7 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid


23 May 2018


Wedding Planning Mistakes

Wedding is always a big event. And you must plan ahead to ensure your wedding goes as well as you wish. Unfortunately, make people make some common wedding planning mistakes and regret afterwards. Here are 7 such wedding planning mistakes that you must avoid in your wedding:

1. Not Having A Flexible Budget :

No matter how well you plan, you will always need more money when you go about executing your plan. So, before you plan for things, know your budget. Your plan should be done in a way that you will be left with lots of money after you execute your plan. And if some extra money needed, you can have that backup. Having a little flexibility in budget always gives you best opportunity to organize your wedding the way you would like the most.

2. Not Having Enough Time To Prepare :

Sometimes the wedding day is too close set that there is hardly any time left to prepare for things. At least a month is must in hand before the wedding day to prepare things. So, set the wedding date accordingly. when you don’t have enough time for the preparation of your wedding and really confused how to get a perfect outfit with no time go for Wedding Tropics they have different of verities to choose from and ya in your budget so that you can select your favorite outfit within no time.so save your time and money.

3. Not Setting Priority :

A wedding event comprises of lots of small tasks and you must set priorities. Something might go wrong but not the most important things. So, before you set priority, list down all the activities and then sit together with your partner and all the key people involved to get things done one by one.

4. Not Hiring Professionals :

For wedding decoration, photography and videography, you need professionals. No amateur can do what professionals can as professionals have skills, experience and necessary resources to do things smoothly and rightly.

Wedding decoration is one of the key things in a wedding. And you need to ensure your wedding venue looks gorgeous going for the best wedding furniture rental Los Angeles, if you are planning your wedding in Los Angeles. Say, for example, wedding table rentals are readily available for wedding events. You need to make your selection and rent for the day.

5. Booking The Wedding Venue Before Creating The Guest List :

When you start inviting people to your wedding, the list will be longer and longer. So, before you book a small venue that can accommodate only a few people, make sure you create a complete guest list. Your wedding venue should accommodate 20% more people than the people you plan to invite. Otherwise, when the list suddenly gets longer, you will find it hard to accommodate everybody in the wedding venue.

6. Booking Vendors Based On Price Only :

Just because a vendor charges top money does not mean he or she will provide you best service. Similarly, some cheap and affordable vendors can offer you excellent service. So, you must research well before you book vendors.

7. Not Having A Plan For The Rain :

Especially if you plan your wedding outdoors, you need to ensure you have an alternative plan for rain no matter how good the weather forecast is. Many just forget making even the minimum arrangement for the rain and regret if it actually rains on the big day!

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Planning To Hold Your Wedding: Here Is How You Can Make It Special

A wedding can be one of the most important days in the life of an individual. From trying to ensure that the food and catering are perfect, to selecting the best locations and venue, a wedding can truly become a well-planned and highly choreographed event. For the last few years, we have seen couples take that extra step in terms of truly converting their wedding into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From highly decorated selfie-stands to exotic destination weddings, we have seen our fair share of wonders. On top of everything, you also need to ensure that your wedding stands out and is a whole lot of fun. If you throw in some budget constraints into the equation, the task becomes infinitely bigger and more worrisome. Fret not. In this article, we speak to some of the leading wedding planners of our era and ask them simple and creative ways to make your wedding a special occasion, not only for you but for everyone who attends it. How to Plan a Wedding and make it Special? As someone who is looking to plan their upcoming wedding, you might get overwhelmed given the amount of planning you would be required to do. In this section, let us list down some of the most creative ways to make your wedding special- 1. Creating a Wedding Hashtag- Creating a wedding hashtag can be some serious bit of fun. Not only can you use it to create some sense of identity at your wedding on cutlery, napkins, flower arrangements, and so on, but also use the hashtags on social media. Not many people are still aware of how to use wedding hashtags. This can be something novel, which you can start among your family and friend circles. However, rather than trying to land on a hashtag by yourself, it is best to allow experts to do the same for you. 2. Add some zing by having a Food truck- I have frankly never met anyone who does not love food trucks. The food is great, the vibe is even better. What’s more, your guests do not have to pay for the things they get from the food truck. Beautifully curated food trucks can become a thought to remember from your wedding. Think tacos, spicy fried chicken or some Italian and you have a success story on your hands. Trust us, people will be talking about the food truck and the food even after many years of your wedding. This would be something, which would be unexpected and cool at the same time. 3. Everyone loves a Good Gift Hamper/Basket- If you are planning to have a small ceremony with a hundred or fewer people, gift hampers and baskets can be a great way to make it special. People love gifts, even if they are attending someone else’s wedding. At the end of the day, it’s simply human nature. You can use some good quality hand-made chocolates, face mists, cookies, soft-toys, and some other goodies in the gift hamper. There is nothing more that people appreciate other than a thoughtful and decorated gift basket. Trust us, this is going to make you an absolute favorite. 4. Go for a Non-Traditional Wedding Cake- Guest have a certain set of expectations for every wedding they attend. The white frosting on a three-tiered wedding cake is one of them. However, you can use so many cues from your dating days and stage them as props on the cake. Everyone who does not know you and your dating life will be automatically curious about the prop. You can then go on to explain the significance of each item on the cake and create your own beautiful story-telling session. 5. Hire someone to Paint your Wedding- One of the most creative things you can do to make your wedding special is to hire a professional painter to paint and etch your wedding as a portrait. You can select a section of the proceedings and allow the painter to start sketching. If you really want to make it special, hold an auction at the end of the wedding and donate the winnings of whoever buys the painting to a charitable organization of your choice. This is sure to make your wedding an event to remember. 6. Invite the President and the First Lady to your Wedding- While the President of the United States might be too busy to attend your wedding, you can always send the first couple an invitation. According to official rules, if you fill out the White House Greetings Request Form, you will receive a printed note from the first couple. If you are lucky, you might also get some gifts sent your way from the White House. While it is a long shot, there is no harm in trying for the same. Who knows, you might just have the Bidens show up on the dancefloor! What are some Important areas to Focus on when Planning your Wedding? A wedding requires a lot of planning in order to be successful. Every wedding is composed of some important elements, which should be paid attention to at every step of the way. In the following section, we have tried to point out some focus areas, that couples and their families need to pay attention to during the planning phase. We have tried to list down some of them for your convenience- The Weather Conditions Guest Seating Positions Catering Company Flower and other Décor items The Bakery for the Cake Musical Band Transport to the Venue Budgets for the Wedding Timing and Date Backup Plans You can use the above-stated items and create a checklist of how you need to individually plan for each one of them. This will allow you to be better prepared in case something goes wrong. As someone who is getting married, paying attention to the finer details is all that is required to make your wedding a grand success. The Final Word It is not important to spend a million bucks just to plan and hold a successful and memorable wedding. All you need to do is a bit of research and go that extra yard in order to make your wedding stand apart. By following all the tips in the article, we are certain that you have all that it takes to make it a rousing success. Read Also: 3 Tips For An Amazing Wedding Reception The Benefits Of A Great Wedding Venue Wedding Planners in Berkshire Top Wedding Invitation Tips 6 Tips For Having A Perfect City Hall Weddings! 7 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid

resurrection plant

All You Need To Know About Resurrection Plant And Its Facts

Selaginella lepidophylla, or resurrect plant, is a desert plant that belongs to the Spikemoss family, Selaginellaceae. Across the desert of Mexico and the United States, you will find this plant. However, it is considered that the desert of North Africa is the native place of this plant. It is also called the False Rose of Jericho. The creeping stems of this plant grow horizontally, and the leaves are like scale. What Is A Resurrection Plant? Any poikilohydric plant that is able to survive extreme dehydration is called a resurrection plant. These plants can survive without water for several months and even for years.  For example, the Rose of Jericho, which is native to the North African deserts, is an example of the resurrection plant. The scientific name of this plant is Anastatica hierochuntica. Overview Of The Resurrection Plant Common NameResurrection plant, Rose of Jericho, false Rose of Jericho, stone flower, dinosaur plantBotanical NameSelaginella lepidophyllaFamilySelaginellaceaePlant TypePerennialMature Size2-6 in. tall, 3-6 in. wideSun ExposureFullSoil TypeNone neededHardiness Zones10Native AreaNorth America Some Interesting Facts About The Resurrection Plant Here are some interesting facts about the resurrection plant that will surely amaze you. Scaly Stems These plants have scaly stems that are arranged in the form of a rosette. A few stems that the resurrection plant produces always grow close to the ground. The entire plant covers a diameter of less than only 1 foot. Just like other plants, this plant also uses its roots in order to extract nutrients and water from the ground. Resurrection plant is a primitive plant that falls between the category of ferns and mosses. You can not see any leaves on the resurrection plant. All you will find are small, scaly extensions of stems that look like junipers. Absorb Water After rainfall, the resurrection plant quickly absorbs the water and enters the phase of rapid growth. As this plant is unable to accumulate water in the roots and stems, once the soil dries out, it also dries shortly. The dry plant curls up into a tight ball with a very small amount of water that is stored in the center.Though the curled ball looks like it is dead it is only dormant. During the whole period of dormancy, the plant minimizes metabolic activities and can last a few years or till the time of the next rain. Reviving Ability Due to its reviving ability, this plant is called a resurrection plant. This plant is able to rehydrate. Once it is exposed to moisture, after a few hours, it unfolds its stem and reactivates its metabolism. After it absorbs the water, the stem starts swelling and unfolds itself. Even if the stems do not have any live protoplast within them, this will indeed happen. “Siempre Viva,” which is another name for the resurrection plant. The phrase mentioned earlier means “everlasting.” Reproduce Sexually Resurrection plants do not produce flowers, fruits, and seeds. This plant reproduces sexually. Strobili, which is a club-like structure and produced via spores. 400 million years ago, this plant appeared on the planet. Most of the ancient lycopods were giant plants. But as a result of climate change, all of them became extinct. Small lycopods like resurrection plants have managed to survive without any morphological changes till the modern days.  Dinosaur Plant Another name for the resurrection plant is the “Dinosaur plant" because it has lived side by side with dinosaurs. Tea made from the resurrection plant can treat sore throat and the common cold due to its antimicrobial properties. The resurrection plant is the longest-living plant on earth. Does the Resurrection Plant Need Soil? When you will buy a resurrection plant online or from your nearest nursery on the resurrection plant for sale, you will receive a brown ball of dried moss. This brown ball of moss does have roots, but the roots are not attached to anything. So, in order to grow, this miracle plant does not need soil. Similar to a hydroponic system, when there is no water or moisture for a really long time, the plant will curl into a ball and turn brown with a diameter of around 6 to 10 inches. which generally has a height range of 15 to 35 centimeters. This plant is very convenient in terms of taking care of and growing. Can a Resurrection Plant Die? From the earlier discussion, it may be clear that this plant is really hard to kill. You can simply put the plant in the dark corner of a room without water. But once you bring it out and leave it in water, it will get relieved once again. There is one way to kill this plant. That is overwatering. You can leave this plant in water for a few days, and it will start rotting, and eventually, it will die.  