Tips on How to Avoid Hoarding and Get Rid of Clutter

Published on: 26 November 2019 Last Updated on: 27 November 2019

Hoarding too many things in your house can become a serious problem. After some time, you will notice that there is not enough space for new stuff. Not only that, sanitation can become an issue as well. Piles of unused items can cause dirt and dust to settle. And the worst part about piles of junk in your home is the pest infestation. You and your family could get sick from the dust and the insects living in the trash you keep.

What is hoarding?

Your behavior may not be clinically classified as hoarding, but in general, you hoard stuff when you tend to hold on to things even when they are no longer being used. For example, you keep boxes of old clothes, books, and toys your children may have already outgrown. Often the problem is not finding the time to declutter and get rid of junk. Fortunately, there is always a solution. We can provide you with tips on how to prevent hoarding, even before it becomes an issue. Human hoarding may be linked to animal hoarding habits, but firm evidence is requiring.

Individuals who meet symptomatic patterns for hoarding mayhem experience sensations of anxiety or distress about abandoning possessions they do not want. The hoarding effects clinically important trouble or impairment in social, professional, or other significant areas of functioning (including securing a safe atmosphere for oneself and others).

Scaling down your collection

Collecting sentimental items is one common reason why people end up with piles of junk. If you are guilty of doing the same thing, what you can do is scale down. What does scaling down mean? For example, why not frame one of your kid’s artworks and toss the rest? Collectibles can take up a lot of space. Choose pieces with the most meaning and find a way to give away the rest if you can.

Hire a junk removal company

junk removal

Expert junk removal in Fort Lauderdale can help if you need assistance with hauling and disposing of piles of garbage in your home. Professional waste removal services will not turn away any job. Whether they need to deal with something challenging, they have the workforce, tools, and equipment to get the job done efficiently. Another advantage of hiring professionals is safety. You won’t unnecessarily endanger yourself trying to carry heavy objects and hauling them to the dumpster.

Donate or consign your stuff

It is easier to let go of your things when you know that someone else will benefit. Donating is always an excellent option when you have too many items taking up space in your home. Clothes your children have outgrown and those that no longer fit you can be sent to Goodwill. If you have old books and toys, you can also donate them to a school or a charity.

A consignment is a good option if you have many small items that still have value. You can contact a thrift store and ask about how to consign some of your things. Do you collect designer shoes and bags? Consignment is the best way to sell some of your stuff for extra cash.


If you want to avoid clutter and hoarding, you need to be extra conscious about how much stuff you store at home. Take stock of what you have at least twice a year and box up anything that you no longer use. Make it a yearly habit to do a major clean-up so that the task does not become too overwhelming.

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Foundation Moisture Maintenance: 6 Tips for Home Repair

Foundation maintenance is not something most homeowners plan for. It can be time-consuming, expensive, and complicated. It can also cause you great pain and aggravation if it is done incorrectly. Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to handle foundation repair on their own. You should also go towards the foundation maintenance services that help you to make your home safe and secure. Unfortunately, this can lead to even more problems than the original problems and can cost you much more money in the end. 1. Inspection: Foundation maintenance tips that include inspections are necessary because repairs can get costly if they are not done correctly the first time. This is because the damage could have been lessened if the repair was made properly. If you notice a crack that is slowly getting worse and appears to be getting worse, then you should call in an expert immediately. You should also make sure there are no other cracks that could be causing your home foundation damage. 2. Clay Soils: Another foundation maintenance tip involves inspecting your clay soils. Do you have clay soils in your yard? If so, you need to know what type of soil your foundation is built on and how to correct it. There are certain plants and trees that can actually damage your foundations and these should be avoided at all costs. 3. Repair Foundation Cracks: In addition to avoiding having your home foundation damaged, another way to avoid it is by repairing foundation cracks. There are different types of cracks including wooden cracks, concrete cracks, and more. Some homeowners prefer to repair their home foundation first and then worry about the type of cracks they have or the damages they may have incurred. It is important to repair any type of cracks that may be causing damage to your home. 4. Check Gutters and Sewage Systems: Along with foundation repairs, homeowners should also make sure their gutters, downspouts, and sewage systems are working properly. Gutters and downspouts should be checking on a regular basis to make sure they are not clogged with leaves, twigs, or other debris. Downspouts should be inspected for leaks that may cause damage to your home. There are many foundation maintenance tips for homeowners that include checking on the condition of these two vital components. 5. Hire Foundation Repairing Company: One of the most important foundation maintenance tips for homeowners is to hire foundation repair companies when it comes to checking for leaks around your home. Most of the time, leak detection can be completed without the help of an expert. One of the best ways to check for leaks around your home is to use an inexpensive non-intrusive infrared camera. If you find any areas around your home that appear to be leaking, this will be an excellent time to consult a foundation maintenance company. 6. Proper Drainage System: Homeowners should also make sure that they have a proper drainage system throughout their homes. Proper drainage allows materials such as liquids and grime to seep away from the foundation and stay away from being eroded by the soil. Many homeowners also underestimate the importance of proper drainage. Without the proper amount of drainage in place, there is a greater risk of foundation damage. A professional foundation moisture maintenance company will be able to determine if you do not have adequate drainage. Read Also: Improve Your Home With Concrete Lifting Services Why You Must Embrace Green Home Technologies? Safety Triangle: Three Things Your Soon-To-Be House Must Have

