Wedding Photo Album: How To Calculate The Cost?


20 December 2022


Wedding Photo

Did your wedding day turn out to be rich in touching moments? Wondering how to arrange the photos from the celebration? The best way is to order photo albums for weddings

During the long years, you can look at it and remember the events of that special day. Each type of album has its own advantages, and cost. In this article, we will look at all the options for a wedding album.

Types of photo design

Types of photo design

There are a lot of options for wedding albums. Which one is preferable and what is its cost? Read more about this below:

  1. Best professional wedding albums. A qualified photographer can include album design in the package of services provided or as an additional service. Of course, this is not the cheapest pleasure. But just think about it: without the slightest effort on the part of the newlyweds, a real masterpiece is created. The photographer takes care of all the hassle. The final result will undoubtedly bring a lot of pleasure. Even several years later, you will show the album to your relatives and children with special feelings.
  2. Another method of storing photos – is digital albums and photo books. The client can choose the photos that will make up the final product. This is a more affordable option. A wide range of design options is available. The final cost is affected by the number of pages, and the level of personalization. What is the difference between an album and a photo book? The chosen format depends on the type of paper on which the photos are printed: in the album, it is thick and flat, while in the photo book it is thin and flexible with a binding. As a rule, albums look more presentable, are more convenient to use, and are durable. Accordingly, their cost is higher.
  3. A scrapbook is ideal if you want to emphasize your personality and take part in the design. The cost depends on the material of production, and the choice of cover. The use of additional decor elements (fancy markers, type of paper, embellishments, and so on) increases the price. As a result, the price range can equal the design of a professional album.
  4. Electronic album, an option for modern users. The use of digital frames creates original slides that tell the story of the celebration. Thanks to the latest technology, you don’t have to print out a classic picture book at all. The price range is about $200.

Before ordering, it is recommended to look through the types of wedding photo albums. This will allow the final decision to be made.

What factors affect the cost

What factors affect the cost

Each of the album options has its own price. The cost of the product is determined by the following factors:

  1. Material of production (thin, thick, standard, satin paper). The higher the cost of raw materials, the more expensive the photo album. Additional elements, such as foiled text, and rounded page edges, increase the price.
  2. The final price is also affected by the number of pages in the album. One additional page turn can cost you $2. You can calculate how much money will be needed to order a certain number of page turns. Think about how many photos you want the album to contain and how you want to arrange them. So you can understand what style of design is most acceptable.
  3. Size. You can use the standard options. However, if you want to print an album of large size, you should consider that its price will be higher. In addition, you will need to print images with a higher resolution.
  4. A memory box. Quite a popular purchase, allows you to maintain the original appearance of the album for a long period of time. You can order the product in cartons, fabric, or wood.

First, it is recommended to determine the available budget, and calculate how many photos you are going to arrange. After that, you will understand what materials to use for making a photo album.

Average design budget

Average design budget

After the considerable expense associated with the wedding reception, the newlywed’s dream of breathing a sigh of relief. However, there is still one unresolved issue – the design of the wedding album. Some people postpone this venture indefinitely, but we advise against it.

As you know, after marriage, the young family is seeking to have a child. And these are new expenses: photo sessions for pregnant women, the first photo session of the baby, and so on. That’s why it’s worth hurrying.

The cheapest wedding photo books are in the range of 25-75 dollars, but note that the quality of this product is so-so. The cost of higher quality photo albums varies in the area of $150-1000 (depending on individual customer preferences).

We can offer decent, practical options in the $150-$350 range. Such a wedding album will take a place of honor in your home. You can pass it on to your children.


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