Men’s Gift Guide Cheat Sheet

Men's Gift

Getting a gift for a guy can be a real challenge; obviously, the present will depend on his individual preferences, on whether he’s your bae or just a friend, but nonetheless, there are some universal gifts you can simply never go wrong with.

To help you pick out the perfect gift and spare you the torture of making lists in your head, we’ve put together a checklist that will definitely stir you in the right direction.

Without further ado…

Vacation Coupon/Ticket

There is no person on this planet who wouldn’t jump through the roof to get a voucher/coupon/ticket to their favorite destination, or, come to think of it, any destination. Everyone loves traveling and, as irony will have it, so little people actually do something about it. Often we either don’t have the time or the budget, or someone to go with. Therefore, surprise your man with two tickets – one for him and the other one for someone dear to his heart. It may even be you, you never know!

Vacation Coupon

Gadget Love

For some reason, men are suckers for all kinds of gadgets which certainly helps: you can pay closer attention to what it is that your friend’s been talking about lately and buy it for him! However, gadgets can get incredibly expensive, so if his needed gadget is out of your price range, buy him a store coupon in his favorite gadget store, set it to a certain amount you’ve planned on spending and give it to him. He’ll love it!

 Gadget Love

Fashion Statements

You’ve probably noticed that male fashion has taken a huge spin in the positive direction and we’ve now got so many fashion conscious man that it’s absolutely amazing! If your friend is one of the guys who likes to look good and has nothing against spending a little more on his outfit, then a fashionable statement piece is an absolutely wonderful gift!

Fashion Statements

Leather gifts for men are our favorite as leather will, obviously, never go out of style and it’s giving the entire outfit the edge it lacked. For instance, surprise your guy with a cool leather rocker bracelet from this website or a good leather bag/rucksack of classic cut or a wallet. Awesome, right? What, he’s into leather belts? Even better!

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Book Love

Every intellectual knows the worth of a good book, and we’re sure your friend would, too! Depending on his preferences, buying a book he’ll be using for work, or simple enjoyment will be everything he needs and be sure he’ll always think of you when he sees it on the shelf (after he’s read it, of course)! Make sure you write a dedication that will make his heart melt!


Vine/Food Tour

Who doesn’t love the sweet enjoyment of food and vine! Give your friend a gift like no other and take him to a wine or food tour in a nearby restaurant or vineyard he’s never been to. Make it a whole day adventure that he’ll never forget! You may even organize something like a wine cake or a dish made especially for him big day. Hey, and don’t forget to take a lot of photos – after all, this is going to be an exceptional experience!

Vine/Food Tour

Throw Him a Surprise Party

Yaaaaaaaay! Nothing is as awesome as a surprise party when they least expect it! It doesn’t necessarily have to be in his apartment but maybe in his favorite restaurant or club! Gather all of your closest friends (obviously, call them at least two weeks ahead so they can plan everything ahead) and organize it so that your friend saves the date too without knowing what happening. Then, take him to the place where the party is and voila! You’ve given your friend the cutest gift ever!

