Top Five Tips on How to Succeed in University


28 April 2021


Succeed in University

If you want to succeed in University, you can take certain steps to improve your experience.

It can be overwhelming to juggle your schoolwork, your job, and your social life, but if you are organized and follow this advice, you will find it to be manageable.

You can keep a schedule and use an essay writing service to help manage your time, and if you plan out your semester, you will find that it falls into place more easily. Continue reading to learn the top five tips on how to succeed in university.

1. Make a Schedule:

Make a Schedule

One of the best things you can do is create a schedule to make sure that you get your assignments done on time. Your professors will give you a syllabus, so you will know what assignments are due throughout the term. You will know when your exams are scheduled and when you have papers due, which makes it easy to create a schedule.

You can plan ahead and start working on more difficult assignments before they are due so that you have enough time. Making a schedule will also help you if you are trying to make your work schedule and your social plans.

2. Get Help When You Need it:

It can be intimidating to ask your professors for help, but they often have office hours set aside specifically to help students. If you have questions about an assignment or any difficulty understanding the material, your professors will be happy to meet with you. If you find that you are struggling, you can ask your professor for help before you get behind.

3. Focus on the Important Assignments:

Focus on the Important Assignments

When you are in University, some of your classes are general requirements. You may have more work than you can handle some weeks, but you need to stay on top of it.

If you have too much to do, you can use essay writing services to get some of your work off your plate. These professionals will follow the directions exactly and make sure that you have your work ready to turn in on time. This way, you will be able to stay focused on the assignments that are in your major.

4. Make Time for Your Friends:

No matter how busy you are, you need to make sure that you have time for your friends. It is easy to get caught up in your assignments and feel as though there simply isn’t any time.

However, it is important to take some time for yourself. When you make your schedule, set aside time each week to let off steam. This gives you a chance to recharge and reset so that you will be more focused when it is necessary.

5. Learn How to Take Great Notes:

Learn How to Take Great Notes

When you are in class, it is important to learn how to take great notes.

Your professors will share information they expect you to know when you have your exams, and you will be better prepared if you have notes. Learn how to listen to your professors and determine what they find important. This will help you prepare for your exams.

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Learning: 7 Ways To Train Your Brain 

