How to Create & Source Your Company Uniforms


25 January 2019



Do you remember your first job? Did it require you to wear an itchy polyester shirt? Do you have fond memories of the branded baseball hat you wore at your high school job? Our previous work uniforms can send us into a nostalgic mode. After all, there’s so much associated with a uniform that just the thought of a company shirt is enough to bring back plenty of memories.

If you’re looking to source workwear for your employees, you don’t have to look too hard. Just click on the upcoming link and you can order the perfect custom t-shirt today, it’s really that simple. Do you know what you want your uniform to look like? Do you know how to get it printed? This article will outline the importance of a good uniform and what you should look for as you prepare your company gear.

How to Spot Quality Uniforms:

When you’re sourcing your bulk uniform orders from a reliable online provider, it’s important to source your garments from a company that offers ongoing support through every step of the purchasing process. With customer service representatives on standby to guide you through uploading your designs and tracking your shipment, you never have to be in the dark about your custom clothing.

What should you be looking for to tell if something is high quality? Well, if you’re making custom sweatshirts, custom work shirts, or looking for some of the best custom t-shirts Canada provides, you want to team up with a provider who is transparent about their customization procedures. Can they tell you about their screen printing and embroidery processes? Can they recommend products for your needs? Keep an eye out for good service, it’s a marker of good quality.

The Quality Effect:

Studies have shown that the quality of work clothing has a direct effect on the wearer and their productivity. A study known as the “enclothed cognition” study found that we tend to take on the quality and characteristics of our clothes. If you are dressed in high-quality workwear, you will perform your work to a similar quality. That makes a pretty good case for providing your employees with excellent clothing options.

Safety Wear:

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. For those businesses whose workers are required to wear a certain level of safety wear, R&P Prints is still your premium solutions provider for bulk clothing orders. The safety wear options go far beyond your average custom t-shirts with garments that have the layers, durability, reflective elements, and UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) for your business needs.

Work with Your Staff

Have you considered what your staff might like to wear? Why not open up the floor to feedback and suggestions from the people who will be wearing the clothes the most? Maybe there’s a small detail you haven’t yet considered as an important part of your uniform but your employees can point out. They’ll feel valued and you’ll feel good knowing that their needs are being met. It’s a win-win!

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