Travel To Birmingham And Explore Second Largest City in The UK

Category: Travel By: Ariana Smith Posted on: February 28, 2019

It is curious to think that despite being the second most populated city in the United Kingdom, Birmingham remains a great mystery among foreign tourists in general. Because of this, the experience of wandering its streets can only be even more exciting since nothing can kick off the adventure like the unknown. Traveling to Birmingham is very simple, and it should not cost you anything to find cheap flights that will take you to Birmingham Airport. The city has two faces and the energy beating from its paved streets paint the picture of industrial England with an additional charm found nowhere else. Prepare to fall in love with the heart of the British Islands.

Birthplace of Black Sabbath and Industrial England

It’s no wonder why so many people storm the city center every Christmas in Birmingham. That jolly good spirit wins over you the moment you step out of the plane and you will be amazed by the fact that so many people know so little about the second largest city in all of UK. It is located approximately 200 km away from the capital London or on average an hour and a half by train.

Birmingham is not one of the most sought after destinations in the country yet it’s bustling inner metropolis: large yet friendly. With more than 1 million inhabitants, Birmingham has a strategic location in the middle of the country, a region called the Midlands. With easy access to several other cities and is privileged by an efficient public transport system which only facilitates the train routes inside and outside the city.

The birthplace of musician Ozzy Osbourne, it was Birmingham where he started his career with the formation of the band Black Sabbath in the late ’60s. Even today the fact is that the music scene is one of the strong attractions of the city especially during the summer months when the Birmingham Jazz Festival with many free concerts for everyone’s excitement. Throughout the year, Symphony Hall hosts musical events with orchestras and famous musicians.

Take a walk around Victoria Square, the heart of the city and the area where you can walk to various attractions such as the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham Cathedral, St. Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham Town Hall, and Council House. This area is also good for those who are looking for a shopping spree. Because many amazing stores are located here and for those who like a mall, the Bullring Shopping Center is the best option.

You will be surprised to find out that Birmingham has more kilometers of canals than Venice. They were built in the time of the Industrial Revolution and they were used for charcoal transport, but nowadays they are being used for cruising, a great way to get to know and appreciate the city’s landscapes.

Birmingham was once the world leader in jewelry production and one of the cradles of the Industrial Revolution, undergoing a revitalization it is now becoming a super fashionable destination. The time will tell us if this city will finally get his deserved fame because, with all this charm and excitement that will never go away, one can only hope that the more visitors could spread the word about all of its riches.

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