10 Pro Tips To Minimize Commercial Door Repair & Maintenance Cost

Got the damaged door in your commercial premises? If so, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. It’s because the aesthetic and safety of commercial door repair are one of the most important things which are overlooked most of the time. If you don’t keep your doors in shape, it can lead to various problems.

  • When someone arrives at your business, the entry door is the first thing to be noticed. If it is cracked or damaged, you are presenting a bad impression.
  • If doors are well maintained, it gives you peace of mind that your business is secure.

Protect your door and door will protect you …..

Maintain your doors from time to time to give them long life and also to reduce repair costs.

It is better to maintain a door than waiting for it to get damaged. A damaged door will cost you four times replacing and repair.

10 Pro Tips To Minimize Commercial Door Repair & Maintenance Cost

Minimize Commercial Door Repair

Here are few tips on how to maintain your commercial door

1. Test Your Door:

First, check your door’s functionality by making frequent open and close. Check, is it working smoothly or it’s jerky?

2. Lubricate all Moving Parts Of The Door:

Lubricate often to increase your garage door’s lifespan. If you are using a commercial wood door, properly clean it with cloth, it will help in avoiding dust to get a deposit on it.

3. Inspect Loose Parts:

It is best to properly check the hardware of the door to avoid any loose become worse.

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4. Replace Weather Seals:

The weather seals are soft rubber on the bottom or sides of commercial or garage doors. These weather seals protect you from the air and weather conditions. If these seals are worn out, they may cause many problems. To keep your building safe, it is important to maintain them regularly.

5. Clean Door Sensors:

In automatic doors, sensors are installed, which monitor objects passing through them. Sometimes the sensors of these doors are overlooked during cleaning, which in turn cause the door to jam. So, regularly clean sensors!

6. Apply Paint:

To prevent metallic part of your door from rust, apply a coat of paint on your door by time. Choose the same color of paint as already done on your door to create a brand new look.

7. Inspect Door Panels For Cracked Or Broken Glass:

Keep an eye on the glass panel of your door, if it is cracked or broken, replace it immediately because it may cause harm to someone also projects a bad impression of your business.

8. Hire Professional:

Hire Professional


Call a professional to ensure the functionality of your automatic doors because a professional has experience in dealing with such doors. They will easily inspect the problem that can become a big issue later.

9. Check Cables:

Garage doors are lifted up or down with the support of cables; you should check your cables regularly, but never tinker with lift up cable as it has much force to injure or kill. But you can check the condition of the cable, so you know when to hire a professional.

10. Test Auto-Reverse Safety Feature:

Put some cloth or wooden piece on the ground in the path of the door and check if a door, go back after touches the cloth or wooden piece. If it lacks this safety measure, then it’s time to buy a new one.

If you are not aware of how to maintain your door, then you can seek help from a professional who provides door services.

So, those were some of the most effective tips you can use to ensure the longevity of your commercial door!

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