Outstanding Design Advice If Your Home Is Really Small

It’s easy to feel confined by your surroundings when your house has narrow hallways and small rooms. It can seem like you can’t buy any new additions and furnishings without crowding what limited space you already have. You can make your home look larger than it really is if you follow these three renovating and decorating tips.

1. Sliding Windows And Doors :

One of the first things that homeowners with cramped properties should do is get rid of their old windows and back entrance doors, and then get new slider windows and sliding patio doors installed in their place. Slider windows do not hinge outward, so they will not take up any extra space when they open and close. They are considered ideal choices for areas that can’t have large windows, like raised basements, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Replacing a solid back entrance door with a clear glass door is one of the recommended ways to maximize space in your home — the transparent surface will open up the area and make it look much more spacious. Much like slider windows, a set of sliding patio doors move horizontally along a track and take up no extra space when they are opened or closed. If you decide to get these Kitchener replacement windows and doors for your home renovation, you should choose an experienced company like Golden Windows for assistance. They have been manufacturing, distributing and installing high-end Kitchener windows and doors for homeowners and builders for over fifty years.

2. Convertible Furniture :

When every single piece of furniture limits the amount of room that you have, you need to be clever about your selection. Flexible, convertible and multi-purpose items are the ultimate solution to your crowding problem. Look for space-saving furniture pieces like stackable chairs, folding stools, murphy beds, nesting tables, futons, expandable tables, and hinged office desks. It’s also wise to find items with storage options like drawers, shelves, cubbies or hollowed tops to deal with clutter. Keeping all of your rooms organized and tidy will make them appear bigger than their actual square footage.

3. Smart Shelving :

Bringing in a large shelving unit is not always a good idea when you are dealing with a small space. The new addition could make a cramped room look even more cluttered or it won’t fit into an area without obstructing a pathway. There are a number of efficient space-saving designs for shelving units that can help you store your favorite books, magazines, vinyl records, movies, and other personal collections. Floating shelves can be arranged anywhere along the walls for a minimalist and chic look that won’t take up any floor-space. For anyone with an impressive number of books, you can hollow out stair bottoms or sides and then store your personal library inside.

People with small houses don’t have to do drastic renovations to make their place look bigger. Simple fixes like slider windows and sliding patio doors, convertible furniture, and smart shelving ideas can make any space seem open and airy.

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Move Out Cleaning

How to Handle the Move-Out Cleaning

Changing home is a stressful and demanding endeavor itself, you have to think about so many things – packing, organizing transport, and of course, cleaning. You need to clean your new place unless someone was kind enough to do it for you, but still, a second-round might come useful.And of course, you need to clean your old home and leave it in decent condition for the new tenants.  Otherwise, you may not get your deposit back. In case you are selling your own place, it is also an important criterion which will make your former home much more attractive to the potential buyers.Unless you hire professional help, cleaning your old place is definitely not going to be easy, but there are a few things that can make the experience a bit less stressful and burdensome as recommended by move out cleaning professionals. Start from the Top A common mistake many of us make while cleaning is to start from the floors, as they usually do represent the biggest item on the list. However, if you start from the floors, and then move up to walls, corners, and surfaces, guess what – you will have to clean the floors all over again.So, be wiser than that and start this excruciating business from the top. This will save you a lot of time and energy. Also, when talking about directions, always start the cleaning from the back, that is from a wall towards the door, so you don’t end up stuck in one small uncleaned place, like on an island, having to cross all the wiped space to go back, and potentially soil it all over. It sounds funny, but this has certainly already happened to some of you, and you will definitely want to avoid it this time. Change the Approach When cleaning, everyone mostly likes to do the job room by room. However, this usually takes way more time than actually cleaning segment by segment, which is task by task. For instance, if you are wiping floors, it is better to do it in the whole house while you are at it, instead of moving to a different segment in the same room. This approach is much more efficient so take it into consideration once you start you moving out clean up. Have Everything at Hand In situations where time is really precious and you don’t have the liberty to take too long because a lot of other things are waiting, good organization is everything. You will definitely need different cleaning chemicals such as glass cleaners, disinfectants, baking soda, vinegar, and others, as well as cleaning equipment like cloths, vacuum cleaners, brooms, dustpans, brushes, and others.The first important step is not to pack any of these along with the rest of your stuff. The second is to actually know where they are and to organize them as much as possible so you don’t have to lose too much time searching for them. As professional home cleaners at Maid Easy say that good organizational skills can shorten the time it takes to clean the whole house significantly. “Dry” Cleaning First Make sure you first do the “dry” cleaning such as swiping, dusting, and vacuuming to remove all the dust and other dirt in that way. If you apply wet cloth or a brush, you will just make bog, rather than clean something. The best option is to dust all the corners and surfaces first, swipe any bigger mess, and then finally vacuum to give it the final touch. After this, you may proceed with “wet” cleaning activities.Once you are done with the old place, you can apply all these tips to your new home. Even if the previous tenants or owners have cleaned it, you will probably want to make sure it is spotless. Of course, if repeating the same process all over again is just too much for you, you can always ask the professionals for help, at least for one of these cleaning actions.Read Also:How Cleaning Helps Us Feel Better and Why We Don’t Do It 7 Advantages of Hiring a Residential Cleaner What You Need to Look for When Hiring House Cleaning Service

