How to Create & Source Your Company Uniforms


25 January 2019



Do you remember your first job? Did it require you to wear an itchy polyester shirt? Do you have fond memories of the branded baseball hat you wore at your high school job? Our previous work uniforms can send us into a nostalgic mode. After all, there’s so much associated with a uniform that just the thought of a company shirt is enough to bring back plenty of memories.

If you’re looking to source workwear for your employees, you don’t have to look too hard. Just click on the upcoming link and you can order the perfect custom t-shirt today, it’s really that simple. Do you know what you want your uniform to look like? Do you know how to get it printed? This article will outline the importance of a good uniform and what you should look for as you prepare your company gear.

How to Spot Quality Uniforms:

When you’re sourcing your bulk uniform orders from a reliable online provider, it’s important to source your garments from a company that offers ongoing support through every step of the purchasing process. With customer service representatives on standby to guide you through uploading your designs and tracking your shipment, you never have to be in the dark about your custom clothing.

What should you be looking for to tell if something is high quality? Well, if you’re making custom sweatshirts, custom work shirts, or looking for some of the best custom t-shirts Canada provides, you want to team up with a provider who is transparent about their customization procedures. Can they tell you about their screen printing and embroidery processes? Can they recommend products for your needs? Keep an eye out for good service, it’s a marker of good quality.

The Quality Effect:

Studies have shown that the quality of work clothing has a direct effect on the wearer and their productivity. A study known as the “enclothed cognition” study found that we tend to take on the quality and characteristics of our clothes. If you are dressed in high-quality workwear, you will perform your work to a similar quality. That makes a pretty good case for providing your employees with excellent clothing options.

Safety Wear:

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. For those businesses whose workers are required to wear a certain level of safety wear, R&P Prints is still your premium solutions provider for bulk clothing orders. The safety wear options go far beyond your average custom t-shirts with garments that have the layers, durability, reflective elements, and UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) for your business needs.

Work with Your Staff

Have you considered what your staff might like to wear? Why not open up the floor to feedback and suggestions from the people who will be wearing the clothes the most? Maybe there’s a small detail you haven’t yet considered as an important part of your uniform but your employees can point out. They’ll feel valued and you’ll feel good knowing that their needs are being met. It’s a win-win!

