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27 September 2021

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HR Department

Human Resources or HR is responsible for all things employee-related in a firm. This includes recruitment, promotions, payroll, health and safety, well-being, etc., to maintain a smoothly functioning workplace. How do they go through with all this exactly? Let’s see a few things HR does to efficiently manage a workplace.

Recruiting Candidates

Recruiting Candidates

The department is entirely responsible for determining the number of positions and hiring suitable candidates for the job, starting from finding an appropriate talent pool. Finding appropriate candidates is a particularly strenuous process, considering the increased number of applications submitted for each job opening.

Thankfully, there are now well-recognized sites like Talenteria that provide software assistance for candidate sourcing, providing a curated list of potential employees. This saves a huge amount of time spent by the HR team on screening the applicants for potential hires.

Training Employees

After hiring the employees, the team takes it upon themselves to train the new recruits to efficiently carry out all tasks. HR also educates them on the functioning of the workplace, rules, regulations, and conduct to be kept in mind. This is very important as it is necessary for the new hires to get accustomed to the work environment in order to perform efficiently.

Apart from this, HR also organizes appropriate training programs and skill sessions for the employees. This has appeared to be highly beneficial as these programs enable workers to gain new skills, which have a positive impact on the quality of work put out as an end result.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

The HR team also formulates the suitable paycheck and benefits to be provided to the employees. This is not an easy job to do as there are several factors that have to be analyzed. This includes monetary factors like the annual budget and personal factors like the efficiency and productivity of the worker.

Apart from payroll and bonuses, HR also supports the employees in achieving their personal goals career and profession-wise. It guides competent individuals towards suitable checkpoints, helping the workers improve themselves while benefiting the firm along the way. It also helps with their social, mental, and physical well-being.

Evaluation and Monitoring

The HR team constantly checks on the productivity, competency, and quality of work pertaining to every individual in the firm. It also keeps a meticulous record of work-related as well as personal details, including health, safety, insurance, etc.,

HR holds the power to take suitable action upon employees that they find to be incompetent with their work. They can also call out employees showing misconduct and inappropriate behavior.

Policies and Surveys

HR organizes frequent surveys and interviews with the employees to gain feedback and complaints upon anything related to the firm. The information thus received is then processed by the HR team, and appropriate proposals are made to the management. HR also suggests appropriate changes in the policies of the company based on the surveys as well as the previously observed data and situations.

The HR team is also responsible for making sure that the employees are aware of the policies of the firm along with the changes that are being made to it along the way.


The workload on HR has significantly increased in the past few years, which has paved the way for sites like Talenteria to be of great help. It helps HR professionals by making processes like screening and talent pool management easier.

Society and workplaces are constantly evolving, and their dependence on HR is constantly increasing, making the HR team indispensable. An efficient HR is directly reflected upon in the outcome of the firm, as it maintains the brand image of a firm.

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Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path In 2024?

