The Holy Commandments of Dating in College

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College is an exciting place to be. From your boring bald professor to the exhilarating prom nights, college is undoubtedly an enormous box of fun. While your parents want you to ideally graduate with flying colors and even read on the toilet seat, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a worthy time for your social life.

Falling in love in college isn’t a capital offense. There are countless stories of relationship which were birthed on campus and maturated at the altar. Albeit, to get your relationship to work out, there are a few rules you may want to anchor it on.

Dating Requires Time Management:

Learning to place a priority on your time even when you have met that special someone is crucial to having a sustainable relationship. Time management involves effectively scheduling when you hang out with your date, study, or mix with friends.

Consistently shoving friends and family just to be with your date isn’t entirely the wisest move to make. This is because both of you should have a level of independence. That’s how to soar well as a couple, and have a sustainable romance; you don’t want to come out as being clingy, so give yourselves space to breathe.

Forget the Fantasy:

Your BU social life can be intimidating if you don’t settle your priorities. It’s not uncommon to see roomies brag about how much their partners invest in their relationship. You may begin to think your date doesn’t care much about you. Desist from ever comparing your relationship with that of another.

Remember that your date is a student, and as such money on luxury dinners and fantasy trips may not be a priority now. Thus, rather than crave these, patiently build a relationship that isn’t focused on luxuries; it often pays in the end.

Define what you want:

As part of your BU social life, you will find students who date exclusively and others who don’t. In truth, it’s all a matter of preference. So it’s paramount that you and your date define from the onset what you want out of your relationship.

There are people, who don’t believe in dating exclusively. This means even though they are dating you, they believe they can also have flings and one-night-stand with others, and they have no reservations if you do too.

If that’s not the dating you envision, then it’s fine not to progress with it; else you both will be on different pages. If you want a totally committed date, then spell it out from the onset. You don’t need to compromise until you find what you want.

No college relationship that is clearly defined should face insurmountable hassles. The issue in most relationships often emanates from a lack of proper communication or differing expectations. If you and your partner mutually fix the constitution of the relationship, laying out the rules agreeably, you will enjoy a more accountable and solid dating experience.

Dating in college doesn’t have to end in emotional turmoil. Take time out and clearly define your relationship, fix milestones to communally achieve and bask in the consistency of your romance.

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