4 Tips to Find the Best Voice Lessons


30 March 2019



Are you someone who frequently finds themselves singing along to the radio? Do you play an instrument but you’ve always wanted to add singing to your list of musical skills? Have you always wanted to start a band and perform live?

Has that ever inspired you to make music yourself? Have you ever found yourself wanting to learn how to sing, but don’t know where to start?

Sure, it’s important to be able to take lessons and improve your craft, but in music, meeting people is half the struggle. Being able to find a place where you can not only learn how to be a better vocalist but also meet and collaborate with other singers and musicians who are also learning is the real first step, especially when there are so many different music schools with different advantages and disadvantages.

However, there is hope: in this article, we’re going to be sharing with you 4 tips to help you find the best voice lessons so you don’t have to spend your valuable time navigating the market.

So, without further ado, here are our tips:

#1. Find a School that Fits Your Style: 

Whether you’re trying to find lessons in rock or pop or folk/indie, it’s important to find a school that will cater to your interests. After all, you don’t want to be taking lessons with someone who doesn’t understand the type of music you want to play! Thankfully, many schools will list the genres their instructors teach and how much experience those instructors bring to the table. Learn more at Singers Edge — a school that prides itself on its staff of over 40 university-trained instructors, all focused on different areas of specialty.

#2. Finding a Certificate Program: 

Being able to sing well is one thing, but having the credentials for people to know you’re a good singer before they even hear you are also incredibly beneficial. Finding a school that gives you access to a certificate program can be a great way to get your credentials.

#3. Affordable Group Classes: 

One of the best reasons to go attend a music school is to meet other people who are also learning, but regardless of whether you’re taking lessons in rock or pop or folk/indie, some schools charge you extra for group lessons. This can be counterproductive and sometimes just too expensive, so finding a school that doesn’t charge you to the network is key.

#4. Find A Payment Plan Right for You: 

Finding a music school with a flexible payment plan is also essential. If you needed to tour, for example, you don’t want to be locked into a contract for lessons you’re not actually taking. Being able to seize the opportunity as it happens is the best way to be a musician and the best music schools will understand this.

If you’re somebody who is looking to find the right school to fit your style and schedule, while also offering you the opportunity to meet other enthusiastic vocalists, Singer’s Edge might just be the place for you. Located in a capital city with many great venues this school allows you to meet other singers and musicians who are also learning while being able to take group lessons for free! There are also no locked in terms of contracts, allowing you to pay on a month-to-month basis.

Follow these four tips, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better vocalist, while also collaborating with other musicians — all with the right set of instructors helping you along.

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Basic Steps For A Jazz Guitarist Beginner

