Ram’s Power Brokers: Who Owns RAM?


28 November 2023


Who Owns RAM

Ram Trucks, an American brand of light-to-mid-weight trucks and other commercial vehicles, is a division of Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). Ram Truck Division (of Chrysler) went as RAM. It was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from Dodge and went with the Ram pickup truck brand. The original Dodge logo was replaced with the Ram Trucks logo. But who owns Ram?

The Warren Truck Plant in Warren, Michigan, and the Saltillo plant in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, are the two locations where Ram 1500 “Classic” trucks are manufactured. At Sterling Heights Assembly in Sterling Heights, Michigan, new series Ram 1500 pickups are manufactured. From the beginning, the brand has been known by the slogan “Guts. Glory. Ram.”

Who Owns RAM: History

Who Owns RAM: History

Before the 1970s, Dodge kept a distinct truck brand called Fargo Trucks, mostly for use outside of the US. From that moment on, Chrysler sold all of its trucks under the Dodge brand.

After Chrysler filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in June 2009, Fiat Group acquired a 20% share in Chrysler Group LLC, and Sergio Marchionne succeeded Robert Nardelli as CEO. That year, on June 10, “New Chrysler,” formally known as Chrysler Group LLC, acquired almost all of Chrysler’s assets. The agreement received funding from the federal government in the amount of US$8 billion, or almost 21%.

“World Class Manufacturing,” or WCM, a system of meticulous manufacturing quality, came under CEO Marchionne. A number of products relaunched with distinction and elegance. The divisions that handled Ram, Jeep, Dodge, SRT, and Chrysler split to concentrate on their own identities and brands.

In 2010, Ram Trucks set sail as a Chrysler division, taking the Ram name from the Dodge Ram pickup lineup that is currently on sale. Chrysler claims that the Ram Trucks brand will focus on “real truck customers,” as opposed to irrational buyers who purchase the trucks based solely on appearance or fashion.

When Daimler stopped producing the Dodge Sprinter in 2008, there was a void in the North American market that was filled by the Fiat Ducato cargo van, which is now sold as the Ram ProMaster. Truck sales were to rise “from today’s 280,000 to 415,000 by 2014.”

Recent Past  

Recent Past  

Chrysler executives have expressed their desire to take on Ram in the semi-trailer truck market. This is possible by Fiat’s ownership of Iveco and the extensive network of Dodge dealers. According to former Ram Division President Fred Diaz, “Ram trucks are not a Dodge model.” Ram trucks are independent of Dodge automobiles. Ram’s vehicle identification number (VIN) will never change from that of a Ram.

To enable Dodge to adopt a new brand identity—one that is hip, stylish, youthful, and vivacious—we must continue to market as Ram. That won’t work for the truck buyer campaign. There should be different themes for the two.”

Fiat increased its ownership of the company on July 21, 2011, when it purchased the Chrysler shares that the US Treasury had been holding.

Diaz left Ram Trucks in April 2013 to take a position as vice president of divisional sales and marketing for Nissan. Reid Bigland took his place.

In January 2014, Fiat Chrysler became a separate corporate entity.

Reid Bigland, the CEO of Ram Trucks, came in August 2014 to oversee the Alfa Romeo brand in North America. Later, Robert Hegbloom would take over as head of the Ram Trucks brand. He was a longtime Chrysler employee who joined the company in 1986. He had previously served as a director for Dodge. Bigland moved to become the CEO of Ram Trucks in October 2018. Not long after, he learned that the division had been fabricating sales figures, and he sent the data to the US government for further examination.

Pop Culture  

Pop Culture  
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Having driven a GMC Sierra in the first season, Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris) spent the majority of its existence behind the wheel of a silver Dodge Ram. The truck was part of a bigger product placement arrangement with Chrysler. The villains drove automobiles from rival Detroit automakers General Motors and Ford Motor Company. While the other main characters drove other Chrysler vehicles. Throughout the CBS television series’ run, the Ram received a lot of advertising during commercial breaks.

The two main characters, Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, used a 1995 red Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck as their storm-chasing vehicle throughout the 1996 movie Twister.

Unintentionally, Ram Trucks made their way into popular culture on February 4, 2018, during Super Bowl LII. The usage of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermon “The Drum Major Instinct” in their commercial was criticized by social media users. It’s advertising for promoting Ram Truck with such a sales was especially troubling.

Content creators on YouTube quickly created spin-offs that presented a more truthful view of King’s sermon and views on advertising. There were “What Martin Luther King Actually Thought About Car Commercials,” “The MLK Super Bowl Ad Dodge Didn’t Show You,” “What Dodge LEFT Out Of Their MLK Commercial In Super Bowl,” and so on.

In Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone television series, Ram trucks are the preferred work vehicles of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. It has the ranch’s branding and logo on its sides. The trucks come in a range of configurations, with the majority being 2500-series vehicles running on 6.7L Cummins diesel.

When Did Dodge And RAM Split?

When Did Dodge And RAM Split?

After buying Dodge in 1981, Chrysler maintained the most well-liked models, including RAM pickup trucks. Their pickup trucks were marketed as “Dodge RAM” from 1981 to 2009. Following a reorganization within the brand, Dodge and RAM separated into two distinct car lineups.

In order for Dodge to concentrate on creating new cars that could rival models like the Chevrolet Corvette and Jeep Wrangler, the company split into separate entities. Due to this division, the brand was able to produce some incredible standout products. The lineup includes the SUV Durango, the Dodge Charger and Challenger muscle cars. Other fan favorites are also available at the Miami Dodge RAM dealership.

So Who Owns RAM?

So Who Owns RAM?
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Chrysler, the parent company of Dodge, launched RAM as a separate brand for its pickup trucks in 2009. A truck manufactured prior to 2009 is referred to as a Dodge RAM. All pickup trucks manufactured after 2009 are just RAM trucks. The only difference is that their pickup trucks have a RAM branding. While their Dodge cars, SUVs, and minivans remain part of the same company.

Why Did Dodge And RAM Split?

Why Did Dodge And RAM Split?

Why, then, did Chrysler split these two brands apart? New models with greater focus came into development thanks to this process. Dodge developed the Dodge Challenger to rival the Chevrolet Corvette sports car. It allows RAM to concentrate on producing more robust builds and more potent engines for Spanaway jobs. The two brands could become more distinct and specialized if they split.

Wrapping Up

It’s possible that your old RAM still has the “Dodge RAM” logo if you bought it before 2009. After the company stopped producing “Dodge” trucks in 2009, all trucks after that time became “RAM trucks.” Additionally, the same owner owns RAM and Dodge. The trucks, however, go by the name of RAM.

If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask about who owns RAM, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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5 Signs Your Car Needs a Tune Up

Owning a car is like being the parent of a small child when it comes to maintenance. There may be something going on, but the child is not able to tell us.Like babies, cars don't speak English. We know toddlers can upchuck some pretty uncommon-looking stuff. Then, words are no longer necessary. And, your vehicle can cough up troubles from its insides, too.Warning lights, sputtering, and sticky shifting may tell us there's a problem.And, there are other signs such as uneven tire wear. This may mean suspension problems, according to Mick's Automotive experts.Cars and SUV's need more maintenance than ever. This is thanks to modern electronics and computers. So, a basic tune-up evolves with each new model.But, the signs your car needs a tune-up does not require a software engineer. We learn with time what our kids, and our cars, need.Learning to recognize symptoms that you need a mechanic is easier than most people think.Here's when it's time to get a tune-up for your car: It Doesn't Want to Start : On icy mornings, both you and your car can be slow to get going. But, if your car is doing the same on warm mornings or after warming up on a cold day, there is a problem.It may need a few adjustments. Slow starts could signal a fuel line issue or a simple battery replacement.Of course, on the other end of the spectrum may be a new starter.But, none of these problems will go away. At some point, it won't start at all. And, you will likely kick yourself (as you are stranded) if a simple tune-up is an answer. It Stalls Out at Stops : Stalls are not only annoying but can be dangerous. Pooping out in the middle of an intersection is never good. You're a sitting duck. You'll be lucky if anyone will stop to push you to safety.Merging into moving traffic, then stalling, can leave you vulnerable, too. Loss of power is a sign your car is not getting adequate fuel or oxygen. Or both.One of the most obvious signs of needing a tune-up on your car is when it stops too often. Powerlessness could signal it needs a new air filter, fuel line cleaning, or spark plugs.If your car loses power for too long, you'll pay a hefty price. Not just for repairs, but your fuel efficiency is tanking, also.In this case, a thorough tune-up starts paying you back right away. There's a High-Pitched Squeal From Under the Hood : Both annoying and embarrassing, the piercing noise may have a few causes. When you get a tune-up, the mechanic will check belts, hoses, and fluids.If your last checks were a while back, your car is going to continue to screech at you until you bring it in.The culprit may be low steering fluid or a belt that is past its end date. If the noise is present as you drive, it may be a tire needing balancing. All these are easy fixes.A more complicated problem may be the CV joint objecting as it wears out. Either way, there's no louder sign of when to get a tune-up for your car. Gas Mileage Has Gone Way Down : Frequent fill-ups may not be the clearest sign your car needs help. But, if your mileage has gone way below average, there is something wrong.If you have a teenager at home, check for late-night joy rides. If not, then have a mechanic do a routine tune-up and check for more severe problems.Keep in mind that a stuck brake pad may be the issue. Or, low tire pressure. If the abnormal mileage is a sudden occurrence, it is likely something simple. It Hesitates When Passing Other Cars : No acceleration when you need it can be yet another dangerous problem. If you attempt to pass and your car can't, other drivers get angry, too.You will get more than a hard stare in some cases.And, there may be a few different reasons. If it is an issue of power, then your car is telling you something is missing. It is likely a lack of fuel, oxygen, or electrical energy.With regular tune-ups, this should not happen. The other issue may well be the transmission. If you find your car does not have a smooth shift or hesitates before going into high gear, something's wrong.As your car's engine needs a regular check, so do transmissions. There are components like fluid, screens, and filters.Any of these may need attention. The longer you wait, the more parts (and cash) you may need. Read the Owner's Manual for Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up : If you don't have your owner's manual, get one. This book is the best guide for telling what parts need upgrades and when.Newer models do not need a tune-up until they reach 100,000 miles. 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The Safest Motorcycle Equipment: Gear For Every Rider

