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28 December 2022


Edgar Allen Poe

During his lifetime, Edgar Allen Poe wrote hundreds of stories, many of which are considered some of the best in the genre. He was known for his Horror tales and Detective stories, and his influence on modern writers is still seen today.


Among the first and foremost writers to develop the style known as horror fiction, Edgar Allen Poe was also a poet and critic. His writings inspired the French Symbolists of the late 19th century to alter the direction of modern literature.

Despite his literary ability, Poe had to work to support himself. He wrote for several journals, including the Gentleman’s Magazine and the Evening Mirror. His poems and short stories often featured criticism and analysis. He was a leading figure in the “art for art’s sake” movement.

As a youngster, Poe had a close relationship with his foster father, John Allan. Their relationship was strained by Poe’s excessive gambling and drinking. He became an editor for the Southern Literary Messenger, a periodical based in Richmond, Virginia.

Aesthetic philosophy

Various scholarly essays on Edgar Allen Poe have explored his aesthetic philosophy. These include such pieces as “The Raven,” “The Philosophy of Composition,” and “Poetry and Resurrection.” Each of these is a systematic account of Poe’s writing process. For example, the order essay on “The Raven” discusses the poem’s merits in terms of its setting, brevity, sound, and theme. It also examines the values of the refrain.

The essay on “The Raven” also introduces some of the main concepts of the aesthetic. These include the idea that art requires a delicate philosophy and careful and deliberate plan. Furthermore, these elements must all work in harmony. This is the same for a story since all aspects must be repeated to make a coherent whole.

The essay on “The Raven” presents some of the philosophical concepts that Poe used when he wrote this piece. He explained that the poem’s structure is based on themes, memory, and sounds. He describes how each element of the poetry contributes to its effect. He also elucidates his conception of versification.

Detective stories

Described as the father of detective fiction, Edgar Allan Poe is responsible for many of the features still used today. His first detective story, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” was published in 1841. It was also the first modern detective story written in English.

The story tells of two Parisian women who are brutally murdered. While the identity of the crime is not essential, the solution is. The main character, a detective, uses “analysis” to find the answer to how to buy essay. This concept is often used in future detective stories.

Among Poe’s many accomplishments, his creation of the elusive but not necessarily true detective story is considered one of the most impressive. His first detective story, “The Murders In The Rue Morgue,” was the first modern detective story to be published in a magazine.

Horror tales

During his life, Edgar Allan Poe wrote dozens of stories. He is best known for his gothic writing style. His works are dark and disturbing. He is credited with developing several types of horror fiction.

He is a prominent American author. His influence is felt in the art, music, and drama worlds. His stories address such issues as death, murder, and violence. Often, his stories deal with subconscious mental activities that cause ordinary people to commit terrible deeds.

The main philosophical concern of Poe was the relationship between material and mental existence. He believed that madness was a natural part of the human condition and that a person could fall into it at any moment. However, he also thought a wholesome physical and mental life was necessary for a peaceful existence of a good argumentative essay.

Influence on modern writers

Throughout the 19th century, the influence of Edgar Allen Poe on modern writers was immense. Poe was considered one of the greatest writers of all time and greatly influenced many authors. He is famous for his writing style, macabre imagination, and detective stories. Several studies have been conducted to explore the influence of Poe on literature and the arts.

Poe was the most influential writer in the United States during his lifetime. However, in the late nineteenth century, his influence spread to other countries. In particular, French writers recognized his unique genius and embraced his works with specific resonance. In addition, he influenced members of the French symbolist movement, which altered the direction of modern literature.

Edgar Allan Poe was a prolific writer and editor. He wrote nearly 1000 articles, essays, and critical notices. He also served as a magazine editor and critic. His reviews often included technical examinations of the work. Moreover, he was the author of numerous books and poetry collections.


