Real Estate Investment Trends New Investors Should Watch In 2023


11 April 2023

Real Estate

Real Estate Investment

When it comes to stocks vs. real estate, new investors are often left with questions about which opportunity works for them. Understanding the trends affecting these markets can help you get ahead of the crowd, avoid mistakes, and make more money.

As the real estate market evolves, new investment opportunities and trends emerge yearly. For 2023, new investors should watch several real estate investment trends closely.

From rising rental costs to changes in rental patterns, understanding and capitalizing on these trends can help new investors make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve in the competitive world of real estate investing. This article will delve deeper into these trends and provide valuable insights for new investors. Let’s go:

Real Estate Investment Trends

Rising Rental Cost

One of the most highly anticipated trends new investors should watch out for is a rise in rental costs. Considering the economic shifts in the country, rental prices are inflating at a faster rate. Thus, landlords charging their tenants more will be a trend that’s hard to ignore and will most likely continue throughout the year.

For property owners that can leverage this trend, it’s certainly good news because demand in rentals means landlords will see their revenue soar. So even if your exit strategy is to buy and hold, you could still accumulate a tidy profit on your investment.

On the other hand, renters are likelier to be left with the short end of the stick as higher demands mean more competition. Thus, many tenants might have to settle for smaller spaces at higher fees as prices climb.

With that in mind, you have to be cautious when setting your rental prices so you don’t drive away potential renters. Bay Property Management Group Northern Virginia can guide you on how high rents should be to avoid vacancies while still turning a profit.

Changes in Home Buying Market

Another emerging trend investors should expect in 2023 is a rise in home buying. Despite a projection that the median price for homes will likely rise by 5.4%, the market will probably see a positive shift in the number of expectant buyers.

Of course, that also means a subsequent price rise as demand surges. Thus, savvy investors are eager to secure financing to purchase homes they can hold before selling off for profit. While this exit strategy isn’t new, we expect to see a rise in this trend as the year unfolds. 

Hence it would be wise to get ahead and invest in prime property that would be worth a lot more in a couple of months. Your best bet for a higher ROI is to purchase houses in upcoming locations. But being able to spot them will require in-depth property analysis.

Fractional Property Ownership

A surprising trend has emerged amid rising rental costs and changes in the home-buying market. Investors are adopting a new trend called fractional property ownership, which applies to virtual and physical properties.

For a long time, one of the drawbacks of investing in real estate was its lack of liquidity and indivisibility. But with fractional ownership, investors can make down payments to own a portion of a property. Find the Importance and benefits of having a living will.

While that might mean smaller returns, it also means investors don’t have to worry about securing significant capital. In other words, in 2023, we can expect less gatekeeping as more fractional owners arrive on the scene. It also means that investors can diversify their funds by owning pieces of multiple properties.

As a result, you could enjoy the perks of diversification, such as low risk, more stability, and greater returns on your portfolio. And as more people become technologically savvy, this trend will likely be around for a while so that you can buy into the market early for the best returns.

Is Real Estate Protected Against Inflation?

Real Estate Protected Against Inflation

Inflation can significantly reduce your spending power and erode your wealth over time. That’s why wise individuals don’t just look for ways to save. Instead, they invest in opportunities that can hedge their wallets. And although real estate has a long-established reputation for being one of the best hedges, times can vary, and you need to act accordingly.

With trends like rising rental costs that make property ownership more expensive, it’s perfectly normal to wonder if real estate can protect your money in 2023. After all, if it’s more costly than ever before to buy a property, is it worth it? In addition, many economists would argue that we’re experiencing a “demand pull” type of inflation where costs go up because of increased demand.

Thus, considering more millennials are gaining financial independence and looking to rent, being a landlord could be a great way to keep pace with inflation and earn a tidy profit.


 In conclusion, the real estate investment landscape constantly evolves, and new trends are emerging yearly. Therefore, as we move into 2023, it’s crucial for new investors to keep a close eye on the market and be aware of the latest trends.

From rising rental costs to fractional property ownership, investors have plenty of opportunities to explore. By staying up-to-date on the latest trends and incorporating them into their investment strategy, new investors can position themselves for success in the dynamic world of real estate.

Also, hire a professional property manager to walk you through these trends and make better financial decisions for your rental business.

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Commercial Leasing Agent

What Is A Commercial Leasing Agent?