Jazz is one of the oldest forms of music which had lost its popularity due to the other latest and modern forms of music like rock music. But, in recent times, jazz music has regained its popularity and has brought a twist in the music world. Today, the guitarists are learning jazz music because of the latest trend of this genre. Carlos Santana, today, has helped build and maintain the popularity of Jazz today. Jazz, with all its quirks, has surprisingly influenced other genres like rock and metal. It is an interesting field - as you will find out on MusicCritic - though it is not for everyone's taste. However, it is free for anyone to explore. Learning jazz is not an easy task for beginners. But, it is also not impossible to learn the genre. The guitarists need to pay a little more attention to the learning, compared to learning other forms of music. Moreover, the jazz musicians say that learning jazz can be fun and relatively easy in the initial stage, and enjoyable eventually. To learn to play jazz music on a guitar is easy once you understand the basics of music theory and the specific techniques used in it. The Basics Of Music Theory For Jazz A lot of jazz guitar is based on your improvisational ability, and therefore, you need to have a strong command of music theory. You should be knowing each of the scales, modes, chords, and arpeggios to implement them in playing. Moreover, when you know these basics of jazz music, you will be able to make different patterns with them and create different notes. Moreover, jazz songs are basically made up of rhythm, chord progressions, and licks. As a guitarist, you need to learn them and then make various combinations to make songs. The main reason for jazz guitar to make it unique is the type of chord progressions used and also the type of chords specifically used in jazz music. However, a majority of the chords used in jazz music are the modified versions of standard major and minor chords. How To Learn a New Chord? For learning a new chord you need to follow these points: You need to ensure that each note of the chord is clean and clear. Do not rush. Take it slow and get comfortable with the chord. Practice the chord by moving it up and down on the fretboard. Swapping between the chords will give you good practice. Build up the speed during the process eventually. By following the steps mentioned, you can put it all together. Points To Be Considered While Learning Solo When you are learning solo, it is better to practice with a metronome on all the four beats and also on 2 and 4. For this purpose, you can download a metronome app and there are lots of them available online. It is better if you practice your solo with a backing track so that you can know how it sounds in a musical environment. You can also write down the notes while playing and practicing it so, you can refer them when you play the next time. Also, write down the rhythms of the chords, so that you can know what is happening over each chord. It is very important to analyze each line harmonically and rhythmically and then make exercises out them for the purpose of practice. Learning 32 bars may seem difficult at first sight. But, if you set small and realistic goals, it is not much difficult to do so. You can transcribe one section in a week, which is 2 bars in a day. Likewise, you can learn the entire chorus in a month and if you learn 4 bars a day, then you can learn it in just 2 weeks. However, it is crucial that after learning the chords, you need to practice them with variations to make new notes, which will make your music stronger. Moreover, it is also important for a jazz guitarist to carry out improvisation, which you can do when you have learned at least 8 bars of the solo. How To Learn Improvisation? Learn The Vocabulary Try to learn the melodic and harmonic patterns and ideas from other musicians and guitarist, whom you like. Moreover, you can also for different and useful ideas in this relevance to your music teacher, which can be the best way to learn the vocabulary. When you are a beginner, taking assistance from your teacher is the best option to learn. Use the Vocabulary It is important that you stick to one idea or lick at a time while practicing. Combine The Licks, Patterns Or Ideas You Learned When you have learned different licks or patterns, you can make different variations and use them to make solos. At this point in time, your solos will sound more original. Using the above steps and tips, you can do improvisation in your music and create different notes and solos. Learning jazz music is not that difficult if you learn it systematically and don’t rush into learning it fast. It just needs practice and more importantly, the improvisation ability. Read  More : How To Choose The Best Soundbars System For Your Home Demystified: The Interesting Connection Between Politics And Music   Reference Links: http://jamieholroydguitar.com/beginner-jazz-guitar-lesson-practice-schedule http://www.fretdojo.com/jazz-guitar-improvisation-for-beginners/ https://blog.udemy.com/jazz-guitar-lessons/ http://pickupjazz.com/beginner-jazz-guitar-chords/

Some 10% of Led Zeppelin’s Catalog

Some 10% of Led Zeppelin’s Catalog, Trademarks, and Business Assets Are Officially on the Market