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path in 2024? Many people claim that basic industries are dead but it is the primary source of employment for millions of people. Basic industries supply a great wage irrespective of the educational qualification. The basic industry is responsible for many things at the same time that you will get to know later in this article. They consume large amounts of nutrients and thus, require a high capital investment. The number of jobs is also high in this sector and you can enjoy the same. Basic Industries - All You Need To Know A basic industry is an industry that is accountable for creating and transforming raw materials from their most important phase and creating semi-finished goods that other enterprises will utilize in the creation of the final goods intended for consumption. There is a job available for everyone ranging from small to big sectors in this career path. The demand in this industry is always high so this job is going to attract you for sure. You can take the example of planting and cultivation. These are the jobs that people need to do, and it is available in almost every country. But, at the same time, if you enjoy change, believe me, this job is best suited for you, especially if you are looking for improvement and further growth. Read about the various sectors that are categorized into basic industries! Let me describe some of them because it integrates several aspects of the process, supply and development. Agriculture Did you know that agriculture is an integral part of basic industries? It is under the super sector of natural resources and mining so, it is related to jobs in animal raising, fish and animal harvesting, crop growing and timber harvesting! All these jobs are related to a farm or a ranch which is basically the habitat of animals or plants. You can never replace this industry because it is at the beginning of all processes and systems. The food supply chain receives support from Agriculture as it also provides raw materials along with distributing various food products!  Steel and Metals It is in the 18th century that the metal and the steelwork sector rose as part of the Industrial Revolution. The mechanical ecosystem of the world has developed significantly, especially with technological advancement.  It is a thriving industry with the evolution of modern technology thus continuing across the country leading to steel and metal work jobs.  Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extraction Another significant sector which generates several job positions and opportunities. There are natural resources in different countries, hence, to work in the mining sector, you must understand quarrying, beneficiating, well operations and others!  Chemicals It is interrelated to the manufacturing sector as it requires organic and inorganic materials mostly in raw form. These raw materials are then transformed into products after they go through a chemical process!  The higher education degree that you will need to become a chemical technician or a diploma from high school or a GED! Furthermore, if you are interested in this sector then you need to have the following degrees:  Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) certification  Professional Engineering (PE)  Bachelor’s degree  Paper A part of the manufacturing sector because the purpose is to transform and convert products namely paper and pulp. There are materials such as grasses, minerals, artificial fibers, straws, bark and rags.  The conversion process is related to the industry along with having practical experiences.  Utilities If you are planning to go into the transportation and trade sector, you also have an option of going into utilities! This sector develops services along with establishments that contribute to the way various systems work.  There are several potential occupational opportunities which leads to perform effectively in the basic industries.  Textile Mills Another subsector of the manufacturing sector, Textile mills help in transforming a product out of the raw materials, be it a natural or synthetic basic fiber.  The products are manufactured for individual and industrial purposes. Products such as sheets, textile bags, apparel and towels from different types of mills.  Basic Industry Characteristics There are some specific characteristics that basic industry consists of. Read below to know in detail. Environmental Impact The amount of waste they produce either goes into the river or into the air; it creates a great impact on the environment. This is directly dangerous to our planet Earth. Highly Qualified Staff Another basic characteristic is the highly qualified staff. The most significant part is that workers must be highly trained to work efficiently.  Significant Investments, Less Competition These sectors are determined to produce heavy machinery, and the initial investment is high. However, only some firms are excited about entering these firms, so the competition is limited.  Semi-Finished Goods The basic industry is responsible for producing semi-finished goods as other firms will use the same to produce the final products.  Raw Materials A wide range of these industries is categorized by working from many raw materials in their starting phase. Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path In 2024? The answer to this question is an absolute Yes. Basic industries are a great career path that you can consider for yourself and take your career forward. There are lots of jobs available in the same, and you can choose any. It does not matter whether you have a certificate of Diploma or not. You can always get a job in basic industries, and once you get experience in the same, you can utilize your skills for other purposes. On the other hand, there are many industries that are flexible enough to work for a long time. For example, energy utilities, public utilities, electric utilities, packaged foods, business services, and much more. The essential enterprises are likewise an extremely vital piece of building the economy of a country. The best benefit of finding a new line of work in essential businesses is that the capability that is important for entering this profession is extremely low. This implies you can likewise bring in a great deal of cash without putting a lot into your schooling. The likelihood of this sector expanding will continue to rise in light of the constant emergence of new positions. This means that there will continuously be a great deal of chances for development. How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries? There are unlimited jobs available in basic industries, and this could be an advantage for you in the long run. As already mentioned above, no professional skills are required to qualify for this job, and you can consider the same for yourself. Senior Process Engineer The overall objective of Senior Process Engineer is to drive performance improvements in Cost, Revenue, Quality, Safety, Health, and Environmental. Here in this position, you need to identify and conduct improvements in engineering studies and projects. Service Representative Service Representatives in basic industries process and record highly difficult orders received by mail or via personal customer contact. Here the main role is Order Management and, at the same time, building relationships with customers. Senior Analyst Senior Analyst is also one of the top job positions in the basic industry. The job exists to make sure that an effective and smooth warehouse and distribution center operations across all business portfolios. Chief Scientist Chief Analysts lead research and development projects supporting the development of proprietary solutions, resulting in capabilities, processes, and new products. Customer Service Representative Customer Service Representative or consumer services satisfies the needs of the customers. They maintain and build friendly relationships with customers by assisting with complaints, questions, etc. Staff Scientist Staff Scientist is a great role in basic industries. Here, you need to initiate, execute, and plan on a large scale. You require strong leadership skills and have the capability to arbitrate technical merits. How is Manufacturing Related with Basic Industries? If you do not know how Basic industries are related to manufacturing, let us share it with you! Basically, the industries provide raw materials so that in manufacturing, we get the finished goods. Later, the finished product from manufacturing contributes to a better service being provided to consumers! Of course, there are several options which combine practicality, passion and talent in job employment. Operator The operator is responsible for the safe operation of equipment, environmental compliance, associated auxiliaries, control systems, etc. Moreover, a degree in a technical field is required for this job role. What Are The Benefits Of Working In Basic Industries? You might want to work in the basic industry for a variety of reasons. The following is a list of the advantages of working in the fundamental industries: High paying jobs Training  Added facilities Job security is high What Are The Best-Paying Jobs In Basic Industries? Now that you have read the majority of what you need to know about basic industries and how they can help you build your career, let me list the best-paying jobs in basic industries: Animal Scientist Food scientist Chemist Metal fabricator Agronomist Equipment technician Machinist Geological engineer Geoscientist Inspector The Final Thoughts Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path? Now, you know the answer to this question and why it is regarded as a good career path. The above-listed information will help you to know the same. Besides, if you come across any doubts regarding the same, you can mention them below in the comment section. Keep Reading: Is Hotels/Resorts A Good Career Path Is Finance Consumer Services A Good Career Path Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path


