Used Car Buying – How To Do It Right.


15 December 2023


Used Car

Used cars tend to be the most popular amongst UK drivers and it can be easy to see why. Second-hand cars have a lower purchase price, suffer from less depreciation and there is an endless amount of choice!

The main disadvantage of buying a used car is the lack of knowledge regarding its history. When you buy a new car, you will be the first owner and don’t have to second guess how the car’s been treated or if it’s been involved in an accident.

Reduce the risk of something going wrong with your next used car purchase by following these top tips below for safe car buying. 

Know your affordability. 

Before you make any large purchase, you should know how much you can afford to pay for it. This can speed up the buying process if you only shop for cars within your budget. Your budget may be one lump sum to pay for a car with cash or spread the cost into monthly payments with finance. Whichever way you choose to buy your next used car, you should try not to stray from your budget as you may get into a deal that you can’t afford to pay back.

Check the market value. 

Once you know how much you can spend on a used car, it’s time to see which cars you could buy. A quick internet search of local, trusted dealerships can help you to find used cars you can afford. It also gives you an idea of how much the cars you like would cost.

For example, if you’re striving for a used BMW on finance, knowing how much it would cost to buy one can give you an idea of how much your monthly budget could be. Knowing the market value of the cars you want to buy also helps if you’re buying with cash and wanting to negotiate the price. If there’s a similar model from a dealer down the road but with a lower price, you could use this as leverage or get a better deal. 

Check credit score for finance.

No matter if you’re looking for finance for a Volkswagen or a Porsche, the first thing you should do is to check your credit score. Your credit score can affect your ability to get approved for finance and not knowing where you fall on the credit scale can be costly.

A low credit score can make it harder to get approved if your low score is due to missed or late payments in the past or a lack of credit history. This is because you are seen as more of a risk to lenders and are more likely to default on future loans too. If you need to improve your credit score you should do so before applying for finance. 

Check insurance rates.


If you’re buying your first car, insurance rates can be some of the highest around. Newly qualified drivers are more likely to have a road accident in their first year of driving which bumps up the premium. Searching around for cheaper cars to insure and in your budget could help you save money. buying a used car isn’t just about the initial purchase price but also about being able to afford the running cost too. 

Use a reputable dealership. 

You can buy a second-hand car from a dealer or private seller but to help protect your purchase, you should consider buying your car from a reputable and trusted dealer in the UK. Buying from a dealer gives you an added layer of protection and means you are covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

This act means you are entitled to a full refund, repair, or replacement if the car is not as described or fit for purpose. Check the status of the dealer with the FCA and read verified reviews of other customers before committing to the sale. 

Check the history of the car.

Used cars run the risk of having a hidden history but you can check the history of a car you are interested in buying for free. You can check the tax and MOT status of a car and get more information by simply entering the registration number into the DVLA website. You can also make a one-off payment of around £10 with a trusted Car History Check website to see if the car has been stolen, previously written off or still has existing finance on it. 

Test drive and check the vehicle. 

Before you commit to buying a used car, you should always test drive it first to see how you like it. Take the car out for at least 30 minutes, drive it on different types of roads, and perform maneuvers to get a feel of how it drives. Also, take this opportunity to park up somewhere and check over the vehicle for any imperfections or damage. 

