5 Tips for Turning Your Church Around


08 October 2020



Recent years have seen a rapid decline in church attendance. One of the harsh facts of the current climate is that the institution has become all but irrelevant to many Americans, especially the younger generations, and so congregations have shrank.

There are many reasons that church membership is down, and not all of them even relate directly to the clergy or to the church. One contributing factor is that Millennials and Gen-Zers are more averse to a commitment to any institution, including marriage and religion. However, another major factor is that America is becoming less religious as fewer people claim to have any religious affiliation. Ignoring these facts will do nothing to change the trends, but turning your church around isn’t impossible. Read on to get some tips to help you revive your church and make it more durable.

Here are 5 Tips for Turning Your Church Around:

1. Acknowledge that your church has a problem.

As a church leader, you’re probably accustomed to helping people through life’s hardships. As a counselor and minister, you know that the first and most important step of solving a problem is admitting that there is one. You have to apply that same principle inwards, especially when it comes to turning your church around. It’s equally important to be able to recognize the signs that your church is in trouble.

One of the crucial signs that your church is trending downward is that you have a lack of young people in your congregation. Growth is important for the survival of any organization, and you can’t grow without an infusion of youth. Also, if there is no talk of the church’s direction and goals for the future, then it is going in the wrong direction. The goal shouldn’t be to simply exist and maintain the status quo–you need to always have a vision for how to make it something greater.

2. Hire people with skills that can help your mission to grow.

Even though the goal of your church isn’t to make money, you need to approach turning it around with a business mindset. In business, you need to have the right personnel in place to facilitate growth, and you need to take the same business-like approach to revive your ministry.

business man

Growing your church should be a project with many steps and initiatives that you put forth with the goal of revitalizing the ministry. You should consider hiring a project manager who has successfully completed PMP certification training. A project management professional undergoes years of schooling to get their project management certification, or PMP certificate, and they specialize in planning, and in managing the funding of projects.

You may even want to consider sponsoring one of your members for the PMP certification process as a way to facilitate growth from within your flock. By helping them get the credentials needed, through on-site project experience, they can quickly gain their own project management certification, and help you in return. The more qualified hands you have on deck, then the more ready your church will be to undertake the task of turning the ministry around.

3. Get the youth involved.

One of the major issues facing churches around the United States is that young people are losing interest in church. If this trend continues, then from where will the clergy and church leaders of the future come?

One way you can attract youth to your ministry is to give them responsibilities. Adolescents are on the cusp of adulthood, and the desire to have a role in shaping the institutions of which they’re apart. Create programs specifically for the younger people in your church, and also empower them to give suggestions and spearhead small projects.

4. Encourage members to become leaders.

One of the most important prerequisites for ministers to remember is that you can’t build a ministry alone. If you want your members to become more engaged in church, then you need to get them active.

One way to get members to become more interested in growing the ministry is to facilitate their personal spiritual growth. Creating a school of ministry for members who dream of someday wearing priest shirts is an excellent way to help your members grow, as well as attracting potential new members to step into the church for the first time. Put your credentials and years of experience in ministry to work by becoming a trainer for future ministers and leaders.

5. Get active in the community.

One of the unfortunate trends in the U.S. is that people are beginning to feel like the church is irrelevant in modern society. One of the main reasons for that sentiment is that many churches are inactive in their community.


If you want to revitalize your church, then community service is one of the best ways. Programs like neighborhood cleanups and food drives are excellent ways to ingratiate your church to the community through service.

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Is Social Work Getting Enough Praise In Today’s Society?

Social work is a profession that is growing by leaps and bounds, but the public does not always recognize the contributions of the many social workers who keep society running. Social work deserves more praise for its wide scope of services and achievements. However, it seems that it is not getting the recognition it deserves. This is not mere observation; it is a fact, as according to a 2020 survey by Social Work England, 76% of the people involved do not think that social work is respected by society. Social work encompasses a broad range of services with an emphasis on prevention; these include assistance with children in care, assisting with homelessness and poverty issues, developing policies that support individual rights, advocating for improved conditions in prisons, or addressing addiction problems, among many others. There are many issues that social workers face that are possibly a foundation for the lack of praise for their field. Let us take a look at them. Social Work Education The fact that many qualified social workers and practitioners find it difficult to move from the sector to other sectors is telling of social work education. A lot of people who were educated in the field ended up working in various aspects of this field, such as clinical, developmental, and health social work. These are all aspects within the same field, and that should not be a problem. The good thing is that due to the rise in awareness regarding social work, getting a degree in the field has become more accessible now. In fact, many people with bachelor’s degrees went on to pursue social work masters programs online to find places of even more influence in their fields. The issue is that society, in general, does not consider social work to be a “competent” or “competitive” degree. Social work degrees suffer the same stigma as gender studies and other social sciences degrees that people who pursue these degrees will not end up with stable jobs. In reality, social workers can find jobs in HR unions, public relations, and even in education as professors or counselors, among many other fields of work. Negative Media Coverage With the increase of negative media coverage and social problems, it makes sense that people are not respecting the field of social work. Many believe that the reason for this is due to a barrage of negative media articles. The fact is that there are hardworking social workers in all areas of the field, and they are making strides for humanity every day. However, many do not hear about these inspirational deeds. They only hear about when things go wrong, which is far too common. Most of the media coverage that social workers get is when a group, community, or NGO is found to be involved in negative areas such as bribery, corruption, spreading lies, and other matters of the ilk. In a survey by YouGov, it was revealed that 82% of the masses involved believed that the media was responsible for the negative image of social workers. Whenever the authorities instigate any action against negative matters, it becomes the most publicized headline on the news bulletin and ends up making the front page of newspapers. Disregard For The Vulnerable Although social workers toil away for everyone, they are considered a godsend for those susceptible to harm. Whether we’re talking about religious minorities, sexual minorities, marginalized communities, or victims of assault and violence, there are branches of social work readily available to help everyone. The issue arises that the general majority does not pay much attention to the issues of minorities. Unless people are activists, they do not actively take part in bringing light to the issues of marginalized communities. Since social workers are associated with minorities and marginalized communities, when the aforementioned get sidelined, so do those who work for them. Lack Of Funds The lack of adequate funding and resources is a major problem that persists in the social work field. Since social workers often belong to private organizations, their requirements to put their plans into action often go unfulfilled. Social workers have a wide range of issues that they deal with in society, and these issues cost them a lot of money to deal with. The fact that many state and local governments are cutting down on social work budgets is disheartening for the many who work hard every day to serve their communities well. Unrealistic Expectations The general public has set unrealistic expectations in the field of social work. These general expectations are the reason why social workers feel like they shouldn’t be satisfied with their jobs. The more demanding a job seems to be, the more dissatisfied they become, feeling as if they should do more and more. Often, many social workers do work for organizations, but they do so at a very low cost. Many of the causes for the lack of respect given to the field of social work lie in the history of the field. Social work is officially a recent profession despite the fact that many have unknowingly served under its banner, so its history has not been as long and glorious as other professions. But with time, society will come to realize how much social workers do and how important they truly are for their stability and betterment. Read Also: Learn More About Social Security Disability in Deland 5 Things to Consider While Medicaid Planning – Keep This In Mind! Types Of Eldercare Centers