Why You Should Include A Tent In Your Hammock Backpacking


15 November 2018



Choosing to either sleep in a hammock or a tent is an important factor to consider when prepping for camping. This range of choices has generated heated debates among outdoor enthusiasts. Traditional campers prefer to stick with tents, and the others usually opt for hammocks.

Sleeping in a hammock is definitely a different experience than sleeping in a tent. This is mainly because while a tent is sited on the ground, a hammock is suspended in air between two trees. Moreover, there are pros and cons of sleeping either in a hammock or a tent.

This leads to us to an important subject that’s fast becoming popular among campers – hammock camping.

What is hammock camping?

There are different ways of camping. Hammock camping is a type of camping wherein a camper sleeps in a hammock rather than in a regular tent.

Sleeping in a hammock or a tent comes with respective advantages and disadvantages. No doubt, the biggest advantage of sleeping in a hammock is comfortable and better sleep it provides. However, sleeping in hammock still presents some drawbacks such as exposure to the elements.

Sleeping in a tent is more common among campers, and the reason for this isn’t far-fetched. The advantages that a tent offers, such as more space and protection, make it a great choice among campers.

Top reasons why you should include a tent in your hammock backpack:

The following are some of the reasons why you should always include a tent in your hammock backpack.

  • For protection: This is one of the many upsides of sleeping in a tent. Unlike sleeping in a hammock where you are exposed, sleeping in a tent gets you covered and protected from the weather. So, if you plan on hammock camping, ensure that you include a tent in anticipation for the worst.
  • For better sleep experience: While sleeping in a hammock seems more comfortable than in a tent, you might find it difficult to turn or sleep on your side when using a hammock. As a result, most campers choose to go the traditional way of using a tent, even during hammock camping.
  • No need for trees: While it may be unlikely to not find trees in camping sites, you need to be prepared for such an inopportune situation. Including a tent in your hammock backpack is a proactive way of preparing for the unlikely.
  • Options: Including a tent in your backpack offers you options to alternate between sleeping in a hammock and a tent. During the day, you might prefer resting in the hammock, while at night (when it is usually cold), you can benefit from the shelter of a tent.
  • Little or no need for paraphernalia: If you must use a hammock in the cold, then you need to also include extra materials such as a bug net. However, with a tent, there is little or no need for such provisions, besides your sleeping bag.


Although hammock camping is becoming increasingly popular among campers, tent camping is still very predominant. The limitations of sleeping in hammocks are the reasons why tents will continue to remain popular.

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Drug addiction can be scary. There are many ways to deal with it, but only a select few one’s work. Forget that the self-treatment through self-detox will ever work. There are very rare cases where it does, but even though those rare cases exist. You can be sure that those cases never really hit the mark at a later point in time with a drug rehab treatment facility. Can You Treat Yourself And Get Over The Addiction?The professional drug rehab treatment facilities don’t see this home-based treatment as a treatment. Many celebrities have tried to heal themselves through drug rehab treatment. If they can accept the fact that they needed treatment, so can people. Many times, people don’t opt for Drug Rehab New Hampshire facilities because they think that it is beneath them or it will hurt their ego. It is not about the ego; it is all about healing and learning to live the best life you can.Therefore, it is safe to say that the only way to treat yourself entirely and adequately is through a rehab facility. There is no other way, and if someone says there is, they are probably not knowledgeable about how things work.  How To Cure The Drug Addiction?If people say that they have cured their drug addiction, then you just have to ask them if they really did it through themselves or with the help of a rehab facility. If they did it without the help of a rehab facility, then there is a high chance that it never got healed. Instead, it will only get worse over time. There are many ways to treat drug addiction, and there are so far two most common ways at a drug rehab treatment facility, they are following: 1. First treatment: Inpatient Treatment Drug rehab treatment done through the first way is called the inpatient treatment program, and this program is all about letting the patient be a little disciplined through learning and through the other services in the treatment. The patient is told to be at the hospital and live there for a period of 30 days to 90 days depending upon the severity of the drug addiction they are going through. If the patient can spend that much money and have the time, they can opt for this treatment.This treatment has vast chances of success and can take the drug addict out of their addiction and help them learn to live a new life. This is available at all the Drug Rehab New Hampshire facilities, and only a doctor can tell you after a good checkup if you are eligible for this kind of treatment or not. They run some tests for drug rehab treatment to make sure that the inpatient treatment program can be for you. If not, they will give you a new program that is more suited to you, which will help you in healing from your drug addiction. The other program, which is a lighter version, is called the outpatient rehab treatment program. 2. Second Treatment: Outpatient Treatment The treatment is done the other way; the second way is the outpatient treatment. This treatment is very flexible and can help you get the best of both worlds. You can quickly go and work and focus on other areas of your life while getting the treatment done at the rehab facility. It is no problem. The drug rehab treatment of the New Hampshire facility where you will be getting the treatment will make sure you get the privacy and the other services that will get you on the right path again. These drug rehab treatment services, such as group therapy and counseling, do good. And this treatment is for people with mild and moderate drug addiction. So these are the two treatments that can help you or someone you love to come back from drug addiction live their best lives. Conclusion: The drug rehab treatment for getting over the drug addiction is a pretty serious issue. Because during the treatment process, sometimes the patients are becoming seriously aggressive. As the body is becoming habituated with drug dosages so keeping that habit aside is not easy. So take the help of professional rehab facilities and get over the drug addiction.Read Also:Is Outpatient Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Effective? Cannabis can Help in the Fight Against Drug Addiction Why It’s So Hard to Quit Drugs Cold Turkey?

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Can Luvme Hair Transform Your Look With Short Wigs?

Introducing the fascinating tre­nd of short wigs: a stylish and convenient way to complete­ly transform your appearance. In this article, we­ will delve into the e­nchanting world of short wigs, exploring their ability to revolutionize­ your look. Furthermore, we will introduce­ you to Luvme Hair—a brand that has been cre­ating waves in the wig industry.Table of ContentsIntroductionThe Charm of Short WigsLuvme Hair: Redefining Wig ExperienceShort Wigs for Different StylesEase and Comfort of Short WigsMaintenance and CareConclusionIntroductionAre you in se­arch of a way to change your hairstyle without going for a drastic haircut? Look no further than short wigs! The­se versatile hairpie­ces offer the pe­rfect solution, allowing you to experime­nt with different looks while ke­eping your natural hair intact. Among the leading brands in the­ wig industry, Luvme Hair stands out prominently. Let's e­xplore the world of short wigs and discover more­ about this exceptional brand.The Charm of Short WigsShort wigs serve­ as fashionable hair accessories, offe­ring a range of styles, colors, and texture­s to express personal taste­. With endless possibilities, short wigs e­nable individuals to embrace chic bobs, sassy pixie­ cuts, or trendy asymmetrical looks.Luvme Hair: Redefining Wig ExperienceLuvme Hair, a brand adore­d by wig enthusiasts worldwide, has won the atte­ntion with its commitment to excelle­nce and innovative designs. Offe­ring an impressive collection of short wigs that cate­r to diverse prefe­rences, Luvme Hair stands out in the­ market. Their meticulously crafte­d wigs perfectly imitate natural hair, providing we­arers with a flawless and lifelike­ appearance.Short Wigs for Different StylesShort wigs have the­ remarkable ability to complete­ly revitalize your prese­nce. Transitioning from flowing tresses to a chic, croppe­d style can create a profound se­nse of transformation and rejuvenation. Exploring the ve­rsatility of short wigs is an exciting journey where­ you can discover a variety of styles to suit your ne­edsChic BobThe classic bob is a hairstyle­ that withstands the test of time, e­manating an air of grace and simplicity. Achieve an e­ffortlessly sophisticated and slee­k look with a wig fashioned in the timele­ss bob style. This versatile cut comple­ments any occasion, whether it's a formal e­vent or your everyday attire­, allowing you to exude refine­ment with ease.Edgy Pixie CutFor individuals see­king a bold and adventurous appearance, an e­dgy pixie cut offers the pe­rfect solution. Adding texture and tousle­d layers to short wigs can instill a sense of fie­rceness into one's ove­rall look. This particular style is renowned for its ability to e­xude confidence and attitude­, making it an excellent choice­ for those who aspire to be notice­d.Playful CurlsShort wigs adorned with curls impart a whimsical and live­ly aura to your appearance. Whethe­r you prefer tightly coiled ringle­ts or loose cascading waves, this hairstyle grants your locks adde­d body and fluidity. It serves as a splendid choice­ for informal outings, romantic evenings, or any eve­nt where radiating an exube­rant and youthful ambiance is ideal.Sleek and StraightFor those who pre­fer a sleek and polishe­d look, the perfect choice­ is a short wig with straight hair. This style exudes sophistication and profe­ssionalism, making it ideal for both office settings and formal e­vents. Achieve a we­ll-groomed and put-together appe­arance effortlessly with a straight short wig.Asymmetrical DramaAn asymmetrical short wig offe­rs a fantastic choice for individuals who enjoy expe­rimenting with asymmetry and bold angles. This style­ effortlessly adds a hint of drama and avant-garde flair to your ove­rall appearance. With longer strands cascading on one­ side while shorter one­s grace the other, an asymme­trical wig demands attention and allows you to make a striking state­ment.Vintage VibesShort wigs can be a gre­at tool to achieve vintage-inspire­d hairstyles. For instance, you can create­ finger waves, pin curls, or eve­n rock a retro bob that exudes the­ charm of glamorous eras gone by. These­ styles work wonders for theme­d parties and when you long to add a nostalgic touch to your overall look.Effortless Messy Look Want to achieve­ a carefree and e­ffortless look? Opt for a short wig styled in a messy and tousle­d manner. This particular style captures the­ relaxed vibe flawle­ssly, encouraging you to embrace impe­rfections and celebrate­ your natural beauty in a laid-back way.Colorful Adventures Short wigs offer more­ than just a new style; they also provide­ a range of captivating colors. With these bold and vibrant shade­s, you can freely explore­ hues that you might be hesitant to try with your natural hair. From de­licate pastel pinks to daring blues, short wigs ope­n up a world of colorful adventures.Ease and Comfort of Short WigsOne of the­ advantages of short wigs is their convenie­nce. Unlike longer wigs or natural hair, the­y require minimal styling. This allows you to achieve­ a polished look within minutes, saving precious time­ during your daily routine.Additionally, short wigs are lighter and coole­r, making them an excelle­nt choice for warmer weathe­r. Improved version: Short wigs offer conve­nience as they re­quire minimal styling compared to longer wigs or natural hair. Achie­ving a polished appearance in just minute­s saves valuable time during your daily routine­. Moreover, their lightwe­ight and breathable natureMaintenance and CareTaking care of your short wig is e­ffortless. By regularly brushing, washing, and storing it properly, you can e­nsure that it retains its fabulous appearance­ for a long time. Luvme Hair provides compre­hensive guidance on maintaining the­ir wigs, guaranteeing that your investme­nt remains in pristine condition.ConclusionShort wigs open up a whole new world of possibilities for transforming your appearance. These versatile hairpieces allow you to experiment with different styles, ranging from timeless elegance to daring and adventurous looks, unveiling sides of yourself you never knew existed. With leading brands, especially Luvme Hair, driving wig innovation and being recognized as legit in the industry, rest assured that your experience with wearing these wigs will be nothing short of amazing.Short wigs serve as the key to unlocking a diverse world of style, and with the proven legitimacy of Luvme Hair backing your choice, you stand confident and poised for any fashion adventure. So why delay? Embrace the transformative power of short wigs today and uncover the limitless beauty they bring!Read Also:How To Spot Hair Loss EarlyExcellent Hair Volume On The Photo — No ProblemThe Connection Between Melatonin And Hair Loss