Men’s Gift Guide Cheat Sheet

Getting a gift for a guy can be a real challenge; obviously, the present will depend on his individual preferences, on whether he’s your bae or just a friend, but nonetheless, there are some universal gifts you can simply never go wrong with.

To help you pick out the perfect gift and spare you the torture of making lists in your head, we’ve put together a checklist that will definitely stir you in the right direction.

Without further ado…

Vacation Coupon/Ticket

There is no person on this planet who wouldn’t jump through the roof to get a voucher/coupon/ticket to their favorite destination, or, come to think of it, any destination. Everyone loves traveling and, as irony will have it, so little people actually do something about it. Often we either don’t have the time or the budget, or someone to go with. Therefore, surprise your man with two tickets – one for him and the other one for someone dear to his heart. It may even be you, you never know!

Vacation Coupon

Gadget Love

For some reason, men are suckers for all kinds of gadgets which certainly helps: you can pay closer attention to what it is that your friend’s been talking about lately and buy it for him! However, gadgets can get incredibly expensive, so if his needed gadget is out of your price range, buy him a store coupon in his favorite gadget store, set it to a certain amount you’ve planned on spending and give it to him. He’ll love it!

 Gadget Love

Fashion Statements

You’ve probably noticed that male fashion has taken a huge spin in the positive direction and we’ve now got so many fashion conscious man that it’s absolutely amazing! If your friend is one of the guys who likes to look good and has nothing against spending a little more on his outfit, then a fashionable statement piece is an absolutely wonderful gift!

Fashion Statements

Leather gifts for men are our favorite as leather will, obviously, never go out of style and it’s giving the entire outfit the edge it lacked. For instance, surprise your guy with a cool leather rocker bracelet from this website or a good leather bag/rucksack of classic cut or a wallet. Awesome, right? What, he’s into leather belts? Even better!

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Book Love

Every intellectual knows the worth of a good book, and we’re sure your friend would, too! Depending on his preferences, buying a book he’ll be using for work, or simple enjoyment will be everything he needs and be sure he’ll always think of you when he sees it on the shelf (after he’s read it, of course)! Make sure you write a dedication that will make his heart melt!


Vine/Food Tour

Who doesn’t love the sweet enjoyment of food and vine! Give your friend a gift like no other and take him to a wine or food tour in a nearby restaurant or vineyard he’s never been to. Make it a whole day adventure that he’ll never forget! You may even organize something like a wine cake or a dish made especially for him big day. Hey, and don’t forget to take a lot of photos – after all, this is going to be an exceptional experience!

Vine/Food Tour

Throw Him a Surprise Party

Yaaaaaaaay! Nothing is as awesome as a surprise party when they least expect it! It doesn’t necessarily have to be in his apartment but maybe in his favorite restaurant or club! Gather all of your closest friends (obviously, call them at least two weeks ahead so they can plan everything ahead) and organize it so that your friend saves the date too without knowing what happening. Then, take him to the place where the party is and voila! You’ve given your friend the cutest gift ever!

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