Dress for Success: 4 Tips to Look (and Feel) Like a Confident Man


17 November 2018


Confident Man

You’ve always wanted to be the confident guy that commands the attention of everyone in the board meeting, and that gets numbers thrown at him in the local bar.

However, you’ve sometimes wondered if it’s your slovenly style, as opposed to your personality, that’s getting you passed over for dates and promotions.

In this post, we’ll tell you how you can dress like a confident man — even when you don’t actually feel like one.

Read on to learn how the right clothes can communicate an air of experience, control, and even approachability.

We bet that, once you follow these tips, you’ll walk with a little more swagger in your step.

1. Have Your Clothing Tailored:

A tailor can make even an affordable suit from the discount bin look like it was created especially for you.

Plus, especially with sizing as inconsistent as it is these days, taking your clothing to a tailor ensures that your sleeves are the right length, and that your slacks aren’t covering half of your feet.

Plus, well-fitting clothing means that you can show off the body you’ve been working so hard for in the gym!

We guarantee that you’ll feel like a totally confident man when you’re wearing clothing that works with your height and your body shape. Plus, taking one of your best-loved (put perhaps a little well-worn) suits or shirts to the tailor can give it a completely new and modern look.

Everyone will assume you were able to get a bespoke made especially for you.

2. Invest in the Right Accessories:

No, we don’t mean that you have to start piling on the man jewelry — though if that’s your thing, you should totally go for it.

Instead, getting the right accessories to turn you into a confident guy who can command the attention of any room is all about knowing how to make the right investments.

There are a few accessories that every man needs in his wardrobe.

First, invest in a leather briefcase or a messenger bag. This will make you feel like you have somewhere important to go (even if all you’re really doing is heading to your local grocery store.) We love the idea of a messenger bag that’s been stamped with your initials, to give it a more personalized touch.

You also need to ensure that you have a few essential shoes that all confident men have in their own closets.

If you don’t have a pair of Chelsea boots, some black and brown dress shoes, and one “wild card” shoe (like a fun pair of velvet slippers or some designer sneakers?)

Invest in some now.

Not only can a nice pair of shoes pull a whole outfit together. You’ll likely actually end up saving on shoes because you’re not buying a $100 pair that will fall apart after every season. Shop for the long game.

Finally, make sure you’ve explored all your options when it comes to watches for men. Whether you’re on the hunt for a bold, look-at-me statement watch, a dive watch, or even if you’d prefer to go digital?

The right watch can make you feel like the confident man you’ve always wanted to be.

3. Good Grooming is Key:

A confident man is also one that takes good grooming and skincare seriously.

Even the most expensive and fabulous designer suit can end up looking cheap if it’s worn with unwashed hair, an unkempt beard, and a unibrow.

Especially as more and more men feel comfortable getting more into grooming rituals, we encourage you to explore which ones you’re the most interested in trying out for yourself.

You don’t have to go out to the most cutting-edge salon in town and drop hundreds of dollars on the most fashionable haircut of the moment. Instead, it’s about regular maintenance of the classic cuts you love.

It’s also about making sure your nails look healthy, taking care of unwanted body hair, or just doing any kind of grooming ritual that makes you feel good.

Plus, many companies are making beauty products geared specifically towards men. This means you won’t have to raid your girlfriend’s bathroom cabinet anymore.

4. Don’t Let Trends Turn You into a Fashion Victim:

Dad sneakers, skinny ties, and street style may be the latest thing in men’s fashion.

But if you truly want to know how to be a confident man, you need to get real with yourself about whether or not an overly-trendy outfit is making you look like a try-hard.

If a “trend” isn’t something that you’d normally wear in real life? Perhaps it’s better left on the runways as opposed to in your closet.

Instead, focus on timeless pieces. Instead of spending $400 on a fanny pack (yes, it happens) put that money towards an elegant Italian leather wallet or a well-tailored white dress shirt.

If you love dressing en vogue, we suggest to wearing one trend at a time. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a fashion magazine thew up on you.

Become a Confident Man with These Tips:

You’ve heard the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” The same can be said of “dressing like the man you want to become.”

Eventually, you won’t feel like you’re pretending to be a confident man anymore. You’ll realize that you’ve always been one all along, but that you just needed a few style updates to remind you of that.

So, what else can you do to upgrade your looks, your lifestyle, and your wardrobe?

No matter your job, your income level, or the kinds of things you like, we’ll help you to learn more about how to express yourself the right way.