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5 Ways A Home Maintenance Plan Can Prevent Disaster

Home maintenance is not only a common subject of debate in married life, but it’s also a widely disputed chore that not everyone believes is necessary. But the fact of the matter is that home maintenance is actually much more important than you might think. 5 Ways A Home Maintenance Plan Can Prevent Disaster Here are a few ways home maintenance (or the lack thereof) can affect you: 1. Maintains The Value Of Your Home : Of course, this isn’t a major perk on its own but if you take into consideration that neglecting regular home maintenance can drastically decrease the value of your home, you may start to realize that it’s worth a second thought. How does home maintenance really help? Neglected homes can easily depreciate in value as a result of structural damage, hefty unattended repairs, and really any types of damage sprouting from long-term negligence. Small things can easily amount to a huge amount of damage which in turn will definitely negatively impact the value of your home. Because the more money has to go into a home to bring it up to standard or up to date the less it is worth. Say you suddenly had to sell your home, would you want to have a to-do list as long as a novel or could you get away with a few hundred dollars worth of upgrades in the short amount of time you had? That’s when your home value really matters. 2. Mitigates Potential Repair Costs :  When you stop doing regular maintenance on your car like replacing the filters, checking the oil, replacing brakes, etc. your car will start to break down and worse, it could cause an accident. In the same way, if you stop taking care of your home it will start to fall apart on you. If for example, you neglect your home’s gutters the water will gather and leak into the seams of your home, over time that can cause serious water damage which can actually lead to structural damage as well. The damage that could have been prevented by simply cleaning out and inspecting your gutters and downspouts once or twice a month. Home maintenance is a cost-effective way to prevent the pricey, invasive, inconvenient and down-right frustrating situations that can develop if your isn’t properly cared for. 3. Improves Your Home’s Security : Safety is something we don't generally associate with home maintenance, but that is one of the primary reasons why it’s so important to do it. Home maintenance and upkeep can help keep your family safe in various ways, not only is your home in itself a protection against the elements and other dangers but if it isn't maintained your home can become a real danger. A child could fall from a fault in the stairs or holes in the floor. Neglecting to replace or repair a broken balustrade could cause serious injury or death. You should also address potential fire hazards, inspect for electrical faults, make sure the smoke detectors and extinguishers are working correctly. If you trim dead tree branches they won’t be able to rot off and fall on the house or the car or a person, child or pet. Investing time and a little money in regular home maintenance can help you to avoid potentially dangerous and disastrous situations. 4. Prevents Infestations :  Pests can move in so quickly, and before you know it you could have a nasty infestation on your hands. At best, pests are inconvenient and at worst, they pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Cockroaches aggravate asthma and allergies and like rats and mice, carry an insane amount of deadly bacteria that can cause diseases that are fatal to humans. Even though anything can happen and some infestations can and should only be handled in a humane way, by trained professionals, for the most part, this could be prevented by a few simple home upkeep and maintenance strategies. Keeping food in sealed containers can prevent anything from cockroaches to raccoons and squirrels and yes, rats. Maintaining your home’s roof and carpentry by ensuring that there aren’t any holes or weak spots can prevent pests from entering your home and nesting in your basement or attic. Trimming trees can also help minimize the potential for rodents to gain access to your roof. Clutter can also be extremely inviting to a variety of critters to make nests in, so be proactive by regularly ridding your home and yard of clutter. 5. Improves Your Family’s Health :  It may seem like a bit of a stretch to attribute a significant portion of your family’s health to the maintenance of your home, but in reality, it’s anything but. Your environment absolutely affects your health. We need proper ventilation in order to maintain an adequate amount of oxygen circulating in our bodies, which is why it’s important for the air conditioning and windows to be in optimal condition, Extreme temperatures can exacerbate countless medical conditions, therefore your home’s temperature control needs to be maintained so that it doesn’t decide to quit on you in the middle of the icy winter. (when else would it decide to quit?). Conclusion If there are pests or vegetation that aggravate your child’s allergies or sinuses then that has to be kept under control. Of course, having good quality water is just as important to the health of any living creature. Not to mention a home that is practically falling apart will dramatically affect the stress levels in your home and stress in itself is a massive health risk, accounting for 60% of all human illnesses and diseases. Homes are meant to be a safe, secure and relaxing environment for your family and their health and a few small tweaks to your home maintenance plan can ensure that it stays that way. Read Also : Relax In Style In The Comfort Of Your Homes Top 7 Reasons To Get Artificial Turf At Your Home First Home Renovation Ideas And Tips

