10 Smart Strategies for Unique Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are an absolute must, and you want yours to be completely unique. Try one of these strategies for a photo set unlike any other.

10 Smart Strategies for Unique Wedding Photos:

Here are the 10 smart methods listed for unique wedding photography.

1. Try Aerial Vantage Points:

Overhead shots aren’t always easy to accomplish, but they’re definitely worth the effort. Try an aerial shot of the bride and groom laying in the grass, or climb up on a balcony to catch a group photo from an unusual angle. Both staged and surprise aerial photos will make an excellent addition to the photo set.

2. Shoot a Time Lapse:

A time-lapse style photo is a great way to capture the hustle and bustle of a large event. Set a camera that points at the catering table, dance floor, or even the wedding aisle. Use slow shutter speed to capture the events of a few minutes or even a few hours.

3. Play with Group Layout:

Group shots are essential to a wedding photo collection. Have some fun by arranging the guests in unique ways. You could have them stand in the shape of a heart, play out a mock battle scene, or hold the bride and groom over their heads as if they were crowd surfing. The more guests there are, the more fun the photo will be.

4. Find a Secluded Spot:

A good wedding photographer can capture the most romantic moments. Steal some time at the wedding venue and find a private place for the couple to relax. Doorways, staircases, trees, and other shady spots are perfect for subtle and sentimental photographs. Look for interesting architecture that lends itself to a quiet but charming scene.

5. Use Mirrors for Fun Effects:

When you have access to a tall mirror, people can be in the picture even when they’re on the other side of the room. Play with the mirrors in your location to set up truly unique visual effects. The bride could look into a mirror while her family stands behind her. The groom might see his new wife reflected right beside him. Multiple mirrors could be used to create an infinitely cascading image. Have fun and take advantage of your setting.

6. Make a Wedding Photo Gif:

Wedding photo gifs turn snippets of video into charming animations. Dances, hand-holding, kisses, and hugs can all be captured with these moving moments. If you’re truly in love with one of your wedding gifts, bring the motion into the real world with a few side-by-side photo frames of your favorite stills.

7. Bring Props into the Photo Shoot:

wedding Photo Shoot

Balloons, flowers, wine glasses, and long veils are all excellent additions to a creative wedding photo set. Experiment with both sentimental items and humorous props. Try asking the bride and groom to hold photos of their parents or of the day they first met. Showcase the bouquet before it gets tossed to the bridesmaids. The choices are endless and can be used to showcase the couple’s unique personality.

8. Take Photos with the Pets:

Whether furry friends are invited to the wedding or need to be left at home, they can still take part in the photo session. The pets will often dictate how these photos are arranged; try to catch the bride holding her cat, a dog running through the wedding venue, or a couple’s smooch being interrupted by excited puppy kisses.

9. Take Close-Up Photos of Wedding Details:

A photo of the cake, the bride’s shoes, or the wedding ring will add flavor and sentimentality to a photo set. The bride and groom spend a lot of time planning the details of the event; catch a photo so that they never forget the magic.

10. Play with Lights:

Some venues feature elegant chandeliers; others take advantage of large windows to provide natural light. Use these areas to set up interesting and atmospheric shots. Play with exposure time, focus, and lens flare. These photos work particularly well if the bride’s dress has reflective or sparkling elements.

The most unique wedding photo sets are inspired by the bride and groom. Talk to your wedding photographer about your favorite ideas. The professionals at Byron Bay Wedding Photographers will be happy to help you turn your dream photos into reality.

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Top 8 Travel Photographers You Need To Know ASAP

Are you a traveler? Do you love setting out into the unknown? Do you also love capturing the beautiful sights you encounter? From the best beaches to the best cities, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.Photographers, as such, have always been bold and adventurous. They have set out to record their travels and encapsulate the spirit of the locations they visit.We’ve put together a list of 8 photographers, both past and present. Their striking shots perfectly capture the special charm of travel. If you are looking for travel discount vouchers check Virgin Holidays at Latest Deals.Travel Photographer: Top 8 That Click If you are a travel photographer and want to get inspired by some of the best in trade, here is a list. We are covering the creme-de-la-creme of the travel photography world. Take a peek.Steve McCurryImage SourceSteve McCurry is a famous figure in the world of photography. His extraordinary body of work includes some of the most well-known pictures of our day and highlights the breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural diversity of our world.McCurry, who was born in Philadelphia in 1950, attended Pennsylvania State University to study cinematography. He then began a career as a staff photographer for the Today's Post, a local newspaper. But motivated by his love of travel and photography, he set out to visit India. The nation that would become associated with his name for the breathtaking pictures he took over the course of time. A travel photographer par excellence, McCurry has made an indelible mark through his lens.Inge MorathImage SourceThroughout her career, Inge Morath was one of the most influential photographers in the history of the medium. She traveled widely and developed strong bonds with the communities she encountered by fully immersing herself in their world. Long before color photography became popular, the amazing pictures she took showed off her amazing artistic ability. It made fascinating mementos of their era. They also showed off the great potential of color photography.Michael YamashitaImage SourceMichael Yamashita is another travel photographer who captures the pure joy of travel better than most. He has traveled the world over the previous thirty years, taking amazing pictures of its people and landscapes.Although Yamashita has traveled to six different continents for his photographic career, his work in Asia has gained particular recognition. Having studied Asian Studies at Wesleyan University and having Japanese ancestry, Yamashita has become an authority on the subject.She has traveled widely throughout China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and India, taking pictures that beautifully portray the rich cultural diversity. They also uphold the breathtaking natural beauty of this intriguing continent.Martine FranckImage SourceOne of the greatest photographers of her era, Martine Franck, traveled the world for a large portion of her life. She took incredibly beautiful and skillful pictures of ordinary people. She was also, along with her husband Henri Cartier-Bresson, a leading exponent of the humanist style.Her subjects and locations ranged from Tibetan temples to industrial towns in Northern England. She also took a great deal of photos of her own country. Most famously, in 1976, she and four other women were asked by La Fondation Nationale de la Photographie to document their fellow citizens while they were on vacation.It was then that she took the now-famous shot of the "Swimming Pool Designed by Alain Capeilleres, La Brusc."Maggie SteberImage SourceMaggie Steber, one of the best photographers of her generation, has devoted her life to capturing some of the most significant stories of our day. This endeavor has taken her to about 70 countries and covered a wide range of subjects. They also include natural disasters and the African slave trade.Her images are compassionate and forthright, capturing the essence of the human condition. They left a lasting impression on viewers across the globe. They have appeared in numerous major international publications such as National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, and The Guardian. If you are a travel photographer, her art will inspire you greatly.Denis DailleuxImage SourceDenis Dailleux has taken pictures all over the world, but he is most closely associated with Egypt because of a protracted and complicated romantic relationship that has produced some incredibly beautiful images. His photographs portray the humanity and tenacity of the Egyptian people, revealing a profound understanding of them and their culture.He went there for the first time in 1992 to meet up with his Egyptian partner, whom he had met in Paris the previous year. He was enthralled with the nation at once. The alluring natural beauty and the friendliness and generosity of its people drew him.Over the course of the following thirty years, he traveled throughout the nation (and eventually settled there for several years), lovingly capturing its distinct spirit.Alex WebbImage SourceFamous photojournalist Alex Webb, who judged the 2020 Street Photography Award alongside his wife and fellow photographer Rebecca Norris-Webb, is a master at seizing the right moment. He creates dynamic, energetic images that masterfully convey the mood of the scene. His photos inspire people to become travel photographer.Webb is most recognized for his vivid and dynamic photography in Latin America and the Caribbean, even though he has taken many pictures in his native country. His pictures give a fascinating look into this part of the world by capturing the distinct atmosphere, vibrant colors, and minute details of the area.Frédéric LagrangeImage SourceFrench-born photographer Frédéric Lagrange's stunning photos capture the world's dramatic beauty and cultural diversity. He has visited almost every country on earth during the past fifteen years, with a particular emphasis on isolated beaches and isolated locations like the untamed and rugged Wakhan Corridor in northeastern Afghanistan.His breathtaking photos, which have appeared in Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, and other magazines, inspire an air of adventure and establish him as one of the most accomplished travel photographers working today.Pia RiverolaImage SourcePia Riverola, one of the most well-known travel photographers of the past few years, is noted for her dreamy, pastel-hued images that perfectly capture the spirit of their subjects.Whether depicting the colorful flower markets of Mexico City, the neon-lit, rain-soaked streets of Tokyo, or the verdant landscapes of South American jungles, Riverola's images have a nostalgic, surreal quality that belies their contemporary age. Her skill with light is evident, and they arouse strong wanderlust.Wrapping UpYou can get ideas and inspiration for new shots by looking at the work of other photographers. Because of this, it's a good idea to occasionally browse the profiles of some exceptional artists to see if you have any taste in their work. These photographers' work on travel photography may even inspire you to take a trip yourself! Do you think our list is correct? Kindly share the name of your preferred travel photographer in the comments section below!Learn More Also:How to Choose the Best Frame for Your Photo?Creative Ideas To Make Money Through Photography5 Industries That Can Benefit From Using Aerial And Drone PhotographyWhy Trusting Professionals For Your Wedding Photography And Videography Is A Must?

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5 Essential Tips for the Traveling Photographer