How To Get Rid Of Mice & Roaches From Your Space

How To Get Rid Of Mice & Roaches From Your Space?

The presence of mice and roaches in your home demands urgent attention. They’re nuisances that make living in your space uncomfortable and spread infections. Since they’re capable of reproducing in shorter periods and en masse, their infestations are soon uncontainable if neglected.Thankfully, there are many pest control methods designed mainly to fix rodents' and cockroaches’ problems. While those are quite reliable, there are also preventive efforts required of you.1. Keep Your Apartment CleanCleaning up your space is primary to overcoming any pest issue. That’s because most of them are often attracted to floor litter. They find crumbs edible to feed on and stick around afterward in case there are more.Avoid stacking up unused papers, old fabrics, and cardboard.Vacuum your kitchen floor, especially cabinet and fridge areas.Empty leftovers in plastic bags and dispose of them appropriately.Use soap to remove oil and grease films on sinks after washing dishes.Declutter your entire home until it’s evident that no dirt or grime is inviting for mice and rodents.2. Watch For Pest SignsOne thing is certain about pests; they often leave trails. If you haven’t been observant, look for these signs once you suspect them around.For mice, you’ll likely see different gnaw marks on objects and walls. You can also find their nests made from shredded paper, fabrics, strings, hays, etc. Often, their brown pellet-shaped droppings and urine pillars, appearing as small vertical mounds, are easily sighted. While the most confirmatory is seeing them scurry around your place at different hours of the day, but majorly night time.Likewise, for cockroaches, noticing their activities is significant proof. And aside from their droppings, they produce dark and irregularly-shaped smear stains in moist locations. Their cylindrical egg cases are indications that they’re sprawling in numbers already. While sighting their nymphs and adults validates that fact. Occasionally, they leave their shed brittle-looking skins behind during molting.While you embark on your home’s inspection, vital places to check are your kitchen, pantry, bathrooms, closet, and dining. Look carefully around your furniture and appliances. These critters frequent your drawers and food packages, so be thorough in these areas. Use a flashlight in dimly lit or dark places to intensify your search in difficult-to-reach corners.3. Seal Pest Entry AreasThe small sizes of pests make them fit the tiny passages easily. Mice, for example, can nibble their way through your wall, pipeline, hole, etc. However, some basic repairs can seal these openings to deter them from your home. With materials like caulks, copper mesh, stainless steel wool, wire mesh screen, etc., you can get the job done to perfection.Focus on holes and cracks around plumbing works, vents, kitchen appliances, fireplace, basement, drains, and cabinets. Openings near your door and window frames can be fixed with water-based latex paint. Escutcheon plates are equally excellent sealants around pipes.4. Use Pest Control ProductsCommercial pest products are often the last resort when it seems out of hand. With numerous manufacturers, you have an array of options to choose from. But while you try your hands on some of these products, you must ensure that you follow the user directives.Glue and snap traps work best for mice, while bait stations, insect dust, and traps are appropriate for roaches.If you’re unsure how to handle the infestation with these chemicals, reach out to a pest control service near you immediately.Read Also:Safety Triangle: Three Things Your Soon-To-Be House Must HaveProfessional Roofing Services And Different Decorating Styles