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low maintenance plants

10 Best Low Maintenance Plants To Buy In 2022

I have always enjoyed gardening, spending time in nature, and a general affliction towards plants. However, once professional commitments started taking up too much time, I was left with 'no time to stand and stare'. Whatever time I had left, most of it went behind work, and my plants started shriveling up. Do you relate?If this sounds relatable, then keep reading to find out what I did to change things and give my plants the time they need. Well, for starters, I started investing more in low-maintenance plants. These plants can easily thrive well under low lights and can quickly bounce back in case of one or more missed watering. So soon, I was able to spot the change!10 Best Low Maintenance Plants To Buy In 2022:It was a discovery that I thankfully stumbled upon. It made things so much easier for the anthophilous inside me that I was motivated to write about it. If you are also planning to purchase a few low-maintenance plants, then scroll down to find out more on the same!1. CactiIf you have long and irregular work schedules, then Cacti is probably the best low-maintenance indoor plant. Cacti plants can thrive well in light that’s natural and requires water only once every week during summer and spring. During winter and fall, you just need to water your cacti once in three weeks.Price: 18 dollars (for four) Read More: 5 good luck plants that deserves a place in your homeWhy Do We Love It?Can be grown easily Can be cared for easily Great option as a gift2. Air PlantsAir plants are great alternatives for low-maintenance plants - they do not need even soil for survival. All that you have to do in this case is dunk these plants for 2 to 3 hours in the water, once every ten days. Now is that not perfect? This is entirely doable every 10 days while you spend your afternoon sunk knee-deep in work.Price: 14 dollars (for five)Why Do We Love It?Easy to maintain Very affordable Saves time3. PothosPothos is also referred to as Devil’s Ivy and is one of the best types of low-maintenance house plants. The best part? These plants can thrive well in both light and darkness. So if you keep in your low-light cubicle, the plant will survive, and the same goes for brightly lit areas. Also, it can survive when you forget to water the plant.Price: 18 dollars (for five)Why Do We Love It?Air-purifying properties Value for money It comes in a grower’s potYou May Like This: What Are Trailing Plants? – What Are The Types Of Trailing Plants?4. ZZ PlantThe ZZ Plants thrive the best in brightly lit rooms, but that does not mean they cannot survive in moderate or low lights. Just like cacti, you don’t need to water them every day. Moreover, it’s a pretty sturdy plant. When you notice that the leaves are falling off, simply water it properly, and you will soon notice the plant from bouncing right back.Price: 26 dollarsWhy Do We Love It?Can thrive in both natural and artificial light Sturdy and durable Great option as a gift5. Spider PlantsSpider plants are pretty great options if you are looking for low-maintenance plants. These spidery plants tend to dry out in between two watering sessions. In addition, spider plants thrive pretty well under indirect light, and as a result, these plants can flourish well even inside windowless, dark offices.Price: 12 dollarsWhy Do We Love It?Can thrive well in both natural and artificial light. Air-purifying properties. Great option as a gift for apartments, office cubicles, dorm rooms, and the like.6. Snake PlantsThere are low-maintenance plants, and then there are Snake plants. These are not just great as low-maintenance outdoor potted plants but also as plants for low-lit indoor cubicles. Simply put, snake plants are great alternatives for those offices where you get just thirty minutes for grabbing your lunch - let alone watering your plants.Price: 38 dollarsWhy Do We Love It?Has higher carbon dioxide absorbing efficiency and releases oxygen at night. Has premium air-purifying properties.  Versatile - can be planted in a pot or directly into the ground.7. SucculentsSucculents are amazing not because they can be easily maintained but mostly because it has thick leaves that store water. As a result, these plants needed to be watered once a week. Also, these thrive well in dry air and sunlight. No wonder succulents are the best low-maintenance outdoor potted plants.Price: 19 dollars (for five)Why Do We Love It? Easy to grow and maintain Very affordable Perfect for DIY or doing your home decor8. BambooConsidered to be a lucky plant, Bamboo needs some light for thriving. This technically means Bamboo plants are great for those cube desks at work. If anyone is starting a new job, it’s best to gift them a bamboo plant wishing them good luck. Also, these plants give any workspace a Feng Shui boost.Price: 28 dollarsWhy Do We Love It?Easy to grow and maintain Value for money Ideal gift for everyoneYou May Also Like This:9. Peace LilyPeace lilies look beautiful, and they also happen to be very easy to grow and maintain. All you need to do is keep misting the leaves and moisturize the soil regularly. However, make sure you are not overwatering the plant, and you should keep the plant away from direct sunlight.Price: 24 dollarsWhy Do We Love It?Thrives in indoor light Has health benefits Easy to maintain and care forYou May Also Like This: 10 Best Trailing Indoor Plants To Buy In 202210. Red AglaonemaDid you know that the Red Aglaonema is new and happening presently? The leaves are all reddish-pink, while the stems are pink. This low-maintenance plant simply amps your cubicle’s personality a few notches higher. Naturally, these will appear brighter in well-lit rooms, buts they can also thrive well under low light.Price: 21 dollarsWhy Do We Love It?Sturdy and durable Adds texture and color to different spaces Ideal for dorm or room decorFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs):Q1. What Is The Most Low Maintenance Plant?The most low maintenance plants are,Aloe vera ZZ plant Snake plant Spider plant, and Cast-iron plant Q2. What Are The Easiest Plants To Take Care Of?The easiest plants to take care of are,Cast-iron plant Snake plant ZZ plant Spider plant Aloe VeraQ3. What Is The Most Durable House Plant?The most durable house plants are,ZZ plant Snake plant  Chinese money plant Bromeliads Chinese Evergreen PlantWrapping Up: Low-maintenance plants are pretty popular presently. Mostly because they are easy to grow and maintain. So what are you waiting for? Invest in some low-maintenance plants today, and let us know which one are you buying first. Read Also:Planting & Harvesting Mint List of White Flowers in the world All You Need To Know About Resurrection Plant and its Facts


Why Installing A Carport At Your Home Is A Good Idea?