Photography tours are a one of a kind opportunity to enhance and create extraordinary new photos.The exponential development of digital photography technology has permitted a booming phenomenon for the world of photography. Increased resolution and miniaturization has contributed to this expansion while significantly reducing equipment’s prices thus broadening its massive world reach. This has in part permitted a new audience to express themselves photographically.The causal image exploration attributed to the common availability of portable devices, such as smartphones and action cameras, are creating many new storytellers and video YouTubers with unique, local and fresh content to share with the world audience.This new generation of casual photo and video content creators has touched and reached virtually every spot on the planet, nowadays you can find images and photo references online for any part of the globe.Even if you’re not a professional photographer, traveling to a new destination has many advantages, the most obvious relates to the singular experience of the journey and its cultural immersion.Make sure you keep these 5 easy suggestions at bay while preparing for your photo tour 1. Pack AccordinglyIt’s a good idea that for any given trip, to pack your gear accordingly. A photography tour is not different. Make sure you carry enough batteries to last you for the entire day. It’s a good idea to bring at least two battery chargers, so you can charge multiple batteries simultaneously. This is also a good idea in the eventuality of charger failure. Once I had the unfortunate experience of arriving to a hotel room where only a single electrical outlet was available. Electricity might not be very reliable at your destination, so it’s a good idea to pack a small power strip with surge protection. This will add a layer of protection and the convenience of charging multiple devices at the same time. A fried camera is not fun under the sun! 2. Plan AheadBalancing your sleep with photography can be a challenge. Usually, depending on your location and time of the day, the available light can be very unique during different parts of the year. Photographers love to photograph at the golden hour (usually at sunrise and sunset) This might require for some planning, and setting an alarm clock, but well worth it for landscape photography. 3. Bring your Smartphone Along While on location I usually walk with my professional camera, but sometimes I just want to take a quick snapshot and instantly share it in my social media stream. Use your smartphone camera, it has a more than decent megapixel resolution and it’s quick and easy. Tip: Make sure you keep your smartphone in airplane mode in order to save on battery life. 4. Get Off the Main RoadSometimes we tend to follow and stay in the common path during an excursion. It might drive your guide insane, but this will prove fantastic. Explore alternative roads. Taking an exact photo from the exact location then everyone else will produce the exact same photo. Try alternative angles and get off the main road.It doesn’t matter where you travel. Being prepared and doing your homework will prove to be an invaluable advantage. Pack accordingly for the type of photography you’re intending to do since it could mean the complete success or failure of your photography adventure.Safe journey and may you take incredible photosRead also:Handy Tools For Outdoor Photography 6 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Travel Solo


5 Industries That Can Benefit From Using Aerial And Drone Photography

If you are a business owner, searching frantically for some new strategies to promote your business, improve sales and branding, then we have the perfect solution for you.In the past few years, using drones for both commercials as well as leisure purposes is on the rise. Using drones for aerial photography is quite the trend and businesses can benefit from this incredible new technology in multiple ways.No matter what the scale or size of your business, you can use drone photography to benefit it. In this article, we look at five industries or business niches, which can benefit significantly from using drone photography.However, before we proceed to the list of industries, let us briefly discuss everything you need to know about Drone Photography. Aerial and Drone Photography: What you should know Drones are technologically sophisticated machines, which can fly. They can also be fitted with a number of add-on devices, including cameras, satellites, data recorders, etc., and can be highly useful.Drone photography has taken off in recent years as one of the smartest ways to market and document your brand. It has been used in multiple sectors, ranging from agriculture to wedding photography.From a brand perspective, aerial photography using a drone can help in-Creating promotional marketing material to showcase the scale and size of the business. Give people a sense of how big or small the physical location is of the business. Create the appearance of a tech-first company not shy to use modern technology. Gather assets for website, social media, etc. (online and offline promotions). Communicate the progress of a real estate project or the scaling up of industrial spaces.List of 5 Industries that can benefit from using Drone Photography 1. Real Estate-Real Estate Developers and Promoters can look to use drone photography for showcasing their projects. This can be done for both projects which are ongoing, as well as for the ones, which have been completed. Showcasing the different complexes, amenities, gardens, artificial lakes, etc. can go a long way in making the project appear attractive in the eyes of potential buyers. 2. Manufacturing Businesses- Most manufacturing businesses, especially the ones which are B2B have a tough time marketing themselves. This is where drone photography can help them show the size and scale of their factories. It can act as a great confidence-boosting mechanism for other vendors who want to partner with credible manufacturing units. Drone photography helps boost business. 3. Holiday Parks and Resorts-The travel and tourism sector is all about visual appeal and attraction. Big holiday parks and resorts can use drone photography can show the major sights and sounds for potential consumers who are looking at options to plan their next holiday. This tech can help create a virtual experience for resort operators looking to woo new clientele. 4. Government Departments- Big governmental projects like the construction of dams, highways, etc. require the preparation of status reports periodically. Drones can be a great asset for government departments who want to show real-time progress and detailed status reports to ministers and other lawmakers. While private players are taking the lead, governments should seriously look at adopting drone photography. 5. Agricultural Production- Commercial farming is becoming one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. However, it also needs to market and advertise itself in front of governments, investors, and potential consumers. Using drones to capture the size and scale of such farms and their operations can help build a credible brand. It can allow boost confidence in the company and its products. The Final Word As a business owner or a high-ranking executive in any of the above stated five industries, you might want to look to the Melbourne skies for a local drone photographer near you. Not only will thins help take your business to the next level in terms of sales, but it will also sort your branding worries. Drone photography is still in its infancy and brands in the above-mentioned industries should look to benefit from the same before the competition increases.Can you think of some other industries, which can benefit from using aerial and drone photography? List them down in the comments section below.Read Also:10 Must Haves for Travel Photography Handy Tools for Outdoor Photography Photography and Number of Techniques