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Used Car

How to Choose a Perfect Used Car for Tour Family

As your family grows, the kind of car your family needs will also change. You will want to look for a car that comfortably seats your family and all the extra luggage that comes along with your growing family. Make use of the Used Car that can work well in your favor.  From SUVs to station-wagons, a lot of cars are offering options that are family friendly like extra storage, more leg room, backseat DVD features, and additional safety features. Different Ways The Used Car Can make Your Life Easy  There are multiple ways the used car can make your life easier than ever for you. Outline a budget: Before you drive down to the dealership, do thorough research on which features are important for your family and which models are best for you. Outlining a budget will help you conduct your car-buying research more effectively. Calculate your down payment: With a growing family, it is important to manage your finances effectively. So it is important to figure out how large a down payment you are able to make without making a huge dent in your financial planning.  Decide on how much you can afford to make in payments towards your car every month. It is helpful to know how long you would want to be paying off your car loan before the car belongs to you. Research new cars as well as used cars: New as well as used Nissan cars in the UAE are good models and easily available at most dealerships. Depending on your budget you can do some research online and narrow down on cars or SUVs that meet both your family needs and fit your budget. Most car dealerships have both new and used options. Do a comparative search online for used cars for sale in your budget and for new cars for sale in that budget. For example, Ford cars are known to be solid cars and to fit your budget you could look for used Ford cars in Dubai. Look for family car features: While some families focus on the seating capacity and extra room for storage and leg room, some families focus on the additional safety features available. Before you head to the dealership take some time to make a note of some points like who will be driving the car? Is it just you?  Or will your spouse be driving the car as well? If you have teenagers, will they be allowed to drive this car? If you have children, do you have children that require extra space for booster seats? How many seats will your family require on a regular basis? If your children are going to be seated at the back on a regular basis you will want to ensure that the car you buy comes equipped with side airbags. Size of your car: Depending on the size of your family you can consider a sedan or if your family is larger,  consisting of five or more people you can look for an SUV, station wagon or a minivan. Car interiors: If you have a family with small children you will want to choose interiors that can be cleaned easily. In such cases, leather seats or other smooth materials are easier to clean than fabric seats. Usually, darker interiors are easier to maintain as the stains are not very obvious in these interiors. Additional features: Try to think of the features that will let your family get the most out of the car. Maybe you are looking for a car that has entertainment options for your children. Sometimes small additional features like cup holders or armrests can add to the comfort of traveling. Review and compare: Once you’ve finalized your car options according to your priorities, research for specific car models that meet these needs. Find as much information that you can through reviews, ratings, and comparisons. You can find all this information and more online. You want your family to have comfortable and pleasant riding experience in your car. So it is best if you get as much information about your potential buyers before your purchase. All the features, major or minor addition to the comfort of your family to take time to list these down. Involve your family in the buying process or take them along for a test drive, that way you can see first- hand if the vehicle fits your family comfortably. Read Also: Best New Cars For Teenagers Spring’s Favourite Car: The Ford Mustang 2018 Tesla Model S: The Complete Electric Vehicle Buying A Used Car? Few Negotiating Tips, You Can Use Choose The Best BMW Model: The 5 Best BMWs Of All Time

