional commercial cleaning companies can help you save precious time and money in the long run. Not only that they have the manpower and special equipment to provide the highest quality cleaning, but they are also extremely efficient. They can work around your schedule, reduce downtime, and improve the productivity of your workplace. Read Also: Why Is A Janitorial Service For Commercial Establishments? 10 Pro Tips To Minimize Commercial Door Repair & Maintenance Cost The Hidden Damages In Workspaces: 5 Steps To Reduce The Risk Of Workplace Injuries!

Storage Units

Here Are Some Things That You Should Know When You Use Storage Units

Using a rental storage unit does not sound complicated, all you have to do is bring your items and leave them there. However, this is not exactly true. The application of the storage units must be done in the correct order to achieve your goals. There are some precautions that you must take to make sure that your items are stored safely. We have a couple of tips that should make the entire process be a smooth one. Essential Precautions You Need To Take For Availing The Storage Units    There are several essential factors you need to take care of while you want to make use of the storage units. In this article, you will get a complete idea about it. Some of them are as follows:- 1. Find the right unit Choosing a rental unit is the logical first step. You should start by looking for companies in your area, such as public storage Chicago. A simple online search can help you find storage that is close to you. There are also two options that you must choose between. You can get a full-service storage or self-storage. 2. Full-service storage vs self-storage A full-service storage means that someone will pick up your items and take them to the storage unit, which means that you do not have to do anything. In addition to that, you can also choose the date when you want them back. There are even companies that let you do that from your smartphone. Many people choose this method because this means that there is less work to do for them. You can also check your belongings since these facilities also take photos of them and upload them to your online inventory. Self-storage is the second option, and it is more popular. With this type of storage, you will be the one who takes the items to the storage unit. When you want to get them back, you will be the one who has to go there and pick them up. You will also be responsible for your own documentation. Obviously, the costs for this option are cheaper. 3. Size The size is another factor that you should think about. Luckily for you, there are multiple options available. Usually, each company has at least five types of units: 5’x5’, 5’x10’, 10’x10’, 10’x15’ and 10’x20’. If you need something bigger than that you should search for large storage units. Stacking carefully will also help you take advantage of all the space you have. 4. Get a lock Rental storage units should provide security for your items, but it is better to be extra safe. Buy a lock for your unit, but choose it carefully. Choose a lock that can be cut with a bolt cutter if this is needed and make sure that it can handle weather changes. 5. Prices  You should know that the cost of a rental storage unit is based on how many items you store and for how much time. If you choose self-storage, the contracts are usually on a month-to-month basis. When it comes to full-service companies you will also find some that only accept a three-month minimum. Final Take Away   Hence, these are some of the core reasons why you have to take care of several facts while you want to develop the security measures of your home. Work out the plans that can help you to maintain the home security measures in the best possible ways. Do not make your choices in grey while you want to develop your security measures in all possible ways. Try to develop the tech items you can display your decor. Make your choices in the right direction to achieve your objectives in the best possible ways. Make sure of your choices in the right direction while selecting your storage spaces. Read Also: Tips On Selecting A Storage Solution For Your Growing Business Important Things To Consider When Packaging Your Product Things To Take Under Consideration When Selecting A Large Cold Storage Portable Building