Welltorrent And Its Alternatives: All You Need To Know in 2021

Welltorrent is one of the best torrent sites in 2021, and it is mainly popular to download movies, TV shows, games, apps, software, games, ebooks, and many more. It is a well-known torrent site that is popular all over the world. 

People usually visit this site to watch and download their favorite movies and shows. The best benefit of downloading movies from this site is that the quality of movies you will receive is amazing. 

All You Need To Know About Welltorrent 

Welltorrent has a fast downloading speed, and the features are also very amazing. You don’t have to compromise with the quality of content you will get after visiting this site. Well torrent or welltorrent, both are the same. 

On the other hand, this site has a good search volume on the internet because it provides movies and other content for absolutely free. No signup charges or additional charges are required before downloading your desired movies.  

The official site of welltorrent is https://welltorrent.com/. However, the government bands all the official websites of torrent because it is illegal to use. The users of these torrent sites come under the piracy crime, so you need to be in a safe zone while downloading any content from this site. 

You can switch to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection if you want to download games, software, movies, shows, apps, etc. VPN will hide your IP address.

Top Welltorrent Alternatives In 2021

A small description of the welltorrent is already described above. If you want to download movies from welltorrent, you can easily visit this torrent’s official site. Moreover, you can also visit the proxy sites or mirror sites of welltorrent. 

Therefore, the top welltorrent alternatives in 2021 are described below, 

1. Extratorrent


Extratorrent is a top torrent indexing website that you will find on the internet. The best advantage of using this torrent site is the database because it is huge compared to other torrent websites. 

You will find all kinds of movies and shows that you will love watching. However, you must be aware of clicking some inappropriate links because it may contain a virus that can harm your computer or smartphone.

2. 13377x 

13377x is one of the most popular torrent search engines that you will find on the internet. It receives more than millions of traffic each day. Almost everyone is aware of this torrent site on the internet. 

Hence, 13377x and its proxy sites can be the top alternative of this torrent search engine. This site’s features are also excellent, and you must know about this if you are a true fan of movies and games.

3. Movierulz

Movierulz can also be the top alternative for welltorrent. You can visit the official site or proxy site of movierulz and download your favorite movies. 

No signup is required before visiting this torrent site, and your personal information is safe. This is a top website compared to other torrent sites, and it is also completely free to use. 

4. Moviesda


Yes, moviesda is also a top torrent site where you can download movies, games, software, etc. It is mainly popular to download Tamil and Hindi dubbed movies.

It has all the features that a popular torrent site should have. This site also receives a good amount of search volume. This site is popular worldwide. If the official site of welltorrent or its proxy sites does not work, you can visit moviesda

5. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate bay is one of the most common search results for every torrent search. This site is considered as the successor of welltorrent. 

This is one of the top alternatives for welltorrent, and you must visit this site if you are a fan of movies and games. 

How Can You Access A Blocked Torrent Website?

Torrent websites have become an inseparable part of our life. Whenever there is a new movie in the market, we first search it on the torrent website after the release. Most of us prefer watching news movies on our laptops during our leisure time. However, with the policy’s current changes, it has become difficult for people to get torrent access.

However, there are methods that can be used to access these blocked torrent websites.

Proxy Servers

Proxy Servers

Have you come across a website that looks similar to the main website, but it is just a branch website? If so, then you already know what proxy websites are. Proxy websites are also known as proxy servers, which act like stand-in websites in place of the main servers.

These websites hold the same content as you would find on the main website. If you are aware of the proxy servers, you will find it easy to access the content of their blocked torrent website.

VPN Services

Proxy servers are one of the best ways to get around the blocked torrent website. However, there is an even better method, Virtual private Networks (VPN). VPN specializes in masking the original IP address of the devices. It helps the user completely erase the devices’ digital footsteps, thereby providing safe access to the blocked torrent website.

The Bottom Line

Welltorrent is a powerful torrent site that many of you are aware of. The downloading features are also excellent. But keep in mind that all torrent sites are illegal to use. 

Browsing torrent sites are not illegal but downloading can be considered illegal. So, you must always be on the safer side if possible. The government also takes strict actions against those who misuse this site. Torrent sites steal content from their party servers and host on their sites.

Actually, they use the copyright version of other sites. Therefore. This is all you need to know about this torrent website. If you have some other sites, then you can mention them in the comment section below.

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