The Holy Commandments of Dating in College

Dating in College

College is an exciting place to be. From your boring bald professor to the exhilarating prom nights, college is undoubtedly an enormous box of fun. While your parents want you to ideally graduate with flying colors, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a worthy time for your social life.

Falling in love in college isn’t a capital offense. There are countless stories of relationship that were birthed on campus and maturated at the altar. Albeit, to get your relationship to work out, there are a few rules you may want to anchor it on.

Dating Requires Time Management:

Learning to prioritize your time even when you have met that special someone is crucial to having a sustainable relationship. Time management involves effectively scheduling when you hang out with your date, study, or mix with friends.

Consistently avoiding friends and family just to be with your date isn’t entirely the wisest choice to make. This is because both of you should have a level of independence. That’s how you soar well as a couple and have a sustainable romance. You don’t want to come across as being clingy, so give yourselves space to breathe.

Forget the Fantasy:

Your BU social life can be intimidating if you don’t settle your priorities. It’s not uncommon to see your roomies brag about how much their partners invest in their relationship. You may begin to think your date doesn’t care much about you. Desist from ever comparing your relationship with that of another.

Remember that your date is a student as well, and spending money on luxury dinners and fantasy trips may not be a priority now. Thus, rather than craving these, patiently build a relationship that isn’t focused on luxuries; it often pays in the end.

Define what you want:

As part of your BU social life, you will find students who date exclusively and others who don’t. In truth, it’s all a matter of preference. So it’s paramount that you and your date define what you want out of your relationship from the onset.

There are people who don’t believe in dating exclusively. This means that even though they are dating you, they believe they can also have flings and one-night stands with others, and they have no reservations if you do too.

If that’s not the kind of dating you envisioned, then it’s fine not to progress with it. You both would be on different pages. If you want a totally committed date, then spell it out from the start. You don’t need to compromise until you find what you want.

No college relationship that is clearly defined should face insurmountable hassles. The issue in most relationships often emanates from a lack of proper communication or differing expectations. If you and your partner mutually fix the constitution of the relationship and layout the rules agreeably, you will enjoy a more accountable and solid dating experience.

Dating in college doesn’t have to end in emotional turmoil. Take time out and clearly define your relationship, fix milestones to achieve communally, and bask in the consistency of your romance.

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Get your towels ready, it's about to go down!A top-notch party can be the highlight of anyone's year. And while it's totally possible to have a killer party on land, you'll be sure to wow your guests when you take this party offshore.But it's not as simple as changing the location of your shindig. In fact, there's a lot of planning you should do if you're considering throwing a boat party for the ages.Grab your swim trunks and your flippie-floppies and dive in to find out what you have to do to throw a truly amazing party on a boat. Pick a Theme: Sure, you could go with a tried and true nautical theme when you've chosen a boat party, but why keep it simple? You should use this occasion to really spice up your party style and invite your friends to do the same.If this is a party where a fun theme is acceptable, consider doing an 80's prom night party. If your friends are fans of mysteries, give a Clue-themed party a shot. Invite your friends to dress in their best party clothes and let loose, have a good time.Once you've selected a theme, follow the trends of all hipster weddings of today and chose a hashtag! This is a great way to build some buzz up around your party and to give your guests a collective way to share their photos of the event with each other. Choose Your Colors: You'll really be able to wow your guests if you manage to color coordinate your party. Think about all of the little elements that add up on the boat you'll be partying on and find a way to incorporate them into your theme.Some great, hip color schemes are navy blue and gold, ultra-violet and white, peach and mint, and purple and green.Once you've picked your colors, you can start to collect things that will go with them. Don't forget things like napkins, pillows, and blankets! Plan a Menu: Planning a menu for a boat party can be tricky. You've already got so much on your plate, you'll probably want to think about some kind of catering.When you're planning your boat party menu, keep it simple. You don't want an overcomplicated dish to give you or your caterer a headache. Besides, sometimes simple finger foods are the most fun when you've got other fun things to do at a boat party! Get Your Drink On: Now that you've got your menu planned and your theme picked it, it's time for the most fun part of the night: the drinks!There's nothing wrong with setting up a BYOB rule, especially if you're already dishing out a fair chunk of change for your menu and other aspects of this boat party. But if you're inclined to serve a little booze as well, here are a few ideas for you to choose from:Jelly shots shaped like fish bowls Blueberry-limoncello punch Watermelon Daiquiri Dark and Stormy Paloma MojitoNo matter what you decide to serve for your party, remind your guests to drink responsibly. You aren't trying to be a buzzkill, you're trying to keep everyone safe! Decorate: You might think that a beautiful sea backdrop is enough to make your boat party a beautiful success, but there's a lot more you can do to make your setting pop!Keep your color scheme in mind while you're picking out your decorations. Put up colorful flags, layout pillows and blankets, and don't forget the minor details! They're what make the get together special and stand out in your guest's minds.If you're feeling extra adventurous, try making some of your own decorations by hand! A beautifully hand-lettered sign and handmade pennants that reflect the theme and color scheme of your party will be sure to wow your guests. Plan Your Guest List: Here's the fun part: deciding who you want to invite to your party. It's not just as simple as putting a few names on a list and hoping for the best. If you want your boat party to go off without a hitch, you're going to want to take a few precautions before you decide who's invited.First of all, is this a work thing or a friends thing? Because if you have a few rowdy friends, you might not want to introduce them to your boss unless you're absolutely sure your boss is comfortable with seeing the shenanigans that happen after a few too many mojitos.It's also a good idea to take a good look at your friends' list and see what the relationships between the others are. The last thing you want is a dramatic showdown starring spurned lovers or jealous ex-friends in the middle of your boat party. It's supposed to be a laid-back and relaxed day! Whether the Weather is Fine: It's also a solid idea to have a plan in case the weather turns nasty. Consider getting in touch with a local restaurant or coffee shop to be your backup just in case the weather turns foul.It's also important to remember that not everyone on your boat will be comfortable being on the water. Have a quiet area where nervous guests can go if the waves get choppy! Be Safe: It might not seem to be very representative of The Lonely Island to have a whole section here about safety, but it's important nonetheless!It should go without saying that you need to obey all safety laws and make sure common sense prevails over everything else. Sure, boats offer a sense of fun and a relaxed atmosphere, but there's a very real danger of drowning or injury if something were to go wrong.Make sure your guests know where the life vests are and have a brief chat before the festivities really kick off about some of the safety measures they should follow if need be. You can view here some tips for new boat owners if you're not sure what to look out for. The Boat Party of the Century: Do you have your nautical themed pashmina afghan ready? Because it's time to get out there and host your own boat party that The Lonely Island would want an invite to. All you've got to do is do a little pre-planning in order to get sailing today.Are you looking for more fun party plannings tips? Check out this post about making birthday parties pop!Read Also:10 Beach Vacation Packages That Will Let You Unwind Without Breaking The Bank 30 Quick Facts About Ocho Rios, Jamaica