How to Grow the Resurrection Plant? In order to grow and to care for a resurrection plant, all you need are: A broad and shallow container that should not have any drainage hole. Another wide container that should have drainage holes. For spreading at the button, gravel or pebbles. Distilled water at room temperature. A bright but shady place. And lastly, a dried resurrection plant. Process First, fill the wide and shallow container that has no drainage system with water. Do not fill it wholly. Put in two-thirds water. Place pebbles or gravel up to the waterline. Now, put the dried resurrection plant on the pebbles. For a completely dry and brown plant, it will take around 3 to 4 hours to turn green.  Now, take the wide container that has drainage holes and spread the gravel or pebbles upto the level of water. Mix peat moss. Add humus and sand and spread it on the pebbles. Now, place the resurrected plant on the top. Do not place it in direct sunlight. Instead, place it in a shady place that has a temperature of higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once you notice the plant is getting brown, continue to water it. Conclusion This plant is super convenient for plant lovers who can not afford much time to take care of plants. Due to its relative properties, this plant can come back to life just after receiving water. That is why this brown dry ball of moss is so popular among plant lovers. More Resources:- DIY Ways To Control Pests In Your Garden Maintain A Bright And Beautiful Garden During Winter 5 Best Vegetables You Should Try Growing In Your Garden

Christmas Gifting Ideas

Unique Christmas Gifting Ideas- Gifts For Everyone

Christmas, is a beautiful time of the year, a time for giving and sharing. So, if everyone is going to be giving and receiving presents, how do you ensure that your gift is extraordinary and will be lovingly remembered by the recipients? It’s not necessary to burn a hole into your pocket for buying Christmas special gift for your close one. All you need to have are the willingness to put your creative imagination on the present and tweak them a little to make the gift different. You will never be short on unique and heart-touching Christmas gifting ideas for sure. This article gives you some excellent ideas to get your creative juices flowing and hands working. Different Christmas Gifting Ideas You Need To Consider At Your End    There are multiple Christmas gifting ideas you have to consider at your end while you want to increase your happiness. Send Unique Christmas Cake Online: The cake has always been an inseparable part of the Christmas. This Christmas, surprise your special one with a very delicious cake ordered from a reputed online bakery. With the smart online technology, you can easily send cake online to your loved one from the comfort of your home. It's time to choose a perfect Christmas cake online for your special and make each moment of Christmas very special. Unique Christmas Gifts For Your Mom and Dad: The best bet for a special Christmas gift that you will touch the mom and dad’s heart is the Christmas special breakfast in bed. Cook everything yourself and you don’t have to take a particular cooking lesson for that. You can find delicious and easy to cook recipes online. Start cooking in the Christmas morning and serve the surprising breakfast to them. Your parents will always remember this unique gift from you. Christmas Gifts For Kids: When it comes to choosing gifts for your kids, opt for something that promotes creativity, problem-solving and logical sequences. Lego is the perfect example of such a gift. It allows the kids to make any of their favorite characters. You can easily find Lego toys online. Christmas Gift For Bestie: You have been sharing a solid bond of friendship with your best friend and this Christmas make it more special by sending a personalized coffee mug with the custom quote or a beautiful photo of your friend. This gift will show how much you value this friendship. There are lots of stores online that offer customized or photo coffee at reasonable prices. The best part of these unique gifts for Christmas is that they come with a special thought from your end. Always remember one thing that meaningful and sentimental gifts work best showing your emotion and sincerity for your close people. Read Also: The Best Star Wars Gifts This Christmas 6 Delicious Cakes That You Must Try This Winter 5 Reasons Why You Need To Throw An Office Christmas Party