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21 November 2018

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Your resume is the most important element in your application portfolio. You could have an impressive education. You may have a solid work history and volunteering experience. But, if your resume doesn’t showcase these features, you may be passed over. Worse, the person who gets the position may not have your skills or your sense of responsibility. Why would they choose him to interview over you?

Many templates will help you design a resume online. What’s more, there are plenty of people who are willing to help you design and write your resume. These people will twist words until they do not resemble the truth, but they are not lies. Here is an example.

There was a warehouse worker who put away stock and did cycle-counts. During the lunch break, he would answer telephone calls putting them on hold before his superior could take over. His resume read, “Assisted the operations manager in maintaining a multi-million dollar inventory” and “Served as backup for the parts manager when he was unavailable.” While these statements are not necessarily lies, they are not exactly truthful either.

We are not suggesting that you bend the truth in your resume like this person did but we are suggesting that a properly worded resume gets you in the running.

Who do you have to impress?

If you are invited over for an interview, you will probably have to go through several layers of management to secure the position. You will have to impress each of these people. But, there is something you need to keep in mind. Most department heads have administrative assistants. Often, these assistants are tasked with screening the cover letters and resumes that come in.

The assistant typically has one criterion to look for. He or she will look for these criteria and give the management team their opinion of the top 10. This means that you want your resume to showcase all your strengths. But the wording must be simple and easy to understand.

If you write, “Personally designed an automated system allowing real-time delivery of HVAC equipment on commercial job sites, giving our clients a 10% increase of their ROI”  The assistant will think, “Okay, whatever.” But, if you write. “I designed a program that saved our customers time on their jobs and gave them a higher return on their investment.” The bell goes off, and you make the cut. You have to impress people in a way that be understandable both to a CEO and a receptionist. Save your gift of gab for the interview.

Resume Content:

Your resume tells the reader who you are. The resume is the document that lists your education, experience, and achievements. It allows you to show where you went the extra mile. By using clear language, you are sending a message that you do not need to muddy the waters with your impressive vocabulary. You have the background, skills, and knowledge to bring to the table.

All resumes offer an equal opportunity to show who you are. Your goal is to write it in a professional manner that emphasizes your qualities and grabs the reader’s attention. The format you choose is your tool to reach that goal.

You can look for resumes that appeal to you online. Be selective of the website you use, as you do not want a cookie-cutter resume. Look for a quality sample resume, and you will be at the head of the pack from step one.

What your resume needs to include?

When you find a resume sample that you like, you will start filling it with your personal data. Of course, that includes your name, address, and contact information. After that, you can write a brief summary of what you do and what you aspire to do in the future. This lets the reader make a first impression about you.

You will go on to add your education and any specialized training you may have completed. Do not stretch the truth here. These things are easily verified online.

Next is your work history. Write down where you worked, what your achievements are and how you advanced your career within the company (if relevant). You do not have to explain why you left unless the employer specifically asks. If they do, be careful not to disrespect or criticize the company you left. If you left because you did not get a promotion, you can say that you want to work for a company that offers more opportunities for career growth.

Finally, you may be asked for references. Do not list references on your resume. Instead, send your resume with “References available upon requests.”


Use a high-quality resume format. Be straightforward and honest.

Bonus tip: If you are applying for a job offered by your current company’s competitor, do not hint that you are willing to give them insider tips. You have to show respect for the industry and be professional. That will take you much further in the business world.

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what do consumer non-durables jobs pay

What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay?

