Tips To Plan Destination Vows Renewal Ceremony

Published on: 02 August 2018 Last Updated on: 08 August 2019
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Have you been happily married for now more than a decade and you are ready to renew your vows with your spouse? Vow renewal ceremony is a great way to celebrate togetherness and also the bond that you share with each other. It is also a good opportunity to include your loved ones in your celebration!

After spending years together in a successful marriage, you can consider renewing wedding vows to your husband/wife. If you are ready to renew your commitment, then what better way than to do it at a destination?

In this article, we will share some very important tips to plan your perfect vow renewal destination ceremony.

Choosing the Right Destination :

The whole point of a destination vow renewal ceremony is to celebrate the event in a scintillating location. This means that your choice of location should be on-point. It also involves a lot of planning that can overwhelm couples and leave them anxious about dates, prices, amenities, etc. Needless to say, many couples struggle to make the right decision at this point. However, you can overcome a lot of this anxiety by knowing what you want from the ceremony. Talk to your partner about their preferences and start researching your options.

Some couples may even choose to renew their vows in the exact same spot where they got married years ago. However, when you choose a place in the Caribbean, you are making this event extra special with an added bonus of an intimate getaway.

Don’t Make It Second Round of Wedding :

This is very important. Don’t make your vow renewal ceremony like a second wedding. It is not about glory and pomp. This event is about celebrating your years of inseparability and to display your sincerity towards each other. Avoid the temptation to go all out and about at your vow renewals.

Work with Basics Only :

Take it as an extension of the aforementioned point. Don’t make vow renewals about cakes and bridal showers. All this is unnecessary for this event. Moreover, it is in good taste to not expect guests to pay for anything. If you are doing a destination vows ceremony, then the couple is the host and shall pay for everything. Rather than wasting your money on expensive cakes and dresses, use it to pay for complimentary meals, return gifts, beverages, etc for your guests. You can also be creative in planning your vow renewal ceremony and think of exciting ways to make it interesting rather than focusing on making it another big fat wedding!

Know your Budget  :

This one is the most important consideration when planning a destination vows renewal ceremony. A budget will help you plan a romantic getaway and also give you an opportunity to celebrate this special occasion with your few close friends and family. Start with looking for an affordable venue. The destination should be easily accessible and the accommodation should not be very pricey. Research all your options carefully before signing the dotted line. You can save a lot of money by planning your vow renewal ceremony during offseason. However, consider the risks of weather change before making the final decision.

Prepare a Guest List :

Now that the location and venue are out of the way, you can start preparing the list of people you would like to invite. Some couples like the presence of their children, close friends, and family members to celebrate this occasion. However, the more people you invite, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, review your budget to know exactly how many people you can afford to call at the ceremony.

Rewrite your Vows :

Needless to say, vows are the most important part of the vow renewal ceremony. Some couples will prefer to read their old vows and there are others who write new ones. Expert planners recommend that it is always more endearing to write new vows. This reveals that you are willing to evolve with the relationship. While you can refer to your old ones for guidance, it is better to think of new vows, taking the beautiful moments and challenges of your marriage into account.

Make a Honeymoon :

If, after the vow renewal ceremony, you still have some budget left, then consider using it for a mini honeymoon. From spending a few extra days at the beach to doing your favorite activities together, make the ceremony more celebratory for you as a couple.

Destination vow renewal ceremony does not have to be an elaborate affair. Make it a small intimate occasion to celebrate your marriage in a different setting!

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Spend some time at Tela’s Lancetilla Botanical Garden, the largest in all of Latin America, and you will have plenty to write home about. This wondrous attraction spans 4,000+ acres, displaying nearly a century’s worth of tropical plants. You also can´t miss Lake Yojoa, and its surroundings, which include waterfalls, underground caves, and Panacam National Park.  Reason #4: Snorkeling and Diving Honduras is chock full of beaches, many of which provide world-class snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. You will be hard-pressed to find the same rich biodiversity at any other location in or near Central America. Even the most experienced scuba divers are adamant Honduras provides some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities in the world. 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If you are interested in craft beer, Honduras has a wide variety of craft beers to choose from. Travel Reason #7: The Garifuna Culture Honduras is called home by the one-and-only Garifuna. This ethnic group’s unique culture is a legitimate Honduras tourist draw. The culture is a blend of the native Carib Indians and the native Africans. Visit the coast during your Honduras travel and you just might run into one or several Garifuna people. Furthermore, these individuals have established Garifuna villages along the coast of Honduras, where you can have a taste of the cuisine, music, and dances.  Travel Reason #8: Ecotourism Honduras would be incomplete without ecotourism. Visit this exotic locale and you will find it has an abundance of natural riches. Locals and visitors alike rave about the Pico Bonito National Park’s beauty and peaceful feel. The park is chock full of waterfalls, rivers, mountains, lovely birds, and other natural delights. Near the park, you can also have an amazing experience and rush at the cangrejal river.  Travel Reason #9: An Easily Accessible Escape Honduras is within a short flight of the United States. In fact, most of those who live in the northeastern portion of the United States can reach Honduras in a 5-hour flight. Those who live on the Gulf Coast can fly to Honduras in a couple of hours or less. Thankfully, main airlines have resumed non-stop flights for Honduras.  Travel Reason #10: Honduras is Safe Honduras is safer than most other Central American countries. Locals have developed a reputation for looking out for tourists. After all, those who call Honduras home are thankful for the economic stimulus provided by visitors. Interact with the locals and you will agree they are friendly and their home country is quite safe. 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