What Not to Wear (and What to Wear Instead)


28 December 2018


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We all want to look our best every day. But who has time to craft the perfect outfit every morning? Just as in other areas of our lives, our clothing choices are dominated by habits. Habits are easy to create and hard to reprogram, and it’s easy to see how we end up dressed in the same outfits in the same situations time after time.

Let’s break the cycle. Let’s take a few things that you may already be wearing and swap them out of your rotation in favor of better clothes that will impress others and boost your confidence. Here’s what you should stop wearing, and what you should wear instead.

Don’t wear those shorts and tee to the cookout

Yeah, it’s a casual event — but that doesn’t mean that you have to look like you’re dressed for middle school. There are better ways to communicate how laid-back and summer-loving you are than to do the same old beat-up tee shirt and forgettable shorts. We get that you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to impress, and we get that you don’t actually want to try to do much on Labor Day or some other big outdoor day, but fashion is about managing to impress people without really trying, so we think you’ll like our solution.

Instead, wear a long white summer dress

Hey, Labor Day is your last day to wear white, right? Well, not really, but it’s a great time to bust out light and summery long white dress. A dress is a world beyond the sloppy jean-shorts-and-tee-shirt look, and it’s actually much easier because it’s only one single item of clothing. Plus, the length will make you look elegant. By choosing a casual and simple dress, you can still blend into the laid-back vibe.

Dresses are easy. Just put it on and grab some flats, and you’re good to go! The lightweight fabric will keep you cool, and a casual fit and casual details (like a button-down front, maybe?) will give you easy freedom of movement and a margin for error for all of that food you’re going to put away at the cookout. Hooray for dresses!

Don’t wear your club top to work

No, not that club top — we know you’re smarter than that. We mean the one that you’re convinced isn’t really all that sexy. And maybe you’re right! But it’s not just the sexy cuts that make your “going out” clothes different from your work ones.Details like ruffles, animal prints, and leather are the kind of night-on-the-town stuff that has no place in an office. It doesn’t matter if the piece covers you up: it makes it look like you showed up to work by accident, or that you can’t wait to leave.

Instead, wear clean and simple clothes — with a hip cut

Want to be taken seriously at work? Ditch the ruffles and the prints. Show up in neutrals or, if you’re feeling daring, the occasional red. Steer clear of the little details and trends that define the more fashion-conscious world of the nightclub.

But keep that great cut! Don’t let things get too tight or revealing, of course, but do embrace the flattering cuts that define a great top for a night out. If you avoid the over-the-top fabrics and details and opt for more professional stuff, you’ll be able to get away with using the flattering cuts that made you like those clothes so much in the first place.

Don’t wear your black wedding outfit

The number one rule at weddings is an obvious one: don’t wear white! Maybe that’s why some women choose to go the opposite route and don black when they attend a wedding. Perhaps you’re one of them!

But black is played out. And, if you want to get technical, it’s actually a faux pas: strict traditionalists will tell you that black is for mourning, which makes it a clumsy choice for a wedding.

Instead, wear a dark color and grab a shawl

If you love your black dress, rest assured that you don’t have to go with something bright. You can stay with dark tones, and aim to match the seasons: burgundy for fall or winter, for instance, or green for spring or summer. And grab a shawl to cover your shoulders: it’s a great way to add to your outfit, and it will make your getup ready for certain types of religious ceremonies and houses of worship that demand covered shoulders.