Speed Up Your Learning: 7 Ways To Train Your Brain 

Learning is a key trait of human beings. But for some, practicing this human experience is cumbersome. From the school stage to university standard, we all are accustomed to the process of learning. But most of us rely on the important information that is necessary to get good grades or enhance our career. Frankly, getting good grades does not relate to individual learning and development. To some extent, it can help you stay in the loop, but if you are slow learning, you will find it difficult to follow. Brain development is a customized approach that can deal with flexibility and newness. The daily boring study process is not enough to deal with brain development. Instead, you need to dig into the ingenious ways of learning and development. The human brain is the most critical part of the whole body. The tricky concept of it is like newness! So, a conventional method does not produce something exceptional, especially when a person’s brain is slow. If you are a slow learner, don't worry! We have got you covered this time! It's time to build your memory and learning capacity! Best Ways To Sharpen Your Brain Functions  Learning and development are the common choices of humans, and if you are poor in them, you need to find ways to accelerate them. However, you are not alone in this mess! Many people are suffering from slow brain activities. Well, you cannot change the formation of your brain structure, but you can excel in the development of your brain with proper training. However, we are already accustomed to a particular process of learning. In different ways, we do not have much time to do something extra in our lives. Well, this is the modern world approach which is making our life boring! People filled with frustration try to commit suicide to get out of everything at once. Well, this is the worst scenario, while most of us with a slow brain work on boring steps without any prior changes in lifestyle and learning. But brain development through appropriate activities is a must! Using your brain in the fast-paced world is crucial to deal with all the dilemmas in life. Here we go! Concentrate On One Task At A Time  Multitasking is an excellent option to maximize your productivity! Do you agree with this statement? Well, most of us find it to be a positive way to excel in productivity and ensure completing tasks. However, this conventional process is not a better choice for learning. Learning and development need attention and focus. Your concentration needs to adhere to the activity you are doing. Well, multitasking, in this modern world, can be fruitful in several conditions, but in the long run, it affects our brains in negative ways. While you are on a multitasking approach, your concentration may work in diverse ways. This is not a good step for brain development. Slow brain functioning may also occur with these steps! So, it's better to concentrate on one aspect at a time to engage more attention and let your brain function to its highest potential. Play Connect 4 Online  Online learning and development is a common approach for students these days. But no matter your age, if you try to connect 4 online, it can help you deal with slow brain activities. Gaming is a must-try approach to dealing with the boredom of life. But we need to choose our games wisely so that they can affect our brains in positive ways. This is where the inspiring and easy-to-learn connected game can deal with slow brain problems. The best part is that you can play with your friends and family members from anywhere. So it does not take much effort to work on it. It just allows your brain to work much while you are fully chilling! This fun online gaming activity can be your best solution to deal with- Boringness Enjoy with family and friends Strengthen your brain's working process So, why not try it for a few days and see how it affects your brain function? Ask Questions At The Right Time  If you do not ask right at the moment when your mind arouses the question, it may affect your brain in negative ways. How? Well, while your brain is functioning to the fullest, you need to appreciate it and help it learn more. To reduce your slow learning approach, you have to deal with proper questions and inquiries. No matter where you are, if you are confused, ask for it! The more you deal with this on-time approach, the better your brain will learn and function. Look For Intuitive Ways To Understand Concepts While working on a new concept, you need to understand it completely without any confusion. Complete learning is the only solution to excel in life. Your brain is always ready to take more, but it will be your choice whether to work on it or not. Don't ever let your brain find laziness! Some intuitive approaches, like visual representation or practical application, can strengthen your understanding. Do not stop until it's fully understood! Take Regular Breaks  A break might seem like a waste of time during a project! But do you know that a small nap or break can heal your brain in positive ways? It's not like taking a long break, but while working on a particular process, small breaks can help your brain refresh and work better. Break Down Bigs Into Smalls  Our mind works in different ways than we think. It should not feel like you are overburdening it! So, whenever you need to work on something big, try to break down your task into small projects. Try to achieve those small tasks and celebrate them from the inside to refresh your mind. It's an inspiration to work more, and thus, your brain will function better automatically! Test Yourself Regularly  Consistency is the key to dealing with brain functions! If you think that you can do things better, try to test your regularity. This is the only way to help your brain get advanced. The more it works, the sharper it gets! Down the line, we all have to work hard and go for a bright future! So, what are you up to? Read Also: How To Foster A Growth Mindset For Continuous Learning And Improvement 4 Lessons Content Marketers Can Learn from E-learning Courses 5 Advantages of Online Learning in Germany

BPSC 2020

Excellent strategies to outshine in BPSC 2020 examination!

