Transacting Safely In Craiglist

Published on: 21 August 2017 Last Updated on: 16 August 2019
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Craigslist is used by many to buy and sell stuff due to its simple interface. You can find almost anything on it. However, due to the large scale of transactions occurring, it is hard to keep track or even find out the credentials of the parties to the sale or the authenticity of the things being sold.

To help you in maneuvering around the site, here are some tips for a safe and meaningful experience on Craigslist.

Conceal Your Identity

In Craigslist, you are given an option to either use your true email address or use the one provided by the site itself. Choose the latter. It’s safer to use the proxy e-mail as it can prevent scammers from accessing your real e-mail address.

However, when you respond to someone, your true e-mail will then be exposed. You can opt to create an e-mail solely for Craigslist. Use ones from Mailinator, Gish Puppy, etc. to hide your true identity and preserve your anonymity.

In addition, do not reveal your location or residential place. Always remember to remove geotags from the photos before you put them on Craigslist. Thieves and scammers can use programs that can read the information on location that are hidden in the file header. For starters, use the EXIF geotag removal app before posting online.

Aside from contact details, do not also give in to requests that can reveal any personal or financial information. Some scammers will ask you to submit “credit checks” and such is a big no-no since they can get credit card information from it. Money wiring services is also often used by scammers.

The best way to handle Craigslist transaction is by meeting in person and using cash or PayPal as a mode of payment.

To See is To Believe

Never buy something in Craigslist without seeing it personally. Scheming sellers can get photos online of items in good condition when in reality, the one they are selling is not in top shape anymore. You see this a lot when people sell their iPhone’s and you will be disappointed to see a different item when you receive it via courier.

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When you do meet the buyer or seller, make sure that you are in a public place. Coffee shops, restaurants, and other places with lots of people are good locations to do the transaction. It is also advisable to bring a friend who will act as a witness to the entire sale. Do not leave your cellphone behind and make sure that at least one friend or relative knows when and where you will meet the buyer or seller.

Craigslist actually recommends that parties deal in person by advising sellers and buyers to deal with people locally whom they can meet in person.

Not A Dating Website

Though some people do it, Craigslist is not the best place to find potential dates. There are other free dating sites like Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid, plus applications like Tinder, that you can use to find a date. These sites and apps have specialized privacy and security settings that are just not available in


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Which marketing mix element deals specifically with retailing and marketing channel management?

Which Marketing Mix Element Deals Specifically With Retailing And Marketing Channel Management?

Question: Which marketing mix element deals specifically with retailing and marketing channel management? Correct Answer: Place Which marketing mix element deals specifically with retailing and marketing channel management? Actually, marketers don’t promote; they demonstrate the worth they offer to the customers.  The term marketing mix is a foundation model for businesses, historically centered around promotion, place, price, and product. The marketing mix helps you to know the marketing elements for prosperous positioning your store offer.  Besides, price is involved in the capture of value in the marketing exchange. The right arrangement of marketing mix by marketing managers plays a vital role in the success of a firm. There are many companies that consider marketing mix as a set of strategies and actions in order to promote their goods and services.  Which Marketing Mix Element Deals Specifically With Retailing And Marketing Channel Management? The answer to the question “which marketing mix element deals specifically with retailing and marketing channel management?” is place. This marketing mix is concerned with the channel that is used to deliver goods and services to the customers. Keep in mind; marketing mix is a combination of 4Ps i.e., Place, Promotion, Product, and Price. Each of these factors has different objectives and significance. You can also consider marketing mix as the set of marketing tools that a company utilizes to pursue its marketing goals. You need to understand that place is a vital factor because signifies where marketing takes place and which path customer uses to deliver goods and services to them.  Four Elements Of Marketing Mix That You Should Know As already discussed above, the 4Ps of the marketing mix are the key elements that include in the advertisement of a product or service. Product, Place, Price, and Promotion are restrained by internal and external factors in the overall business environment, and they interact with one another.   A lot of hard work requires in finding out what customer actually wishes and recognizing where they do their shopping. One of the best places to start is the marketing mix when you are thinking through your plans for a service or a product.  Now, let’s discuss the top four elements of the marketing mix that you should know in 2021. 1. Promotion Promotion includes promotional strategy, public relations, and advertising. The objective of promoting a product is to talk to customers and know what they actually need. At the same time, they should pay a certain amount for it. On the other hand, you must know how do your competitors promote their products and what are strategies they implement to target the audience. There is always the best time to promote your goods and services and this is a vital element for a successful business.  2. Place Every marketing firm makes a decision for the place where they will sell their product and deliver the same to the market. Actually, the place is important because this is where buyers look for your product or service.  Marketing of goods can be done anywhere: online and offline. In many situations, placement may refer to the act of including goods on web pages, films, television shows, etc. Therefore, this is the reason why the place is important in the marketing mix. This is the element that deals specifically with retailing and marketing channel management. 3. Price Price is the cost consumers pay for goods. Marketers must link the price of the goods in real and must also include supply costs. They may also raise the cost to make the product look more luxurious.  Keep in mind, a small gain or decrease in price can affect your market share to a great extent. However, you can offer some seasonal discounts to your customers and increase your conversions.  4. Product Product refers to goods and services that a firm offers to customers. As a part of the marketing industry, you need to understand the lifecycle of a product and must include a strategy that takes your business to the next level of success. At the same time, make sure that you offer genuine products to your customers so that you can increase the loyalty of your customers as well as conversions. The type of product determines where should the owner promote his products and how he can target his customers to buy the same. The Final Thoughts A place is an answer to your question “Which marketing mix element deals specifically with retailing and marketing channel management?” The above-described information highlights the reason for this and if you have any queries, mention them below in the comment section. Read Also: How to Get More Traffic to Your Amazon Listings Is Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores A Good Career Path [2021 Updated] Five Ways to Help Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out From the Crowd

