Top 5 Skate Brands That Are Womenswear Game Changers


07 September 2019


skate brands

Hitting the skatepark will never be the same with these top skate brands.

Before 2018, skateboarding was considered an all-boys’ club. Then again, everything changed with the entry of Lacey Baker in the world of skateboarding championships. Baker took the crown of the 2016 and 2017 SLS Super Crown World Championships.

After Baker’s win, pros like Nora Vasconcellos and Lizzie Armanto continued to break the skateboarding glass ceiling and made skating a welcoming community for women.

Whether you’re interested in the skateboarding style and culture or you want to perfect that noseslide and nollies, here are the top three brands that also cater to female skaters and skate fashion enthusiasts.


Thrasher has been every skater’s go-to brand when it comes to skating accessories and clothing. It started as a magazine in 1981 and alongside the rise of the publication is the launch of their merchandise.

Thrasher sells t-shirts, hoodies, and everything you can think of that’s related to skateboarding. It is also one of the most sought-after and most popular skateboarding merchandise brands.


Shawn Stussy launched this eponymous brand in the ’80s as a surf brand. It’s a low-key skateboarding brand that initially ran everyday, minimal pieces.

Now, the brand is home to the most diverse and excellent lineups of women’s clothing. They sell track sets, shirt-inspired retro bowling dresses, all-over print shirts, and more.

Women who prefer the essentials can still choose from their long-sleeve tops, hoodies, and tees emblazoned with Stussy crawl.


This is a no-brainer as Vans earned the reputation of being synonymous with skateboarding. Vans is one of the most popular brands when it comes to skateboarding shoes and apparel. They have classic tees, sneakers, and sweatshirts that are appealing and universally-loved by all, regardless of gender.

You can check out their collaborations with Madame x X-Girl, Naked, and Lazy Olaf for skate-inspired women pieces that will break boundaries.


These brand has been around for nearly 40 years and has become a brand to be reckoned with. Their ladies’ selections are stronger than other brands. The company ventures further than its retro-inspired, tasteful tees as it also carries trend-led denim essentials, dresses, and slick camis.

The brand also teamed up with world-class British model Georgia-May Jagger for their capsule inspired collection. The brand is deeply rooted in their love of sports and to their “true to this” motto, offering a wide range of practical surfwear and swimwear with stylish prints that bring out that relaxed vibe, on or off water or dry land.


Dickies is a brand that has been manufacturing hardwearing and functional workwear. While catering to the workwear industry, they brought classic pieces with a fashion-forward appeal to life.

Their women’s line is filled with on-trend pieces that will surprise you. They also have coveralls, shorts, chino pants, long-sleeve tops, and logo tees for women.

To check-out and shop for all these brands, visit Empire Skate’s website today. They have a wide array of skater brands you can choose from. There’s no need to jump from one shop to the other since Empire Skate got everything you need under one roof. What are you waiting for? Show now!

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From wedding invitations to seating charts and wedding programs, wedding printable seek to add style and sophistication to a wedding. However, you must ensure they're of high quality to add to the success of your event. For this reason, you should consult experts such as Budget Savvy Bride who'll guide you on how to create quality printable that will leave a lasting memory on your guests' minds. With a professional service, you don't have to worry about compromised quality on your special day. Moreover, you can be confident that your guests will equally be happy when they receive the different forms of printed materials you issue at the event. At Budget Savvy Bride, you have the chance to access free wedding planning printables. Here's what you should know about the different kinds of wedding printable. Forms of Wedding Printable: Wedding Invitations: These are some of the most significant aspects of planning a wedding since they set the tone of what guests are to anticipate on a special day while helping them prepare for the event. Wedding Programs: These are an overall means of keeping the guests informed while making them feel like they're a part of the ceremony. If you're having a difficult time coming up with the ideal design, you can access free wedding planning printables from Budget Savvy Bride. They'll undoubtedly give you a clue on how to move forward. Factors to Consider when it comes to DIY Printable: Timing: In the event that you decide to take the DIY route due to the cost, bear in mind that this option won’t necessarily be faster. You must give yourself sufficient time and exercise patience because the process can at times be complex. You need to count back from the wedding date to establish when you'll have to begin assembling and printing. You should mail invitations eight weeks before the wedding date and you'll require at least one month to assemble and print every invite. This implies that you'll require all the pieces at least three months at hand before the wedding. Ensure you have at least 10% more supplies than you really need, for instance, ink, envelopes, and paper in case of errors or in the event that you have to reprint something. Style: While you can print virtually any design from the comfort of your home, some are better suited to home printers compared to others. In fact, designs with lighter color backgrounds and more white space will appear better on home printers while saving you on the cost associated with the printer ink. If you desire some pop of color, you should consider colored paper. Why You Should Hire Professionals for Your Printable: Extensive Services: A professional printer provides a wide array of options from which to choose that if you were working from your home. Whether you require digital printing for your invitations or program, an expert certifies that everything occurs to your distinct specifications. Efficient work: Experts offer a faster turnaround for services because they have years of experience in addition to advanced equipment at their disposal. Moreover, they have the necessary paper to complete the task at their location, so there'll be no downtime for the appropriate photo paper or card stock to arrive. Wedding printable add to the value of your special occasion. However, you must get it done right. For this reason, consider the assistance of professionals. Read Also: Wedding Food Ideas: What’s Hot And What’s Not Reasons For Using Your Handwriting For Wedding Invitations Make Your Pre-Wedding Amazing: 8 Bridal-Shower Planning Ideas Six Crucial Tips For Selecting The Best Wedding Catering In Your Town