How Eco-Friendly Is Bamboo Toilet Paper?


27 December 2022


Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper is getting a lot of attention for being more environmentally friendly, but many people wonder if it is worth the switch. Is it really eco-friendly? How does it compare to traditional toilet paper? What about the cost difference?

These are common questions that consumers ask about bamboo toilet paper. Below, we offer helpful information that should answer most questions and help you decide if switching is for you.

How Eco-Friendly is Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Take a look at some of the ways that bamboo toilet paper is eco-friendly and may be a great option for your family.

1. Bamboo is a Sustainable Material

Bamboo is a Sustainable Material

Traditional toilet paper is made from 70% hardwood and up to 30% softwood trees. These trees take many decades to reach maturity, and harvesting them disrupts the local environment and wildlife.

Bamboo, on the other hand, reaches maturity in a matter of weeks. It is the fastest-growing plant on Earth. It grows up to 35 inches per day, and self-regenerates from its root system. That means there is no need to ever replant bamboo or disrupt additional land. Bamboo is naturally a sustainable material.  

2. Bamboo Produces Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Bamboo Produces Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Bamboo is a healthy grass variety that produces less greenhouse gas emissions than other types of trees. Compared to virgin forests, bamboo forests produce 30% less greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Bamboo Toilet Paper is BPA and Chlorine Free

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Traditional toilet paper is made from paper that is bleached and treated with chemicals to strengthen and soften it. Long ago, elemental chlorine was used to treat toilet paper, but it has since been replaced by less toxic methods. Still, some toilet papers are treated with chemicals, such as bleach or BPA to get that white, soft paper that we all recognize.

Bamboo toilet paper is not treated with chlorine, BPA, or other harmful chemicals. It is 100% all-natural and is free from pesticides, dyes, fragrances, and potential allergens. It is a good alternative for individuals with skin allergies or sensitivities.

4. Bamboo Toilet Paper is as Soft as Traditional Toilet Paper

 Traditional Toilet Paper

No one wants to use rough toilet paper, and that is a major concern among consumers considering bamboo toilet paper. But the good news is that bamboo toilet paper brands are increasingly finding safe and eco-friendly ways of making toilet paper softer and stronger than ever. Using longer fibers is one of the ‘tricks of the trade’ to keeping the paper soft and durable.

5. Bamboo is More Biodegradable than Traditional Paper


Not only is bamboo a sustainable material, but it is also highly biodegradable. All bamboo products are 100% biodegradable. That immediately makes bamboo toilet paper a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional paper products.

This is important when you consider that the average consumer flushes 140 rolls of toilet paper per year! This is also helpful for the health of your septic tank since bamboo completely dissolves in water, which means there is no waste left to clog up your septic system or pipes.  

As you can see, bamboo toilet paper is eco-friendly, safe, and convenient for most consumers. For those curious about just how environmentally friendly it really is, just take a look at the above.


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The more you partake in establishing a conversation, the better it is for you.  Health And Physical Development Health and physical development are perhaps the greatest benefits you can reap with the help of these games. Inactivity has led us to develop different physical complexities like high blood pressure, back pain, obesity, and even heart diseases.  Experts opine that engagement in outdoor activities can be highly effective in tackling such complexities. Enhance Of Mood  One of the greatest benefits of outdoor activities is mood enhancement. You can easily break free from monotony and negativity when you have participated in some outdoor game.  If you wish to be active in life, then you must pass your time in these activities. Spending quality time can help you keep an active life both at your workplace and at home. Apart from that, engaging in outdoor games enables you to improve your sensory and learning skills.  Run and Fun: Outdoor Activities That Can Deliver It For You Outdoor games are not only a great source of entertainment, but they keep you physically active.  Whether you aim to improve hand-eye coordination, develop motor skills, or enjoy some wholesome family fun, these games provide an engaging way to make the most of your outdoor space. Let's delve into the world of yard games and discover how they can transform your backyard into a hub of laughter, bonding, and unforgettable memories. #1: Cornhole Cornhole, a quintessential component of American recreational activities, is expected at casual backyard barbecues and familial gatherings. This beloved game is as straightforward as it is engaging, making it an ideal choice for outdoor fun across all age groups. The essence of the game lies in tossing bags filled with corn kernels onto a raised wooden platform. Often adorned with vibrant colors or team logos, the venue features a hole at the far end. The challenge? Aim your throw so the bag lands directly on the board or, better yet, sails through the hole. Scoring in cornhole is simple yet strategic. Points are earned based on the final resting place of the corn-filled bags post-throw. A bag resting on the board fetches a point, while a successful toss into the hole scores three points. But beware, if your opponent's bag knocks yours off the board, you lose those hard-earned points. #2: Hook & Ring Also known as Bimini Ring, the Hook & Ring game is a seemingly simple yet compelling yard game. It involves swinging a ring fastened to a string towards a hook mounted on a wall or post. The goal? To catch the theme with the crew. This game challenges one's focus and hand-eye coordination, offering endless amusement for children and adults. Its portability further broadens its appeal, making it a versatile indoor and outdoor fun option. #3: Bocce Ball Originating from the ancient Roman era, Bocce Ball is a game that melds skill and strategy. Players attempt to toss pallinos (small balls) as close as possible to a giant ball called the "jack." The game can be played solo or in teams, adding a layer of adaptability. The allure of Bocce Ball lies in its versatility; it can be played on various surfaces such as grass, sand, or even gravel, making it an adaptable choice for different yard settings. #4: Horseshoes The game of Horseshoes is a revered tradition in numerous households. This yard game involves players pitching horseshoes towards stakes in the ground, aiming to encircle the stake or land as close as possible. The game requires precision and strength, offering a fun challenge for older children and adults. 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