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19 January 2023

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If you smoke pot (marijuana) and proclaim yourself to be a Rastafarian stoner, you probably know what are tarpenes. In case you are not, it’s time for you to get high on some interesting facts about terpenes.

To know more about this gum-like substance found in cannabis plants and many fruits as well, keep on reading.

What Are Tarpenes?

What Are Tarpenes

Terpenes are extremely fragrant substances that give many plants and herbs, including lavender and rosemary, as well as certain animals, their distinctive scents.

Many commonplace goods, including meals, cosmetics, and personal care products, are flavored and scented with isolated terpenes.

Terpenes are necessary to plants. Terpenes have different effects on different plants. In some, they encourage pollinators, while in others, they strongly repel predators like insects or gazing animals.

Others function as a component of the plant’s immune system to ward against contagious pathogens. Some terpenes perform a protective role in the plant, aiding the plant in recovering from harm.

Also, erpenoids is a word that some people also use. Tarpenes and terpenoids, however, are not the same.

When present in a living plant, these substances exist naturally as terpenes. Terpenes undergo oxidation and transform into terpenoids when a plant dries and cures—as in the case of cannabis manufacturing, for instance.

Cannabinoids VS Tarpenes – What’s The Difference?

Cannabinoids VS Tarpenes - What’s The Difference?

Cannabis contains chemical substances called cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) activate the body’s endocannabinoid system. The “high” that cannabis users feel is brought on by this.

Another cannabinoid that is gaining popularity for its therapeutic effects is cannabidiol (CBD). Although CBD interacts with some of the same receptors as THC, it does so in a different way and has no euphoric effects.

Although THC and CBD are two of the most well-known cannabinoids, the cannabis plant contains over 100 other cannabinoids in total.

Terpenes, which are among the most prevalent substances in the natural world, are also found in the cannabis plant.

The majority of plant and certain animal molecules smell because of terpenes. However, some may also have comparable effects to cannabinoids in the body’s endocannabinoid system. The primary distinction is how these substances are absorbed and used by the body.

Effect Of Tarpenes

Since many terpenes are bioactive, they could have an impact on the body. Depending on the terpene concentration and the user, this impact will change.

Terpenes are the primary component of many essential oils. In addition, they are crucial to many alternative therapies, including aromatherapy since they give off strong scents. A person’s mood and stress levels may be affected by the aromas of particular plants and essential oils when inhaled.

Some individuals think that terpenes will influence or improve the high that comes from cannabis use. Marijuana terpenes increase or modify the effects of THC and CBD in the body – known as the entourage effect.

Types Of Tarpenes

There are various types of terpenes. Here, I have given brief descriptions of some of the most popular ones.

1. Limonene

Most individuals can identify the ubiquitous terpene limonene by its aroma. The zesty scent of the rinds of fruits like lemons and oranges is due to limonene, as its name indicates.

Limonene appears to alter the behavior of some immune cells, which might shield the body from a variety of diseases. People can safely use limonene as a supplement.

2. Pinene

Another common terpene found in nature is pinene. A-pinene and b-pinene are the two varieties of pinene. Numerous plants, such as pine needles, rosemary, and basil, all contain pinene, which gives them their fresh, vibrant aroma. Additionally, pinene may have certain medicinal advantages.

Shinrin-yoku, which translates to “forest bathing,” is a Japanese treatment that entails taking slow strolls through the forest to take in the sights, sounds, and scents. There may be protective and healing benefits of Shinrin-yoku on the physiology and psychology of an individual.

3. Linalool

The lavender plant produces the most linalool, which gives the bloom its distinctive aroma. One of the most crucial elements in aromatherapy is linalool, which is what gives lavender or its essential oil a relaxing effect on many individuals.

Although linalool does seem to have an effect on the body, further research is needed to determine how individuals might use it to improve their health.

4. Myrcene

Terpenes like myrcene are frequently found in plants including thyme, lemongrass, and hops. The cannabis plant’s flowers also have Myrcene.

A potent antioxidant, myrcene. According to one study conducted on mice, myrcene may aid in preventing brain oxidative damage after a stroke.

Another mouse investigation has discovered a comparable protective effect of myrcene on heart tissue. Myrcene may be a helpful alternative therapy for ischemic stroke, according to the study.

Myrcene appears to have an anti-inflammatory impact and may stop the destruction of certain cartilage cells in a cell model of osteoarthritis, it was reported. This could make it effective in treating osteoarthritis.

5. Beta-Caryophyllene

Many plants and vegetables, including cloves and black pepper, contain beta-caryophyllene.

Beta-caryophyllene, like other terpenes, may have an anti-inflammatory impact on the body that may lessen discomfort in certain people.

Beta-caryophyllene decreased discomfort from inflammation and nerve pain in animal research. Because the body didn’t appear to be acquiring a tolerance to these effects, the researchers speculated that this analgesic and anti-inflammatory impact would be helpful for treating long-term chronic pain.

6. Humulene

A vital component of the hop plant is humulene. We might also find it in other plants like ginger and clove.

Terpenes, such as humulene, may have the ability to prevent allergic responses and asthma, according to one research. Humulene decreased allergic airway inflammation in animal models. This could make it a valuable substance for future all-natural asthma therapies.

According to a different study, humulene might protect certain cells. This safeguarding function could prevent cancer. To support these assertions, further research on the effects of humulene is required as this is only early data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Many people (especially stoners) have various questions regarding the use of Tarpenes. Here are my answers to their queries.

Q1. What Do Terpenes Do For You?

Ans: The consumption of tarpenes has various medical and psychological effects on our bodies. Some of the most commonly observed properties are:

Reduces growth of cancerous cells
It has antihyperglycemic properties
Improves the immunity system to fight against microbes like fungi and virus
It can act as an analgesic
It has several anti-inflammatory properties
Parasites are weak against terpenes

Q2. Is Terpene A Steroid?

Ans: A Tarpene is not exactly a steroid. However, many researchers have related them to steroids because of the similar chemicals present in both. These chemicals have proven to impact our metabolic system to an extent, similar to steroids.

Q3. What Do Terpenes Taste Like?

Ans: The taste of tarpenes differs from each strain to strain. While terpenes have the natural fragrance and taste of cannabis, the fruit it’s derived from also adds to the taste.


A tarpene is a substance or a compound that gives plants theory unique smells and flavors. Every plant has their own unique terpene. However, most people every day refer to terpenes being present in cannabis, giving it its “euphoric” properties, taste, and aroma.

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