Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Air Conditioner Regularly

Air conditioners are an essential part of our lives. Whether it be for home use or office use, they serve an important purpose. They allow us to sleep peacefully, if we stay in sweltering climatic conditions, or improve productivity, by moderating temperature levels at work.

Air conditioners are not cheap. Meaning, they require considerable investments, especially if you are going to industry-leading products. As a consumer, it is important to ensure that the air conditioner is always functioning at its optimal best-levels.

This is where regular servicing of the air conditioner becomes important and necessary. In this article, we speak to the  Pristine air conditioning cleaning service and ask them about five reasons why you should service your air conditioner regularly.

List of Top 5 Reasons why you should Service your Air Conditioner regularly

1. Keeps your family and employees safe from infections-

The basic function of an air conditioner is moderating the flow of air in an enclosed area. However, if the machine is not serviced properly, molds and other impurities might start developing in the filters. This is where regular servicing of the air conditioner will allow you to ensure that the impurities, which can cause harm to your family members are removed.

2. Helps in saving electricity costs-

While there are several models of air conditioners, which specify the amount of energy consumption, the same holds true for new condition models which are working at their highest levels of efficiency. Over a period, machines become inefficient and their parts wear out. You need to service them to replace those electricity draining parts from the machine.

3. Improves the life of the Air Conditioner-

Poorly maintained air conditioners will get worn out and become inefficient after a few years. Well-maintained machines work even after a decade. As air conditioners are pretty expensive, this is not something, you would want to invest in every couple of years. Small regular servicing, at six-month intervals, can help in extending the life of the machines in a major way.

4. Improved quality of air-

One of the major reasons why servicing helps is because it improves the quality of air coming from the machine. You will also see benefits like lower sounds and machine noises coming from the air conditioner. We have different age groups living in a household, from the very young to the very old. Air quality is important, given the times we are living in right now.

5. Removes chances of breakdowns-

Regularly servicing the air conditioner can be compared to the maintenance of a car. If you ignore it for a very long time, a time will come when you will have to exchange a very expensive part. This is the exact same problem homeowners face, who ignore servicing their air conditioners. They have to shell out a good deal of money to replace a part, which got corroded or damaged for lack of regular servicing.

Can you Service the Air Conditioner Yourself or should you Hire an Expert?

According to the experts over at Pristine air conditioner cleaning service, there are some things, which people can do on their own. This involves opening up the vent, taking the filter out, running it under a tap, tapping it dry, and reinstalling it.

In other words, cleaning the air conditioner filter is pretty simple. However, cleaning the machine, the vents, checking on the power lines, and assessing the compression gas levels within the system requires expert guidance and care.

In addition, there is the risk of injury if you try to do things yourself, and which you are not familiar with. Experts help you eliminate fears of injury or some other malfunctions, which you might inadvertently do when cleaning the system, yourself. Rather than thinking that outside experts will cost me a lot of money, you should start thinking that they would save you a lot of money.

The Final Word

There are a ton of benefits that come with regularly servicing your air conditioner. You can keep your family safe from viruses and infections, along with ensuring they get pollution and dust-free air in the safe confines of your home.

By working with an expert for your servicing needs, you can be sure that the air conditioner will serve you in an inexpensive and efficient fashion for a very long period of time.