Do Self-Driving Cars

How Do Self-Driving Cars Really Compare To Human Drivers

Although a lot of comparisons have been made between self-driving vehicles and human drivers, not all of those comparisons have been fair or accurate. One study found that distracted driving accounted for approximately 4 million accidents each year. That is almost half of the 11 million crashes that take place on an annual basis. Unfortunately, the problem only seems to be getting worse as distractions like texting become more and more common. Researchers recently analyzed a group of 28 studies, comparing the data. According to their findings, texting or looking at a phone while driving can have numerous adverse effects, ranging from limiting the ability of the driver to detect stimuli, to decreasing reaction times, causing a loss of control over the vehicle, and increasing the rate of collisions. Based on this information, some researchers even believe that texting while driving is more dangerous than operating a vehicle at the legal limit for alcohol or while under the influence of marijuana. The problem isn't only limited to teenagers. Older adults are every bit as likely to be guilty of texting while driving. They are also far more likely to talk on their phones while driving. One of the primary arguments used by proponents of self-driving cars is that they eliminate distracted driving. This, in turn, could possibly decrease the number of crashes, limiting the number of deaths and injuries that occur on an annual basis. In actuality, however, comparisons between self-driving vehicles in human drivers don't necessarily bear that out. According to studies, over 90% of the automobile accidents that occur in the United States are caused by driver error. In theory, stopping these accidents could reduce the new for the Trevino Law Firm in Corpus Christi, but also, save the lives of the same number of people as were killed in Vietnam within just two years of the technology being introduced. As someone who researches human factors, I don't find that information adequate for evaluating whether or not automated vehicles would be better at avoiding crashes than humans. The only way to tell for sure is by evaluating how many times drivers avoid collisions. What are the actual odds of getting in a collision for a human driver? Of course, this is extremely hard to measure. For instance, say that you were trying to determine how many times you avoided bumping into people in the hall. To figure that out, you need to not only look at the amount of time that you spent walking down the hallway but also the number of people that were present. When a non-event occurs, it is usually overlooked or easily forgotten. However, to make a fair comparison between self-driving vehicles and human drivers, researchers need to gather statistics about the number of non-collisions that occur in both situations. Comparing Statistics Equally Accident statistics relating to human drivers are drawn from a number of different driving conditions. For instance, some statistics come from people driving when it is raining out while others come from people driving on dirt roads. The bulk of the data on self-driving vehicles, on the other hand, has been gathered from states in the western part of the country. Typically, these cars are only analyzed when the weather is good. The data itself is primarily recorded when the vehicles are driving on highways with multiple lanes in a single direction. In these types of situations, the primary tasks that the car has to accomplish include staying in its own lane and avoiding tailgating the vehicle in front of it. These types of tasks are relatively easy for automated vehicles. Of course, humans are also quite good at accomplishing these tasks. Until more data is gathered from other parts of the country and on different types of roads, however, it is difficult to make a fair comparison. In fact, it will most likely be a long time before a self-driving vehicle has the opportunity to drive as many miles on an annual basis as a typical human driver. One of the advantages of automated vehicles is that they don't succumb to human problems such as tiredness, anger, or drunkenness. At the same time, however, they lack the reasoning skills to deal with unexpected or confusing situations. They also can't really anticipate potentially dangerous situations that may be coming further down the road as a human driver could. Instead, they operate at the moment. Automated systems have a hard time distinguishing between different types of objects. A group of people waiting at a bus stop might look almost the same as an empty cornfield. If a vehicle is facing an emergency situation, most drivers take the course of action that will minimize damage to both themselves and the people around them. A self-driving vehicle doesn't have the ability to analyze the situation and decide on the best course of action. Instead, they only react in one way, which may not necessarily be the best way. Technological Advancements Create Fresh Complications Most people are on board with the idea of pursuing driverless technology, simply because there is the potential for it to reduce the number of accidents that occur. It would be amazing if these vehicles were able to stop car accidents altogether, eliminating deaths and injuries on the road. Of course, some people love getting behind the wheel and driving their vehicles. In that case, they may feel disappointed not to be able to drive their car. Of course, the new technology doesn't always result in better outcomes. All that you have to do is look at the aviation industry for examples. When new technology is introduced, the number of negative events usually increases temporarily. This may discourage people from fully embracing self-driving technology if this also occurs with automated vehicles. When comparing human drivers and self-driving vehicles, it is important to use caution. It is going to be a long time before all of the cars on the road are replaced by automated vehicles. In the meantime, self-driving cars and human drivers will have to interact with one another. How this will play out remains to be seen. If you want to honestly compare driverless technology and human drivers, you need to make sure that those comparisons are being made accurately and under the same circumstances. Comparing two different sets of data from different driving conditions won't give an accurate picture of how the technology performs in comparison to traditional vehicles. As with any major technological shift, it is important to proceed slowly and to use caution to avoid unexpected problems along the way.  

how many wheels are in the world

How Many Wheels Are In The World? – Are You Excited To Know?