5 Tips For Employee Retention For Any Organization

You’ve had success with your applicant tracking system and the new hires are getting settled in. They seem to fit in well and are enjoying their jobs. Everything seems like a hiring manager’s dream. This is great! Now, how do we make sure they stay happy and comfortable? Everyone is rooting for them to be long tenured employees and here’s a few tips to make sure that happens. 5 Tips For Employee Retention For Any Organization Employee retention is a pretty effective process. Hence, if you invest an immense amount of money for your employee training purposes, some of the trained employees are starting to leave your company every year. Therefore, your organization is undoubtedly going to hit the challenging part. This is why you have to be conscious and take the step to retain your employees for your organization every time. How to do it? Read through the five tips and know-how to retain your employees. 1.Development People new to the workforce especially, as well as those more tenured, want to know what their future looks like. Many in the workforce see the best way to climb the ladder is to leave companies after a few years. Making an active effort to promote internally will help keep employees as well help with luring new candidates when they learn your company is known for development. 2.Competitive Pay For Employee Retention While many of us love what we do, most people enter the fields they do because they see it as the best way for them to have the comforts they need in life. It sounds obvious to some, but worth saying that a lot of people working don’t feel valued by the pay they receive. Not feeling valued, through lack of compensation, is a major reason as to why people are going to take an offer if it’s presented to them. They might not start looking because of it, but when presented with it, who can blame them for taking a new opportunity to better themselves and their families? Ensuring you are competitive within the market is one of the best ways to keep the talent you have for years to come. 3.An Inclusive Environment Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable at work. This is something to keep in mind at every stage of employment. It should start with fair hiring practices and continue throughout an employee’s tenure. There are many ways to make for a more inclusive environment and it starts by embracing different backgrounds, opinions, and life experiences. Moreover, you must consider the role of wrongful termination lawyers in case your management fails to follow the rules and policies regarding employee termination. 4.Retention Surveys This is a great way to make sure everyone is happy in their positions, and as a way to catch something before it results in someone leaving. These can be run internally or a 3rd party company can provide the service. Either route can be right, it would all depend on what your business structure looks like. We are all human and things can slip through the cracks; it’s understandable. A way to minimize that is data provided from surveys. Regardless if the survey is conducted internally or externally it can be tailored to what you think might be pressing issues at your company. Also, make sure to allow for open ended feedback in case something is important to a team member that you innocently might not have thought to ask about. What better way to show employees to care than giving them an opportunity to speak freely? 5.Perks Another way to make sure employees are staying is to offer them something they aren’t likely to get elsewhere. This can vary greatly depending on what kind of service your company provides and what the physical space of your office is. For example, an in-house gym is a popular perk but not possible in every office space. It might also be worth considering offering the service or product you sell to employees at a discount. If that’s also not feasible, consider something like paying employees’ cell phone plans, especially if they use their phones for work, as a way to show your appreciation as their employer. Conclusion: The employee is an asset to the organization. So when you are having the goal to build a stable organization these five tips of employee retention are going to sort out your issues within seconds. Apply these tips and maintain stable growth with family-like organization members. Read Also: Best Paying Jobs In Energy Is Technology A Good Career Path Is Telecommunications Equipment A Good Career Path

Is marine transportation a good career path

Is Marine Transportation A Good Career Path?