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T-Shirts Printed

Why Do People Want T-Shirts Printed Near Me In Brisbane

Clothing is a reflection of our personality. Each person likely has a signature style or at least one piece that sets them apart from everyone else, like maybe a custom set of glasses that showcase their originality. Or a pair of shoes that stand out in a crowd People everywhere, including Brisbane, prefer to highlight what they think in words or graphics printed in full visibility on their tees. The fashion statement can be worn in various ways, whether dressing them up under a blazer with a pencil skirt or with a pair of dark denim and loafers. Virtually any design personally created or available to the public can be transferred onto a shirt. For purchase, buyers can search print t shirts near me to find a shop responsible for the art. You can also find these at almost any event where a company or business, entertainer, or other entity promotes itself. Sometimes these are given away as a marketing tactic, but usually, in the celebrity or entertainment business, it's a component of the overall revenue for the attraction. Let's examine why people choose printed tees for their wardrobe and the message they want to send or maybe receive. Why Do People Wear Printed Tees In Brisbane How you dress silently showcases your personality to the public through your style. And then you can choose pieces that are a bit more blatant with that voice. Printed tees will either say what you're thinking or display a graphic to describe your thoughts. These shirts are a favourite in Brisbane, everywhere worldwide, whether you choose to have a personally created design printed on a t-shirt or choose one available for the public. How you wear these will depend on your mood and where you go. A t-shirt, even one printed, can be dressed up for an event by adding a suit blazer, some slacks, and dress shoes, or bring it down to business casual with a cardigan and pencil skirt. Learn the advantages of printed tees at and then consider these suggestions on why people choose printed t-shirts for their fashion choice. The Tees Can Self-Motivate Or Inspire Those In Your Inner Circle Many printed messages are meant to bring motivational messages to inspire and encourage. People will wear these to uplift themselves or support others within their inner circle. The messages often help people start a conversation they want but have no idea how to initiate. That can be seen a lot with mental unwellness, including depression. Fortunately, there are a lot of images and expressions that you can print on shirts to bring attention to the struggle. A semicolon, for instance. Putting this simple symbol on the front of a t-shirt will make people question the image. You then have an opening to discuss surviving mental unwellness and strength in doing so; the semicolon represents that strength and survival, indicating your story's not over. Speaking to the public could inadvertently inspire so many who keep their stories hidden. You Can Say What You Think Or Feel Without Verbalising It People started wearing graphic tees because they spoke precisely what they were thinking and feeling without needing to utter a word. Some people have strong opinions but are less confident when the time comes to say the words; instead, they prefer to get a tee printed to express the idea. This can be exceptionally beneficial for individuals who are more introverted or shy. When close friends or people surrounding them understand where they stand on a topic, they can then be more sensitive when sharing their opinions. There's also, the opportunity to discuss the two sides constructively. Friends, co-workers, and neighbours might look at the subject differently when you give them insight into your perspective. That doesn't mean they'll change their perspective but opening with the words or image on a shirt is a good precursor. The Printed Message Can Serve As A Remorseful Message Some people are not good at apologies when they mess up a relationship or make a mistake in a friendship or with a family member. That's especially true if the other person has decided to avoid them. If that's happened to you, it could be difficult to figure out how to get back in their good favour. You might have tried calling only to get voice mails or texting without a response but draw the line at visiting. It's too difficult to admit fault when face to face with the person you hurt. But that doesn't mean you can't message them via a specially printed tee. Designing an apologetic message, quote, or sentiment that you can then have printed on a t-shirt and mailed or delivered to the individual will involve time and effort. That will speak volumes to the other as to the authenticity of your feelings and likely work in getting them to forgive you. How Should You Wear A Printed Or Graphic Tee The possibilities for wearing a printed or graphic tee are virtually unlimited. These can be worn inconspicuously with a dressed-up outfit or even in a business-casual style, and, of course, they're ideal for casual weekend errand runs or Sundays travelling from one thrift to the next. Most everyone in Brisbane, throughout Australia, and around the world have tees in their closet. It's the ideal staple for a wardrobe, even with printing. Let's look at a few ways to wear these under the radar and fully in view. For A Workout Under A Tracksuit If you don't want to start a conversation but prefer to keep a workout focused on fitness and feeling the burn, but you want the inspiration from the shirt, wear it under a tracksuit. This keeps the message privately inspiring and encourages you to carry on through the exercises. You Have An Interview And Need Your Favourite Shirt You have a favourite shirt with a favourite graphic image, but this is an interview. How can you combine the two? A cardigan and a pleated skirt are a win-win. No one will see the shirt under the button-up of the cardigan, but you'll know it's there, allowing you that calm, relaxed feeling to smash the interview. Casual Friday Doesn't Mean Printed T-Shirts, But It Can Include These When casual Friday comes around, you might want to wear the t-shirt that most fits your personality, but this is not the time or place. Casual Friday in the corporate world is more along the lines of collared button-downs or polos. What can you do to dress it up? Add a blazer and dark chinos with loafers. You might appear a bit formal for a casual Friday, but at least you won't look underdressed. The added sophistication will take the focus off the printed tee and put it on the extra frill. Final Thought Printed tees can be the optimum piece of a wardrobe. There are so many different reasons to design these, have them printed, and wear them. Go here for details on how to print a photo onto a tee. More people in Brisbane, Australia, and around the world include printed and graphic t-shirts in their wardrobes. And there is no limitation to how these can be worn, a reason, an occasion, purpose, solution, or just because it's your favourite shirt. Read Also: Dressing Up Your Babies: How Hard Is It? How To Dress For A Bridal Shower? Choosing a Dress for Winter 2021