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smartest person in the world

Top 5 Smartest Person In The World

History is only created with geniuses being a part of it. Since the topic deals with compiling the list of the smartest person in the world, considering the factor of intelligence quotient, or IQ is primarily important. The ones who made it to this list had huge potential, hefty aptitude, and an elevated inclination in some particular area marked by their high level of IQ. However, this is no standard way of comparing these geniuses. The contributions that these people have made to this world are impeccable. It is impossible for normal people to bag such levels of intelligence. These people were so extraordinary that it would be a struggle for normal human beings trying to understand them. They were often denied the credit that they deserved. It was much later in life that they received the fame and credibility that they should have gotten earlier.  Who Is The Smartest Person In The World? This list of the smartest person in the world includes people who could never live up to their full potential. Lack of opportunities and restrictions of society have prevented these people from reaching the peak while they lived. However, they have made their place into the books of history with their names being written in golden letters.  1. Issac Newton (1642-1726) I am sure you have all heard about Sir Issac Newton and the famous apple story that led him to discover gravity. Sir Issac Newton was one of the smartest people in the world who gave us everything that we needed to know. He was an English-born mathematician, physicist, alchemist, and astronomer. He is considered to be one of the most extraordinary human beings that ever lived. Bagging an IQ of 193, he was the most influential scientist of all time and greatly contributed to the 17th-century scientific revolution. Contributions and Achievements:Discovered the concept of universal gravitation Discovered the laws of motion Invented the first reflecting telescope Proposed the theory of color that is visible in the spectrum and rainbow Explained the theory that color is an intrinsic property  Devised the calculus theorem Contributed to the studies of early modern chemistry2. Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) Born in the time of the Italian High Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci was a polyhistor. Although he is most notably known as a painter, his diverse knowledge in other fields such as mathematics, architecture, sculpting, anatomy, literature, engineering, and the music was impeccable. Based on his IQ level, he was considered to be a man who was way ahead of his time. His most popular artwork, the painting of Monalisa, is an asset that he gifted the world with. I am sure now you know why he has been included in this list of the top five smartest people in the world.Contributions and Achievements:Considered to be a spirit of the Renaissance. Constructed various maps due to his in geology. Painted the portrait of Monalisa, which came to be displayed in galleries and museums across the world.  Drew the first-ever images of a helicopter, parachute, and tank. Trained to write backward. Known for his power of imagination, devising concepts, inventions, and curiosity.3. Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Born as a German-Jewish, Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist who was considered among the greatest human beings that ever lived on this planet. He was a genius scientist and can undoubtedly be considered among the smartest person in the world. His contributions to the field of philosophy of science are made him so much influential. Contributions and Achievements:Developed the theory of general relativity. Developed the theory of special relativity. Proposed the phenomena of the photoelectric effect. Contributed to the theories of gravitational waves and gravitational lensing. Devised a model of the wormhole. Invented the mass-energy equivalence equation. 4. Aryabhatta (476 AD- 550 AD) Aryabhatta is one of the oldest geniuses that lived on this planet. Born in Pataliputa, India, he was an acclaimed mathematician-astronomer as well as a physicist. During the classical age of uprising concepts of mathematics and science, he made some tremendous contributions to these fields. His level of devising concepts and predictions is what made him be considered one of the smartest people in the world. He was the first man to make the people in India understand the science behind planetary motions. Contributions and Achievements:Composed the famous Aryabhatiya and Arya-Siddhanta. Explained the concepts of the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. Devised formulas for calculating the areas of circles and triangles. Proposed the solution of the single-variable quadratic equation. Invented the number ‘0’ and taught how to use large numbers upto 1018. Calculated the value of ‘pi’ accurately upto the fourth decimal point. Proposed the concept of axial rotation of the earth and calculated the circumference of the earth as 62,832 miles. 5. Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) An Italian-born Galileo Galilei was another polymath who came to be considered among the smartest person in the world. He was among the ones having the highest IQ level of all time. He was also one of the most influential scientists of all time. His accomplishments made him come to be known as the “Father of Observational Astronomy” and even as the “Father of Modern Science”. His extraordinary talents even made him contribute to the fields of physics, philosophy, engineering, and mathematics.Contributions and Achievements:Invented the geometric and military compass. Constructed an improvised telescope. Proposed the concept of heliocentrism, elucidating the model of the solar system.  Made contributions and inventions in astronomical observatory including phases of venus, satellites of Jupiter, Saturn’s rings, and analysis of sunspots. Described the properties of the pendulum mechanism.Final Thoughts Without these genius minds, the world wouldn’t have been where it is today. It was not only their IQ that made them so extraordinary. But their ability to reason, capacity to think out of the world, and of course the knowledge that made them being considered the smartest person in the world. It is often said that these beings were born at the wrong time because their minds lived way ahead of their time. Nevertheless, the contributions that these geniuses made are to be remembered forever. These are milestones in the field of basic education and the basis for many discoveries. More Resources:10 Best Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Of All Time In 2021. 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Be The Architect of Your Holiday Cheer