Business on Facebook

The Definitive Guide to Market Your Business on Facebook

Social media has penetrated deep into the life of humans in almost every possible parameter. As the rise of smartphone and tech gadgets are more frequent, the exchange and flow of information have become extremely easy. In a recent survey conducted by a top American university, it was clear that people who own a web-enabled phone spends around 2 – 4 hours while checking their feeds and news on their social media platforms. That’s a huge amount of time and gives a great opportunity for businesses to grow and reach a maximum audience. An active and decent social media page helps greatly in strengthening your brand without being annoying (Inbound marketing) For example, if Jim’s feed is filled with the last night’s birthday party that he had attended then popping up the latest shoes from Jimmy Choo won’t look bad. Here’s the deal, are your sales even after spending millions in marketing aren’t justifying your ROI? Are you still searching for the big Marlboro epic ad campaign that changed the whole horizon of how cigarettes were used to take by the people? Stay on as we are about to explain the tricks that will benefit your business insanely. Here is the definitive guide to market your business on facebook: Step Number One: Optimization will sail you through: Have you noticed one common practice often used by most prominent brands on social media? They are appealing even to the people who aren’t even interested in the brand or page. What draws them towards them? One simple approach is optimization! A Username Matters the Most: Let’s learn this with an example. Now, ask yourself, which one you like the most? The second one is easily understandable and it makes more sense than its counterpart. Always try to claim a vanity URL as it serves the purpose well. Keywords Can Get a Deal for You: Including relevant keywords is the fundamental practice of SEO. Using specific keywords can end up all the results of a query on your page. Make it a habit to add potential searchable words and a brief description of the business that you’re operating. A Category Matters the Most: In order to reach a maximum number of people and elevate your profits, one should avoid placing their business in an improper set of categories. A specific category would help you in getting placed on the Facebook Graph Search. The most common ones are choosing ‘Companies & Organizations’ An Image Speaks More Than Words: It’s a proven fact that the majority of people would first see the cover and profile image and then decide if they want to spend time on the page reading content or not. Making images to speak about your business is perhaps the best approach that can grab you multiple customers and boost your “likes” count instantly. Participating In Groups Can Boost Engagement: Bragging about being the best is possible the biggest false marketing approach that you can ever adopt. Instead, you should concentrate more on contributing to the industry by providing important tips and tricks. This will help you in elevating your engagement and fan base, probably a vintage approach, but surely not a lame one. Don’t try to be in a rush and declaring yourself as the best option for the people. As deep inside you know, you’re not. Organic Vs Non-Organic Likes: Users cannot be fooled! Read this one more time. Users cannot be fooled! With easy access to information, the once used to innocent users or customers are now your worst critique, who is capable of ripping apart your products within a matter of a few seconds. Often time’s marketers buy Facebook likes in order to show their credibility to the potential user or customer. Buying fake likes can make the credibility of the organization into question as it shows a lack of transparency and integrity. In August, last year Facebook announced its plans about disabling more than 80 million fake accounts that would surely be a big blow to the face of the people who aren’t following the right approach. Facebook Ads: For quite some time, Facebook has expanded its horizon from “Connecting The World” to “Helping Reaching your Business to Target Audience” They give more exposure to your brand by featuring your content on the user’s feed and give an opportunity to them so; users can place their order as well. Choosing your campaign objective will help you meet your advertising goals. To create the best possible Facebook ad, you can use a good spy tool to see which of your competitor's ads are working best. How to Meet Your Objectives Using Facebook Ads: You might place a doll face or video on the whole Ad campaign, but it doesn’t matter if you haven’t placed your most important content on the first page. Then, it’s almost certain that you won’t be able to make it big. “Place your Most Important Content on the First Page” Use Call to Action Button: Placing a call to action button at the end of your Ad is like a perfect ending to the story. “Shop Now” “Claim Now” are some of the most important Adjectives that helps in converting potential leads to regular customers. Let them know why they should click on your ad! The Final Statement: There could be tons of important features that can help you to boost the business that you’re operating, but the above-mentioned ones are the most relevant in terms of building a brand and reaching to the more number of people. We hope you had a great time going through our article and will surely implement these strategies in order to gain maximum profit from your organization.    Read Also : 5 Steps On How To Market Your Business Using Social Media Why Every Business Needs Digital Marketing 7 Proven Marketing Tactics To Increase Your ROI In 2018 How To Remove Pname Com Facebook Orca