Diamond Jewelry

Hottest Trends In Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry pieces are timeless. They will always be in style. They can give any kind of outfit a complete look, whether it is a nice pair of jeans and a trendy top or a beautiful evening gown. Diamond pieces can evoke antique romance. The recent fashion in diamond jewelry offers customers a wide range of options to choose from.  Here are some of the latest trends in diamond jewelry that you should know. These trends can guide you in the right direction and help you accessorize like a fashion expert. 1. Colorful diamond jewelry: In 2021, expect to see an explosion of color in the jewelry world. There is no doubt that colored diamonds are beautiful and fun.  Colorful engagement rings are an ideal option for people who are looking for something unconventional yet flamboyant. Other than colored diamonds, there is also a huge rise in other colored gemstones, including sapphire or emerald and diamond studs or diamond chandelier earrings. These timeless pieces will definitely add a touch of class and glamour to any look. Some of the colors currently trending are pink, sunny yellow, hue chocolate, and champagne diamonds. You can always consult your jewelry expert on the latest diamond trends so you know which piece fits you best. 2. Vintage-inspired rings: Whether you are intrigued by the look of a vintage ring or you are hoping to update a ring from your past, the heirloom-styled ring is currently trending. A lot of women are choosing new rings that replicate the look of a ring from the 90s. However, other women are incorporating a bit of a contemporary twist on their antique rings by simply adding a lab-grown diamond piece to a ring passed down in their families. 3. Stackable rings: A huge trend in diamond jewelry currently is the right stack. Whether you want to add to your ring finger or you just want to start a stack on your right hand, the best option would be the stackable rings. Since the ring stacking trend started, many women are now thinking about how they can fit their black diamond engagement ring into a stack. 4. Lab-grown diamonds: There are plenty of reasons why a lot of women are now opting for lab-grown diamonds, including the environment, cost, and their morals. The mining of diamonds is usually not environment-friendly. It destroys the planet and uses a large amount of water and energy. It also emits unnecessary amounts of carbon. But the lab-grown diamonds can significantly reduce the supply chain. In addition to that, these types of diamonds look as gorgeous as mined diamonds. But chemically, they aren’t the same. The benefits of lab-grown diamonds are endless. So if you want to save the planet, lab-grown diamonds are your perfect choice. 5. Chainlink diamond jewelry: Chains become quite popular in 2020. Not just limited to necklaces, the chain link design has also been redesigned in bracelets and rings. From thin diamond chains in several layers to big and bold singular diamond chain link bracelets, chain link is believed to be the coolest diamond jewelry trend that will take 2021 by storm. Read Also: 5 Tips To Enhance Your Personal Style With Jewellery How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Any Outfit Gold: Choose your Jewellery Carefully The Future of Women’s Fashion: Shopping Online

Must-Have Accessories

Start Summer Off Right With These 5 Must-Have Accessories

It’s summer again. Is your wardrobe ready? You Must-Have Accessories to make you look cool. What about your jewelry box? Your accessory drawer? Your makeup bag? You're — you get the idea. The lead-in to summer is the perfect time for personal reinvention. And what better way to kick off the season of reinvention with a clutch of new must-have accessories? Here’s what you need to start this summer off on the right foot. Different Must-Have Accessories  you must wear to look great are as follows:- 1. Modular Sunglasses: Modular what now? Modular sunglasses, friend. It’s one of those ideas whose time should have come long, long ago. Let’s just be happy that we’re finally there. Modular sunglasses are ideal for summer wear. They’re affordable. Most parts are easy to swap out if lost or broken. They look fashionable. Higher-end versions are luxe enough to confuse for custom eyewear. The blunt bottom line: If you don’t have at least one pair of modular sunglasses in your summer accessory bag, your summer accessory bag is not complete. 2. A Signature Ring: Have you been waiting for the perfect time to make a stunning addition to your jewelry collection? That time has come, and your beachgoing buds are simply dying to know what you’ve chosen. Let them gawk — and let them emulate you if that’s where this is going. You deserve a second look; your new summer ring is the surest way to earn it. 3. Waterproof Sandals: Want to dip your toes into the water without feeling the squishes or scratches or stings of whatever lies beneath? You need a pair of rugged waterproof sandals built to hold up to the roughest rocks, shells, and — erm — creatures you’re likely to find at your local beach or river bottom. 4. A Full-Brimmed Hat (Not a Cap) You don’t have to be a hat person to appreciate the joys of summer hatting, writes Marie Claire’s Rachel Epstein. She’s got a point. If you’re a perennial sunburn victim, strutting out in a stylish, full-brimmed hat isn’t solely a matter of seeing and being seen. It’s also about preserving the youthful glow you so prize, not to mention staving off the more serious ills that accompany a lifetime of sun exposure. So, grab that festive fedora or wide-brimmed straw hat you’ve been eying and add it to your summer accessory bag. Just make sure it offers full coverage; your typical front-brimmed hat won’t do. 5. A Light Shell or Windbreaker: For those days and nights when it’s not quite mild enough to step out in a sleeveless dress or form-fitting tee, there’s the next best thing: a stylish light shell or windbreaker that doubles as a rain shield. Of course, if you’re planning a mountain retreat or far-northern adventure this summer, you may need something stiffer. What’s in Your Collection This Season? These five summer accessory ideas should get your creative juices flowing, but don’t take them as gospel. After all, you’re in control of your own look this summer. What works flawlessly for your neighbor might not work like a charm for you, and that’s A-OK. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to step up your summer accessory game — and let your inner fashion pro shine. Read Also: Sunglasses Suitable For Weddings Classic Dresses: The Little White Dress Hello, Sandals! How To Get Your Feet Summer Ready