What do consumer non-durables jobs pay? If this is something that you are searching for, then you have reached the right place.After the pandemic of 2020 caused due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, a lot of people started to look for jobs across various fields. This is mostly because of the large wave of unemployment that took over the world during the lockdown globally.If you are someone who is searching for jobs in consumer non-durables, then you need to do one thing. And that is to keep reading this article till the end…What Are Consumer Non-Durables Jobs?In order to know what are the jobs that are present in this line, you need to know what is the consumer non-durable. So here I go.Consumer non-durables are the items that are good or items that have a very small lifespan. This means that consumers do not use this for a very long time. They are not very durable, needless to say. Therefore, these goods are considered to be consumer non-durables.The goods that are non-durables generally need to be used up before or in less than three years. These are the items that are produced in very large quantities, but at the same time, these goods are cheaper to produce and purchase.These goods are different from consumer durable goods, which last for more than three years. Some examples of consumer non-durables are packaged and non-packaged goods like food, drinks, laundry detergents, etc. You must have heard the names of companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Nestle, and Unilever. These are all the companies that deal with consumer non-durables.Answering The Question, “What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay?”Now that you know what the consumer non-durable job is, it is time for you to know about the jobs that pay well in the field of consumer non-durables. If you are thinking, “is consumer non-durables a good career path,” then the answer is YES!And one of the main reasons for that to happen is because this job pays you a lot of money. But, at the same time, there is also a huge variety of jobs that are available in this field of work.Typically the consumer non-durables jobs pay you nearly $41,500 on an average per year. However, that does not mean that this is the only money that you can make in this line or sector.There are many people working in this area that make nearly $100,000 on an average every year. The money that you make depends on your rank or position or your job role.One of the main reasons why the companies on consumer non-durables pay well is because the companies do not always need experienced or skilled labor or employees all the time. For example, there are many people who have gotten a job in the consumer non-durables sector without having any prior experience.Jobs Available In The Consumer Non-Durable SectorThere are many jobs that are available in the line of consumer non-durables. Here is a list of some of the jobs that pays you well in this line:JOB ROLESAVERAGE SALARYENTRY LEVEL SALARYRestaurant General Manager$54,000$72,000Sales Representatives$62,000$50,000Food and Beverage Manager$53,000$39,000Food Technologist$63,000$39,000Chef$47,000$32,000Beauty Consultant$33,000$30,000Grocery Associate$31,000$29,000Consumer Non-Durable CompaniesProcter & Gamble CompanyNikeNestle AGLorealPepsicoCoca-Cola CompanyUnilever GroupPhilip Morris InternationalAnheuser-Busch InbevChristian DiorProcter & Gamble CompanyMarket Cap (Sep-01-2021): 345.770 Billion USD Revenue: 70,950 Million USD (Year Ending: Jun-2020) Net Income: 13,030 Million USD (Year Ending: Jun-2020) Number of Employees: 99,000 (As of 2020)NikeMarket Cap (Sep-01-2021): 260.800 Billion USD Annual Revenue in USD: 37,420 Million USD (May 2020) Annual Net Income in USD: 2,530 Million USD (May 2020) Number of Employees: 75,400 (2020)Nestle AGMarket Cap (Sep-01-2021): 348.550 Billion USD Annual Revenue in USD: 92,301 Million USD (Year Ending: Dec-2020) Annual Net Income in USD: 13,242 Million USD (Year Ending: Dec-2020) Number of Employees: 291,000 (December 2019)LorealMarket Cap (Sep-01-2021): 262.430 Billion USD Annual Revenue: 33,028 Million USD (Year Ending: December 2020) Annual Net Income in USD: 4,172 Million USD (Year Ending: December 2020) Number of Employees: 88,000 (As of December 2019)PepsiCoMarket Cap (Sep-01-2021): 216.150 Billion USD Annual Revenue in USD: 70,370 Million USD (Year Ending: Dec-2020) Annual Net Income: 7,120 Million USD (Year Ending: Dec-2020) Number of Employees: 263,000 (2019)Coca-Cola CompanyMarket Cap (Sep-01-2021): 243.070 Billion USD Annual Revenue: 33,010 Million USD (Dec-2020) Annual Net Income: 7,750 Million USD (Dec-2020) Number of Employees: 86,200 (in 2019)Unilever GroupMarket Cap (Sep-01-2021): 145.300 Billion USD Annual Revenue in USD: 59,850 Million USD Annual Net Income in USD: 6,529 Million USD Number of Employees: 149,000 (2020)Phillip Morris InternationalMarket Cap (Sep-01-2021): 160.530 Billion USD Annual Revenue in USD: 28,690 Million USD (year ending in Dec-2020) Annual Net Income in USD: 8,030 Million USD (year ending in Dec-2020) Number of Employees: 71,000 (2020)Anheuser-Busch InbevMarket Cap (Sep-01-2021): 123.700 Billion USD Annual Revenue in USD: 46,880 Million USD (Year Ending: Dec-2020) Annual Net Income in USD: 1,400 Million USD (Year Ending: Dec-2020) Number of Employees: 170,000 (December 2019)Christian DiorMarket Cap (Sep-01-2021): 139.230 Billion USD Annual Revenue in USD: 63,331 Million USD (Year Ending Dec-2019) Annual Net Income in USD: 3,437 Million USD (Year Ending Dec-2019) Number of Employees: 163,309 (2019)Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-As you have reached almost the end of this blog, I hope that most of your queries have been cleared. However, in case you want some more information regarding the same topic, here are some of the questions that readers frequently ask about what do consumer non-durables jobs pay. You might want to check them out.1. What Is The Highest Paying Job In Consumer Non-Durables? Ans: Some of the highest-paying jobs in the line of consumer non-durables are:➊ Human Resource Manager➋ Food and Beverages Manager➌ Digital Designer➍ Chemical Engineer 2. What Is The Meaning Of Non-Durables? Ans: Non-durables or consumer non-durables are the items that the consumers do not use for a very long time. These are the goods that the consumers use in less than three years. Some of them are laundry detergents, packaged goods, drinks, etc 3. What Are Examples Of Consumer Durables? Ans: In case you are searching for an example of consumer durables, you have reached the right place. These are the items that the consumers have used for more than three years. Here are some of the examples of consumer durables:➊ Computer➋ Air conditioners➌ Refrigerator➍ Dryers➎ CarsWrapping It Up!Non-durables are the goods or items that the consumers use up in less than three years. These items can be the packaged goods that have an expiry date on them. Needless to say, there are several types of jobs that are available in the line of consumer non-durables.If you were looking for the answer to what do consumer non-durables jobs pay, I hope that you found this article to be of help. Also, if there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to write them down in the comment section below.Read Also:Best Paying Jobs In EnergyBest Paying Jobs In Electric Utilities CentralAre Commercial Banks A Good Career Path?