Have you ever wondered how many wheels are there in the world? The first answer that will come to the fore is that there are actually plenty of wheels, which are infinite in number. However, in this article, we will look at this interesting question a bit differently and find out how many wheels are in the world in particular. With the Automotive Industry growing in leaps and bounds every year, the number of wheels depends upon the large number of vehicles being produced. Estimations have speculated that the number of wheels could be anywhere around 37 billion globally. Furthermore, in this article, you will also know why this question is there in the first place and what is the motivation behind finding out how many wheels exist in the world. You will also know about the fact why many people want to know how many wheels are there in the world estimate, as well as the views of the people. How Many Wheels Are In The World Total? – General Background Many users on the internet and social media (Twitter in particular) organized a popular poll, which was mainly about whether there are more doors or more wheels in the world. Hence, there were two different opinions from different users, and the reasons that people came up with were also interesting and, in some cases, extremely funny. On the one hand, many people were of the opinion that there are more doors in the world since there are many buildings and a single building has several doors. On the other hand, others claimed that since there are too many vehicles in the world, the number of wheels outnumbers the doors. Many people from around the world participated in the poll, and many people enjoyed the answers on the poll. The poll was featured in many countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Ireland, and many more. The person who started this poll is Ryan Nixon. According to him, he found similar questions in Quora, from where he took the idea. According to Ryan, the question he found on Quora is, “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?” To answer the question, Ryan replied, “The ability to know the answer to any question I wanted.” This is how he found the idea of asking the question to people on the internet. Although it may sound strange to you, this is actually how the poll started and got popular in no time. More Doors Or More Wheels – What About The Post? Image Source Ryan Nixon posted the poll on March 5, 2022, on his Twitter account with the Twitter ID @NewYorkNixon. In the poll, he posted, “My mates and I are having the STUPIDEST debate...And I am here for it. Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?” As of February 22, 2023, we found that there are 223,347 votes. The final results are already out. The poll results were close, as 53.6% of people voted for more wheels, while 46.4% of people voted for more doors. There are 4823 retweets of the post and 19,200 likes on the post. Furthermore, 4414 people quoted the tweet. From the moment Ryan posted the tweet, it went viral in no time. Within three days, the post was one of the most viewed on the internet. Many experts are of the opinion that the reason behind the post being popular is that it was truly unique, and different people have different opinions about the post. Additionally, the post got popular quite fast on Facebook, Reddit, and other social platforms as well. What People Are Saying About The Doors Vs. Wheel Post? Image Source You must have already understood that the post was unique and got popular due to it being interesting and funny at the same time. This is because hardly any people think about the number of doors and wheels in their own houses and cars, let alone the world. The funny part about the post is the way how many people came together to vote on the poll and have a debate in the comment section of the post. The question was, although simple, it was intriguing as well. For example, one person even commented, “Who is voting doors??? There’s wheels on everything. I have wheels on my garment rack, makeup storage holder, rubbish bin. It’s definitely wheels.” In return, Ryan Nixon replied, “You have more wheels in your house than doors? Think about cupboards, the pantry etc. Think about how many doors there would be in something like an apartment building or hotel...” Such conversations and opinions made the post extremely interesting. Some of the other comments that added fuel to the fire are: “Very solidly wheels. All cars have 4 wheels but 2-4 doors. An average home might have 6-10 doors but it also has 3 suitcases with 6-12 wheels. A collection of toy cars might have 400 wheels.” “How many suitcases with wheels on have you got in your house? I’ve got eight. That’s 32 wheels just there.” “Doors. Four door cars and trucks nullify themselves. All ships have doors, no wheels. All buildings have doors, no wheels. Doors.” “Doors by far. Most things with wheels have at least a 2:1 door-wheel ratio, and then you have all the other doors in the world.” “In my household there are 29 doors including fridge, cupboards, washing machine, tumble dryer and car. Got 4 wheels on my car and the hamster has a wheel, can’t think of any more wheels I’m saying doors." "Using the ideology that wheels are only for vehicles and doors only count if they can be walked through. Think it’s quite clear that doors win. Let me know if I’ve missed anything major or something needs explaining.” "Think it’s quite clear that doors win. Let me know if I’ve missed anything major or if something needs explaining.” "Doors. Four door cars and trucks nullify themselves. All ships have doors, no wheels. All buildings have doors, no wheels. Doors." "Easily doors There's double the number of homes in the world than there are other types of buildings too, eg shops, businesses etc Then on top of that, most vehicles have many doors too," "Must be wheel. Wheels is one of the earliest human inventions. Not only in vehicles, but also in rollerblades, suitcases, chairs, etc. Wheels also made each day more than doors." "Just to confuse this debate do you mean EVER or NOW? as this very much alters my answer. Also, is a broken door or wheel still a door or wheel? I need some rules here." "You have ruined my life, I've lost sleep over this." "This has sent me into a spiral and I can't escape it." What Is The Exact Answer To The Question? In every way, it is very hard to find out the exact number of wheels or doors. If, for example, you think about only cars, you have to consider it has four wheels and at least two doors. There are wheels in other vehicles as well. Furthermore, there are so many doors in houses, furniture, etc. On the other hand, there are also wheels in toys like Hot Wheels and Legos. Realistically speaking, the numbers are just too much for a person to count, as they are infinite. Hence, we will not be able to give you even a close idea. How Many Lego Wheels Are There In The World? Image Source In answer to how many Lego wheels there are in the world, you will need to estimate the number of car toys Lego produces. In a year, almost 17 billion toy cars are produced. Lego has sold approximately 6 billion wheels until now. As per a 2010 report, we found that Lego produces 318 million tires every year. Despite all these data, it is still hard to find out the number of wheels in this case too. Summing Up  It is really hard to find how many wheels are in the world or even how many doors there are. Who knows! There can be billions of wheels and doors in the world. However, the best part about the question is that it is interesting and unique, and the post from where the question is inspired was a head-turner. Moreover, the post was funny, and the results were even funnier. Read Also: How Long Can You Go Without An Oil Change? What Type Of Vehicle Is Ideal For Off-Road Driving? How To Choose The Best Wheels And Tires For Your Vehicle?