Which Nations Have the Greatest Disconnect Between Their People


02 April 2019


Greatest Disconnect

New research into the base pay of world leaders, including chancellors, prime ministers, and presidents, have found that some in OECD nations are earning as much as ten times the average wage of their respective citizens. Fresh data from IG Group has revealed that U.S. President Donald Trump earns $400,000 per year, six times the amount of the average American citizen. It’s important to note for the purposes of this report that IG Group uses the term base pay as a term for each individual’s basic salary or other forms of publicly funded compensation for their job role.

The data on President Trump might raise a few eyebrows when you consider that he famously committed to not drawing a salary should he be elected in the 2016 US presidential vote. President Trump has come under fire in recent months for his obstinate approach towards America’s ongoing trade war with China and the ensuing technological “Cold War”, which has seen America tighten its grip on US innovations. Despite earning six times the average American, Trump’s trade war has seen the States lose billions of dollars as a result. While this volatility has had a negative effect on the US, many investors see it as a good response to those who ask why trade forex? There have been plentiful opportunities to profit on moves by buying and selling the US dollar against the pound and euro in recent months.

New research into the base pay of world leaders, including chancellors, prime ministers, and presidents, have found that some in OECD nations are earning as much as ten times the average wage of their respective citizens. Fresh data from IG Group has revealed that U.S. President Donald Trump earns $400,000 per year, six times the amount of the average American citizen. It’s important to note for the purposes of this report that IG Group uses the term base pay as a term for each individual’s basic salary or other forms of publicly funded compensation for their job role.

While some people would accept that their nation’s leader would earn significantly more, it does highlight the disparity between the wages of presidents, prime ministers, and chancellors in some countries where wages are severely constrained. For example, although Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto ranked just 21st in the world out of all global leaders’ earnings ($166,797), this equates to ten times the average annual per capita GDP of Mexican citizens.

OECD nations

Source: IG

You might be surprised to find that it is the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who is the highest-earning head of government out of all the OECD nations. This also means that Mr. Turnbull earns ten times as much as the average Australian citizen, who takes home just $49,126 per annum, according to OECD data.

The data also takes into consideration the annual earnings of national royalty, such as kings, queens, and emperors across the globe. In the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander, who assumed the Dutch throne in 2013, earns a shade under 24 times the average Dutch wage of $52,877. Emperor Akihito of Japan earns more than $3 million a year, which is an eye-watering 79 times greater than the average wage of a Japanese citizen.

The disconnect gets even greater, however. In Belgium, King Philippe rakes in $14 million, some 346 times the average Belgian wage of $49,675. Even at the tender age of 92, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth remains in a league of her own – raking in $107 million per annum, an astonishing 2,660 times the average British wage. Interestingly, if the Queen’s annual salary was to be shared equally across the United Kingdom population, each citizen would receive a mere $1.62.Read Also:

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