How to Plan Your Holiday Shopping to Actually Enjoy It


25 December 2018


Holiday Shopping

Christmas is just around the corner and you still haven’t bought any presents, picked out the meals you are going to prepare or even haven’t decorated your home? It’s no wonder why you stress about the holiday shopping every year then if you always leave the shopping for the last day.

If this is you, you’re probably wondering how some people keep a smile on their face even though the lines at the supermarket are enormous, people are generally stressed and unpleasant as your life descends into chaos.

The answer is simple: planning!

Holiday shopping doesn’t need to be stressful or painful. It can be a walk in the park if you know how to plan everything and make sure you’ve checked everything off your to-do list.

So get an app like Blink the Bee and get ready to take notes – we’ll show you how to make the most out of your holiday shopping.

Think About the Gifts First

The biggest expense on any holiday shopping list are the gifts, especially if you have kids you don’t want to let down. Chances are you already know what they want for the holidays as they have been nagging you about that new toy or video game for months.

Fortunately, you can find these at a lot of stores and online, just make sure to order it in time or your kids will be left empty-handed.

Make a Holiday Shopping List (And Stick to It)

The gifts are just the tip of the Christmas tree you need to climb as the holiday approaches. If you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet, chances are you’ve forgotten about a lot of Christmas essentials. So make sure you leave a note in your virtual online assistant so you don’t forget about any of these categories:

Decorations: Get those holiday decorations for your home, both for the indoors and the outdoors.

Food: Know what you will be cooking? Make sure to write down all the ingredients so you don’t forget anything.

Dinner Essentials: There’s more to a family holiday dinner than the food. Make sure you don’t forget about the drinks, napkins or extra plates.

Gifts: You’ve already picked out the gifts? Great! Now don’t forget to get the wrapping paper, holiday cards, and ribbons to wrap them up.

Traditions: Don’t forget about advent calendars, picture books or Christmas socks.

Pick a One-Stop Shop

Got the list written down? Good, now it’s time to do some shopping. The best and quickest way to do this is to find a store that has everything you need in one place. Whether it’s a giant supermarket or a mall, not having to navigate through the holiday traffic jams will save a lot of time and nerves.

Remember the Things You Are Likely to Forget

There is nothing worse than having gone through your holiday shopping only to realize you forgot something when you come back home. Whether it’s batteries for your holiday decorations, wrapping paper or dinner napkins, make sure to write down all the items you are likely to forget on a separate list so you don’t miss anything on your first shopping run.

Be Done With Shopping

Once you’ve shopped for everything that was on your list, be done with it. It might be tempting to visit a shop again just in case you’ve missed something, but try to avoid the temptation and enjoy the holidays with your family without any stress of being lured into one-time deals on things you’ll never need.

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Tracking Device

Shopping for a Personal Tracking Device

Technological advancements have led to several innovations that are very useful to human beings. Various gadgets have been manufactured to improve efficiency and make our work easier. A tracking device is one such gadget that is being widely used today. It can be used to monitor a person’s whereabouts, track a lost item, or even keep a record of various routes and places that are of interest. They are of different sorts to be able to meet the diverse requirements of users. To be able to choose the best GPS trackers, here are some things that you ought to consider. How it works Although they are all based on the principle of being able to identify the location and then relaying the information, they still work differently. Some can only connect to a few satellites hence won’t relay accurate information in some cases. Others connect to many satellites and so they are able to relay accurate information and do so fast. Also, some will only transmit the location at certain intervals while others transmit the exact current location hence allows real-time tracking. Even if you choose to buy the ones that only transmit at set intervals make sure that the intervals are short if you plan on tracking recent locations. Features The features can vary based on the model. Some of the most important features that you should consider include battery life, memory capacity, and design capabilities. It would be very unfortunate if you were tracking someone or an item only for the battery to die. To avoid this you should buy the ones with a long battery life that can go for at least five days without requiring a recharge. The memory capacity should also be large enough to store a considerable amount of records. As for the design, make sure that the material used is durable and that the whole gadget is resistant to water and is tamper-proof. The more it is able to withstand hostile conditions the better. Your needs The first step should be to determine what exactly you need it for. This will help you pick the right one that will effectively meet your needs. If, for example, you want to keep track of your child’s whereabouts then you need to go for a simple one with the relevant features. It should have an emergency button that they can use to communicate when they need help. Generally, the device should be easy to use. Take the necessary precautions like attaching it to their backpack so that it doesn’t get lost. See this link to know why you might want to use a GPS tracker Means of monitoring Most of them allow monitoring on a range of devices for convenience purposes. You should be able to do the monitoring from your desktop PC and portable devices like smartphones, iPad, and tablets. You can either log into your online portal on the official website or do the monitoring using an app on one of your devices. The latter is more convenient since most of the time you will be having your smartphone nearby and so you can get urgent notifications. For instance, when geofencing is enabled you will get notified if the tracker crosses a set boundary. You can use this option to define a safe zone for your child so that you get notified if they move out of it. Technical assistance The devices are straightforward to use but still, you should be able to ask for help and get it when you need it. Also, malfunctions tend to occur from time to time. This can be due to a bug in the software or the performance of the hardware components. If this happens then it should be resolved quickly to avert more damages. The service provider ought to provide a platform where you can air your issue and get the appropriate assistance. For emergencies, you should be able to call them and the response time should be good. Avoid those who have a reputation of ignoring customers’ needs or taking long to respond. Price This mostly depends on the features of the device. A gadget with highly advanced features will cost more than a standard one. Although the price doesn’t determine how accurate the product will be, a gadget having Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) capabilities is more accurate than the regular ones. Therefore, when considering the price you should not just go for the cheapest tracker available, consider its functionality too. You can still get an effective tracker that perfectly suits your needs at an affordable price. Compare the different prices and performance capabilities of several trackers before you settle on one of them. Also, you can take advantage of discounted prices and special offers. Keep in mind that there is also a subscription fee that you will be required to pay since the products use SIM cards. Click here for more tips. Conclusion A personal tracker is a valuable device to have. If you decide to get one you should take your time to deliberate on key aspects such as your specific needs, its features & performance, means of monitoring, and price among other things. Go for a tracker that best suits your intended use and is affordable. You should be keen to avoid overlooking the subscription fees. Most sellers usually don’t clearly state that there is a monthly or annual fee that you will be required to pay. Remember to also ensure that it has a warranty. Read Also: 3 steps to successful online shopping 