For many people, installing a carport proved to be a remarkable life decision. It serves as an encouragement to go for your dream of owning a car. These dynamic structures are available in various sizes, styles, and materials and give you full liberty to choose the most suitable one.Owing to their robustness and durability, steel carports at Wholesales Direct are one of the most popular choices. These ports adequate utilization of space, protection for your car, and also offer several other compelling benefits. Here we take a look at the most promising advantages of adding a carport to your house. i. Protection for vehiclesA car is one of the most valued possession for many people. You often have to save for years to be able to own one. That makes it too precious to be parked on the roadside. Your car at the roadside is open to accidents and more alluring to burglars. Also, it has to take the heat from the weather elements.A carport protects your vehicles from theft, heavy rain, scorching sun, strong winds, hail, and theft. It also makes it easier to unload your shopping as it is within your house premises and under a shed. ii. Inexpensive alternative to garage Installation of carports costs much lesser than building a standard garage, just a fraction in many cases. It also comes in a plethora of options in varying materials, styles, and sizes, that allow you to choose the most cost-effective one. Based on your budget you can choose a flat roof or a gabled one. You can also pick tiles, laser lite sheeting, or galvanized steel as the material depending on your pocket.Also read: Top Roofing Tips iii. Can top any type of flooring Carports mostly focus on providing a robust roof and are do not require any specific type of flooring. You can install them on any kind of floor including grass and even unfinished dirt. You can also choose a finished floor type such as cement, rocks, gravel, etc. based on your budget. iv. Great customization options Carport customization is easy and has boundless possibilities. You can choose the roof type that harmonizes with the roof of your house. You can also paint the frame with the same colors as that of your home outdoor. These simple structures can blend with any setting and can elevate the impact of the overall theme. v. Can be used for different purposes A carport is an extension to your house with a synchronizing roof over your head. These structures are versatile and can be used for several purposes. You can create a small entertainment space, or host a barbeque with your close friends and family. You can take these sheds a step ahead by installing sidewalls that provide greater protection and more opportunities with the same space. Attractive features for sellers or renters If you are planning to put up your house on the selling or renting lists, a carport can draw several good prospects instantly. Additional covered space is something that not all homes offer which gives your property a competitive edge. With multiple interested buyers and tenants in line, you can also negotiate for a higher price for your property.Bonus for you: Trying to shed your garden! Then consider the best materials to do that. Click on the link and reach out.Read Also:How To Install Artificial Grass In Your Garden – Installation Guide Step By Step What Is the Fastest Growing Plant On Earth? Garden Edging for Beginners


Turn your attic into a living space

When purchasing a home, people have some projection of the future. However, it is hard to predict everything. This is why we like getting a place with the room for improvement and expansion. The attic is probably one of the first choices for home expansion of growing families. It often seems miraculous the way an empty, or a storage room turns into a comfortable living space. The purpose : The purpose of your loft-conversion is an important element of project planning. Some of the most convenient and usual purposes are a playroom, an office, an entertainment room, or a bedroom. Decide the most convenient purpose depending on what you lack space for. Perhaps this can give your children enough space to play when they are indoors, or finally give you the master bedroom you’ve always wanted. The purpose will determine the layout, the amenities, and the type of access. The access : Perhaps you are used to using the attic ladder, however, when this becomes a room you use every day, the ladder is no longer acceptable. First of all, consider the space you have. Is there anything on the floor below which will make fitting a staircase difficult? Perhaps in certain scenarios, it could block one of the doors into one of the rooms. Hire a professional to make a plan for the stairs, unless you are a professional, or truly experienced. Safety should be your priority. Also if your loft is meant to be a playroom, you should definitely get a banister and safety get at the top and the bottom. The style : Does your attic currently have enough space for your purpose? Is the ceiling high enough? Do you have enough windows? Check your local regulations, get the required licenses and choose the style of the conversion. There are three common styles of the loft conversion, mansard, dormer, and roof light. The roof light is probably the most convenient one as it does not require major alterations to your roof. This is the reason why there is usually no need for planning permits.  The other two styles, however, involve creating more space and offer a better choice of windows. You can get more daylight and a possibility of installing shutters and other window treatments greater energy-efficiency. Electricity/Plumbing/HVAC : Hire a licensed electrician to establish whether your current system can handle the increase in the electrical load required for the new room. Let them do the wiring. Look for the main stack and plan your bathroom in that area. A professional plumber should have no trouble setting it up. Finally, the last contractor you will need for this type of project is an HVAC specialist. They will tell you if the current system can support another room and set it up. Insulation : Insulation is another essential part of the conversion. Perhaps even the most important one. Without it, the room would be impossible to live in due to extreme temperatures. It protects a room from the weather elements and increasing energy efficiency. Hang drywall once you are done insulating. Flooring : The floor insulation is not so much for the sake of warmth, but for the sake of noise. Installing floorboards requires an excellent subfloor to reduce the squeakiness. Also, a carpet may be a good choice as it absorbs a lot of noise. While you are at it, carpet tiles are excellent for a playroom. They are not slippery, they absorb sound and they are easily removed and replaced.The room now fulfills all standards to be lived in. All you are now left with are the finishing touches. You need to select the colors, the furniture, and decor.  Do so according to the purpose of the room and your taste.Bio: David Koller is a freelance blogger passionately interested in minor house fixes and home décor.Read More :Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Flea In Your Lawn Leather Furniture Is An Essential Improvement For Any Home Or Office Ten Tips To Make Most Out Of Your Outdoor Space