Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?


25 December 2018

Health & Fitness


Vaping is a relatively new concept which gained popularity over a decade ago. Some people have given up smoking entirely and replaced it with vaping, and some use it as a means of quitting smoking for good. Despite its newfound popularity, not a lot of people are aware of it or the difference to smoking. There are many unanswered questions such as how safe it is compared to smoking tobacco or cigarettes. The good thing is, there are on-going studies about its chemical content and if it’s a safer alternative to smoking.

The difference in chemical content:

Smoking is harmful to the lungs. Vaping is no exemption and, in fact, comes with health implications as well. Although it’s not as bad as when smoking cigarettes, knowing the chemicals in it will help you make a better decision to try it or not.

  • Cigarettes and tobacco. Tobacco is an essential component of cigarettes. Smoking involves the process of burning tobacco leaves, which then releases thousands of chemicals that go into your body. One should be alarmed to know that 20 or more of these chemicals are potent carcinogens. This includes nicotine, which is an addictive chemical giving you that urge to smoke another stick. Hydrogen cyanide, lead, formaldehyde, ammonia, and arsenic are also some of the dangerous chemicals you introduce to your body when you smoke.
  • Vaping eliminates the process of burning tobacco leaves, which in turn, reduces the harmless chemicals to which you subject your body. Studies show that there are only a handful of chemicals involved in vaping compared to smoking cigarettes. Cyclops e juice was found to contain the least amount of harmful chemicals amongst all other producers of e-cigarettes. This includes nicotine, acetaldehyde, propylene glycol, and nitrosamines, while the rest are chemicals added to give flavor to the vapor.

Vaping and quitting smoking:

Cigarettes can be addictive, and despite the health implications, smokers find it hard to break the habit. Quitting is a difficult challenge because once your body’s addicted to nicotine, there’s almost no turning back and stopping will take a lot of willpower to achieve.

This is where vaping plays a role. Smokers find it easier to overcome their cigarette addiction by replacing it with e-cigarettes, which are available from an online vape store on the web. Some claim they managed to overcome their nicotine cravings by vaping, or at least reduce it by half.  Cancer Research UK conducted a study and compared cigarette smokers and vape smokers and found lower toxins and carcinogens with the latter population sample. They also suggested people should give up cigarettes entirely and swap over to e-cigarettes if you want an easier way of giving up your addiction.

Healthy living is a personal choice, and if you’ve been smoking for years, it’s understandable how much of a struggle it is to quit. Giving up cigarettes is a big step, and you’ll need all the help you can get to make it possible. From nicotine patches to vaping, all you need to do is find an effective method to break the bad habit.

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Pescetarianism is a specified diet that substitutes meat for seafood. In a nutshell, it is being on a vegan diet except, you eat seafood. The most common practice of pescetarianism is Ovo-Lacto vegetarianism. Here, the person on this diet would also consume dairy products alongside their seafood. There are two main motivating factors for this diet. These are health and environmental sustainability. Below are those factors to take into consideration while discussing why being a pescatarian is beneficial. Also, if you live in St. Louis, checkout Food Delivery Service St. Louis, a food delivery that provides its customers with tailored meals fitting every individual and their dietary needs. This will help you get your training wheels off while you get a feel for the different meals the diet is famous for. Why A Pescatarian Diet Is Beneficial: To A More Sustainable Environment: The animal meat, from mammals and birds, usually comes from farming such animals. The downside to rearing animals as food is the production of greenhouse gases. Animals such as pigs and ruminants we consume emit greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Pigs chip in by producing ammonia while the ruminants contribute by emitting methane gas. The situation is further complicated by the clearing of forests to create grazing grounds for these animals when this farming is done on a large scale. Furthermore, water and land resources, which should be used by humans are being used by these farms and slaughterhouses. Fish do not produce any greenhouse gas. However, when they are caught in their natural habitats, the process usually negatively affects their ecosystem. Fish farming can be a solution to this problem. The Health Benefits of a Pescatarian Diet: Going completely vegan in your diet brings with it some nutrient deficiency problems. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products. Hence, removing such products from your diet means that you lack this vital nutrient. Essential fatty acids and iron intake are both affected when you switch to a completely vegan diet. When these nutrients are missing from your diet, you risk getting anemia and losing out on your quota of valuable proteins. Adding fish into the equation equals a more balanced diet, nutrition-wise. With the emergence of meal deliveries, you can find a food delivery to St. Louis to make your transition to this diet a lot easier. A Healthier Heart: An increase in your intake of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and other seafood promotes a healthier heart. The critical nutrient helps to lower your blood pressure reducing the risk of heart-related diseases. The plant diet works hand in hand with your new intake of these nutrients to improve the health of your heart. Avoid Some Cancers: Some cancers that affect your digestive system can also be avoided via this diet. Colorectal cancers specifically have been seen to occur less in those who are on this diet. Manage Diabetes and Inflammatory Illnesses: The ‘vegan’ diet you consume as a pescatarian can help reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, and high blood pressure. When you add the increase in intake of omega-3 fatty acids, inflammation is also reduced. The two of them combine to improve your anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic qualities. Read Also: Easy Diet Tips To Summer Six Pack Abs 9 Magical Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet 5 Protein Enriched Food To Improve Mental Health


