7 Reasons why your Child is Underperforming in School

Published on: 11 June 2019 Last Updated on: 23 March 2024

Underperforming at school has been a problem for many parents across the United States. While it does cause stress and raise issues, thankfully there are ways in which this problem can be alleviated. The cause of this problem can be either internal or external and it is best for parents to keep a positive outlook for their children instead of doling out punishments. A proactive attitude has shown to be the most beneficial way to tackle this underperformance. Typically, there are 7 factors that contribute to underperformance in school.

7 Reasons why your Child is Underperforming in School:

1. Permissive Attitude at Home:

This is one of the most obvious core issues of underperformance in international primary school Singapore. Some parents simply are not strict and do not offer enough guidance to their children at home when it comes to completing school work and taking it seriously.

Most children will not take the initiative to do their homework or do projects without some guidance from their parents.

It has also been found that parents who use technology to skirt their responsibilities at home cause negative consequences regarding their children’s motivation to get important tasks done. Children need constant attention to develop good habits that’ll help them perform academically, letting them have too much screen time will not help them develop much-needed discipline.

2. Student Lacks Motivation:

Student Lacks Motivation

Some parents may notice that their child seems very unmotivated when it comes to their school work. Sometimes they come home and simply refuse to do their homework or talk about their days. Parents may also be getting emails from the teachers saying that they are having a hard time getting the student to participate and complete classwork. Some important steps parents can take in order to alleviate this problem include meeting with their child’s teacher, creating a better sense of structure at home, and breaking up assignments into manageable pieces. Sometimes children feel overwhelmed, taking these steps can help to show them that you are there to support them during tough times.

If the student is not interested or lacks motivation, part responsibility for the same lies in the school itself. Children have highly inquisitive minds, which need to be fed information and education in an exciting and engaging manner. Once they start perceiving it as boring, their mind starts getting distracted. In the Lorna Whiston preschool, teachers use puzzles, activities, group games, and other fun elements to make the kids grasp the learning in a way, which is attractive to them.

3. Stress:

There are many factors a child may experience both at school and at home that cause them stress which results in poor grades. Think about their home life, is there a lot of fighting going on between family members? Do they have too many responsibilities that make them tired? Are you as a parent experiencing a high amount of stress? Children pick up on their parent’s moods and it can affect their well-being. Managing your child’s stress level is important if you want to see their grades improve. If there is fighting going on between parents or siblings you should consider going to couples or family therapy. It is important for children to feel like their home is a safe space and it is impossible to foster that feeling when there is tension among family members. Stress can also come from external factors such as the child having a hard time making friends. Parents can help their children by enrolling them in extracurricular activities that are of interest to them so they can meet like-minded peers and cultivate new friendships.

4. Bullying:


UCLA psychologists assert that children who are bullied have significantly lower grades than their peers who do not experience bullying. The reason bullying may cause underperformance in school is that students who experience it are less likely to participate in class discussion and are less likely to seek help and ask questions due to fear of being singled out by other students. Bullying also causes low self-esteem and raises stress significantly. If you believe your child is experiencing bullying it is important to talk to them, but understand that some children are ashamed and will not admit to being bullied. It is important for parents to keep in contact with their child’s teacher and express their concerns about bullying to see if the problem can be fixed. Reducing bullying tends to be a collective change where parents, students, and the administration must work together. With the change in technology and wide-spread use of social media, cyberbullying has become a large problem in schools. Parents should be sure to monitor their children’s electronic devices and social media accounts.

5. The Material is Too Challenging:

Sometimes students may not be able to keep up with the pace the rest of the class has set. The problem can even be as simple as the student needing the material explained to them in a different way. If this is the case, consider getting your child a tutoring service such as A-Team Tuition Gold Coast. Sometimes all a student needs is a little extra attention on the subject matter.

6. Test Anxiety:

Test Anxiety

This is a common problem among students today. Even though your child knows the material and can do their homework with ease, they still do poorly on their exams. This is called test anxiety, and it causes an overwhelming feeling of stress while they take exams making them unable to focus on the material. If your child is experiencing test anxiety talk to their teacher and see if any accommodations can be made. Ways in which test anxiety can be relieved include preparing thoroughly for the material, taking the test alone or with a divider up, and focusing on breathing with positive thoughts.

According to experts at the best prep school in Singapore, teachers often fail to acclimatize the kids as far as tests and examinations are concerned. Without prior practice and exposure, they get scared when they are graded and have to adhere to strict rules and regulations during the examinations. A good way to overcome test anxiety is to make sure that the kids are familiar with the overall models of assessments. Starting early will help them get the familiarity and build confidence. This can be done through a series of practice tests done in an informal manner.

7. Poor Organization:

Every student must prepare good organizational habits if they wish to be successful academically. If your child has a hard time dividing their time, preparing for exams, and keeping track of their assignments, then it may result in poor grades. Come up with a routine for them and help them keep a planner. If they have one place such as a binder to keep all their work, it will be much easier for them to be successful in class.

Children getting low grades in school is a concern for all parents but luckily you can take initiative to help your child be successful. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra attention and devotion to bring their grades and self-esteem back up.

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