Quick Ways to Instantly Speed up Your Home PC Network

Published on: 07 December 2018 Last Updated on: 22 November 2021
Home PC Network

When your internet bogs down, so can your productivity level. Not only is this frustrating but it feels like a losing battle with your computer and every other Wi-Fi device you use in your home. You can speed up your home PC network with a few simple tricks that will help you maximize your speed and performance in just a few minutes.

Different Ways You Can Use The Home PC Network    

There are multiple ways you can instantly speed up the home PC Network for your business. In this article, you will get the complete information about it.

1. Reroute Your Router


Start with your router. Think about where it is located and if there is a major obstruction blocking its path to your electronic devices. Walls and floors can provide an obstacle for routers to send their signal through, making your internet intermittent or slower than normal.

Look for a spot that is off the floor and close to where you will be spending the majority of your time online. Your router shouldn’t be boxed in by walls or objects as it needs as clear a path as possible to your computer or digital device. Make the proper use of your home PC Network to develop your connection.

2.Change The Channel

You may not have even been aware that your router came with a series of channels that you can select to operate off of. The channel that you are currently using may be bogging your internet down and causing you issues. Try another channel and see if it makes a difference in the speed of your internet. You may be competing with other electronic devices in your home without even knowing it.

If you have multiple devices that use your router, you may want to use dual channels to split up the use of the devices. This can allow one person in your home to work off of one channel and yourself on another, ensuring that you are not struggling for your own Wi-Fi bandwidth.

3.Time To Upgrade

If your internet is still slower than you would like, you have a few more options to get it up to speed. You may need to upgrade your router especially if you are using an outdated model. This can help you to have the latest wireless technology, so your digital devices operate at maximum performance. Don’t forget new ethernet cables as yours may not proving the bandwidth you need.

You can also talk to your internet provider about upgrading your internet service. You may not have the fastest service available, and there may be room to move to a higher level of access.

4. Evaluate Your Systems

The software and apps that you are running on your computer may also be the culprit of your slow network. These programs can steal bandwidth and remain open in the background of your computer when you are not even using them. This can significantly cause your internet to slow without you even realizing what is going on.

Go through your computer or phone and clean out the apps that you no longer use. Your computer may be giving priority to multimedia apps which use a large amount of bandwidth that you are not even using. This is also a good time to clean out your PC’s registry if you haven’t done so in a while.

5. Think About Hardwiring

While the freedom of wireless internet brings many advantages, it can also have some drawbacks too. It doesn’t have the bandwidth that a hardwired internet can bring. Because of obstructions that reduce the signal, you may do better by hardwiring your PC to your internet modem. Remember that your ethernet cable will degrade after 328 feet.

6. Are You Up To Speed?

Not sure what your internet speed really is? You can check the speed of your internet using an internet speed test site. There are a number of these sites available on the internet, and they can help you know exactly the speed you are operating at and if there was any improvement after these suggestions.

If you notice that your internet is not performing as it should after you have run a speed test, contact your internet provider as you may need maintenance on your service, especially if it is not operating at the speed promised.

Final Take Away 

Trying these tricks to get your home internet network to operate at its maximum efficiency can help you to enjoy your time using the internet. Gone will be the frustrations that you feel from the slow wait times and download speeds. Remember to test your internet speed every so often to make sure that your equipment is operating properly and that you are getting the most out of your home internet network.

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Torrent Sites

How Can You Download Movies Using Torrent Sites?