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One of the primary duties of a commercial leasing agent is to market the property to potential tenants effectively. This may involve creating advertising materials, such as flyers or brochures, and placing ads in various media outlets. They may also use their contacts in the real estate industry to find potential tenants. In addition to marketing the property, commercial leasing agents are also responsible for showing the property to interested parties. This may involve conducting property tours, answering questions about the property, and highlighting its features and benefits. Once a potential tenant has expressed interest in leasing the property, the commercial leasing agent is responsible for negotiating the lease terms. This may involve discussing the length of the lease, the amount of rent that will be paid, and any other terms or conditions of the agreement. The commercial leasing agent must be skilled at negotiating and able to advocate for the interests of both the property owner and the tenant. In some cases, commercial leasing agents may also be involved in the management of the property after the lease has been signed. This may include collecting rent payments, handling maintenance issues, and communicating with the tenant as needed. Overall, commercial leasing agents are crucial in helping property owners find suitable tenants for their commercial properties. They are responsible for marketing the property, showing it to potential tenants, and negotiating the lease terms. Their expertise and skills help ensure the property owner and the tenant are satisfied with the leasing arrangement. How To Become A Commercial Leasing Agent? To become a commercial leasing agent, you will typically need to have a high school diploma or equivalent and complete some form of training or education in real estate. 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Gain Experience In The Field While you can start your career as a commercial leasing agent with little or no experience, gaining experience in the field can be beneficial before starting in this role. This might involve working as a real estate agent or in a related field, such as property management or sales. Build A Network Of Contacts In The Real Estate Industry As a commercial leasing agent, you must be able to market properties and find potential tenants. Building a network of contacts in the real estate industry can help you to find leads and learn about new properties that may be available for lease. Consider Obtaining Additional Certifications Or Training Some commercial leasing agents obtain other certifications or training to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field. For example, consider earning a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation or completing a course in property management. Commercial leasing agents are professionals responsible for finding tenants for commercial properties and negotiating lease agreements on behalf of the property owner. They are skilled at marketing properties, showing them to potential tenants, and negotiating the lease terms Commercial leasing agents may work for a property management company, a real estate company, or as independent contractors. They may also be involved in the management of the property after the lease has been signed, including collecting rent and handling maintenance issues. To become a commercial leasing agent, you typically need a high school diploma or equivalent and may need to be licensed as a real estate agent. Gaining experience in the field and building a network of contacts in the real estate industry can also be beneficial. Additionals: What Is Property AR? Benefits of Investing in City Centre Property 7 Tips To Purchase A Prime Real Estate Property

Portable Buildings

Finding Portable Buildings for Sale in Oklahoma

The different activities that we need good space for daily have made it necessary to always need more structures to accommodate these activities. When you have a good solution to this problem it becomes a huge relief. The good thing is that you might not necessarily need permanent structures to achieve this; some temporary constructions will help a lot and this can help you save cost. If you are looking for a temporary structure as a pre-fab shop, a commercial building, or a home storage facility, then you should consider a portable building. You don’t need to keep on paying high bills to store your things. With a portable building, you can easily store your assets and valuables at less cost. Portable buildings otherwise known as transferable buildings are temporary structures that are built and designed to be moved about than permanently installed. If you are in Oklahoma City, you don’t need to worry about getting good portable buildings. With a little search, you can easily find companies that construct and also sell these structures. You can visit: learn more about this. In this article, we will first enlighten you on the benefits you will derive from using portable buildings in your space before looking at how to find one. Benefits Of Using Portable Building The following are some benefits of using this structure: Saves Money One outstanding feature of a portable building is that it saves users money for permanent structures. The cost of constructing a new building from the foundation can’t be compared to having a temporary structure. The good thing is that it is affordable and this makes it easily obtainable by a lot of people. This means that anyone can conveniently go for a portable building even with a low budget. Efficiency With portable buildings, you would have value for your money. You will also have lovely designs to choose from or they can be custom made for you. The good thing is that you wouldn't be worried about space, the structure can fit into the space you have since it is portable. So, whether you need it as a storage facility, a showroom, or a room for workers, you would be getting a fair deal. All you need do is to make your need known to your contractor and it is done. Easily constructed Unlike the permanent buildings that do take days or months to execute, this doesn’t apply to temporary construction. In a matter of hours, this structure will be ready for installation. This means that delivery to the user on time wouldn’t be difficult since the contractor will be done with it in a breeze. If you wish to construct a portable building and you need a guide, you can check here. Mobility Another benefit derived from buying a portable building is its flexibility. It can simply be moved from one location to another. If you are relocating from a site, you don’t need to worry about your temporary construction. All you need do is to collapse the structure and transfer it to the new site to be installed. This is where saving money also comes in. Unlike permanent structures that remain wherever they are erected for a long time, portable buildings can be taken anywhere. Durability The materials used in constructing portable buildings are dependable. The construction can be done with boards, canvas covers, and wood along with robust aluminum and steel frames. These are strong materials that can make the construction very solid. The advantage here is that your structure will serve you for years; this is why you need to make a good choice of builders to give you the best. Apart from durability from these materials, you would also have a modern building. Finding Portable Buildings The following are some tips to guide you: Check Online There are several companies that manufacture and sell portable buildings. You can use your favorite search engine to find options around you. Be careful when shopping online as there are fake websites that are used to scam people. You can read this article to find tips on how to identify a fake website. Use Referrals You can ask family and friends to recommend a reputable company to work with. However, you still need to make personal findings to verify their claim. Conclusion A home or office space that isn’t enough for you should no longer be a problem to you as there is a low-budget solution that will relieve you of this problem; it is portable buildings. You don’t need to spend more money on trying to rent a permanent building every year. Just get yourself a temporary structure at a low cost. Read Also: Buying a House vs Renting an Apartment: Which is More Affordable? 5 Best Things To Know Before Renting A Property In Kings Cross