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Clothes Dryer Maintenance

9 Clothes Dryer Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your appliances is the key to saving money, time, and effort. The clothes dryer maintenance is among essential major assistants in your household. While it works, you don’t notice it. When it breaks down, you face a disaster.The life expectancy of an average dryer is about 13 years. However, the majority of these appliances last much less. The reason is the lack of proper operation and maintenance. It’s not enough to plug the unit in and forget about it. If the only thing you do for your dryer is clean the lint filter, your appliance is likely to demand repair in just a few years.In this article, we’ll share top clothes dryer maintenance tips to keep your dryer working for as long as possible. Here are the 9 Clothes Dryer Maintenance Tips: 1. Run Full Loads Only The more you run your dryer the faster it will give out. It’s as easy as that. Since you are unlikely to limit the number of times you do laundry, you can at least add some efficiency to the process.By ensuring you only run full loads, you don’t just extend the lifespan of your clothes dryer, you save energy as well. Don’t rush to do laundry when you have free time. Wait until a full load is available.On the other hand, don’t overload the dryer. In the rush to finish laundry quicker, many homeowners overload washers and dryers. As a result, the motor strains, dryer becomes misbalanced and eventually stops functioning. 2. Opt for Professional Installation With numerous DIY videos overwhelming the Internet, homeowners often opt for DIY appliance installation to save money. Even though installing a dryer may appear straightforward, it’s not as easy as it sounds.You may not notice the mistakes you make during the process. They’ll become obvious after several uses. By that time, your dryer could already be damaged.Proper venting is highly important for a clothes dryer. You would need to select the right material and size for the venting tube and install it properly. Meanwhile, you should make sure the appliance is perfectly balanced. It’s especially important if you are placing it on top of the washer. 3. Clean the Dryer Vent The dryer vent is the most important part of your appliance. It needs regular maintenance. Ideally, you should hire professional technicians to check and clean the vent at least once a year. However, some owners do it on their own.Cleaning the vent involves disconnecting it from the dryer. After that, you would need to use a long-handled attachment to ensure penetrability. Special dryer vent cleaning brushes exist to remove clogs.Be careful about reinstalling the duct properly after the cleaning is done. If you fail to do it, the dryer won’t function. Consider hiring professional dryer vent cleaners to avoid mistakes. According to experts from Jacksonville appliance repair services, if ducts aren’t cleaned regularly, the dryer’s motor can burn out leading to costly repairs. 4. Limit the Number of Dryer Sheets While dryer sheets are an excellent way to keep your clothes static-free and soft, they aren’t harmless. These products have a wax layer that melts when the dryer heats up. If you use too many of them, the wax settles on the appliance’s interior walls and clogs the venting system and the lint trap.Removing this layer may be tough. No matter how many dryer sheets you use, it’s important to clean your dryer once a week even if you don’t see any dirt inside. Failure to clean the dryer regularly is the top cause of dryer-related fires in households. 5. Clear the Lint Trap Lint trap is one of the most important parts of your clothes dryer maintenance tips. Cleaning it regularly is the key to the appliance’s longevity. Wipe the lint filter clean after EACH load. Even if you are planning to do two loads in a row, clean the trap between them.At least once a week, remove the lint screen and vacuum the trap. You can use a brush to loosen the residue.Every one or two months, remove the lint filter and soak it in warm soapy water for about an hour or so. This can help remove wax, which appears after using dryer sheets and residue that settles after using a fabric softener. 6. Inspect the Appliance Weekly A visual inspection of the dryer can help prevent damages. Make sure no moisture is trapped around the door seal. If there is any, wipe it off gently. In fact, you can wipe the door after each load is done to prevent mold formation and bacteria growth.When checking the appliance, pay special attention to the doors seals. If they are cracked, ripped or damaged, the dryer is struggling to maintain the right temperatures. It may be straining the motor and overusing electricity. Replacing door seals is much easier and cheaper than repairing the motor. 7. Listen to it WorkOne of the first signs of dryer problems is the change in its operating noise. If you hear that something seems off, turn the appliance off immediately and check what’s happening inside. The reason for the change of sound could be overstuffing dryer with clothing or a sleeve caught up in an improperly installed lint trap.If everything seems to be in order, but the dryer continues to make strange noises, call professional technicians. 8. Check Exterior Vents Every month or so inspect the exterior vent of your dryer. While the appliance is working, go outside and check if the air is flowing freely through the vent. If something seems wrong, the pipe may be clogged.If you have a plastic vent, consider replacing it with a metal one. A plastic vent is a fire hazard. 9. Find a Professional Repair Service Some clothes dryer maintenance tasks require an expert’s assistance. Spend some time looking for a reliable repair service before anything breaks down. Knowing whom to call in case of an emergency could prevent further damage to your dryer.Start following the above clothes dryer maintenance tips today, and your dryer will serve you for at least a decade.Read Also:How to cut down your home decor costs? Read here Knowing Your Vehicle: 5 Maintenance Tips for Porsche Owners Tips on How to Avoid Hoarding and Get Rid of Clutter

