A Walk To Remember: Wedding Aisles You Won’t Forget


04 July 2019


Wedding Aisle

Considered as one of the highlights of any wedding, the bride’s walk in the aisle is a cherished moment that everybody is looking forward to. It is the part of the ceremony where all eyes will be on you to adore your dress, your makeup, your hair, and even your bouquet. To make the moment even more enchanting, the aisle will serve as your frame and backdrop for the magical scene that is unfolding in front of their eyes.

Walking in the aisle only happens once that’s why to Make Happy Memories, a wedding planner in Athens, encourage couples to be specific with the visuals and the vibe of their walkway. With that being said, decorating your aisle according to your objectives is certainly one of the wedding planning components that you shouldn’t take for granted.

When it comes to aisle design, it is significant to ensure that the details and elements are aligned to your event’s theme. If you’re planning your destination wedding in Greece, you should clearly and precisely coordinate your ideas to your wedding planner to make your visions even more achievable.

Make Happy Memories, a great wedding planner in Athens, offering wedding packages in Greece, suggests that couples should look for ideas on the web and utilize some visual documents (like images) of what they want. This is especially important if you’re planning a destination elopement and all your transactions are online. Achieving your dream wedding is possible as long as you’re specific with every detail such as those that are related to your wedding aisle.

To make it easier for you, we have gathered some wedding aisle decoration ideas for a walk that you’ll remember forever. Show these to your planner, okay?

1. Outdoor Rustic:

Outdoor Rustic

Perfect for countryside-style weddings, this aisle is undoubtedly a sight to behold. The trunks and foliage that are enlacing the aisle highlighted the greeneries that are surrounding this outdoor ceremony. Your guests and your loved ones will surely be in awe when you walk through this captivating pathway.

2. Glowing and Magical:

string lights

Having an evening or midnight ceremony? Use it as a perfect excuse to splurge on string lights and adorable candle sets! These hanging cierges and caged bougies leave a fairytale atmosphere that is totally Instagram-worthy. Walk down the aisle feeling like you’re surrounded by will o’ wisps by incorporating this candle-lit walkway in your wedding day.

3. Chic and minimalist:

Chic and minimalist

Blending well with the neutral tones of this indoor setting, the white and pink bouquet of roses added a pop of colors and a gorgeous touch to this wonderful aisle. Finishing the look, the carpet of petals set a romantic mood to the whole pathway setup.

4. Fresh Textiles:


Who says that you can’t hang huge textiles in your ceremony’s main corridor? These soft-looking white chiffons provide a dreamy setup which also acts as a quixotic backdrop for your images. Moreover, the yellow and purple bouquets of flowers add some right amount of colors that bring life to the whole arrangement. And oh, let’s not forget those chandeliers that bring an extra oomph of elegance.

5. Ocean Vibe:

Ocean Vibe

If you decided to tie the knot on a beach, you might want to consider incorporating the colors of the sea in your wedding ceremony. Adding a nautical touch to this neutral walkway, the plain tulle and white blue bouquets highlighted the colors of the ocean backdrop that surrounds the area.

6. Flower Cages:

Flower Cages

This is yet another aisle inspiration that you can incorporate for your beach wedding. Mainly composed of whites, this romantic walkway is a great idea that minimalist couples will like. With the hanging caged flowers and the cream sand as your natural carpet, what more could you ask for?

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A Complete Guide to Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas is a season that we all want to spend with our loved ones. Christmas Gift Giving can make things easier and effective for you. You may choose to visit your parents or take your family for a vacation, or you may choose to host Christmas yourself. It’s a season where we share love and happiness through the tradition of giving gifts. These gifts help us to show affection to the people that really matter in our lives, from spouses and parents to kids. It is important to most of us that we get our loved ones something that shows how much we really care about them. The gifts we give can reflect our love, affection and connection with others, so it’s important that we get the right ones. Here are some tips to help you choose the right gift for your loved ones this Christmas. Different Ways Christmas Gift Giving Can Make Things Essential For You Age matters: It is important when buying gifts that you always ask the question of who the gifts are for. This will help you to avoid mindlessly buying tat that has no personal edge. The age of the recipient is always an important factor to consider. For kids, you would buy toys, books or a bike. For your grandma, you might get a photo and frame. Try to really account for age in your buying endeavours. Perhaps the most challenging age to buy for is teenagers. Take the time to think of something that suits their age group. This could be a pair of shoes, a new gadget on the market, or even some nice jewelry. Here are a few age-specific gifts: Kids: children always love toys. Try to get them something fun and interactive that will help them to develop cognitively as well as socially. Teenagers: young people are always really grateful for their favourite shops’ gift vouchers. This way they can go out and buy the things that they really love! Middle-aged: let's face it, middle-aged people are more concerned with their creature comforts. Think about getting them some alcohol or chocolate. Make use of voucher codes for Hotel Chocolat to get them something extra special for less. Christmas gift giving can make things more memorable for you. Elderly people: The older generation are usually very grateful for framed photos of the family, their favourite strain or tea, or a cosy blanket to keep them warm! Taste and preference: Everyone has different tastes and preferences. What may be best for you may not be ideal for others? When choosing a gift, consider the tastes of your gifts’ receiver. If you want an outfit for your wife then choose something similar to an outfit that she already loves. Do your research on what they like. Maybe you know a child who loves Toy Story. Get them something along the same theme. This way you will choose the ideal gift for them. Plus there are plenty of online deals that you can make use of on your gift buying endeavour. Use sites like My Favourite Voucher Codes to make sure that you are getting the best price on your presents! Think personal Vs price: Extravagant gifts are nice, and maybe there is someone in your life that would prefer to be showered in extravagance than have something truly personal. But really the best gifts that you can get are the ones that have a personal touch. Use personalised retailers to get jewelry, photo frames, and plaques engraved with something unique. Or make a scrapbook of your favourite times with your recipient. Either way, choosing something personal over something pricey will win out every time! Give memories not presents: A great way to show someone that you really love and care about them is by telling them - through a gift - that you want to spend more time with them. Think about getting your loved one an experience day, vouchers for their favorite coffee shop, or even a mini-break away! This is a really lovely way of showing your loved one that you truly care! Christmas Gift Giving can make things easier for you. Christmas Gift Giving can make things easier for you. Ask for lists: It may seem like an obvious way to get the people that you care about the things that they really want, but lists really are a timeless way that you can be sure of the presents that you are buying. Get lists from everyone that you are buying for, pick something off of the list, buy it, wrap it and you are done. No more traipsing round the shops pondering over whether or not to buy a mug. You know what they want and you know that they will like it. Always ask your loved ones for lists! There are so many things to consider when buying the ultimate Christmas gifts for your family and friends. But the most important things to bare in mind is the age, taste, and preference of the person that you are buying for. Make sure you consider going for personal over pricey gifts, consider giving memories rather than material things, and always ask for a list. With this in mind, we’re sure that your Christmas gift-giving shopping will be an absolute doddle. Good luck! 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Free Time