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Maternity wardrobe

How to Save Money on Your Maternity Wardrobe

Being pregnant is truly a blessing, even though it can be annoying and exhausting at times. This is the time when you spend hours doing research about what is best for you and your baby, and prepare your living space for an additional family member. Being a mom makes it a priority to stay healthy for the sake of you and your baby, but you also want to look good. Modern moms-to-be like to stay true to their unique style, and luckily this has never been easier. Do I Have to Change My Style? Remember seeing in the movies pregnant women dressed in what looked a flowy tent? This is because baby bumps were considered unattractive and women felt like they had to hide themselves until they get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Luckily, those days are way behind us, and women all over the world are showing of their growing bellies and look amazing.You know that you will not be able to wear all of your clothes, but when going out to buy something new, choose items that wrap around your middle, since these will look stylish and will not restrict your movements. If you feel like hiding your stomach a bit, choose darker colors like navy or black because these will make you look slimmer.Read More: Yoga For Pregnant Women Layer Up! Listen, the more fabric, the less flattering it will look on you, so try to find a middle ground somewhere. The best decision is to layer up since you can choose the items and combine them to get the best look. All those lovely open-fronted cardigans and stylish denim or leather jackets can be worn over tunics, dresses, and jeans, and not only will they keep you warm but you can choose to wear ones in pastels or adorable prints which will show your sense of style and trends, but will still be wonderfully comfortable.The best thing is that you won’t have to go out buying new clothes, you can wear your old items and simply leave them open in the front. Remember, you will not be able to imagine life without your comfy maternity jeans, so choose them carefully. Thrift Stores? By All Means Yes! You are not going to be pregnant forever (thank God), so the clothes that you choose to wear n those months you will probably not wear later on. Instead of going out shopping and spending hundreds of dollars on clothes you will only wear for a few brief months. Try finding good maternity clothes on websites like eBay and swap.com; women who sell their maternity clothes probably didn’t wear them for a very long time and certainly don’t need them anymore. What you can do after childbirth is to collect all of your maternity clothes and simply give it to someone who needs it, or sells them to a thrift shop. This way you will not only be earning a few extra bucks, but you will allow someone in need to save a few as well.It is difficult not to compare yourself to so many celebrity moms and their perfect pregnancy and post-pregnancy bodies, but keep in mind that all of them have teams of experts to help them stay fit and get back in shape. What is important is to stay healthy and be comfortable, because your baby feels good when you feel good. Luckily, ‘comfortable’ does not exclude ‘stylish’, so go ahead experiment, and don’t hesitate to show off your lovely baby bump.See also1. Wardrobe Dreams: Statement Pieces to Last2. 5 Perfect Fashion Clothing Choices for Petite Women

