Why Sundresses Should Be Your Go To Dress This Summer

Out of 17,000 people polled, 78% believed dress codes for students and teens were necessary.

Whether you believe in dress codes or not, pretty sundresses should be your go-to for sweltering summer weather.

Read on to learn more about why this is the perfect summer outfit.

What’s History?

These little dresses have been popular since Lilly Pulitzer designed them in the 1960s. After a nervous breakdown, Ms. Pulitzer worked in her husband’s citrus grove selling oranges.

The work was hot and messy. Ms. Pulitzer designed and made some pretty, bright-colored and patterned dresses that were cool and wouldn’t show citrus stains.

The sundress outfit has gone through many iterations since then but has remained a popular summer staple.

Both versatile and practical, these dresses are great for every woman.

Why Sundresses?

Looking for something to wear on vacation? Sundresses are great for traveling.

They’re light and easy to pack. No need to fold.

Start at one end of the dress and tightly roll from bottom to top. You can take 10 sundresses in a suitcase and still have room for other travel essentials and accessories.

Accessorize Your Dress :

One of the best things about these little dresses is the many fun ways you can accessorize. A sundress is even suitable for the office if worn with the right accessories.

Here are a few ideas to try.

The Perfect Boyfriend Blazer :

What about the office?

Bare shoulders aren’t office attire, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear that cute little dress anyway. Layer a versatile black boyfriend blazer over your dress.

Roll up the sleeves, put on a great watch, and little black pumps. Voila! Now you’re ready for the office.

Going out after work? Remove the blazer, and you’re ready for nighttime.

Matching Sweaters :

Tired of being cold when you go into air-conditioned stores, offices, and restaurants?

How about a cute matching sweater tied around your waist? A matching sweater looks great as an accessory. If you get cold, put it on and the outfit still looks great!

Platforms and Belts :

Meeting your boyfriend or husband for dinner?

Try a dressy belt and platform shoes. Have a white dress with black polka dots? Put on a classy floral belt and some black platform sandals for a dressed-up dinner look.

Fun Sneakers :

Going to an outdoor summer concert?

Sandals are cute, but they’re tough to walk in all day. Keep your feet comfortable with a great pair of sneakers.

Neutral statement sneakers pair well with a dark-colored, patterned sundress.

Try a Vest :

A vest is a perfect accessory to change it up.

Try a leather moto vest. Not into moto? Go ahead and pair with your favorite denim vest. A brightly colored, the waist-tie quarter-zip dress works great with a vest.

See more here.

Purses and Hats :

Purses and hats are another way to change up your summer stand-bys. Try a bright bold yellow dress paired with a big straw hat and an oversized straw bag.

Add a pair of high-heeled sandals, a few neutral bracelets and you’re ready to go to the races all day.

Ready for Summer!

Now that you’ve got your perfect go-to summer sundresses, you’re ready to dive into the warm season.

Looking for fun things to do this summer? Take a look at our great travel resources here.

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