pest control services

4 Benefits of Pest Control Services

Sooner or later you are bound to deal with pests in your home. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to keep them out, they always find a way to sneak in houses. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get rid of them. Pests are not so dangerous, but they can cause problems and be a huge nuisance as well. Some of them even carry diseases, which is not good. That’s why every household needs to eliminate this problem as soon as possible by hiring pest control services. Moreover, if you don’t have the time to eliminate them on your own, then it is best to hire professional services. Sometimes people don’t know how to deal with this kind of issue. What’s worse, you might think that you’ve eliminated all of them from the house, when in fact they are still present. Some of them hide between walls where no one can see them. This is why it is always a good idea to hire pest control services and have the pests eliminated once and for all. You can really benefit from this type of service. Here are some of the advantages: 4 Benefits of Pest Control Services: Keeps diseases out As mentioned above, pests can carry diseases that can easily transmit to humans as well as animals. If you have pets in the house, it is best to keep them away from the pests. This is also advisable for the entire household. Why risk your health? A pest infestation can cause serious issues and they are quite frequent. Cockroaches, for example, can cause asthma. They also carry with them a lot of bacteria and pathogens. You don’t always have to hire pest control services when there’s an actual problem. Make sure that you do maintenance checks as well. This will prevent an even bigger problem arising in the future. The most important thing in the world is your health and of those around you. If you notice tiny pests invading your home, make sure to deal with them as quickly as possible. The right thing to do is to hire pest control services. Better sleep We all need to sleep. During this time, our mind and muscles relax and we always feel better after a good night's sleep. How would you be able to sleep if the house is infested with rodents that constantly run around the rooms? For starters, they can easily damage and destroy a lot of things around the house. They can even ruin the quality of your food. If you have rodents in the attic, then they will constantly make noise. Click on this link for more details. The best thing to do is to hire pest control services to eliminate the problem thoroughly. No one wants to live in a house filled with pests. They are not good for anybody. Pest infestations are a common thing, but you should act right away. Don’t let the issue become bigger by procrastinating. No more restless nights because of those annoying rodents. You will be able to sleep soundly. Thorough cleaning As mentioned above, if you take it upon yourself to clean the house from infestation, you might not do a very good job. After all, not everyone is skilled in eliminating pests from their homes. A pest control service can do a thorough job on the matter. You won’t be able to encounter any more insects or rodents. Professionals that eliminate these types of issues are skilled and experienced. They will do a much better job than you. Firstly, they will examine the situation and then start working on a solution. Secondly, with the right technique, they will thoroughly clean the entire place. Moreover, you probably won’t even know which product to use to eliminate the infestation once and for all. Also, they will provide you with helpful information on what to do to prevent the problem from ever arising again. Sometimes, these things happen and you need to be prepared for them. Decrease allergies and itching A lot of households deal with fleas, bed bugs, spiders and even mosquitos. They can sting you and cause terrible itching on the skin. If you keep on scratching you can easily transform those bites into permanent scars. In addition, if you leave the problem for too long, it can spread and become more difficult to get rid of. For more helpful information, make sure to check out Statewide Pest Control Melbourne, Victoria. This is because these types of pests can easily make large colonies or nests. If you notice something like this in your home, make sure to hire an exterminator as soon as you can. Only a professional exterminator knows what to do in situations like these. They will eliminate the issue and prevent it from happening again. You no longer have to worry about bites. Read Also: Releasing Stress Even if You Don’t Leave Home How Private Hire Insurance Takes You Out from Problems?