BPSC 2020 is the most awaited state civil service exam in the state of Bihar. Lakhs of candidates from across the state are waiting to appear in the examination and excel with high scores. Every exam has its own superlative and fixed set of methodologies to achieve high scores. Follow this useful approach system to help in your preparation and make the most of your available time: Strategies: The syllabus forms the most important part of the exam. Read and understand the syllabus in detail. Cover every topic of the syllabus in detail. After completely understanding the syllabus part, take up previous year question papers. Understand the pattern in which questions are framed on topics. See and analyze how topics are framed into different questions. Look for repeated and most important questions you find in these papers. List them down. At the end of this stage, you should have identified the type of questions, direct/indirect questions ratio, and difficulty level of questions, pattern of easy/difficult questions, and other related factors. The next important task is to keep the best collection of books possible for your studies. Keep standard books for reference. Recommended books and reference books both should be kept handy while studying. Prepare an effective time table that will allow you to finish the syllabus in the period you have. Stick to the time table every day without fail. Allot equal distribution of time for every section and paper of the BPSC 2020 exam. Now begin with actual preparation. Prepare notes while reading. Highlight the most important facts and key points while studying in your notes. Revise these notes regularly. For the section involving current affairs and general knowledge, following the three thumb rule will fetch excellent results. Reading at least two newspapers – one national and one local newspaper should do well. Refer to the commonly recommended yearly book of current affairs. Attempt general knowledge mock tests available plenty on the internet. Set aside at least one hour every day to update yourself on current affairs section without fail. Candidates are naturally expected to know in-depth about each aspect of the state of Bihar. Be it history/ geography/ politics/ administration/ language/ culture/ statistics/ festivals/ literacy/ demographical data etc – be sure you do not miss out on any important information about the state. Answer mock test series at regular intervals. Practice answering manually in OMR sheets. Identify good and speedy practices to help you achieve a good pace in your performance. For the subjective part of the mains exam, candidates are highly recommended to practice writing answers. Just studying through the topics will not help them in specifically framing good answers in the right moment of the exam. This aspect of good answer writing practice should be followed right from the beginning. Study Indian and world maps in general. Analyze the Bihar map in greater detail. Locate important natural resource distribution, crops and vegetation distribution, weather and rainfall parameters, other important information on maps. Locate these on separate maps for better clarity in grasping the distribution. Questions related to maps are commonly asked in the BPSC Exam over the years. Group studies for reviewing topics and constructive debates on various interesting parameters will support BPSC 2020 exam preparation. Candidates can also benefit from the interview round from doing peer discussions. Maintain a good fact sheet of information and data and revise it regularly. Pictorial aids and visual representation tools like charts and graphs will help candidates in the long run. Choose optional subjects wisely. Candidates have to select two optional subjects from the set of two optional groups. Select subjects based on your aptitude and interest in the chosen field and not based on popularity or common liking for the subject. Among the options given for questions, start by eliminating the possible wrong answers. In recent years, the number of options per question has been increased from 4 to 5. So candidates have to choose the right solution with caution. The more the number of choices more is the more confusion for candidates. Follow the right strategy to clear the wrong options and arrive at the correct one. General studies for prelims and mains can go hand in hand. It is a general misconception among many candidates that general studies preparation for prelims is relatively different from that of mains. This is mistaken and incorrect. Both the papers can be prepared simultaneously, at the same time giving focus to the pattern of questions asked. The most recommended books for preparation include Spectrum series for History subject, Bihar Samagra newspaper for updates on local events in the state, Economic survey of the government of Bihar, Indian Polity by Laxmikanth, Lucent publications for general science subjects. Apart from this, candidates can also refer to the encyclopedia of general science for general competitions, by Arihant Publications. For economics, candidates can refer to “Indian economy: Performance and policies” written by Uma Kapila. On a general note, candidates cannot complete studying geography without giving referring to a good school atlas. The general break up of subjects in the BPSC 2020 exam is followed in this pattern. Though this is not the standard pattern, and analysis of the trend over the years yields the following details. Candidates can follow this simple analysis to understand subject distribution: History – 30% Geography – 15% Indian Polity – 15% Indian economy – 5% Science – 15% Current affairs and General knowledge on Bihar – 15% Quantitative aptitude section – 5%. In general, apart from the main syllabus, recommended a set of standard books and reference books, candidates can have a brief overview of newspaper editorial sections and science magazines. They can utilize their breaks to glance through these materials, which will prove as supplementary sources for the main preparation. Conclusion: Candidates should know their exam dates, center/venue details, and timings well in advance to reach the exam hall in time for the BPSC 2020 exam. Maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind during preparation as well as while writing exams. Focus on what is required to be written and make your answers presentable in an easy to understand language. Focus on the quality of writing and be precise in your explanations. Read Also: How To Crack Civil Service Exam In One Attempt Free Student Guide To Help You Achieve Exam Success MAT Registration For February Session Started; Here Is The Complete Exam Schedule

