Dress for Success: 4 Tips to Look (and Feel) Like a Confident Man

Published on: 17 November 2018 Last Updated on: 19 July 2019
Confident Man

You’ve always wanted to be the confident guy that commands the attention of everyone in the board meeting, and that gets numbers thrown at him in the local bar.

However, you’ve sometimes wondered if it’s your slovenly style, as opposed to your personality, that’s getting you passed over for dates and promotions.

In this post, we’ll tell you how you can dress like a confident man — even when you don’t actually feel like one.

Read on to learn how the right clothes can communicate an air of experience, control, and even approachability.

We bet that, once you follow these tips, you’ll walk with a little more swagger in your step.

1. Have Your Clothing Tailored:

A tailor can make even an affordable suit from the discount bin look like it was created especially for you.

Plus, especially with sizing as inconsistent as it is these days, taking your clothing to a tailor ensures that your sleeves are the right length, and that your slacks aren’t covering half of your feet.

Plus, well-fitting clothing means that you can show off the body you’ve been working so hard for in the gym!

We guarantee that you’ll feel like a totally confident man when you’re wearing clothing that works with your height and your body shape. Plus, taking one of your best-loved (put perhaps a little well-worn) suits or shirts to the tailor can give it a completely new and modern look.

Everyone will assume you were able to get a bespoke made especially for you.

2. Invest in the Right Accessories:

No, we don’t mean that you have to start piling on the man jewelry — though if that’s your thing, you should totally go for it.

Instead, getting the right accessories to turn you into a confident guy who can command the attention of any room is all about knowing how to make the right investments.

There are a few accessories that every man needs in his wardrobe.

First, invest in a leather briefcase or a messenger bag. This will make you feel like you have somewhere important to go (even if all you’re really doing is heading to your local grocery store.) We love the idea of a messenger bag that’s been stamped with your initials, to give it a more personalized touch.

You also need to ensure that you have a few essential shoes that all confident men have in their own closets.

If you don’t have a pair of Chelsea boots, some black and brown dress shoes, and one “wild card” shoe (like a fun pair of velvet slippers or some designer sneakers?)

Invest in some now.

Not only can a nice pair of shoes pull a whole outfit together. You’ll likely actually end up saving on shoes because you’re not buying a $100 pair that will fall apart after every season. Shop for the long game.

Finally, make sure you’ve explored all your options when it comes to watches for men. Whether you’re on the hunt for a bold, look-at-me statement watch, a dive watch, or even if you’d prefer to go digital?

The right watch can make you feel like the confident man you’ve always wanted to be.

3. Good Grooming is Key:

A confident man is also one that takes good grooming and skincare seriously.

Even the most expensive and fabulous designer suit can end up looking cheap if it’s worn with unwashed hair, an unkempt beard, and a unibrow.

Especially as more and more men feel comfortable getting more into grooming rituals, we encourage you to explore which ones you’re the most interested in trying out for yourself.

You don’t have to go out to the most cutting-edge salon in town and drop hundreds of dollars on the most fashionable haircut of the moment. Instead, it’s about regular maintenance of the classic cuts you love.

It’s also about making sure your nails look healthy, taking care of unwanted body hair, or just doing any kind of grooming ritual that makes you feel good.

Plus, many companies are making beauty products geared specifically towards men. This means you won’t have to raid your girlfriend’s bathroom cabinet anymore.

4. Don’t Let Trends Turn You into a Fashion Victim:

Dad sneakers, skinny ties, and street style may be the latest thing in men’s fashion.

But if you truly want to know how to be a confident man, you need to get real with yourself about whether or not an overly-trendy outfit is making you look like a try-hard.

If a “trend” isn’t something that you’d normally wear in real life? Perhaps it’s better left on the runways as opposed to in your closet.

Instead, focus on timeless pieces. Instead of spending $400 on a fanny pack (yes, it happens) put that money towards an elegant Italian leather wallet or a well-tailored white dress shirt.

If you love dressing en vogue, we suggest to wearing one trend at a time. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a fashion magazine thew up on you.

Become a Confident Man with These Tips:

You’ve heard the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” The same can be said of “dressing like the man you want to become.”

Eventually, you won’t feel like you’re pretending to be a confident man anymore. You’ll realize that you’ve always been one all along, but that you just needed a few style updates to remind you of that.

So, what else can you do to upgrade your looks, your lifestyle, and your wardrobe?

No matter your job, your income level, or the kinds of things you like, we’ll help you to learn more about how to express yourself the right way.