Creating the company Christmas card can be a bit of a hassle. You want to find something that is suitable to send to your friends and family while also having the appropriate tone for customers and vendors. Without selecting the correct architect you cannot make things happen in your favor.The annual Christmas card is a way to telling your recipients that you are thinking of them during this special time of the year. But it's also a great way to let those who are important to the success of your business that you appreciate their patronage.They can also be a useful method for gently, yet festively, reminding past clients to use your services for future projects as well. Simply put, you need to identify just the right card that will fulfill all of the purposes that you expect from your holiday greetings.That means picking a card that best represents the persona of you and your firm with poise and creativity. No generic or boring design will be sufficient and, the trouble is, there are way too many of those on the market. You can easily find yourself poring through seemingly countless card designs depicting common holiday-centric imagery that are mostly forgettable the minute they've been viewed.Those are the cards that get a look and then get tossed into the recycling bin. Your card shouldn't end up in the trash heap of the holiday, your card must take its rightful place front and center in the homes and offices of your recipients.The best way to ensure that happens is by choosing architect Christmas cards. These are the card that brings imagination and singularity to your holiday greeting, without the lackluster artwork and vague messaging that is usually found with those one-size-fits-all options. Don't waste your time and money on something that doesn't reflect who you are and what you do with the utmost accuracy of the brand.Architect Christmas cards have been created for people like you, members of the architect community who pride themselves on being a cut above the rest. The Benefits of Architect Christmas Cards: If your card needs to be very special this holiday season, then you will want to check out what architect Christmas cards have to offer. Whether you're an independent architect, a consultant, or you own your architecture firm, these cards are the ideal way to extend your wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy new year ahead.These cards bring interesting and innovative design choices to the table that go beyond the standard artwork you can find everywhere else. The thing that delineates these cards from the rest is their use of industry-specific artwork that ties in directly to your chosen profession.These visual flourishes are incorporated into joyful holiday scenes and art that combine for a unique Christmas card that will leave no one guessing as to who it came from. There is a multitude of design options that are nostalgic or sentimental or funny or clever, the choice is yours.Architect can makeAnother benefit of these types of cards is that they allow you to be the chief architect of their aesthetic and their messaging. Since these cards have been created with the architecture field in mind, it's only natural they would leave you with all of the creative control. These are cards that you craft entirely from your own imagination.This is done in a number of ways, with a wide range of choices available with respect to the customization capabilities that are afforded to you prior to placing your order. You make the decisions when it comes to design, message, color and font, even the placement of your company name and logo, should you wish to include these elements. Ordering Your Cards: The process is simple and you can get the cards you like best by just following these easy steps. It starts with scrolling through the catalog of your preferred specialty Christmas card provider. Take a look at the wide array of design options and find the one that fits you best.Better yet, find two, three or more designs that catch your eye. You don't need to make your decision until you see each of your choices in person. So once you find the designs you prefer, you can then have sample versions of those cards shipped out for your review.When they arrive, take a good long look at each one. Notice the high quality of the card stock, the brilliance of the colors, the depth of contrast, the overall appearance and clarity of the design you've chosen and the impression that it makes upon you.From here you have two choices, select the prefabricated design you like best from the samples you've requested or ditch all of them and create your own design. That's right, you can take any photograph or illustrated image that originates with you and have it printed onto a Christmas card.For those discerning consumers who want to be involved in every single aspect of the creative process, this is the option that allows for total control. You just design the art, send it to the Christmas card printing company and their team of graphic designers will create a mock-up of the card you have in mind.Approve it or offer changes, but once the card is exactly as you envisioned, you can then personalize the greeting that your recipients will be reading when the card arrives. You choose the font that works best and the color that suits your imagination.Select where you would like your company name and logo placed on the front or inside of the card and, before you know it, the card you created will be ready for printing. Next, all you need to do is decide how many you need for your recipient's list.You can order as many as few as you would like, with the price per card fluctuating based on the quantity you choose. Larger orders will reduce the cost per unit and smaller orders will increase the price you pay for each.Read Also:5 Reasons Why You Need To Throw An Office Christmas Party Finding Your Dream Career: 5 Useful Tips For You To Research About A Company Before You Apply