Digital Promise

Google and Digital Promise Team Up to Make Teachers More Tech-Savvy than Ever

Collaborating with innovators at Digital Promise, some brilliant minds at Google got together with some more at EdTechTeam to come up with a modern-day training program for teachers with a focus on making superb use of technology in the classroom teaching setting. This comes as much welcome news at a time when the government is launching into a cost-cutting mode for educational sectors in the USA, leaving many public schools rushing to cover their expenses for education in all fronts. The new teacher-training program announced by Google in association with Digital Promise and EdTechTeam will focus on imparting technological education for the teachers, enabling them to use that knowledge in classroom settings and to share that knowledge with educators. The Dynamic Learning Project at a glance : The Dynamic Learning Project (DLP) is a pilot of the teacher-training project brought to fruition by Google, Digital Promise, and EdTechTeam. The training program will focus on equipping the teachers with the necessary knowledge and resources to use technology in day-to-day classroom teaching experiences. Through the use of the technological resources at their disposal, the educators will be able to open newer vistas of knowledge for the students, thus bridging the gap between learning and technology successfully in the digital age. 50 middle schools from five states in the USA have been selected for the pilot of DLP. The states in the country that will be the first to receive the results of this unique and beneficial training program are Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, California, and Alabama. If the reports from Google and EdTechTeam are to be believed, the coaches at the teacher-training program will be looking to provide customized learning solutions for teachers so that they can make the best use of technology that is available within the infrastructural framework of the schools. The DLP not only focuses on helping teachers to learn to use the Google resources, but other hardware or software platforms that are available and they are comfortable using. Integrating learning with the assignment help of the latest technological advancements, the teachers from the 50 middle schools have started to undergo training under the able guidance of experts from EdTechTeam and Google. The disparity between the uses of technology in a traditional classroom setting has been more pronounced in the last few years despite most of the schools equipping themselves with smart learning software and hardware platforms in the country. As Liz Anderson from Google for Education states in her blog post for The Keyword, “This second-level digital divide is fueled by major differences in how effectively that technology is being used for teaching and learning.” DLP aims to overcome precisely that. By enabling the teachers to become tech-savvy within the classroom setting, the program imparts in them the invaluable knowledge of putting technology to good use so they can share that with their fellow teaching community. What this means for educators and classroom teaching “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love for learning.” Brad Henry (American politician and lawyer) Sometimes alluded to as the noblest profession on earth, teaching is the profession that creates all other professions. Whether we are diplomats, astronauts, dancers, chefs, or motivational speakers, all of us started from school someday, and the teachers were there for us to teach us the basics of all that we have learned so far. The significant role of the educators in our lives is thus undeniable, and the new teacher-training program launched by Google acknowledges just that. In the sphere of education, the new technical training program for teachers in the middle schools chosen for the pilot of DLP will be able to bring about a refreshing change in the way teaching was envisioned so far. The pilot started off with Google sanctioning a $6.5 million grant to Digital Promise for conducting the research and implementing the professional skill development program for the teachers. EdTechTeam aided in creating a viable model for the training program that takes into account the resources within the school framework and the individual needs of the teachers undergoing the training program. The program has been in place since last fall, and the teachers from the schools that have selected from the programs are to be monitored and evaluated on the basis of their acceptance and performance within the existing framework. Based on the reports prepared from the pilot, Google aims to launch this program all over the country, creating a network within the teaching community for sharing knowledge on advanced technologies. The teacher-training philosophy of the program has three fundamental benefits for the teaching community in a whole and is expected to form the foundation stone for many such innovative projects and programs in the coming years with more innovators and educators coming forward to make learning through technologies a fun and achievable reality. The primary focus of the pilot DLP thus aims at empowering teachers in the following ways. Localization and empowerment within the teaching community is the first goal of this program. Through the course of the training program, teachers will be able to have in-depth knowledge on the learning resources that they have at their disposal to make classroom learning more innovative and will be able to use the resources for the completion of complex tasks as well. Secondly, through the custom-made design of the program, the teachers will be able to infuse their pedagogy within the technological framework and not the other way round. This way, the challenges in the classroom will be overcome more quickly while supported by modern education technology. Lastly, this program opens up a world of possibilities for further research within the educational sphere. Based on the success stories of this program, Google and its partners will be able to focus on the development of a teacher-training program in a much larger scale for the future that includes the entire country in the coming years. Enabling the teachers to focus on equipping themselves with the resources of the modern age, this program brings the opportunity towards further networking and knowledge-sharing possibilities among the teaching community. DLP is thus a program of the future that aims to bridge the gap between traditional pedagogy and advancements in technology for education. Read Also : Things To Consider Before Finalizing An Online Barber Training School The Importance Of Writing Business Reports In College 5 Questions To Ask Yourself While Finalizing An E-Learning Platform For Quality Education