Get up and Workout! Things to Consider

Fitness bug has bitten the entire world and India is not behind in any way.  Prominent authority figures have been promoting the concept of healthy living in various ways. People all over the country make an effort to make time for exercise.  If one has no time to work out at a gym or at the community participate in the community workout program, one can simply workout at home. If you are someone that is looking to start your fitness journey, experts recommend checking out the We202 EMS training program. This is an exercise journey where technology, science and data are monitored and work in ways to ensure that you get the best results. The training uses specialized suits that amplify the muscle build-up and allow you to generate quicker results in a short span of time. Ways to go about: There are many options for exercise equipment online India available these days and can simply be confusing. In this case, one tends to buy either too many types of equipment or gets swayed away by the glittery advertisements. The idea is to invest in what suits the needs. One must also keep in mind space constrains while buying exercise equipment. Advantages of exploring options online: It is a great idea to explore options online. Few advantages are as follows: For every equipment, there is a description below in easy words, hence one gets to know what the use of the tool is. There are offers throughout the year in the form of discounts and additional equipment on purchase of one. There are combo packs available. One gets the option to choose from the many brands available. One can read the user review before making the final transaction. For home or office workouts, combination machines are the most preferred. One can work abdominal muscles, biceps, triceps, arms, chest, back, and legs on one machine. They occupy less space and are multi-functional in nature. Combination equipment comes in various sizes and the price range also differs. One can also choose to workout with free weights. Free weights and mat workouts are in trend these days. For maximum benefits, it is important to have the right kind of weights and mats to work with. On the internet, one can find weights of various kinds. These come in a soft and hard variety. There is a separate category for beginners and for advanced fitness enthusiasts.    Read also: Tips to Lose Weight Naturally Tips to consider before you purchase an exercise equipment Have an exercise routine in place- Any equipment will not change your routine habits! You need to work out in an efficient manner to derive optimum results. Go through the reviews: There are various fitness magazines, giving you a fair idea on how equipment performs. You get an idea on whether your fitness goals can be achieved with the use of an instrument, relating to fitness enhancement, increasing flexibility and promoting your overall health. Reviews online is a precise indicator of the quality of equipment. It would be a sensible idea on not to count on a single review and go through multiple ones. A better idea would be to type in any search engine the name of the manufacturer and find out any complaints. Read also: 5 Rowing Machine Workout Tips Every Fitness Person should know Shop around:  Rather than counting on a single online website, go through a host of them as costs tend to vary considerably from one website to another. So go, check, choose and buy! Get moving, get going! Read also: Elliptical Buying Guide at

Ecig Outlet Products

Ecig Outlet Products That You Can Buy Today

Ecig outlet products are increasingly becoming very innovative to suit the needs of vapers. If you have been vaping for a long time, you will notice the evolution since the early days when the only products you could buy at an ecig outlet were a few flavors of e-juice. New vapers are lucky to have a plethora of products to buy at an ecig outlet. If you are wondering what else you can purchase in addition to vape liquid, this article is for you. The products will make your vaping experience better and more fun than you can imagine. Vaping Devices and Accessories Today, vape product manufacturers have very interesting devices and accessories that you can buy from an ecig outlet. When you visit a popular vape website, you will be spoiled for choices. 1. Vape pens – These are traditional e-cigs that resemble traditional cigarettes, but they are electronically powered and have a tank for e-juice. You can buy these and other trending vaping devices from the ePuffer webshop. 2. Vape mods – These are more sophisticated vape devices with lots of interesting features such as temperature control and different user vape modes. They also come in flashy colors to complement a stylish vaping culture. 3. Batteries, tanks, coils, and other accessories – For those who want to replace the worn-out parts of their devices, they can buy separate parts, including charging devices, from a popular ecig outlet. Vape Juices All vapers must use vape juices. They are among the most popular products you can get from any ecig outlet. 1. Creamy and candy flavors – These are now common to imitate dairy product flavors. Milkshake flavors come in varieties such as strawberry, vanilla, and numerous fruit flavors. 2. Mint and citrus flavors – If you want something cool or savory, you can go for these flavors as they are very popular at any reputable ecig outlet. 3. Herbs and essential oil flavors – When you want to go healthy, choose your vape juice from this list. You can get jasmine, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and grapefruit flavors to mention a few. 4. Other e-juices – As mentioned, creative manufacturers are now making vape juices that are very interesting. For instance, CBD oil vape juices are now starting to appear in some ecig outlets. Other Products Apart from the common vape items, you are likely to find other products at a popular ecig outlet. Nicotine edibles and gummies are now common for those who want to quit smoking or have a smooth transition from smoking to vaping. Also, there are branded items such as carry cases, bags, T-shirts, water bottles, and many others that are either sold at discounted rates or given as freebies by the outlet. Conclusion Getting amazing products from any ecig outlet is now easy since all you need is to visit their website and select what you want. Do not hesitate to choose items that will make your vaping experience great. With the above information, you now know what to go for. Read Also: How to Turn Concentrates into Vape Oil Need A New Vape Pen? Everything You Need To Know About The Boundless CF Vaporizer How to Solve Some Problems of The Vapes 7 Things You Should Know About Owning a Vape Make a Mark: The Vape Brand for Your Lifestyle How To Improve Your First Vaping Experience