A Walk To Remember: Wedding Aisles You Won’t Forget

Considered as one of the highlights of any wedding, the bride’s walk in the aisle is a cherished moment that everybody is looking forward to. It is the part of the ceremony where all eyes will be on you to adore your dress, your makeup, your hair, and even your bouquet. To make the moment even more enchanting, the aisle will serve as your frame and backdrop for the magical scene that is unfolding in front of their eyes. Walking in the aisle only happens once that’s why to Make Happy Memories, a wedding planner in Athens, encourage couples to be specific with the visuals and the vibe of their walkway. With that being said, decorating your aisle according to your objectives is certainly one of the wedding planning components that you shouldn’t take for granted.

When it comes to aisle design, it is significant to ensure that the details and elements are aligned to your event’s theme. If you’re planning your destination wedding in Greece, you should clearly and precisely coordinate your ideas to your wedding planner to make your visions even more achievable. Make Happy Memories, a great wedding planner in Athens, offering wedding packages in Greece, suggests that couples should look for ideas on the web and utilize some visual documents (like images) of what they want. This is especially important if you’re planning a destination elopement and all your transactions are online. Achieving your dream wedding is possible as long as you’re specific with every detail such as those that are related to your wedding aisle.

To make it easier for you, we have gathered some wedding aisle decoration ideas for a walk that you’ll remember forever. Show these to your planner, okay?

1. Outdoor Rustic:

Outdoor Rustic

Perfect for countryside-style weddings, this aisle is undoubtedly a sight to behold. The trunks and foliage that are enlacing the aisle highlighted the greeneries that are surrounding this outdoor ceremony. Your guests and your loved ones will surely be at awe when you walk through this captivating pathway.

2. Glowing and Magical:

string lights

Having an evening or midnight ceremony? Use it as a perfect excuse to splurge on string lights and adorable candle sets! These hanging cierges and caged bougies leave a fairytale atmosphere that is totally Instagram-worthy. Walk down the aisle feeling like you’re surrounded by will o’ wisps by incorporating this candle-lit walkway in your wedding day.

3. Chic and minimalist:

Chic and minimalist

Blending well with the neutral tones of this indoor setting, the white and pink bouquet of roses added a pop of colors and a gorgeous touch to this wonderful aisle. Finishing the look, the carpet of petals set a romantic mood to the whole pathway setup.

4. Fresh Textiles:


Who says that you can’t hang huge textiles in your ceremony’s main corridor? These soft-looking white chiffons provide a dreamy setup which also acts as a quixotic backdrop for your images. Moreover, the yellow and purple bouquets of flowers add some right amount of colors that bring life to the whole arrangement. And oh, let’s not forget those chandeliers that bring an extra oomph of elegance.

5. Ocean Vibe:

Ocean Vibe

If you decided to tie the knot on a beach, you might want to consider incorporating the colors of the sea in your wedding ceremony. Adding a nautical touch to this neutral walkway, the plain tulle and white blue bouquets highlighted the colors of the ocean backdrop that surrounds the area.

6. Flower Cages:

Flower Cages

This is yet another aisle inspiration that you can incorporate for your beach wedding. Mainly composed of whites, this romantic walkway is a great idea that minimalist couples will like. With the hanging caged flowers and the cream sand as your natural carpet, what more could you ask for?

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