Secrets to the Perfect Bedroom Light

Gorgeous atmosphere in a home is essential, and nowhere more so than in your bedroom. Seeing how this is a place where we go when we want to rest or be romantic, the setting needs to reflect the mood. Now, this can be done in several ways, mostly by using eye soothing colors and cozy furniture, but for the overall atmosphere, tending to the lighting the right way is a must. Here are a few secrets for a perfect bedroom light.Read also: A Rundown of the Basic Led LightingNatural Light: The first thing you need to consider when it comes to your bedroom is having a good natural light source. However, this is a slippery slope. If the bedroom faces your backyard, you could easily replace an entire wall with folding glass system and maximize the amount of natural light. On the other hand, if your bedroom is on the ground floor and facing the street, this is the last thing you want to do for both security and privacy reasons.Finally, there is nothing more beautiful than being woken up by sunlight gleaming through your window. However, when this happens at 5 AM on a Sunday, you might want to consider getting quality blinders. For an extra touch, you can always add curtains that will match the rest of your interior.Spice it Up: Apart from being a place where you rest, the bedroom is also a romantic hotspot. This is why it needs to have a lighting system to match. Dimming your lights can do the trick, but truth be told, there are many, more interesting solutions you could resort to. Some of them are DIY, like homemade lanterns and lamps, while others are of more traditional.Using candles to enhance the bedroom atmosphere is the oldest trick in the book. However, the choice of these candles matters as well. If you are planning a special evening, you might want to go with something more daring like a heart- or flower-shaped candles. Color-wise any shade of red will do, but you can also go with purple, white or even black. Candles also come in different scents so going with cherry, vanilla or strawberry may spice up the atmosphere.Lighting System: No matter how romantic or sexy it may feel, using candles and natural light won’t be enough on its own. You will need an artificial lighting system as well. There are several interesting solutions. While a lot of people go for luxurious chandeliers in their bedroom, others see this as a bit over the top. Some think that there is nothing more elegant, tasteful and efficient than using LED downlights. Apart from looking good, these fixtures also save energy, to a great extent, especially on the annual level, making them quite convenient, both visually and practically. A bedside nightlight for the nighttime reading sessions is also essential. As you can see, the bedroom light is not to be taken lightly. In fact, if done correctly, it can bring numerous benefits to both your health and your love life. There are only a few principles you have to follow and few rules to abide by. The first one is that you should use natural light for as much as you can, not only to be frugality but for the soothing effects it has on one’s psyche. The second one, light bulbs are not the only artificial light source and they are definitely not the most romantic one. Finally, saving some more on your power bill by switching to LED is never a bad idea. Read More: Seven Simple Ways For Achieving Cozy Bedroom Environment: For Perfectly Night Sleep 5 Perfect Ways To Create Size Illusion In Room With Home Accessories How To Make Your Home Look Like A Splendid Hotel?