Lighting Ideas

Las Vegas Electricians Share Fun Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Callidus Nevada electrician service providers have made calls to a significant number of homes in Las Vegas. This gave them the unique opportunity to get a glimpse at the different home lighting styles and preferences of the city’s residents. In the same process, they were able to pick out fun lighting ideas and methods that are beneficial in terms of both form and functionality. Below are a few fun lighting ideas that these Las Vegas electricians want to share for your home: 1. Switch to LED Light Bulbs:Anything that will help you save money easily will be fun, wouldn’t it? Ditching your incandescent and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) light bulbs in favor of light-emitting diode (LED) lights can help you reduce your electric bills and save hundreds of dollars in a year. LED lights use 90 percent less energy to give off the same brightness as their incandescent counterparts.Technology has come a long way in LED lights that they now come in a variety of colors apart from cool white. You can even have several color options in a single LED light bulb. While you may need to cough up some cash initially to go full-on LED in your home, it will be a very wise investment. Apart from the savings that you will make on your electricity bills, LEDs also last considerably longer than incandescent and CFL lights. 2. Think Beyond Overhead Lighting:Overhead lighting does a very good job of lighting up a room and comes very handy for a variety of uses and occasions. However, relying solely on overhead lights can be impractical in some situations, and it can get boring over time. For instance, some shadows may fall in areas where you may especially need more light such as the stairs, kitchen counter, or couch where you do your reading.Overhead or ambient lighting can get boring in the sense that it is constant. It may light a room, but it does very little to change the mood and character of a room. This is why you need to consider what experts call the “three layers of light” when installing lights.Overhead or ambient lighting is the main layer of light in a room. It provides general illumination in the whole area. Examples of these types of lights are fixtures like chandeliers, recessed lights, and troffers. The second layer of light is accent lighting, and they come in the form of wall sconces, path lights, and recessed wall lightings. Accent lighting is generally for decorative purposes.The third layer of light is task lighting and, as its name suggests, you use it to light up specific areas for certain tasks. Examples include reading lamps, vanity lights, under-cabinet lighting, and pendulum lights above a kitchen island. The second and third layers of lighting provide a room with character, and they can empower you to change the look and mood of the room at the flip of a switch. With power-saving LED lights and strip lights at your disposal, the combination of the three layers of lighting can present you with a myriad of ways that you can play with the layers to suit your taste. 3. Don’t Forget Natural Lighting:If you live in Nevada or anywhere that is sunny for most of the year, you will do well to make use of the abundance of outdoor lighting. Not only will this liven up a room, but it can also likewise help you lower your electricity bill as well.Use sheer curtains to let in more light. You can also do away with the window treatments to maximize the light coming from the outside. Bare windows will also give the room the illusion of being more spacious.Just like ambient lighting, outdoor lighting is also constant and may cast permanent shadows in certain parts of your home. While shadows do add some drama and depth to a room, you can install wall sconces in the darker areas as an option.As you may have already realized, most of the lighting ideas here are quite simple, and the results can be dramatic. You may even take on some of the more labor-intensive tips above on your own if you are handy enough. For some other lighting ideas, however, you may need to acquire the services of reputable Las Vegas electricians, especially when installing lighting fixtures.Take a long good look in and around your home and see how where you can improve and make your lighting more interesting. It just may be the right time for you to see your home in a new light — pun intended.Read Also:How to Choose LED Lights for Every Room in Your Home Five Ways To Improve The Air Quality Inside Your Home Create A Stunning Outdoor Space With These Residential Landscape Lighting Tips