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Black Magic Healer

How a Black Magic Healer Can Be Beneficial to You

The world is a mysterious place and tales of otherworldly beings and people possessing supernatural abilities still abound. Even today, there is much to discover and learn about the other dimensions of the world. One of the prevailing things from the darker side of history is the practice of black magic by witches and sorcerers. The popular notion was that they used their unholy abilities with the help of charms and incantations to place curses on their enemies, and the results were devastating. Their hapless victims may come down with debilitating diseases or go through varying intensities of physical and mental torture. Some become shadows of their former selves and slowly sink into unexplainable despair. You may have then heard of the witch hunts that took place during the middle-ages. People believed that some girls possessed dark powers that were used for evil deeds, causing hysteria that drove to their intense persecution. Very few people are aware of its continued existence, but black magic is still very much practiced in this time and age. There are still people who seek out a black magic healer to cure them of any sudden changes in behavior, odor, physical appearance, and mental state. How a Black Magic Healer Can Be Beneficial to You: Here are some facts to update everyone about the black arts and why it’s beneficial to know a black magic healer in case of an unfortunate event. Black Magic is Invisible: Black magic involves disrupting the elements by conjuring the power of evil spirits and demons. Unlike the myriad of magic circles that you have probably seen from children’s shows, black magic does not materialize in the real world. Instead, it remains invisible to human beings. Black magic practitioners communicate with evil spirits by inducing dark energy through negative emotions. Moreover, they practice underground or out-of-sight, so it’s almost impossible to detect whether somebody engages in black magic or not. Only a skilled, spiritual black magic healer will be able to identify any form of black magic. Black Magic Needs a Connection to You: Although black magic may seem omnipotent, it comes with significant limitations. For a practitioner of black magic to inflict curses and other damaging effects toward a victim, they would need to get hold of something that the person owns. For instance, a favorite trinket or photograph can be used as a catalyst to inflict harm. That is because remnants of the victim’s energy are attached to personal possessions. Thus, by visualizing the victim through a familiar, a curse placed on that object can transmit harm to the actual person. That is why you should be wary of people you have had a falling-out with, including stalkers. As the internet has made information on virtually anyone available, getting hold of your identity is not difficult. Once they find a photo of you, they can take away your sight, make you infertile, or make you lose all sense of reason. A lot of famous identities suddenly fell ill or disappeared from the face of the earth, and most would dismiss such incidents as natural occurrences or staying away from the limelight. But the few informed black magic users know that it’s the work of a skilled black magician. If a black magic healer had been contacted to help, then many lives would still be here today. Black Magic is Healable: When you detect that you or somebody you know may be affected by black magic, know that there is still hope. A skilled black magic healer will be able to create the proper talismans and other magical items required to break away the evil spells. These healers work on a spiritual level and are the antithesis of those who delve in black magic. All you need to send them are essential pieces of information, such as your name and your parents’ name, location, and the like. As with inflicting black magic, the reversal process also requires aspects of yourself to find spiritual imbalances and create the best cure. Spiritual healers are the only ones who can cut the effects of black magic while retaining the essence of the person. As a result, the victim can return to normal in no time. Read Also: Why Should I Hire An Intuitive Life Coach? Stoke Your Spirit: 4 Soulful Ways To Reach Spiritual Wellness And Lead A Calmer Life A Man And His Watch: Iconic Stories Of Watches That Withstand The Test Of Time

Ways to Help Others and Bring about a Social Change

Four Ways to Help Others and Bring about a Social Change

Social change is the transformation of cultures and institutions through human interactions and relationships. It is an ever-evolving process and has an overwhelming long-term impact on society. Unfortunately, many people and influential forces try to resist change in the status quo. But, change is constant. Three things trigger change: Conflict: Conflict is a constructive force as it prompts required adjustments by indicating the presence of an issue. Inequalities, racism, failure to provide justice, religious intolerance, and status quo give rise to anger and anarchy. People come forward to address the issues raised due to conflicts. Governments get overthrown or restructured because of these conflicts. Demographic Change: Demographic change refers to the transition from high to low birth and death rates. When society’s demographic composition shifts, change becomes inevitable. A larger population affects the quality and quantity of resources. The demographic change occurs either by the variations in birth and death rates or migration and immigration. Cultural Change: Cultural change takes place by adding new elements to the existing culture. It opens up new ways, inventions, discoveries, and ideas of living. Innovation and interaction with other societies also contribute to cultural change. It is essential because it helps in modernization and acceptance of new and better ways of life. Ways to bring Social Change: To bring social change, one must have adequate knowledge and understanding to address societal issues that create differences. It is also fitting to understand the role of social work and workers in the larger scheme of things. If you are interested in contributing, consider enrolling in accredited masters in social work programs to gain skills and create positive change for better well-being. These programs enable students and professionals to learn ways to help in adult mental health, child protective care services, and formulating social policies. With that said, the following are some commonly raised issues to be sorted out to help the ones in need. 1. Increase literacy: Access to primary education is the right of every human. The role of education is significant in healthy and democratic societies. The Social Change model combines learning and community development by teaching literacy skills, cultural expressions, and analytical thinking to the individuals and collective group. Many changes happen in the social sector, but they are unsuccessful in practice because of a lack of education. Thus, education is required to bridge this gap. It is supposed to change people’s attitudes and beliefs and instill a desire for success in them. Education helps in awareness, problem-solving, and decision-making. Increasing access to primary education in poverty-stricken areas has proven beneficial in raising living standards and growing employment opportunities. Thus, social work efforts must focus on expanding opportunities to meet the needs of those who have limited access to quality education with minimal barriers. As an educated individual, consider taking out time to teach others and spread your knowledge. And this brings us to the next point. 2. Volunteer in your community: Volunteering is an act of virtue, per se. Volunteering in your community expands equitability in society. It helps a person learn new skills, enhance connectivity in the community, and advance their career. It provides a sense of achievement and allows one to have self-confidence. We often think volunteering requires a lot of time and energy. But that is not the case. You can dedicate as much or as little of your time as you wish. No matter the differences, volunteerism in your community is always beneficial and gratifying. You can support NGOs and other charitable organizations by volunteering your time. By serving meals, planting trees, tutoring children, or caring for aged and terminally ill patients – you can volunteer in numerous ways. These simple acts can make a profound impact on society. 3. Donate for a cause: People usually look for charitable causes and then give money. It seldom happens that people become desensitized towards such initiatives. However, donations do not necessarily have to come in monetary form. Clothes, shelter, food, books, and even organs are all forms of contribution. Donations allow the donor to have an increased sense of self-worth. Philanthropists worldwide help promote social change by providing funds or advocating reforms. It significantly helps in the efficiency of non-profit organizations. By maximizing the resources available, philanthropy helps in strengthening the economy and encourages social innovation. It helps boost employee morale and customers’ brand loyalty in the long run. 4. Encourage kindness: Acts of kindness and altruism will help you feel good. Small random acts of kindness have a substantial impact on social change. Smiling and greeting people, picking stones from the way, a caring attitude, spreading positivity and hope, and complementing are examples of kind gestures that require little to no effort. One can practice kindness by performing small selfless acts. Consider how you can construct explicit mappings in the world to improve the actions of people around you. People are more likely to support strangers if they previously have been observed acting kindly. It has positive psychological effects on well-being. Helping others not only feels good, but it also has health benefits. Even helping others via donations is an act of kindness. Kindness begins with the ability to empathize with others, to put yourself in their shoes, and understand the challenges they face. Conclusion: COVID-19 has brought disastrous changes to the world. Under the haze of anxiety, fear, we are inundated with tales of compassion, voluntary action, and daily heroism. By helping others, we build a strong society. The pointers mentioned earlier will help you decide how to help others and bring radical changes to the community. Read Also: How Does Smoking Weed Affect The Society Reasons to Support Nonprofit Organizations That Help Save the Environment  Six Main Reasons Why You Need to Care for Environment