Personal Career Development

8 Useful Tips for Personal Career Development

Technological advances are opening up more opportunities for professional development. No matter how old you are, it is important to not stop learning and instead of finding a new way to sharpen your skills. Keep reading to learn some useful tips from professionals in how to take advantage of available resources and achieve your goals in the career path 1. Be flexible in your career path: When making a plan for your future, always be flexible in your thinking. In fact, modern society allows us to explore various jobs during their lifetime. This means you don’t have to follow a single position but can make a switch to other areas. Just make sure to go for a field that you can find many opportunities to develop and find happiness when working. 2. Be ready to work with different people: Most of us often choose to work with those who have the same points of view. However, having someone who thinks and do differently can be useful in helping you develop and improve your capability. Being exposed to oppositions can be a great chance to stay out of your comfort zone and learn new things in your corporate life. 3. Make use of social media: These days, technology is an indispensable part of our life. Thus, you should make use of available resources for your development plan. Make sure you are consistent in these platforms to build your reputation with a unique personality. Try to open your social network and make a lot of friends. Be nice and helpful to everyone and potential clients or jobs will come to you anytime. 4. Have a mentor: Finding a mentor is probably one of the most effective ways to ensure you are on the right career path. With a lot of experience, he or she can teach you valuable lessons in both personal and professional life to grow. You can ask colleagues or friends to choose the right one. Another benefit is that a mentor can give you another perspective on every aspect to help broaden your horizon. 5. Enjoy your leisure time: Do not only focus on your professional career. Instead, it is better to spend your time on social activities and your hobbies. This will help you develop many essential skills which can be useful for your work. For example, participating in charity work can be a good way to develop your leadership skill. In some cases, if your passion is important enough, it can turn into your full-time job. After all, everybody wants to do something they like and make a living from it. 6. Step out of the comfort zone: One of the best things to develop yourself is to step out of your comfort zone and try to learn a new thing each year. Since the greatest growth will be the result of fear or discomfort, it is a good idea to make you feel stressed about what you do. For example, if you are afraid of digital tasks, then include them as a part of your plan to develop technical skills. You will be soon surprised at the benefits of this approach in your personal and professional life. 7. Consider online work: Virtual tasks are very flexible. This makes them a great option for those people who also want to be flexible in their schedule such as travelers or parents who cannot go to the office every day. So if you are in these situations, it is better to consider work because it will open up many opportunities to develop yourself as well as earn a lot of money right at the comfort of your home. Many people are not willing to take these positions because they want a stable salary. However, many freelancers can get a fixed contract with some companies. The key is doing research. 8. Find a person to complement each other: Another way to improve your capability is to find someone in your company who has opposite personality traits and try to be a perfect couple in work. Try to support and give him or her what you have so that both can grow together. As a result, when your boss is promoted, your chance will also be better. A typical example is the combination of an extrovert and an introvert. In this case, the synergy is powerful to ensure good cooperation between the two.Constant learning is the key to career development no matter which point you are in your life. Set your personal goal and try to learn new things each year. You will be amazed at the results. If you are looking for a high-quality writing service for academic or business purposes, Essays Match is an authentic writing service to choose. With many talented writers and experts, we can guarantee to deliver the highest-quality essays for your projects.Read Also:Fast-Track Your Career: 7 Things You Should Know About Executive Coaching Seeking A Healthy Career: 10 Tempting Medical Careers To Check Out You Need To Know The Pros And Cons Of A New Career In Real Estate 10 Easy Ways For Students To Improve Their Writing Skills