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By setting professional goals with a mentor or supervisor,  you give yourself the motivation to report your progress back to them.  If you think people are expecting something of you, you are more likely to work harder to please them and get the job done. You may also receive the added bonus of feedback: others can buck you up when you are feeling discouraged, and give you alternate ideas to try when your strategy is not going well. 4. Ingest Some Caffeine: Don't overlook the physical factors involved with motivation. It is hard to keep going if you are hungry, tired or depleted. Many people need a cup of coffee to get their engines revved in the morning. Caffeine can actually improve memory, productivity, and performance. If you are looking for a quick fix to your motivational blues, a cup of joe or a bite of chocolate may perk you up to get your short term goals accomplished. 5. Take a Walk: To change your mind you often need to move a muscle. 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By cleaning up your diet to include fewer toxins and more fruits and vegetables, you are likely to experience higher energy levels. 8. Try a Nutritional Supplement: Some people need a boost to keep their bodies functioning at maximum capacity. Many take nutritional supplements to increase their memory function, energy and wellbeing. This website shows the kinds of products available called nootropics, which are intended to assist with a mental performance by supporting creativity, focus, intelligence, and motivation. Some ingredients used to enhance brain function include bacopa Monnier, an ancient herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance information processing and reduce reaction times;  Rhodiola Rosea, an herb that helps your body handle stress more effectively, ginseng root, which reduces fatigue and helps with high-level problem solving; and ginkgo Biloba, which improves memory and reduces stress-related high blood pressure. 9. 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Bachelor Parties: A Brief History

These days, every eager best man is excited to organize one last big blowout for his best friend and the groom-to-be. This one last hoorah before he settles down to a life of wedded bliss has been a tradition in the western world for as long as anyone can remember. The History of Bachelor Parties: The origins of the bachelor party are about as murky as your head will feel the morning after the night before.  But one thing is for sure, the traditional mixture of drinking, bonhomie, and occasional embarrassment have long been the staple ingredients of the groom-to-be’s ‘last night of freedom’. The earliest incantations of the modern-day bachelor party can be found as far back as the 5th century B.C. The ancient Spartans so loved their brothers in arms, that they would hold a dinner in their friend’s honor, and toast him with fine ale and lengthy speeches. Sometime during the 14th century, the Father of English Literature and one of the greatest poets of all time, Geoffrey Chaucer, was the first to coin the phrase “Bachelor” whilst referencing unmarried men in the Canterbury Tales. Fast forward further still, and the rambunctious spirit of the 1800s saw gentlemen acting in a not very gentlemanly manner as these nights of “jolly old fun” took on a much more debauched and decadent leaning. In 1896, for example, a stag party thrown by Herbert Barnum Seeley was raided by police after rumors circulated that a famous belly dancer would be performing nude. The subsequent trial made very public references to the type of goings-on that regularly took place behind closed doors, and shed light on lots of bad behavior that brides throughout the land probably never wanted to know about. Despite many hundreds of years of boyish enthusiasm, the actual term “bachelor party” didn’t stick until 1922 when the Scottish publication ‘Chambers's Journal of Literature, Science and Arts’used the term to describe a "jolly old" party.  While the name bachelor party is pretty commonplace across the world today, the event is known by different names in different countries.  In the UK it is referred to as a “stag party”, a “bucks” party in Australia, and a much more glamorous sounding “enterrement de vie de garçon” in France. The 1960s with their sexual revolution and spirited freedom, finally saw the ladies getting in on the action too. Brides-to-be now also celebrate saying goodbye to their freedom at bachelorette parties, or hen parties as they are more commonly known in the UK. Bachelor Parties Today: The modern-day bachelor party is considered by many as an absolute rite of passage that any young man must simply experience before getting hitched. Unlike poor old Herbert Seeley, modern-day bachelor parties are unlikely to get shut down for adding the occasional scantily clad lady into the mix. With over 2.2 million weddings in the U.S. each year, there are sure to be lots of bachelor parties as well and many grooms continue to enjoy their last night of freedom in increasingly creative and unique ways. While it started out as something that was restricted to the boys, recent years have shown how bachelor parties have grown in popularity among women as well. Called Hen Parties, these events are famous for the topless waiters, open bottle champagnes, and a lot of fun and excitement. Many women are now looking to send off their friends towards matrimony in style through these extravagant parties. For many, this is an opportunity to get away from the regular events of a weekend night out and experience something a bit different, with trips abroad for the occasion becoming increasingly popular. Yes, bachelor parties these days may often involve several days and nights spent away in a completely new city or country. While the locations and venues may have changed, much of the entertainment remains the same. Drinking games are still commonplace as is the often obligatory trip to a lap dancing club. Getting the groom dressed up in a fancy dress costume for much of the festivities is a great way to make this occasion one that will last in the memory of those who attended for a long time. There’s an ever-increasing supply of creative, ‘bachelor party themed’ costumes hitting the market, like those shown here on the Last Night of Freedom website. Bachelor parties are now as diverse as the guests who attend them, with everything from bungee jumping and skydiving to racecar driving and extreme sports featuring heavily during the daytime portion of the event. Gone are the days where it all revolved purely around alcohol and partying. However, there are still staples, such as smoking some of the best tasting cigars. This is something that all guests can enjoy, even if they don't normally smoke cigars. As a somewhat controversial alternative to the traditional boys-only celebration, some grooms even arrange to meet up with their bride-to-be for a shared bachelor/bachelorette party that probably offers more wholesome fun and definitely less mucky secrets – although this is not all that commonplace. So, raise a glass to the brave men who paved the way for boys' nights out laden with unchecked excess, and let’s toast to the next generation of bachelors who are ready for the ultimate celebration. Read Alos: The Top Destinations For New Year Celebrations 5 Reasons Why You Need To Throw An Office Christmas Party