Top 7 Reasons to Hire a Private Detective Agency During Divorce Cases


08 October 2018


Private Detective Agency

Even the best of marriages can proceed forth towards a devastating end with divorce as the final way out. While hiring a private detective agency for your case might sound downright outrageous, it could be the right way to win the case in court. This might save you from custody battles or money issues that might surface up later. So here are seven reasons that prove to hire private detective agency in Delhi might benefit your case.

1. Prove infidelity:

Even if one is perfect at hiding the clues or silly mistakes, a spouse can always feel if his/her partner has been cheating. This comes from the years of connection established with the partner that might be distorted with a sudden change in the overall rhythm of the daily routine. Having the help of a detective agency in Delhi can help you in proving your doubts. So make sure you get the help as soon as possible.

2. Find any hidden assets:

Hiding property acquisitions or money from a spouse is a prevalent pattern. As someone who is unaware of the technological gimmicks, it can be hard for you to obtain the information with regards to any hidden property or money held by your spouse that you are unaware of. Hiring a detective agency in Delhi can help you win the property battle with the right knowledge of the overall financial capacity of your spouse.

3. Get custody of your kid/kids:

If you happen to know that your spouse was involved with something illegal or bad behaviour, this can help you win the custody of your kid/kids without having to worry about the future of the children going into wrong hands. All you need to do is a hire a private detective to deal with your case, and he/she might surface up with evidence that might prove him/her a bad parent. You can ask the detective to videotape any instance that might show how reckless they are. This might involve the partner driving while intoxicated and dropping off the kids. It could be any illegal or reckless act, and you are bound to get the custody of your children legally.

4. Lawful investigation:

Any investigator from the detective agency in Delhi knows the proper stances for legal investigation. As a commoner, you might be unaware of the rules and regulations that come with the investigation of an individual. This is why it is good to leave it to the professionals when it comes to seeking access to the hidden frames of one’s life without hampering the legal boundaries.

5. Helps with fair asset distribution:

Having a detective assess your case can help a lot with a fair distribution of the assets held by both parties. By listing out the evidence for any wrong-doings experienced by the victimized party, a detective helps with ensuring that the affected party gets a fair share of the property which ensures a better future for the affected party.

6. Use of modern facilities:

Detective agencies are always equipped with the latest facilities and tools for investigation of a case which might not be available to a common individual. Often detective agencies pair up with companies that provide access to the concerned person’s call logs while keeping within the boundaries of the law.

An option such as surveillance of a location such as an office, shopping marts, or similar locations can be easy when you hire a detective agency for the task. As a general civilian, you might not get access to all these facilities but your detective agency might. So make sure you hire one to seek all these facilities.

7. Legal assistance:

Many detective agencies can also cater to advice when it comes to legal assistance regarding a case. This helps give the fact that your detective is already acquainted with the proceedings of the case. Your detective agency can suggest you the best methods to run through a case in the court to obtain maximum benefit while filing for divorce with the partner in question. You might be charged something extra for this service, but it is worth it given the fact that legal assistance catered by an agency that knows the case in-depth will surely fast-forward your case to a successful decision facilitating you.

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Accidents happen and are unavoidable at times. You may have been in a crash, and you got injuries, but you are not sure if you can win the case especially if somebody else was to blame. How do you identify the right personal injury lawyer for you? Research: Finding the right lawyer for your case is a process that needs to be done. Before anything else, have a list of the personal injury lawyers near your locality that can help with your case. Getting a lawyer such as SK Law Shrewsbury who specifically deals with personal injury law is a better shot at winning the case. After identifying some of the firms offering such cases, research them. Have a look at their website and look at reviews from clients. Such a move is to help you narrow down your list. Call and Schedule a Consultation Visit: After getting your list in order, and identifying some trusted law firms, make calls. The call should be for scheduling consultation services. Ask about the quotes and see if it is a budget you can manage. Also, ask if the consultation is free or charged so that you can decide whether to go or not. Some of the leading personal injury firms like the Gieger Law Group are more than happy to help and offer free consultations. During the consultation, they discuss various aspects of the case and point out some of the strategies which they feel would be best for you. This helps shed light on the way forward and allows the individuals to get an idea about what can happen. This is another elimination step off your list. Visit firms that are in your price range. Make an appointment with a particular firm for further consultation. Make inquiries about their services and how they intend to handle your case. Talk to a specific attorney so that you can get their point of view. Handling Consultations: Before attending any consultation, ensure that you have all the necessary documents such as accident reports.  This will give you the chance to present any information the personal injury lawyer may need. You can look up some questions online you can ask the lawyer for clarification. Also, ask for a detailed quote. Some lawyers have an hourly fee while others have a flat one. An accident can affect your finances which makes you late for payments. This, in turn, hurts your credit score and makes it difficult to seek out a loan. If your budget is tight, ensure you get an affordable attorney who will not make you end up with an even worse score. However, you can check out to learn ways of rebuilding your credit if needed. Get a Referral: Before settling on the attorney, get a referral from friends or relatives. This could be a good idea for finding the perfect fit for your case. Don’t make up your mind about hiring a particular lawyer until you have had a talk with them and see if you can be a good match. The lawyer’s personality may be different from yours, and you may not be able to communicate well enough.  Another way is by asking other lawyers you may know. Referrals work best as they are an assurance of better services rather than somebody you pick randomly. Experience: You need somebody who you are confident will deliver and has a higher chance of winning. Settle on a lawyer who knows what they are doing. During the consultation, ask them how long they have been practicing personal injury. How many cases have they tackled? Of these, how many have they won? Ask for some client feedback on their previous cases. Find a lawyer who has the necessary expertise to handle your situation. Once you settled on a lawyer, make the necessary call so that you can discuss how they will handle your case. It is essential that you be on the same page as you have a better shot at winning. Identify somebody who is good at communication so that they can analyze all the possible solutions. Read Also : Divorce Lawyers In Houston Texas: A Short Guide On Saving Your Marriage Protect Your Rights Today With Domestic Violence Lawyers Choosing & Relying Upon The Best Personal Injury Lawyers