Why Sending An E-Invite For Your Wedding Is A Smart Option?


14 June 2022



Many couples often decide to send an E-Invite because it is environmentally friendly and has less paper usage.

Couples may also want their guests to feel more connected with them by sending them something digital if they cannot afford expensive invitations or do not want their guests to feel obligated to bring a gift. An e-Invite is an invitation sent electronically so you can send it to anyone via email and Whatsapp wedding invitation.

It is a good idea to send out an e-invite rather than a regular paper invite if your budget is limited because you will be able to save money on postage.

Here Are Some Reasons Why An E-Invite Might Be The Best Choice For Your Wedding:

1. Good for the environment saves paper, and is convenient:

An electronic invite is good for the environment because it saves paper. When you use an e-invite, you are not using any paper and are being more environmentally friendly.

WhatsApp invitation

All you have to do is send the e-invite to your guests through email, and they can save it onto their computer or print it out if they want to or in case a computer is not accessible.

The guest can then keep your wedding information saved on their computer and check on it when they need to. If you are worried about the environment, then sending an e-invite would be an easy way to help our planet by helping preserve its natural resources.

2. Better designing and personalizing capabilities:

Using an e-invite, you can change the design of your wedding invitation and customize it to fit your style. If you do not like the standard form of your paper wedding invitations, you can change their design. You can also add special notes and photographs to personalize it further.

You will have more fun designing the e-invite by using different colors or fonts that are impossible on a regular functional invite.

3. Helps keep track of RSVPs easily:

By using an e-invite, you can easily keep track of the responses. You can use it as your tracking tool by placing a response form on the e-invite that you can track and see who has responded and when they have responded.

track of RSVPs

With an E-Invite, there is no need to worry about the missing or forgotten RSVP cards anymore because you will have everything saved electronically.

4. Saves bucks as compared to traditional invites:

With the current budget crunch and inflation, an e-invite is an excellent way to save money. An E-invite will not set you back a lot because it does not require any ink, paper, or postage stamp.

All you have to do is send it to your friends and family, and there is no need for anyone to go out of their way to purchase an invite for your special day. An e-invite is an excellent way to save on your wedding budget and help you stick to the amount you allotted for the perfect wedding.

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5. Can be in various formats such as video invite/ digital invite/ simple document invite:

An e-invite can be in various forms. It can be an animated video invitation, a simple document invite, or even a digital e-invite like sending out guide booklets through email for the wedding day and even reminders about it.

video invite

You can get creative with your e-invites and put as much effort into them. You can send an invite to your guests almost instantly to give them advance notice about your wedding date and venue.

6. Can be digitized with animations, effects, and music, external links can also be added:

An E-invite can be designed in various ways that depend on your budget. An e-invite can be sent straight from the computer as a simple document, but with some creativity, you can send it as an HTML file with animations, effects, and music to add spice to your special day.

You can also add links on the E-invite that lead to a website where further information about the celebration can be found.

7. Any changes or updates can be handled easily:

If you have updated your e-invite information or made any other changes, you can easily handle the updates if you have access to the e-invite. If you do not have access to the E-Invite anymore in some way, then you can easily reach out to the people that sent it to ask them for the updated information.

e-invite information

Your guests would no longer panic when their name is missing from your wedding invitation.

If you have a limited budget and cannot afford traditional invitations for your big day, then an e-invite is an excellent choice to help you save money.

You can use an e-invite to invite all your loved ones to get together on your special day. It will surely make it easy for everyone involved because they do not have to purchase an expensive invitation or look for the correct address to send it to.

Just like how we send out emails in our daily lives, we can send out E-Invites that are personalized in some way and keep everyone who is essential in our lives informed of our special day.


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Guide To Making Your Home Guest-Ready On Time

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, the prospect of hosting guests can often add an extra layer of stress to your already busy schedule. Whether you’re organizing a planned dinner party, hosting a family gathering, or having unexpected visitors dropping by, the need to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests can sometimes feel like a daunting task. However, with some planning and some strategic organization, you can transform your home into a welcoming space in no time. In the following article, Cleaning Concepts professionals explore practical tips and tricks to help you navigate the path to a guest-ready home effortlessly. So, let’s dive in! 1. Create A Cleaning Checklist Start by making a comprehensive cleaning checklist, breaking tasks into specific areas like the living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Having a detailed plan not only helps prioritize tasks but also ensures no corner of your home is overlooked, making the process more systematic. 2. Declutter Before You Start Tackle clutter first to pave the way for a smoother cleaning session. Clearing surfaces of unnecessary items makes your home look tidier and simplifies the housekeeping process, allowing you to focus on the essential areas that require attention. 3. Speedy Dusting Techniques Opt for microfiber cloths or specialized dusting sprays to quickly and effectively remove dust from surfaces. Concentrate on visible areas like shelves, coffee tables, and entertainment centers, as a quick dusting can instantly refresh a room, leaving it more inviting. 4. Spot-Clean High-Traffic Areas Prioritize high-traffic zones such as entryways and hallways when time is of the essence. A quick vacuum or sweep can make a significant difference in the overall cleanliness of your home, particularly in the areas your guests are most likely to frequent. 5. Express Bathroom Refresh Prioritize the bathroom, ensuring it is not only clean but also well-stocked with essentials. Wipe down surfaces, clean the mirror, and replace used towels with fresh ones. A tidy bathroom with thoughtful touches goes a long way in making guests feel comfortable and cared for. 6. Kitchen Quick Fixes Focus on the kitchen surfaces that guests are likely to see – countertops, sink, and stove. A swift wipe down and quick organization of kitchen items can give the impression of a well-maintained space, making your guests feel at ease in this central gathering area. 7. Delegate Tasks When time is of the essence, consider delegating specific cleaning tasks to family members or housemates. This not only lightens the workload but also ensures that each area receives the attention it needs. Teamwork can make the entire process more efficient and less overwhelming. 8. Do forget The Floors Vacuum or sweep high-traffic areas and consider a quick mop for hard floors. Clean floors not only enhance the overall cleanliness of your home but also create a polished and inviting atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. 9. Air Out The Space Open windows to let in fresh air. A few minutes of ventilation can help eliminate any lingering odors and create a more inviting atmosphere. This simple step contributes to a fresher and more pleasant environment for your guests. 10. Finishing Touches Add a delightful fragrance to your home with a scented candle, air freshener, or a vase of freshly cut flowers. A pleasant scent not only masks any remaining cleaning odors but also leaves a positive and lasting impression on your guests, making them feel truly welcomed in your thoughtfully prepared space. Is that the doorbell? Luckily, you’re all set! Read Also: The Top Destinations for New Year Celebrations Choosing the best Photographer for your Event Some of the Top Attractions in Pune You Should Visit by Cab