What Are Rude Valentine’s Cards


22 December 2022


Rude Valentine’s Cards

Giving your loved one a card to celebrate Valentine’s Day can be a thoughtful gesture, but for those that want to express their love through humor, rude Valentine’s cards can also be a fun way to celebrate the occasion.

These sorts of cards often include a cheeky, witty message or design, that can range from a comical joke all the way to something naughtier and raunchier. These can often be good choices of cards for the occasion to give a recipient a sense of humor – expressing your love and affection for them through the comedic nature of the card.

Many shop retailers have a plethora of rude Valentine’s cards to select from, such as Boomf’s selection which can be found here.

When Is It Appropriate to Give a Rude Valentine’s Card?

When Is It Appropriate to Give a Rude Valentine’s Card?

It might not always be appropriate to give your loved one a naughty or rude Valentine’s card to mark the occasion. However, inappropriate cards can be well received by those with a sense of humor who you know will see the funny side of the message!

Make sure when you are selecting a card and writing the message that you are confident the recipient will not feel uncomfortable or put off by the joke. 

Types of Rude Valentine’s Cards

Types of Rude Valentine’s Cards

Rude Valentine’s cards range from comical messages to raunchy and steamy jokes. Not all messages are sexual in nature, but a lot of them tend to include jokes to do with the topic.

  • Comical joke cards are the tamest type of rude Valentine’s cards, and usually include a witty message that is slightly rude in nature wishing your loved one a happy Valentine’s Day. These can often revolve around light playful rude innuendos that you wouldn’t find in a more conservative Valentine’s card, and usually are tame in nature and not explicit. These can be appropriate cards to choose for a recipient who you don’t want to cross any boundaries with, yet still want to mark the occasion with a humorous card and message.
  • Some cards will have slightly more risqué innuendos and messages, and usually include sexual jokes that aren’t very explicit. Card designs reference a rude topic but do so in a euphemistic way that keeps the card relatively tame and would be one that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed displaying on your mantelpiece at home when guests are around. These can be great gifts for younger relationships such as a boyfriend/girlfriend or lover.
  • The last type of rude Valentine’s cards are the downright dirty, raunchy cards that include heavily explicit sexual remarks and jokes – and are not for the faint of heart! Rude Valentine’s cards include overtly sexual references and are definitely ones you might feel the need to hide when you have company over. These sorts of card designs can be great to choose for someone that you know will be comfortable with the humor, such as a husband or wife.

Rude Valentine’s Card Designs

Rude Valentine’s Day cards have a variety of designs to choose from. Some forms of the designs that they come in are:

  • Text-only designs that include a rude joke or message in large letters.
  • Comical illustrations that reference rude or dirty topics.
  • More explicit rude and dirty illustrations.
  • Combinations of both text and rude illustrations.

Whether you are selecting a rude Valentine’s card for your boyfriend, husband, or lover, it is important to make sure you don’t select a card design that is too much for the recipient. Retailers such as Boomf have great selections that range from comical jokes to explicit remarks that can be perfect choices to give to your loved one this Valentine’s Day.


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