Led Zeppelin was one of the world’s biggest bands. Formed in 1968, they were at the forefront of a cultural youth movement; the group still has a profound influence on the music we hear today. Recently, the daughter of the band’s manager, Peter Grant, confirmed that she is putting her share in the band up for sale. The news has caused mass excitement among music fans, who are all eager to see what will happen to this piece of music history. Read on to find out more. How Much Is It Worth? Peter Grant was Led Zeppelin’s manager from the day the band was formed in 1968 all the way through until their eventual breakup, which took place 12 years later in 1980. Grant, who passed away in 1995, owned a 20% stake in Led Zeppelin’s intellectual property, which he passed on to his children when he died. Half went to his son Warren and half went to his daughter Helen. Now, Helen has announced that she is going to sell her 10% stake. How much is this portion of Led Zeppelin’s intellectual property actually worth? It’s difficult to put an exact figure on it, as its value will depend on how much someone is willing to pay for it. However, a 2016 court case involving the copyright of the band’s 1971 hit Stairway to Heaven detailed that the value of the band’s entire back catalogue amounted to $58.5 million. Helen’s 10% share includes a portion of this discography, as well as things like trademarks, such as the band’s iconic name, and merchandise, which should drive the value up even higher. Where And How Will It Happen? New Media Law, a London-based law firm that specialises in entertainment, has been enlisted by Grant to oversee and manage the transaction. The stake is currently on the market, and Grant has reportedly already attracted interest from a number of potential buyers. One of these is the Iconic Artists Group, a management company that specialises in acquiring the rights to legendary music. Iconic Artists Group, which is run by Irving Azoff and Olivier Chastan, has previously struck deals with big-name artists including The Beach Boys, Dean Martin, David Crosby, Joe Cocker, and Nat King Cole. There’s lots of money to be made in music, be it through new bands and artists or things like SFX, but the financial potential still offered by classic artists of old cannot be overlooked. Who's Initial Idea Was It? According to reports, surviving members of Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones won’t be involved in the deal. Page, Plant, and Jones haven’t spoken publicly about the sale, so it’s impossible to know how they feel about it. At the end of the day, their opinion doesn’t matter much, as the stake is Grant’s to do with as she pleases. It was Grant herself who had been the primary orchestrator of the sale. According to her, it’s been something she has considered for many years, and ultimately, she has taken the decision to sell her stake in the hopes it will further cement the legacy of her father. The money from the sale could be used to fund something like a film or a documentary about her father, Peter, who is widely considered to be the driving force behind Led Zeppelin and has had a major influence on the modern music industry. Peter Grant, an imposing man of considerable height and weight, was famed for his ruthless business acumen and shrewdness. He struck excellent deals for Led Zeppelin and ensured they were satisfied artistically without interference from record labels or producers. He was instrumental in the success of the band’s tours, and he ensured they received a majority of ticket sales. This was a new approach to live music, and Grant’s focus on maximising profits for the artists rather than labels and promoters still benefits artists in today’s live music industry. While Helen Grant made the final decision to move ahead with the sale, she has been supported and encouraged along the way by New Media Law founding partner Ian Penman, who holds a special personal connection with the partnership due to his lifelong love for the music of Led Zeppelin. Will Others Follow? The back catalogue and intellectual property of classic artists have long been treated as precious commodities, with some denoting them an almost religious or spiritual significance. However, as time moves on and estates pass onto new generations, we could well see more deals like the Led Zeppelin transaction being struck. We’ve already seen iconic figures like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen sell the rights to their music. After all, as long as the fans can still enjoy it, does anything else really matter? Conclusion With 10% of the Led Zeppelin catalogue up for sale, this could represent a shift in how we think about and consider classic bands of old and could be the first of many such deals. Read Also: What Makes A Great Streaming Service? Family Musicals: The Best Dads on The Stage How To Choose And Install The Right Fog Light Tinting?


Receiptify: A New Way To Learn About Your Favorite Songs!