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Behavioral Targeting – A potential DSP strategy for media campaigns

Aren’t you happy that you are finding the perfect leads that automatically convert into customers in your digital media campaigns? Behavioral targeting, a recent technique in digital advertising, has enabled marketers to achieve 90% success from their campaigns. Although the name itself tells about the kind of marketing strategy behavioral targeting is, let’s find out more… Behavioral targeting effectively uses a customer’s past activity while displaying an ad. While matching an ad with the user, the media planning software uses non-personal and anonymous information from the user. The fact that identifying user behavior is not just limited to the desktop makes media planning software a versatile technology. There are some mobile media platforms that help companies to target users depending on their mobile search patterns. One of the key factors in mobile tracking is where the users are located when they conduct a particular online search. How behavioral targeting functions The agencies use demand-side platforms (DSPs) for buying the advertisements across the networks in real-time. As there is media software that can track the user’s IP address and content type, the user browses using deep package inspection (DPI), and the marketer is able to identify the ad appropriate for the user. The marketers then buy relevant ads via real-time bidding (RTB) and put them up on the websites. This media planning software allows marketers to focus on ads for granularity specified audiences. The tool uses different kinds of data to show the right ad to the right audience. Information marketer’s use for behavioral targeting: The demographic information that the user has shared with partner websites Data extracted by cookies from the websites visited by the consumer General assumptions based on the types of websites visited by the user Social networking sites for collecting data for this kind of targeting Types of behavioral targeting Several technologies and approaches are used in behavioral targeting. Every company in space has its set of nomenclature and approach. However, the entire gamut of behavioral targeting can be roughly divided into three categories: Targeting based on affinity Also known as traditional targeting, the tracking is based on the information the users take in. Here, the user is tracked within a particular category. By consistent consumption trait, the tracking is based on the interest the user shows in web search. This way, advertising is based on unique profiles of users rather than by focusing on the current search that the user has keyed in. Re-targeting This tracking is simpler than affinity-based targeting. Here, the user has already visited a website, made some pre-decision stage activities, but has not completed the action. Usually, users get tagged through cookies and they can be targeted again via some cross-selling prospects. According to the user’s latest interest, an advertisement can be tailor-made using re-targeting. Predictive targeting Predictive targeting is based on a series of data collected both, online and offline. The first step is gathering data online— analyzing user behavior through their clicks and real-time internet surfing. The user gets monitored through the websites they visited the amount of time spent on each website, etc. The first profile of the user gets created through online monitoring. Complete data is then collected by some kinds of socio-demographic survey, which provides complete information on the lifestyle and interests of the user. Predictive technology is used to analyze the survey data (offline) with performance data (online) to complete the profile. Thus, there is the extrapolation of socio-demographic data of the sample population to a larger user base, using the similarities in the behavioral patterns observed in the sample users to a larger population. Behavioral targeting is definitely a valuable media planning software for digital advertising. However, you need to beef your strategies up with adequate tactics. Start with the identification of the right audience for a certain media buy, the required accomplishment of the campaign, and consequently its appropriate channels and communication media. Within this framework, identify if behavioral targeting can achieve better or not. Author Bio: Preethi Vagadia is currently a Senior Business architect with the Service operations practice at a well-known IT Industry in Bangalore. She has worked in several process improvement projects involving multi-national teams for global customers. She has over 8 years of experience in mortgage technology and has successfully executed several projects in logistics management, logistics integration, reverse logistics, content management system software, warranty software, and programmatic solutions.