Tips on How to Avoid Hoarding and Get Rid of Clutter

Hoarding too many things in your house can become a serious problem. After some time, you will notice that there is not enough space for new stuff. Not only that, sanitation can become an issue as well. Piles of unused items can cause dirt and dust to settle. And the worst part about piles of junk in your home is the pest infestation. You and your family could get sick from the dust and the insects living in the trash you keep.

What is hoarding?

Your behavior may not be clinically classified as hoarding, but in general, you hoard stuff when you tend to hold on to things even when they are no longer being used. For example, you keep boxes of old clothes, books, and toys your children may have already outgrown. Often the problem is not finding the time to declutter and get rid of junk. Fortunately, there is always a solution. We can provide you with tips on how to prevent hoarding, even before it becomes an issue. Human hoarding may be linked to animal hoarding habits, but firm evidence is requiring.

Individuals who meet symptomatic patterns for hoarding mayhem experience sensations of anxiety or distress about abandoning possessions they do not want. The hoarding effects clinically important trouble or impairment in social, professional, or other significant areas of functioning (including securing a safe atmosphere for oneself and others).

Scaling down your collection

Collecting sentimental items is one common reason why people end up with piles of junk. If you are guilty of doing the same thing, what you can do is scale down. What does scaling down mean? For example, why not frame one of your kid’s artworks and toss the rest? Collectibles can take up a lot of space. Choose pieces with the most meaning and find a way to give away the rest if you can.

Hire a junk removal company

junk removal

Expert junk removal in Fort Lauderdale can help if you need assistance with hauling and disposing of piles of garbage in your home. Professional waste removal services will not turn away any job. Whether they need to deal with something challenging, they have the workforce, tools, and equipment to get the job done efficiently. Another advantage of hiring professionals is safety. You won’t unnecessarily endanger yourself trying to carry heavy objects and hauling them to the dumpster.

It is easier to let go of your things when you know that someone else will benefit. Donating is always an excellent option when you have too many items taking up space in your home. Clothes your children have outgrown and those that no longer fit you can be sent to Goodwill. If you have old books and toys, you can also donate them to a school or a charity.

A consignment is a good option if you have many small items that still have value. You can contact a thrift store and ask about how to consign some of your things. Do you collect designer shoes and bags? Consignment is the best way to sell some of your stuff for extra cash.


If you want to avoid clutter and hoarding, you need to be extra conscious about how much stuff you store at home. Take stock of what you have at least twice a year and box up anything that you no longer use. Make it a yearly habit to do a major clean-up so that the task does not become too overwhelming.

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