There are several streaming services today for watching movies. Although, you may find yourself trying to find a film that isn’t available on any platform. Or, you simply don’t want to pay a considerable sum of money for it. In such a situation, you can consider downloading content using Torrent sites. But, how is it possible? Read on to know further. What Is Torrenting? Before I talk about how to download content(including games) using torrent sites, you may want to know how it works. This information can make the entire process easier for you. Torrenting is a method of uploading and downloading files via a network, like BitTorrent or uTorrent. Note that the difference between downloading content normally versus downloading content using Torrenting is - you don’t download files from a central server. Instead, you download it from the users’ devices present in the network. Note: Keep in mind that the act of torrenting isn’t illegal. But, if you’re downloading movies using it, then it can cause an issue of copyright infringement. So, it’s best to reconsider the option and take cautionary measures here. Step-By-Step Guide To Download Anything Using Torrent Sites Now, let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide to download files, like movies, using torrenting. Step 1: Get a VPN Getting a VPN isn’t always necessary for downloading movies using Torrent sites. However, it’s still a good practice as ISPs may block access to Torrent sites in different countries. Additionally, it will also keep you away from the watchful eyes of various ISPs. Some viable VPN options include: NordVPN ExpressVPN Surf Shark Step 2: Download a Torrent Client It’s imperative to download a torrent client, like uTorrent or BitTorrent. This is because torrent clients establish a connection between you and the other users. Thus, enabling you to download movies. To get started, you need to visit the uTorrent or BitTorrent websites. Here, you will find specific instructions to install the software on your computer. You may also find an option to use the web version if you don’t want to go through the tedious installation process. Once you have the torrent client available on your device, you can start with the downloading process. Step 3: Find a Reliable Torrent Website Simply installing a Torrent client won’t let you download movies. You also need to find suitable torrent sites that contain the film you want to download. Thankfully, there are a few excellent torrent websites with a vast collection of movies. For example, you can opt for The Pirate Bay, one of the best torrent websites. Here, you will find a search option wherein you can type in the movie’s name. Once you enter the search button, you will find several sources (or torrents). Make sure that you opt for the torrent files on the top. They are typically faster and more readily available. Once you find the desired file, just download it per the website’s instructions, and you’re good to go. Step 4: Open the Torrent File in uTorrent/BitTorrent Well, installing a movie from a torrent site isn’t the end of it. There are a few more steps before you get to enjoy your movie. Once you have installed the torrent file, you need to open it in a torrent client, like uTorrent or BitTorrent. Here’s what you need to do: Simply double-click on the torrent file to open it in a torrent client. Then, you need to provide details regarding where to store the downloaded files. By default, it’s the ‘Downloads’ folder. Once the location is established, uTorrent will automatically download your movie and save it in the mentioned folder. And well, that’s all about how you can download movies using a torrent site! Benefits of Using Torrent Torrenting has become extremely popular in today’s time due to the following benefits: 1.  Several Servers Available If you have tried to download a movie directly, you may have got the message that the server is down. However, there’s no such issue when you opt for torrenting. As mentioned earlier, there’s no ‘one main server’ in torrenting. So, even if one source is down, there are other sources from where you can complete the downloading process. 2. Huge Amount of Content Available You can find plenty of Torrent sites available from where you can find a great deal of content. So, be it a recent movie or an age-old one, you can find it easily using a torrent source. Note that some torrent sites are unavailable in a few countries, so you might have to use VPN or find an alternative. Limitations of Using Torrent Along with pros, torrenting has its own set of limitations that are as discussed: 1. Safety Concerns The biggest issue with downloading movies using torrents is safety and privacy concerns. First of all, you are exposing your IP address to a massive group of people all over the world. So, if you have any confidential data stored on your device, you must take extreme care. In addition to safety, you are also downloading or uploading movies for free, which is a type of piracy and criminal offense. 2. Speed Issues You may find that your internet speed is way lesser than usual when you’re downloading a torrent file. Consequently, you won’t be able to use your device to browse the internet simultaneously. Final Thoughts Downloading files using torrents is one of the most accessible options available today. Yet, it still has its risks and benefits. This article has covered everything to know about torrenting, how to use it to download movies, and the risks involved. So, it’s best to trust your judgment and proceed further!

Safely Download Torrents

4 Secret Ways to Help You Download Torrents Safely

Despite the benefits that people can get from torrenting, however, it is considered illegal downloading in many countries now. As a result, the number of people that use torrents decreases since they are worried about infringement of copyright. But if you think it is worth taking the risk, here are all you need to know about how to download torrents safely with VPN. Why Torrenting Is Illegal? Torrents are actually special methods for peer-to-peer download that will allow you to download files from a large number of other users. In other words, the users of torrents have to share the burden of uploading files to allow them to avoid the expensive cost of file hosting required by the uploader. The method gains extreme popularity along with the rise of broadband internet that makes it possible for internet users to download and upload large files and share them across the world at a higher speed. However, torrents are no longer legal for downloading. This is because most of the content shared by using the methods is in the form of copyrighted content such as TV shows, movies, music, comics, anime, and books. Sharing the contents are considered illegal since they are against the law of copyright. It means this is only the contents shared by using torrents that can be said illegal, but not the torrenting method itself. How Can You Get Caught When Using Torrents? You need to know that torrents apply a specific method based on the BitTorrent technology to transfer files. The technology also uses a specific port for traffic. In other words, the traffic of the torrent is distinctive and makes it easier for the ISP to find it. Your ISP will soon find and investigate the types of files you are currently downloading if you use the method over your regular internet connection. If the ISP finds that you are torrenting illegal files, it will take legal action against you. Tips for Safe Torrenting Despite the illegal action often associated with torrents, there are many benefits that you can get from them. Here are some simple tricks to help you download torrents safely without your isp tracking you. 1. Use Legal Torrents: The best way to help you avoid illegal actions related to torrenting is by using legal torrents only. You need to keep in mind that it can be very risky to use torrents to download illegal content especially if you are attempting to download Hollywood movies that are currently in theater. The copyright holders will their eyes closed to find out any illegal attempts to share their content. But, the problem can be easily eliminated by using legal torrents. If you search well, there are many interesting legal contents that you can safely download such as older content which is now available in the public domain, independent movies that have been launched for free, and open-source software that is shared for free. Here are some sites where you can use legal torrents: legittorrents.info bitlove.org vodo.net vuze.com archive.org publicdomaintorrents.info 2. Configure the Torrent of Your Client: Another thing you can do to download torrents anonymously is by configuring your torrent client. This is because some clients use security features such as the option available to encrypt your torrents to enable them to cover the traffic type you use. This method is proven to be able to keep your you safe. You can also set up a proxy server to allow you to route the traffic of your torrent to improve your anonymity by using a proxy tunnel. 3. Use Respected Sites to Find the Torrents: To make sure that you can find legal torrents is by using respected sites. Be sure that you avoid downloading a torrent for a site you have never heard before since it comes with bigger risks. A well-known and trusted torrent site should be your choice to eliminate the risks. 4. Stay Safe by Using VPN: Using a VPN is considered to be the safest way that people can take to download torrents safely. It will help you to hide and disguise your IP address. It works to encrypt all the data you will send via the internet. In this way, you can avoid legal consequences caused by your downloading activity. Read Also: Why Is It Essential To Have A Social Security Number? The Best Personal Protection Devices To Keep You Safe Starting An E-commerce Website? Take 5 Steps To Make It Secure


How to Save Money When Shopping Online

One thing which attracts most of us: discounts, offers, and freebies! Yes? After all, who doesn’t love discounts? And among all, few of the best things about online shopping is the lowest prices, incredible discounts and getting the products delivered at your doorstep without having to make a move. If you also believe that money saved is money earned, this article is for you! We will discuss a few fantastic ways through which you can save money when shopping online. Let’s get started, and we are sure we will give you some real shopping goals (which will help you save money) by the end of this article. Use coupons This is a no-brainer! Using relevant coupons can help you save quite a bit of money, to be frank about it. There are various third-party websites you can fetch coupons from such as TheKrazyCouponLady and RetailMeNot. If you are shopping on Amazon, you can get discount coupons from their coupon section. Compare prices Generally, different websites sell the same products at different prices. Thus, be smart, and use a price comparison website to find the best deals on the same products offered by different retailers both online and in-store. There are various shopping comparison websites you can make use of including Google Shopping and NexTag. Sign up for a newsletter Signing up for a newsletter is another great way of saving money while shopping online. That's so because newsletters are often sent by the retailers to reach out to more people and to attract them towards latest and best offers. When you sign up for a newsletter, you get exclusive access to the recently released discounts, coupons, and offers which will undoubtedly save money. Use a VPN Unfortunately, online stores tend not to price their products the same for everyone. Most online retailers are smart and keep track of your browsing habits by storing cookies on your computer. These files monitor your shopping habits that help retailers in estimating the amount you are willing to spend, and if they see a tendency for excessive spending, the chances are that they will adjust the prices accordingly. Also, a VPN could come in handy when shopping from abroad. Imagine that you're on vacation and you need to order something back to your house in Germany; however, the e-commerce site in question is only accessible from a German IP. With the help of a VPN service, you can easily change your virtual location on a go. Using a VPN in such a way is also a great way to compare prices in different markets as online retailers can show present different prices based on the shoppers geo-location. Read also: 8 VPN Facts – You Should Know About This is often the case when booking a flight. Thus, it is highly recommended to browse and shop anonymously, with the help of a VPN service as it actively masks your IP address and geographical location. Shop at the right time If you are a savvy shopper, you already know that major online retailers keep on changing the prices of items throughout the day. Thus, the same product could be priced differently in the morning and then later in the evening. The way to find the best price is to check the cost of your product several times a day before checking it out. Alternatively, you can also make use of tools like CamelCamelCamel which monitor price changes and issues an alert whenever the price goes down. Further, it is a common trend that prices of the products often go down after a significant event, like Christmas Day, Easter, or Halloween. Check for free shipping A lot of retailers offer free shipping from time to time. However, if your favorite online store is not generous enough, and if you shop online quite often, it is always a good idea to become a member of free shipping websites like FreeShipping.com which provide free shipping for an array of online retailers. Leave items in your cart Have you ever noticed that whenever you leave items in your cart, your retailer attempts to close the deal by sending lucrative emails like ‘your items are selling fast,’ or ‘your items are on discount’? That's so because retailers want you to shop and prevent you from abandoning the shopping cart. Use this to your advantage and leave items in your cart to save money. Earn Cash backs You can also save by earning cashback. Various retailers offer cashback when you shop using specific credit cards, or when you shop for a certain amount of money. Just examine various conditions, and you can easily end up saving a lot of money. Shop at home and pick up in store Shopping at home and picking the item from the store would not only help you in saving shipping charges but also means that you could get a hold of your purchase quicker. Over to You These are a few tried and tested tricks which can come in handy the next time you shop. So, save more to splurge more! Do not forget to share your favorite online shopping trick with is in the comments below! Read Also: The Clever Consumer’s Guide To Shopping Online Ways To Spice Up Your Online Shopping Of Apparels