Procedures To Opt After Bicycle Crash

Category: Legal By: Ariana Smith Posted on: June 2, 2020

No matter how it happened whether injuries happened or just the bike has been totaled, it could be a saddening event. But the actual problem is how to handle this moment of chaos. Here are some tips to follow in case you have gone through this misery.

1. Call the police or ambulance

One of the most important steps to take after a bicycle crash is to call the police or any other emergency number of your area. Now, this also depends upon the type of accident that happened. If the injuries happened then immediately seek medical care, to prevent serious long term damage.

2. Check for the injuries

check injuries

Check for the injuries even if they are the minor ones because at the moment they might seem minor but you can’t tell what kind of issues it could bring in the future. Maybe the injury was internal bleeding or tissue damage who’s symptoms appear late. So seek medical help immediately after the accident.

3. Have a powerful piece of evidence

Look for witnesses around, take pictures of the damage that occurred, and try to take as much as possible to cover the scenario. Wait for the police to arrive as it’s their job to describe the crash scene in the best way possible. Also, try to describe your version of the story discreetly.

4. Know your right to claim for the damage occurred

One of the most important things that should be kept in check is that knowing your right claim for the damages doesn’t matter whether the injuries happened or not. Even if the cycle is damaged you could claim for the damages. But obviously, the court will check who is to be declared the root cause of the accident.

5. Have a trusted Bicycle accident attorneys

Bicycle accident attorney

Look for the trusted attorneys that could help you with the bicycle crash and trust me they could offer you with the best piece of advice to get you out of all the fuss being created. Many attorneys that will help you deal with the situation one good example of such kind are Bicycle Crash Attorneys Atlanta. From there you will get a trustworthy lawyer that could help you to reimburse your loss.

6. Contact the Insurance Company.

In order to claim the damages, contact the insurance company, show them the recorded evidence, the pictures of the damage, statements from the witness. Show them complete paperwork along with the court’s judgment and ask for the amount so that the damages could be compensated. Also, be very careful when claiming your money back the insurance guy might be very humble but he is not your friend.

So, cycling safety is the root cause that needs to be dealt with; also the road rules should be strictly followed. There is one thing that happens a lot is that the bicycle rider is being depreciated in most of the cases where a bicycle and a car crash happened. This is because car owners think that the bicycle rider has not suffered as much of a loss as they do so it’s okay if they are being lowballed. But this is the duty of a cyclist that he/she should know his/her rights and act accordingly.

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