Rose Gold

Why Hairdressers Love Rose Gold Colour

Grey hair, pastel, and balayage are all daring hair colour trends and are in fashion today. Now the beauty that caught our attention is 'Rose gold'. The good news is that dreamy shade is still on trend in 2019 for those who want a subtler version of pink hair. And so many girls decided to try this special colour shade.Bellisimos hair is one of the best hair salons in Cardiff, known as Cardiff hairdressers, here you have a consultation to decide what you want and what is the best for you. Important tips and information that you wish to know: If you're scared of a permanent change, talk to your hairdresser, because they know exactly what they’re doing and really can reassure you.Here is also an option to apply demi-permanent pink toners over the top. It’s meant to change the colour but isn’t permanent and will eventually fade (after approx. 10-20 washes).Your hair colour will look different depending on the light. In natural light, it may look bright, golden pink, but in a darker light, it can be a strawberry blonde tone. How to Choose Rose gold colour Shades and Style? Almost all colour variations of rose gold are attractive. However, there is an off chance that some variations might suit some people better than others. Peaches and Warm Gold Colour Shade:When it comes to rose gold, as a shade in itself, it tends to evoke warm emotions. Think summers and yellows. This shade of rose gold is perfect for girls who are blessed with bright skin colour. Lavender and Ash Blonde:Unlike peaches and warm gold that is ideal for warm skin undertones, lavender and ash shades are a dream shade for girls who are blessed with cool undertones. If you have a hair type that has natural shades of ash, a purple-pink hair colour combination is the ideal match for you. Balayage Highlights:This look is trending hotly in 2019. If you want to set examples and be a diva role model, the balayage is for you. This beautifully blends into the look and is more natural than even an ombre shade. However, most importantly, the balayage is safe for your hair roots and the scalp. Getting Rose gold at a Salon: All the equipment needed a for your hairdresser to provide you perfect rose gold colour shades. Here is a list below:A kit for hair bleaching. A gentle Toner A brush for colouring the hair A Bowl for cleaning A disposable old towel Some Rubber gloves to apply the mix Proper Sectioning clips The main ingredient- a dye of rose gold Washing off Shampoo A conditioner that is colour safe.Romantic Rose gold colour ideas: Rose Gold (Blush and Lemon): One of the most striking hair colours that you will ever see. One way to make it even more enticing is to add some streaks of pink, yellow and some other bright colours. These shades will complement each other beautifully and give you the desired look. Rose Gold (Shadow): If you are not in the mood to play it safe, why not go for an all-out punk rocker look with the rose gold shadow option. This is a dark and bright glossy shade. You can use this and ask your hair stylist to create a shadowy effect towards the tips. If you want to sport hair that is edgy, then this is your look. Rose Gold (Muted): If you want to shift towards a colour shade that has 70% gold elements and 30% rose elements then this shade is the best. Gold is the dominating colour. However, if done beautifully, the gentle rose tint comes out wonderfully well. Rose Gold Sombre: These days are gone of ombre with its visibly defined colours and blunt contrast. Because it can provide you with a natural look. Strawberry Rose Gold: Nothing can beat an unbiased tone that showcases an elegant and matured vibe. How to Maintain the Rose gold Colour: The beauty of the shade depends on how well you care for it. We suggest you follow the below-mentioned tips religiously-A safe shampoo (sulfate free) will help you maintain the natural brightness of the hair colour for a very long time. It is best advisable to shampoo as less as possible so that you are able to maintain your look for a longer period. If your hair gets messy, it is advisable to use dry shampoo, just to cleanse the greasiness. One old trick is to mask your hair with coconut oil, as it helps in extra nourishment and enriches the hair follicles. The biggest mistake is to use heat-styling products on your sensitive hair regularly. We advise that even if you have to use them, please stick to just warm blow-drying. Also, avoid chlorinated swimming pools that use heavy amounts of chlorine. If you have to step in, please wear a swimming capSummary: Rose gold is one of the most compelling hair trends to hit social media nowadays, which comes in various shades due to blending blonde with reds and pinks to create a shimmering shade. It is lovely for the spring and summer months in particular. As it is now on trend and has many advantages to make your hair more attractive, so hairdressers love it so much too.Read Also:Epilators: The Best Solution To Smooth Skin Use Organic Products To Prevent Gray Hair

Trending Clothes

How To Be Part Of The Trend? Guide and Tips in Trending Clothes You Must Wear in 2021

