Top Wedding Invitation Tips

Somewhere around 2.4 million wedding ceremonies are performed in the U.S. annually. Interestingly, only 83 percent respond and accept an invitation.

Some reasons why people decline wedding invitations include unfavorable location, high costs of travel, and conflicting schedules.

While the decline rate has little to do with the design, research indicates that the style and attractiveness of the invitation can play a significant role in the human reaction.

A New York Times report indicated that attractive images could have a massive effect on the motivations of the viewers to do something.

In other words, there are several tips you can do to help bolster your acceptance rate through wedding invitations. Scroll down to learn more.

Characterize the Style of the Wedding

An invitation is the initial peek of your guest into your wedding; therefore, it is crucial to make it stand out. Initially, define your wedding style and determine the kind of event you are throwing to find a style that hits the same note.

Also, consider adding the color palette of your wedding to invitations, ceremony programs, menus, and escort cards for a consistent look. Choose cream, white, and ivory card stock mixed with gold or black fonts for a formal wedding invitation.

Alternatively, add paper stock liners, metallic or bright fonts for a more colorful complexion. Play with the sizes and shapes of your wedding invitations for a more personalized output.

Make Every Word Count

Know the rules of invitation wording to avoid overcrowding the card. For best results, put only the critical points like location, time and date, RSVP information, and the people getting married.

Squeezing too much information onto the card not only makes it harder to read, but it can also discourage people from responding. Remove information like wedding venue directions from the card and, instead, list it on your website.

Better yet, print them on a separate enclosure card for a better reading experience. Likewise, make sure to spell the names of people right to increase the chances of getting a response as well as not to offend the invitee.

When Should Wedding Invitations Be Mailed Out?

In most cases, wedding invitations are distributed six to eight weeks before the ceremony to provide guests enough time to make travel arrangements and clear their schedules. You can also send out save-the-date cards six to eight months before the wedding to inform out-of-town guests.

Moreover, include an RSVP deadline on your cards to finalize the seating arrangement and send the final count to the caterer. Call the guests if they still haven’t responded to your invitation for confirmation.

Can I Send Wedding Invitations Online?

Online wedding invitations can be an excellent replacement for traditional messages. Not only do they look lovely, but online messages from also allow your guests to communicate with each other.

Plus, online invitations can also be sent using a virtual envelope which makes the process of sending and receiving relatively entertaining. Opt for letters that allow you to customize the colors, fonts, and wedding information for a more personalized mood.

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