How Photography Projects Can Improve Wedding Business


18 April 2018


Business for Wedding

It is not easy to combine personal style and professional work. When we are doing a real wedding, we are usually confined to several limitations during the shoot such as the place, time, and subjects.

However, if you try combining them from time to time you will fall in love with what you do professionally as you will feel more comfortable with creating a unique thing with each and every photo you take.

How to create a personal shoot that will help you professionally :

 First of all, it is important to determine the part of shooting that you would like to experiment with. Do you want to improve your bridal portraits? Are you struggling with posing groups? Are you not good at shooting details and lay-flat shots?

Determine where you would like to improve on and practice as much as you can. Doing this will help you a lot as it will relieve the pressure on you and make you confident when you take photos. Doing such a shoot does not imply that you will exactly recreate it on a wedding day.

It will enable you to be more confident in using your creativity in situations where you need to make a split-second decision and decide whether to stop because you have got “safe shots” or to continue experimenting.

Most of us myself included sometimes revert to what we find safe and comfortable when placed in challenging situations rather than allowing ourselves to try more unique things. The issue is not whether we can or cannot create a unique thing. It is the lack of confidence to even try it in the first place.

 What are the practicalities?

 After settling on the kind of shoot you would like to do, decide who or what you need to use the shoot for. You can plan an elaborately styled shoot that will bring together wedding vendors or you can opt for something that will not cost you anything.

If you want a styled shoot that involves many people, then you need to know that the process of planning can teach you a lot. Ensure that all the vendors participating are aware of what you want them to do and the reward they will receive which means sending contracts and meeting deadlines.

Business cards and album samples :

album samples


If you are noticing a trend in person, face to face interaction in this first couple of wedding photography business marketing strategies, then you are noticing something that is very important to success in the industry.

Educating yourself on how to socialize and promote your business to potential and existing clients and the people you will work with is very important. It may be a good idea to leave business cards with all the people we just mentioned as it will provide a physical representation of your business with them.

Other marketing forms :

According to The Wed Café, it is up to you to decide what you want to do with the images you shoot. Depending on the content, you can submit them to wedding magazines or blogs to make them reach a wider audience or you can use the best ones on your social media to introduce your personal work to potential clients while still keeping it within the wedding theme.

If you want the best wedding photographs, then it may be a good idea to consider Houston wedding photographers.

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