Should Service Your Worcester Boiler with SmartGas Edinburgh

Why You Should Service Your Worcester Boiler with SmartGas Edinburgh

If you need a new water heater, it may seem like an insurmountable annoyance to take care of it yourself. Thankfully, if you’re in the Edinburgh area, SmartGas can help you along your way with the following options available to you for work on your home. Installing New EquipmentA new boiler can lower energy bills and improve the quality of heating and hot water for your home, saving money over time. But selecting the appropriate model is essential - to do this successfully, find a local company offering free home surveys where you can compare features and prices until you find your ideal boiler!SmartGas of Edinburgh is one of Edinburgh's premier boiler companies, providing homeowners with repair, replacement, maintenance ( and financing to cover the costs associated with purchasing their new boiler. With these installers, you can be confident they'll do a quality job.An annual service will ensure that it's functioning optimally and safely, and reduce the risk of it breaking down or creating other issues. Plus, getting it serviced means less expensive repairs down the line!If you're in Edinburgh looking for servicing, make sure that any company you hire is registered with Gas Safe - this official register lists only qualified engineers allowed to legally perform gas work - plus, being insured gives you peace of mind that they'll treat your home with care and consideration.Air-source heat pumps offer another alternative for your heating needs: these highly efficient devices take advantage of latent heat in the air even at lower temperatures to provide both heating and hot water heating needs - cutting energy costs by up to 50 percent in many homes! SmartGas can install air-source heat pumps into your home after creating access points inside and fixing their units outside. Repairing Existing Equipment An annual service is a cost-effective solution to ensure that your boiler remains functioning at optimal performance. A fully qualified engineer can spot any potential faults which could turn into full breakdowns, saving both money and inconvenience by keeping your machine in great shape for as long as possible.An annual service starts with inspecting its exterior parts for corrosion or damage, then having an engineer open up its casing to examine its interior - including heat exchanger, burners, main injector and safety devices as well as condensation trap and fan testing to make sure everything is running as it should be.Once everything is reviewed, an engineer will fire up your boiler and take readings of gas pressure and flow. They will also inspect temperature controls as well as flue terminals to make sure they remain intact and unblocked; finally, they may also clean your combustion blower/fan as necessary.Once your boiler has been tested, it is crucial to inspect for carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. CO is a deadly, colourless and tasteless gas which should never be inhaled directly, which is why Worcester boiler service Edinburgh is so important. These pros can install alarms for carbon monoxide; they should be installed throughout your entire home. According to HSE advice, this should occur especially in living areas or bedrooms.Your engineer will also test the flue gasses and inspect air vents to make sure they remain clear and free from obstruction. In addition, they'll ensure all seals remain undamaged with no signs of leaking or corrosion present.SmartGas' engineers understand the importance of regular services for keeping Worcester machines operating at peak performance, with any issues they identify before they worsen and fixing them before becoming costly repairs later on down the line. It may be worth considering a regular service plan rather than paying one-off fees as payments will be spread over an extended period. Servicing Your BoilerEvery year it's wise to have your machine serviced by an engineer registered with Gas Safe or OFTEC to ensure its proper and safe functioning. A regular service usually costs around 120 including VAT; summer tends to be the ideal time as engineers tend to be less busy.An engineer will first inspect your boiler's exterior for signs of corrosion or leakage, before opening up its casing to examine its interior - particularly its heat exchanger, burner, safety devices and flue terminals as well as take readings of gas pressure and flow rates. They'll also perform gas pressure and flow measurements before firing up your boiler to see how it runs - and checking thermostats and controls to make sure they're functioning appropriately.Reputable engineers follow all procedures recommended by your boiler manufacturer, so you can have peace of mind knowing your machine is being serviced to the highest standards. They'll also provide you with a service report detailing everything they've checked and their findings.Professionally inspecting your heating system can also make it more energy-efficient and reduce energy costs, since a well-maintained boiler won't have to work as hard to heat your property. According to estimates, heating accounts for approximately 55% of a typical household's energy bill; so making this investment can help save money! Get your service annually.Engineers from this company will visit your home and carefully consider your heating requirements before suggesting an ideal boiler for you and your property. This ensures you receive maximum benefits from your new purchase without paying over-inflated prices for models that do not match up well with what will work for your heating needs.An added benefit of having it inspected or looked at regularly, as I’ve said above is that it can save money on energy costs. As heating accounts for 55% of household energy usage costs, regular servicing can bring a significant reduction in heating-related energy expenditure costs. Replacing Your Machine SmartGas is one company that’s on hand to assist. Not only are they the most affordable in the city, but they will match you up with a boiler designed specifically to suit your home environment.SmartGas engineers will inspect the boiler for any potential faults, cleaning and inspecting its safety components to keep it operating safely and efficiently. Once finished, they will create a detailed record of their findings that you can keep for your records.Faulty pipes can cause significant damage to your boiler and result in costly repairs, necessitating costly insulation services from approved installers to insulate them and keep them from freezing, while at the same time helping it run more efficiently and preventing condensation which leads to build-ups of sludge and limescale build-ups.To minimize costs associated with this issue, these insulation services must be carried out regularly. Doing this effectively requires regular insulation services from approved installers as this will prevent pipe freezing from freezing while increasing efficiency and reducing condensation accumulation of build-up which in turn helps run a more efficient operation resulting in less repairs needed due to build-up of sludge and limescale build-ups from condensation prevention techniques used on an installed by trained professional installer. 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Package Units

Here’s What Makes Package Units Better than the Other ACs

Package ACs are generally used as an all-in-one HVAC system for spaces like homes, industrial sites, warehouses, and events that do not have enough space for a furnace or an air handler. They are available at fixed-rate capacities. Some package unit has a rating capacity of 3, 5, or 7 and highly rated ones like 10 or 15 tons. Though they are commonly used in homes and small spaces, package units are also suitable for restaurants, telephone exchanges, and bigger venues.As the name suggests, all vital components found in a heating and cooling system are located in a single casing. All the crucial fixings, including the compressor, air handlers, cooling coil, and air filters, are housed in the unit, providing both heating and cooling capacities. Here’s What Makes a Package Unit Different from Other ACs One of the distinguishing features of a packaged air conditioner unit is the casing which is found on the outside of a house or building. The cabinet is directly connected to the existing ventilation system which circulates the chemical refrigerant inside.This setup is different from typical air conditioners of most homes in the country where the coils are located in a separate unit and connected through the refrigerant line. Split-type ACs have their evaporator coils indoors while the condenser coils are found outside of the structure.And because the unit is located outside the premise of a building, package units primarily act as space savers. They also offer the versatility of installation, especially for homes and buildings with limited backyard spaces. Package ACs can also be set up on the roof in the absence of suitable yard space. Why Should You Opt for a Packaged HVAC Unit? There are specific considerations when opting for package units rather than other cooling and heating alternatives. For one, a packaged AC offers convenient maintenance because all components are found in a single place. A technician only visits a single spot and services everything from there.Packaged air conditioners also emit a significantly lower indoor noise compared to a split-type AC and other alternatives. A well-maintained unit will not make enough noise to disturb your family; thus, providing your family the tranquility and comforts of ideal living space.Additionally, packaged air conditioners do not only provide sufficient cooling for small spaces, but they are also outfitted with heating coils. The combination of both an air conditioner and a central heating system removes the need for an additional indoor furnace. Different Types of Packaged Units There are several package units available in the market, and each has its advantages and flaws. As such, selecting the ideal AC unit has to go along with the area you live to avoid any inconvenience. Package AC A package unit has the air conditioner and air handler housed in a single casing. They can also be outfitted with heating capacities, so adding heating strips would provide you both with a cooling and heating system. Gas and Electric Package Systems This type of HVAC system runs on gas and combines the functions of an air conditioner and a gas furnace. This option is ideal for homeowners who do not have an existing heater. Dual-Fuel Systems If you live in an area where temperatures drop below negative three degrees, a dual-fuel system is the best HVAC system to install. It can turn your gas furnace on when the temperature drops the ideal warmth, helping you save on your utility bill.Talk with a professional to help you decide on the ideal AC unit to outfit your home or warehouse.  There are various types of package units with different capacities to outfit your space and give you the right warmth or cooling you need.Featured imageRead Also:Here Are Some Things That You Should Know When You Use Storage Units Winter is Going! A Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist to Get You Ready for Spring 10 Amazing Air Conditioner to Try Right Now