Being "in the trend" has always been something that the young generation looks forward to making their outfit perfectly stand out. May it be a new style of clothes, hair, or even make-up, people always find a way to join.Being in the trend makes you feel that you belong to the group. It doesn't only make you feel popular and stylish, but it also helps you blend in well. You haven't seen anyone wear 1870's clothing in a while, have you? It's because there is a different trend for 2021.As for hoodies, people wear this fashionable clothing virtually on every occasion. Buying bulk hoodies cheap will not cost you a lot. After all, having a wide selection of hoodies can help you join in the trend depending on your theme of the day!Without further ado, below are the tips on what trending clothes you should wear in 2021. Floral Attire On Sunny Days If you imagine a summer day, it can't be perfect without the presence of sunlight and flowers. A flowy dress with flower patterns will attract a summer feeling and the people around you. After all your tailor-made summer looks along with refulgent summer accessories will scatter a fresh, energetic, and elegant look.However, dresses are not the only option for methodizing your wardrobe dreams. You can also try wearing patterned flower shirts or tops with a giant print on them. The pattern will highlight your summer vibe and give you that carefree feeling when walking down the streets or the beach. If you want something over your head,  adding a cap or a summer hat will do the trick!Got it! Great. Why don't having a look over proper winter dress-up then? Fashionable Sporty Attire For OutdoorWhen you think about it, if you remove the crop top hoodie and the heels, this attire will come off sportive yet straightforward. However, with the heels and crop top, it became more sophisticated and trendy. If you think of another sporty look, you can try exchanging heels with boots and throwing in a cap for a fabulous finish.Mixing different styles is not bad as long as it blends well; people can easily handle frisky glances with good choices! So stay creative with your wardrobe and experiment with different styles. You'll never know when your style will become one of the trendiest clothes there is! Layering Is Creativity ItselfA real fashion guru may tell you that true fashion lies in comfort, but many will tell you otherwise. If you aim for a fashion suit that gives the best effect(more or less like Baju Kebaya), comfort may come in second. In layering clothes together, sophistication bursts out from under those coats, dresses, and boots. The picture above is a fashion staple that a lot of young aspiring models know.Moreover, looking for clothes to wear layer by layer, we should consider how they complement each other and affect the overall result. That is why layering is creativity itself; it sets you free and allows your body to do the rest. It may look uncomfortable and odd to look at, but once you strike a pose, you know it will be perfect. Leather Is Still EverythingYou can undo the common "leather snags"(in various sorts) but can't deny at all the power of a leather jacket in modern fashion trends.A bold staple for a civil effect, wearing leather jackets, pants, and boots will be the perfect wear for you. Though it may not be a comfortable idea to wear it as a shirt, however, when used as a layering material, it gives off a whole new vibe. Wear it over your tuxedo, and match it with your favorite shades; it will make you look intimidating.In addition, many bikers also thought of adding spice to their bold look by putting on upgraded footwear. Although leather may be too expensive, you can always check your local stores for less expensive ones. It doesn't matter how much it is as long as it is worn well. Wide Ended Pants And Crop TopsA fashionista once suggested that if you wear a short top like crop-tops and fitted shirts, you must wear something long as a bottom to complement your entire outfit. It's all about balance when talking about fashion. Not being too much but also giving a perfect output and reaction is the best style.Furthermore, people can also wear it vice-versa. If you are wearing shorts or tight jeans, you can wear a hoodie or a sweater as your top. When everything is balanced, you can ensure a high-quality style. Match it with high heels and boots to make yourself taller, but if you're already tall, try adjusting and wear flats or sneakers instead. Attracting Attention With Checkered OutfitsQuickly attracting attention with checkered clothes can be an eye-catching, trendy choice when thinking about dress styling. Checkered styles give you the impression of a grown-up.Though it was also trendy in the old times for people who enjoyed the style, it comes back once again today. It is now even better than ever. Furthermore, checkered clothing gives a rough yet fun mix to everyone's style.While it may vary in different colors depending on what vibe you give off through the clothing, light-colored patterns usually give the wearer a warm, friendly vibe. Meanwhile, the darker tones provide a relaxed, hip impression. You can generally see the checkered print on open battened, long-sleeved polos and skirts. Blend In Now And Start Your Trend Later As you can see now, many concepts are often built from an ongoing trend. Companies, social groups, and influencers often just go along with the trend and are not the ones starting it. Although these trends are usually started with a wild idea and the creativity of a fashion lover, these trends then go on to influence everyone. It affects one's fashion style, likes, and even norms.However, if we think about it, we can also be the ones to start the trend. Sure, we may be afraid of starting something new, but the thirst for experimenting with different styles does exist. Trends may fade for now, but as time goes by, the trend always comes back because of the aspiring fashionistas that love fashion like you!So don't be afraid of starting a trend. Check out the quality clothes on FASHIONLINE to get yourself some inspiration today!Read Also:5 Simple Tips for Men to Level up a Casual Look 5 Best Smart Watches For Women That Will Absolutely Steal Your Heart