Sexually Harassed

5 Ways You Could Have Been Sexually Harassed in the Workplace

While a whopping 81-percent of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, sometimes it isn’t so easily defined. Thus, it isn’t uncommon for sexual harassment to go dismissed. But the main issues with letting sexual harassment go is that it may continue, and worst of all, it may happen to other current and future employees in the near future. To prevent any harassment, SafetyTalkIdeas gives a great guide on what to do about workplace harassment. In response to sexual harassment, affected employees might become uncomfortable at work, suffer from lower concentration and productivity on the job, and may even be at risk for developing mental health disorders from anxiety to depression. If any of the following are relevant to you, you may be able to receive compensation for sexual harassment: 1. You were bribed or requested for sexual favors: Being bribed or asked for sexual favors is usually what most classify as sexual harassment. This can include a boss asking for sex in return for a pay raise or a co-worker asking you to send nude pictures or else they’ll sabotage your job. Unfortunately, many don’t speak out about these issues and may even give into these favors because they fear they will lose their job or have their paycheck withheld. 2. You were told sexist remarks: Whether directed towards you, your sex in general, or even the opposite sex, sexist remarks fall under the category of sexual harassment. However, many may feel that sexist remarks are only able to be worked with by an attorney if they are extreme. Thus, most tend to overlook sexist remarks if they believe their coworker or boss was trying to be sarcastic or funny. 3. Someone inappropriately touched you: An inappropriate touch is hard to define. For some cultures, a kiss on the cheek is completely normal. However, others may find it unprofessional and even disturbing. Additionally, the one touching, as well as the one being touched, may have a different idea of what the touch implies. Nevertheless, it is usually you that decides if a touch was inappropriate. Additionally, know that Inappropriate touching can be a one time or repeating instance. The severity of the touch(es) can vary drastically. 4. The way you dress dramatically changed how you are treated: If your boss or co-worker mistreats you or acts inappropriately when you dress a certain way to work (e.g., showing cleavage or arm muscles, wearing tighter clothing), you might have a legal case on your hands. Additionally, if your boss or co-worker suggests or requires, for instance, that you wear a short skirt and low-cut shirt to work, this would also be sexual harassment. 5. You were treated differently due to your gender: Generally, being treated differently because of your gender, whether with good or bad intentions, can qualify as sexual harassment. For example, this can include being given lower pay or hours or being verbally spoken to differently due to your gender. You may notice that the opposite gender in your place of work is treated in a completely different way. If you believe you are or have been sexually harassed at work, reach out to sexual harassment attorneys to confirm your potential qualification for legal compensation. Conclusion: Sexual harassment in the workplace is a very real issue that affects both women and men of all ages. However, many fear speaking up, especially if they believe someone will belittle their case. But reaching out to an attorney can be your best route to ensuring a safer workplace not just for you but for other employees at your place of work. Read Also: 9 Signs You Work For A Bad Boss How To Improve Workplace Security