If there is something that young adults worry about, then it is hands down their career and future. And speaking of that, there is one question that I have frequently come across in my life. It goes something along the lines of "is marine transportation a good career path?" If you are someone who is thinking about having a career in the marine industry, then this article is for you. Want to know more about marine transportation and whether Transportation is a good career path or not? If yes, then keep on reading this article till the end… Overview Of The Industry  The maritime sector presents numerous prospects for advancement and is an exciting and fulfilling area of work. Although it has been a part of the economy for centuries, this sector has expanded significantly in the last several years. One of the biggest and fastest-growing segments of the world economy is the marine transportation sector in particular. This sector of the economy includes cargo ships, cruise ships, ferry services, and all other forms of maritime shipping and goods transportation. It makes sense that so many people are interested in this exciting field. There is always something new to discover and learn in the maritime industry, given the growing demand for freight and marine travel services. Individuals who choose to work in this field should anticipate intellectual challenges as well as numerous opportunities for professional development. Salary For individuals who are enthusiastic about the sector, a career in maritime transportation can be very profitable. When making decisions about the future, it's critical to take into account the potential salary of a given profession. Let's examine a range of salaries for various job titles in the maritime logistics industry as of March 2023 to aid with this. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that in 2021, the median annual wage for workers in the marine transportation industry was $62,768. Pay varies according to job title and location. Salary levels for the most sought-after jobs are typically higher than those for less desirable positions. Many people can gradually increase their salary with training and experience. It's crucial to take into account a variety of factors, including travel opportunities and personal interests, in addition to the potential salary when deciding whether or not a career in marine transportation is right for you. What Is Marine Transport? Also known as maritime transportation, it is a job that refers to the transportation of cargo or passengers through sea routes. Currently, it is one of the major ways of transportation when it comes to transporting goods. These goods can be anything. Some of the items that are transported through marine transportation are: Oil Spices Medicines Electronics Beverages Vehicles Machines It is undoubtedly one of the strongest sources of trading and transportation in the world when it comes to transporting heavy and bulky commodities. Moreover, it is still the backbone of the international economy and trading. So, if you are asking, "is marine transportation a good career path," the answer to that is positive. Skills: What Do You Need To Become A Part Of The Journey? Even if a particular job exists, you cannot just be eligible for the role. You need to have certain skills to be a member of that industry. The field of marine transportation is no exception to that rule. Here are the skills that you need to bag a job in marine transportation: 1. Communication Skills I cannot stress this point enough. You must be able to communicate with the crew members while you are on board. That is because, in the field of marine transportation, people come from different backgrounds. This makes it necessary for everyone to interact with each other. Therefore, it not only facilitates brotherhood but also ensures smooth functioning. 2. Mechanical Skills If you want to become successful in the field of marine transportation, it is important that you have knowledge about mechanical things. This skill will come in handy in times of need and urgency. That's the reason why it is necessary for all crew members on the ship, irrespective of their posts and ranks, that they have mechanical skills. 3. Vision (Eyesight) This is one of the most important things that you need to have is great eyesight. The fact that you are working in a shipping vessel, away from the land, makes it crucial for you to be able to see things afar. This is because you need to scout the horizon to notice the smallest changes. Job Types: What Jobs Can You Find In Marine Transportation? If you think that there is no variety in the field, then I would ask you to reconsider. There are a lot of jobs that you can find in the field of marine transportation. Some of them are as follows: Marine Engineer Port Engineer Port Captain Naval Architect Deckhand Employee Motor Man Employee Foodservice Oiler There is much more to this list, but here are the basics. Answering The Question, “Is Marine Transportation A Good Career Path?” Now, coming to the pain questions. Is marine transportation a good career path? The answer to that is YES, it is. If you are someone who loves to travel overseas and likes to explore, then you are going to love this job. At the same time, the payment or the wage in the field of marine transportation is also not that bad. The best paying jobs in the field of marine transportation are Vessel Captain, Marine Engineer, Naval Architect, Data Scientist, and Port Captain. If you are someone who is looking for a high paying job, then this might be the key for you. This is because, according to reports, the average salary of a Vessel captain (the one who is in command of the ship) is nearly 100,000 dollars USD. However, even if you want to settle for the role of a Port captain, you will still be able to have a comfortable life at home. The salary of the Post Captain is nearly 65,000 dollars USD on an average. In simpler words, marine transportation is a great career path for people who are looking for a secure future, a steady and good source of income, and the opportunity to travel overseas and over seas (get the pun?) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Now that you have almost read the end of the article, I really hope that most of your questions have already been answered and cleared. If, however, there is still some confusion left, I would advise you to read some of the questions that users frequently ask. Q1. What Is Marine Transportation Management? The task or job of being able to manage and shift the rules and policies of the marine industry, specifically the marine transportation industry, regarding safety and other important points is called marine transportation management. Q2. Which Job Pays You The Highest? There are many jobs at present that can provide a high salary. Some of them are:1. Machine Learning.2. Medical Professionals.3. Data Scientists. 3. Is Marine Transportation A Risky Job? Even though it is true that marine transportation is a job that pays you well and also gives you the opportunity to travel overseas, it is still a little risky. That is because any problem that occurs in and on the ship or vessel can be life threatening to the crew. Bottom Line: Decide If You Want A Job In Marine Transportation! Marine transportation is one of the most stable jobs that you can apply for. But, at the same time, if you are looking for the opportunity to travel while earning a sufficient amount as salary, then marine transportation is the career that you should choose. In case you were looking for the answer to the question “is marine transportation a good career path,” I hope that you found this article to be of help. If there are any questions or doubts regarding the same, kindly write them down in the comment section below. Till then, Stay safe! Read Also: Is Capital Goods A Good Career Path? Is Precious Metals A Good Career Path Is Medical/Dental Instruments A Good Career Path How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts?