Top Fixer-Upper Improvement Ideas That Make A Huge Impact


13 February 2023

Home Improvement

Fixer-Upper Improvement Ideas

Real estate investors understand that fixer-upper properties carry huge potential.

Yes, they may look bad initially, but their property value will steadily increase with the right improvements and renovations. Buyers know this and take advantage by acquiring such properties for less and investing enough in the renovations to increase the value. 

Renovating a fixer-upper is a huge financial endeavor. It’s labor-intensive, and it might take some time before things look good as envisioned.

Homeowners who want to improve their fixer-uppers must work with a reputable and experienced contractor to address issues that may crop up during the project.

They must also look for a good skip-hire company to help eliminate the waste produced by the project. If you’re looking for such a company, you can check out to determine how they can assist you. They can provide adequate-sized skips at reasonable rates, so you wouldn’t have to worry about waste disposal

Checkout Top Six Fixer-Upper Improvement Ideas That Make A Huge Impact

Here are some home improvement ideas that can make a huge impact.

1. Replace the front door

Replace the front door

If your front door isn’t stable and the door frame isn’t secure enough, it’s time to replace them. A good front door will help you save energy costs and improve security and kerb appeal. You can also repaint the door with a suitable colored paint that will reflect your personality. 

2. Paint the exterior

Chipped, peeling, or faded exterior paint doesn’t look good and will greatly affect the property value. Potential buyers look into such details and will be discerning when it comes to that. It will be best to paint the exterior walls with good weather-proof paint to ensure durability and better kerb appeal. It will take a bit of change to finish the job, but it will be worth it. 

3. Light up the property

lighting fixtures

One of the best ways to improve a fixer-upper is to ensure that it has adequate lighting fixtures inside and outside the house. For example, you can use strings of LED lights or strips for the front and back yard. You can also use solar-powered lamps to illuminate pathways. Inside the house, make sure that you have enough lighting fixtures in every room to guarantee safety.

4. Repaint the cabinets

If your budget doesn’t accommodate new cabinetry, you can repaint the existing ones with a color scheme that would make them pop. It will help improve the design cohesion and will also define the area. Bright-colored paint will brighten up the space and energize people. 

5. Install a backsplash 

 Install a backsplash 

Backsplashes may be a minor installation, but they can help make the kitchen area look better. When cooking, these backsplashes will also protect the walls from messy and greasy splashes. Install ones that complement the countertops or tiles for design unity. 

6. Install better windows

Another way to improve property valuation is to install more secure windows. Typically windows in fixer-uppers have rotted frames and aren’t properly secured from theft, so it would be better if you had a professional window installer replace them with newer ones.


If you buy a fixer-upper house, you will spend some money getting them into shape. You might spend a lot, but the results will be worth it in the long run. 

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10 Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away This Summer

Summertime in Miami, Florida is an experience like no other. The sun is out, the beaches are breathtaking, and there is excitement around every corner. However, the summer rains and humidity also lead to a growth in insect activity around South Florida, which can quickly turn a great moment into a stressful one. Luckily, practicing the following tips can prevent pesky pests from ruining your plans this summer. Luckily, practicing the following tips can help in rodent control and also keep pesky pests in control from ruining your plans this summer. Tips for Having a Pest-Free Summer: Keep your homes and lives pest free this summer with these ten excellent pest control practices. 1. Seal off their entry into your home Your first line of defense should be to repair any holes and cracks that could let in unwanted pests. Check your doors and windows for gaps, your screens for holes, and restore window stripping when necessary. 2. Keep your home clean A pile of crumbs on your kitchen counter or spill on the floor is a goldmine to ants, cockroaches, and other insects.  Neglecting to keep your home clean can make getting rid of pests harder and may even be the source of your problem. To avoid this problem, regularly disinfect your counters, put food away immediately, and take out the trash. 3. Empty out any standing water Standing water is a breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes, which carry diseases like the Zika fever, West Nile virus, and Malaria. You should regularly walk your property to drain water from areas near rain spouts, your air conditioning unit, and any pots around your home. 4. Maintain your landscape Keeping your front and backyard maintained can help you avoid overgrowth that attracts pests. You should trim trees and bushes close to your house, collect any debris, and get rid of weeds. 5. Inspect playsets and outside furniture Another good tactic to keep pest away this summer is regularly checking the chains and corners of your patio furniture to remove spider webs and egg sacks. If you have to bring an outside toy, chair, or table inside you should thoroughly wipe it down first. 6. Avoid throwing away meat too soon You should avoid throwing away meat in your outside garbage unless it will get collected around the next 48 hours. This tip will prevent the combination of the summer heat and rotting meat attracting pests to your property. 7. Ventilate stuffy rooms on your property Attics and basements are notorious for providing a dusty and confined environment that attracts various types of insects. Try cleaning dusty corners and opening windows in tight areas that often attract termites and spiders. 8. Grow some plants Putting certain plants on your patio or around your home can repel insects. Try growing rosemary, mint, lavender, and lemongrass to keep flies and mosquitoes away. 9. Use a fan Fans are perfect for the summer. Not only will they keep your home cooler, but they will also make it harder for winged insects to fly into your house. 10. Invest in a pest control service The best way to prevent an infestation is to hire a local pest control expert to spray your home for bugs and rodents regularly. A professional pest control company can take note of your specific issues to create a personalized pest control plan for you. Ward Off Seasonal Pests: Pest control in Miami during the summer is essential. The rise in temperature, rain, and humidity this season makes South Florida a bug's paradise. Keep these tips in mind to retake control of your yard and have a pest-free summer! Read Also :  What You Should Expect From A Pest Control Visit 5 Summer Garden Maintenance Tips And Tactics You Have To Know

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean (With Pets and Kids)

Maintaining a clean house is a difficult task; honestly, no one enjoys removing all the clutter, washing the dishes, dusting, vacuuming, etc. But as much as most of us run away from the chore we all know the importance of housekeeping and how it impacts our health. Things tend to get a bit, well maybe a lot more messy when you have kids and pets added to the picture. Our furry companions love some adventure around the house and tend to spread their food and water around while eating, knock things over and of course the pet hair around the house is another story. But the good news is that even a chore as tedious as cleaning can be made simple by following some hacks and tips, so keep reading as I share some marvelous tips for maintaining hygiene in your house 1. Invest in the Right Tools : You might not notice but using the right kind of tools can reduce effort and save time. For instance, cleaning pet hair around the house is one of the most challenging tasks. The fur gets everywhere, even gets embedded in the carpet fibers which becomes extremely difficult to remove. Well, the key is to purchase the right type of vacuum that has powerful suction to pick up the pesky pet hair. A robotic vacuum cleaner would be even better since it will save you a lot of effort. Similarly, make sure you have a quality lint roller (it is a life-saver in most situations) or latex gloves when you want to give your furniture or clothes a quick clean-up. 2. Bathe Your Pets : The secret to a clean house is clean pets since the dirt on your dog will eventually accumulate inside your home. Develop a bathing routine for your pup, be sure not to overdo it since you don’t want to dry out the oils in his skin. Use a good quality dog shampoo while bathing and get your pup regular grooming to reduce shedding. Since dogs that itch shed more hair, use tick and flea repellents for dogs to prevent him from these parasites. 3. Use the Right Type of Furniture : One of the worst nightmares for any pet-parent is when their furniture has pet hair spread all over, and they are expecting guests over. No one wants their guests to be covered in their dog’s fur! Well, let me tell you that choosing the right type of furniture can make all the difference.  While selecting fabric for your furniture, choose leather/pleather or microfiber as these are easy to clean and the hair doesn’t stick to the material. Ultra suede and Crypton are also excellent choices for furniture as they are stain-resistant. Pro-Tip: Also stock up some decorative throws and use these to cover your sofa and bed to prevent pet-hair from sticking to the furniture. 4. Wash Pet Bedding : It is essential to wash your pet’s bed, blankets as these may hide harmful germs which our pets can transfer to other areas of the house. Wash the bedding weekly using a mild detergent without bleach on the hottest settings available. 5. Keep the Pet’s Area Clean : Our pets do have a specific area in the house where they like to chill or where they eat. Keeping these areas clean might be a difficult task, but regular cleaning will help prevent messes and thereby reduce effort. If you have a pet-bird, the room where the cage is placed is bound to get messy. To make cleaning simple use vinyl carpet protectors on the floor beneath the cage. Invest in a good quality stainless steel cage as they are easier to clean. Also, line it up with cage liners or newspapers to prevent the bottom from getting messy due to food and feces. 6. Use Pet-Safe Cleaning Products : Various cleaning agents contain harmful substances such as ammonia or bleach that can be toxic to our pets. While hunting for cleaning products look for ones that are pet-safe, eco-friendly and bio-degradable. If you don’t have these stocked up at home, don't panic in case of a pet emergency, as you can find some fantastic cleaners inside your house. Baking soda is a great deodorizer to freshen up the carpets and rugs; vinegar mixed with water is an alternative to floor cleaners and can be handy when pet accidents occur. Read Also : Can Dogs Make The Anti-Social Kids Socialize Better? Can Dogs Help Writers Stay Positive During Stress? Best-Corded Vacuum Cleaner