If you wish to know which are your favorite songs and artists on Spotify, it tells you so - only once at the start of the year. This is why websites like Receiptify have been created to allow Spotify users to learn about their favorite songs they love listening to over and over again. To learn more about this website and how to use it, read this post till the end. What Is Receiptify? Image Source Receiptify is a website that has gained popularity for generating a report of your most listened songs on Spotify in the form of a receipt. In this receipt report, your favorite songs appear as items, with their duration appearing as the amount. Believe it or not, this Spotify panel actually brings you closer to your favorite music. Receiptify Can Generate Reports From Which Platforms? The main feature of Spotify Receiptify is to generate reports of your favorite songs from your subscribed music streaming platforms. Here are the three music streaming services from which this website tries to understand your musical preferences: 1. Spotify Image Source Spotify is by far one of the most popular and most used music streaming platforms. Used by millions of subscribers worldwide, Spotify is one of the best places to get all the new music releases. In addition, you also get access to a lot of podcasts, which are becoming more and more popular on Spotify. 2. Last.fm Image Source If you want to be a part of a growing community of music lovers, then creating an account in Last.fm is one of the best things that you can do. Here, after you create your profile, Last.fm will collect all data about what music you listen to. They allow you to link your Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and other accounts to gain an understanding of your musical taste from there. After the site creates a musical persona of you, Autoscrobbler will start recommending music to you based on what you listen to. 3. Apple Music (iTunes) Image Source Like Spotify, iTunes, or Apple Music, it is exactly what it is - music for Apple device owners. Although you don’t need an Apple device to create an iTunes account, you can listen to an extensive catalog of music from here - available at the highest quality not offered by other platforms - like Lossless sound quality. How To Connect Spotify Account With Receiptify? Image Source If you think generating your specialized “receipt” reports of your most heard tracks on Spotify is complex, then you can relax after knowing that it’s easier than you think. To generate your receipt reports of your most-heard songs on Spotify using Receiptify, you must first link your account. Here is a detailed explanation of the steps you need to follow: First, open your web browser on your smartphone or computer. There, search for Receiptify and enter its official website - https://receiptify.herokuapp.com/index.html. Next, as you enter the website's homepage, you will see options for generating reports for three platforms - Spotify, Last.fm, and iTunes. Choose any one of them. For this explanation, I will be sticking with Spotify. Now, you must enter your account details like email ID and username. After you have given these details, it's time to allow Receiptify to have permission to use your session details from Spotify. You can do so when the permission page opens up in another browser tab. Congratulations! You have linked your Spotify account with Receiptify! Now, this website will be able to track all your session details on Spotify (or iTunes/Last.fm). How To Make Receiptify Spotify Reports? Image Source After you link your Spotify account with Receiptify, it’s now time for you to generate your much-awaited “Receipt” reports! To generate Spotify reports (and of other platforms), here is a step-by-step guide on what you must do: First, open your web browser on your smartphone or computer. There, search for Receiptify and enter its official website Next, as you enter the website's homepage, you will see options for generating reports for three platforms - Spotify, Last.fm, and iTunes. Choose any one of them. For this explanation, I will be sticking with Spotify. Now, you must enter your account details like email ID and username. After you log in with your Spotify account, you can now choose between three options for report types. These three report types are based on reporting on your favorite songs for different periods. They are: Last Month (last 30 days) Last Six Months Of All Time (since account creation) Once you select which reporter to generate, this website takes a few minutes to create the report for you. It will then present the report to you in a Receipt-like format. Is Receiptify Safe? Image Source Yes, this website is totally safe to use and link your Spotify account to. Many Spotify users have voiced concerns that since this is a this-party website that asks you to connect your Spotify account with it, it can steal your personal information available on Spotify, including your payment information. However, Receiptify is different from sites like WcoStream. Every information that you share here is encrypted, ensuring that your data doesn’t get stolen or misused. Other Third-Party Spotify Apps You Can Use In 2023 Apart from Receiptify Spotify, there are various other applications that Spotify users should know about. Here are some of the other Spotify third-party programs I recommend you try out: 1. Spotify Palette Image Source This website allows you to view your favorite songs in terms of colors. Depending on the genre of the music you listen to and the mood it creates, this site will generate a color palette for you. This color palette is based on your musical preferences over the last six months. After it generates a color palette for you, it will then create an image for you based on your color palettes. These images will be taken from the database of Google Art and Culture. 2. Icebergify Image Source As the name implies, this website presents your musical taste as an iceberg. Here, the website collects information about your Top 50 artists on Spotify. Here, the tip of the iceberg represents your favorite artist at the top, with others following below. 3. Your Pie! Image Source We all love pies, don't we? Why not have your musical preferences served as a pie? By using this website, you can generate a report that represents the musical genres you listen to the most in the form of a pie graph. Don’t Forget To Take Your Spotify Receipt! Image Source Spotify Receiptify has become famous for its unique and fun way of displaying your most listened-to songs on Spotify. It lists them all like a receipt, with the songs and their durations being your orders and prices, respectively. If you use Spotify, I highly recommend you try this out! Please tell us about what your most listened-to songs on Spotify are in the comments below! Read Also: 8 Problems Only Music Lovers Will Know Find the Required Music Lyrics at Allmusicals.com Headphones vs Earbuds: How to Choose for the Best Music Experience