Buying Clothes Online

6 Benefits Of Buying Clothes Online – Why People trust online shopping

What would you do without the internet today? Everything that you can think of is via the internet, from socializing, to playing games, to ordering pizza, to selling and most especially to buying. Kids nowadays are clueless about how life was before the internet took over. People back in the days had to walk to a newsstand to be able to read what happened the previous day. But now, the news is only a click away. Even starting a business can also be done online. That’s how powerful and essential the internet is. The internet has clearly turned the world upside down. But we have to admit, gettings things done online is extremely convenient.  It’s an answered prayer to anyone too busy to drop by the shopping mall to buy a great outfit or someone who doesn’t know what to cook for dinner. Many women and men find shopping online inherently convenient. Here are some of the reasons why people like to buy their wardrobe online. Less Crowded: Who likes to be in crowded places, especially when shopping? Certainly not women! Women love to take their time when it comes to buying clothes. And the best place to do that is right at your home. All you need is a computer/mobile phone/laptop and the internet! By shopping online you can avoid the chaotic crowd. Price Comparison: Checking the price tag of each clothing that you want can be a challenge, but it’s more convenient when done online. Multiple tabs can be accessed on safari or chrome that will make life easier for you when it comes to comparing prices. In addition to this, you don’t have to walk anywhere to see the prices of other items. Everything you need is right in front of you. Different Choices: When shopping for clothes at a mall, you have limited choices. You can only choose from what the mall has to offer. But when shopping for clothes through an online store, you have numerous options. These options also could include clothes from other countries. For example, Boxhill has a variety of dresses to choose from, while in shopping malls you have limited designs and style of dresses. People like a variety of choices to make sure they’ll get what they need. The delivery may take some time, but the wait will be worth it! Always Looks For Reviews: One of the good things about shopping online is being able to see what other people’s reviews are about clothing. Of course, you will always want to go for dresses and pants that have awesome reviews. In addition to the reviews, some people also leave pictures of the actual clothing for other people to see which can help you imagine how the outfit would look on you. Open 24/7 Shopping online means there is no time limit, which makes it an advantage to shopaholics. This gives you more time to look at clothes with no rush. As mentioned above, women like to take their time when it comes to choosing the right outfit. No More Waiting In Line: Everybody loves to shop, but nobody likes to fall in line. This can be very frustrating especially when it’s the mid-year sale. During this special occasion, malls would be crowded and check-outs would have long queues. The great thing about online shopping is precisely this - no more waiting in line. You can check out right at your home, on the couch, on the bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, the list goes on. Final Thoughts: These, among many other advantages, is what makes shopping online genuinely essential. The internet has clearly taken a big part of our lives. Read Also: How To Save Money When Shopping Online Ways To Spice Up Your Online Shopping Of Apparels Dress For Success: 4 Tips To Look (And Feel) Like A Confident Man


Things that Make Sense to Buy Second Hand

As the years go on, many people are becoming more open to the idea of buying things second-hand. People no longer want to go out to buy very expensive items for them to only last about a year. People want to spend their money wisely and have been leaning towards buying good quality items second hand rather than expensive low-quality newer items. As this craze has been picking up you may be surprised by what you can get second-hand. There is a whole world full of second-hand items that that you may not even be aware of, this article will show you some of the most surprising ones that will save you some money. Surprising Items that You Can Get Second-Hand: Ice Skates: One surprisingly expensive item is Ice Skates. If you are not a professional figure skater you may be surprised to hear that Ice Skates can be so expensive. For those who do skate, many people decide to seek out more cost-friendly options because of the high prices? These Ice Skates can be found at multiple second-hand stores and online. You may even find some ice skates that were never even worn, but if you do find some that have been worn, you have the bonus of not having to break them in! That will surely save you some blistering feet later in your skating life. Bowls: Another surprising thing that can be found second hand for a fair price is bowls. The company Bush Hill Bowls sells second-hand bowls that have stood the test on time and look very new. These second-hand bowls are a great option for people who do not want to spend too much money on new bowls. You can not only get a great deal but still, get great looking bowls that will last you for years to come. These second-hand bowls have a variety of different types and can also be divided between open and used in an open and not used. The bowls also come in many different colors and packages that you can choose from. You don’t even have to go to a second-hand store to find them. All of these bowls can be purchased online and delivered directly to your doorstep. Footballs: Another surprising thing that you can buy a second hand is footballs. You may stop and wonder, why on earth would you need to buy second-hand football? Well, there is actually a huge market out there that specializes in unique and never-before-seen footballs. These footballs can even include some from world cups and ones signed by famous players. These footballs are most likely just to use as a keepsake, rather than actually kicking hem around. These types of second-hand items are more for collectors whose hobby is seeking out and collecting these types of footballs. If you are curious about signed footballs click here to see a sports memorabilia website with tons of signed footballs. Hopefully, this article has introduced you into the yet to be explored the world of second-hand goods. This is just a quick look into the types of items that you can buy, there is really much more out there for you to explore! Read Also: How To Collect Vintage Items Honda Cars In Watertown NY: 8 Things To Check Before Buying A Second-Hand Car