How to Simplify Your Day to Have More Free Time

It’s been said that everyone has the same number of hours in the day, even Oprah. Why does it seem like some people have more time and get a lot more done? It’s not all due to having a full staff of chefs, personal trainers, housecleaners and drivers. There are some real strategies you can employ, many of which are used in professional wellness coaching, to simplify your day. A simpler life means having more free time. However, equally important is making sure you don’t go on to pack that new free time with activities. Taking time to rest, relax, and reflect is a necessary recharge that you’re going to need for a happier and healthier life. Getting more free time is just part of the process. It’s what you do with it that can really take your life to another level. Let’s start with simplification first. Here are a few ways you can take the complex out of your life on a daily basis: 1. Triage, don’t multi-task: Humans aren’t really made to multi-task, and in fact a very small percentage actually can. Instead, what we do is quickly switch back and forth between tasks. It might seem quick, but there is wasted and frustrated time during those switches. The more switching we do, like trying to feed a toddler while simultaneously holding a conversation with an adult, the worse we are at it. This means none of the people or tasks in our life get anywhere near our full attention. Instead of trying to multi-task, which is a doomed project, give one task your complete attention. Triage to gauge what’s most important or pressing. Finish that task, then move on to the next. 2. Ask yourself“Do I really need to be doing this?" with every task: There are going to be a lot of things you really should be doing, like flossing daily. However, there are also a lot of tasks that you do out of habit or guilt. A followup question might be, “Do I really need to be doing this right now?” This can be dangerous territory for procrastinators, so you have to know yourself before adopting this question. Getting rid of unnecessary tasks, or those that might even be harmful (like maintaining a relationship with a toxic friend) can free up an incredible amount of time. Asking yourself is step one. Actually taking steps to remove those tasks from your life can be very difficult and may require some professional mediation (such as talking with a therapist). 3. Get quality sleep: How can you get more free time by earmarking more time for sleep? It’s pretty simple. If you don’t get enough quality sleep, you’re only functioning at partial capacity. This means tasks will take longer and won’t be as enjoyable. Sleep requirements vary by person, and eight is just the average. However, remember that’s it’s also quality along with quantity. Good sleep hygiene includes avoiding a screen two hours before bed, establishing a good sleep ritual that cues your body and brain that it’s time to sleep, and getting rid of all technology in the bedroom. Treat yourself to an old-fashioned alarm clock and keep the phone in another room. 4. Stop distracting yourself with technology: Are you able to prepare lunch for yourself without having some form of technology for entertainment? Can you be in a space that’s quiet? When is the last time you picked up a real, tangible book without the white noise of a television or podcast in the background? Less is more can be scary at first, but it also retrains your brain and body to enjoy simplification. 5. Quiet your inner critic: In western countries, our cognitive conditioning is terrible. We talk horribly to ourselves, and our inner voice says things that we would never say to a friend or even a stranger. If you practice being kind to yourself, whether through audible affirmations or simply re-working your inner voice to be supportive, you can get rid of a lot of the dangerous white noise made by negative self-talk. Simplification isn’t the same for every person, and these are just a few ideas. Only you can unveil how you distract yourself and why. Getting rid of distractions, tasks, and even some relationships in your life can ease anxiety. It can also reduce depression. It can teach you to enjoy the present and your own company. However, this lifestyle isn’t a destination. It’s a lifelong practice where there will be good days and bad days. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a rough, complicated day. Instead, look forward to tomorrow when you can try again. Read Also: Five Benefits Of Meditation That Will Change Your Life 7 Tricks To Make Kayaking More Enjoyable