Riding a motorcycle offers a sense of freedom and adventure, but it also comes with inherent risks. As a motorcyclist, your safety should be a top priority every time you hit the road. While honing your riding skills and practicing defensive driving techniques are crucial, investing in the right motorcycle equipment can provide an additional layer of protection in the event of an accident. In this blog post, we'll explore the safest motorcycle equipment that every rider should consider wearing to stay safe on the road.HelmetA high-quality helmet is the single most important piece of safety equipment for any motorcyclist. In the event of a crash, a helmet can significantly reduce the risk of head injuries and traumatic brain injuries. When choosing a helmet, opt for one that meets or exceeds safety standards, such as the Department of Transportation (DOT) or Snell certification. Look for features such as a sturdy outer shell, impact-absorbing liner, comfortable padding, and a secure chin strap. Additionally, make sure the helmet fits snugly and securely on your head to provide maximum protection.Protective Riding GearIn addition to a helmet, wearing protective riding gear can help safeguard your body from injuries in the event of a crash or slide. Invest in a durable motorcycle jacket made from abrasion-resistant materials such as leather or textile, with built-in armor in critical areas like the shoulders, elbows, and spine. Pair the jacket with armored riding pants or jeans, which offer added protection for your legs and hips. Don't forget to wear sturdy motorcycle gloves to protect your hands and wrists from abrasion and impact injuries.Riding BootsProper footwear is essential for maintaining control of your motorcycle and protecting your feet and ankles in the event of a crash. Choose motorcycle-specific riding boots with reinforced soles, ankle support, and impact protection. Look for boots made from durable materials such as leather or synthetic textiles, with non-slip soles for optimal grip on foot pegs and pavement. Avoid wearing sneakers or other casual shoes, which offer little to no protection in the event of an accident.Eye ProtectionProtecting your eyes from wind, debris, and insects is essential for maintaining visibility and safety while riding. Invest in a good pair of motorcycle goggles or a full-face helmet with a built-in visor or face shield. Look for eye protection with anti-fog and UV-resistant coatings for optimal clarity and comfort in various riding conditions. Additionally, consider carrying a spare visor or anti-fog treatment for long rides or inclement weather to ensure clear vision at all times.Reflective GearThe Cherry Hill motorcycle accident attorneys make it clear that visibility is crucial for staying safe on the road, especially when riding at night or in low-light conditions. Incorporating reflective gear into your riding ensemble can help increase your visibility to other motorists and reduce the risk of accidents. Wear a reflective vest or jacket with reflective strips, or add reflective tape to your helmet, jacket, and motorcycle to enhance visibility from all angles. Consider investing in reflective decals or accessories for your motorcycle, such as wheel stripes or side reflectors, to improve visibility even further.Motorcycle ArmorFor riders who engage in off-road or high-speed riding, motorcycle armor provides an extra layer of protection against impacts and abrasions. Motorcycle armor typically consists of hard plastic or composite panels strategically placed on key areas of the body, such as the chest, back, shoulders, elbows, and knees. Integrated into a compatible motorcycle jacket or pants, armor enhances protection without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Look for CE-certified armor for optimal impact resistance and shock absorption.Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience, but it's essential to prioritize safety every time you hit the road. Investing in the safest motorcycle equipment is crucial for protecting yourself from potential injuries in the event of an accident. By wearing the right gear and practicing safe riding habits, you can enjoy the thrill of motorcycling while minimizing the risks associated with this exhilarating mode of transportation.High Visibility VestReflective motorcycle vests with high visibility are extremely important in case you are riding during the night or in darker areas. They are cost-effective and provide the necessary safety for your adventure rides. Road crews and highway workers wear them for safety reasons. Similarly, you, too, must utilize this safety tool to maximize visibility.These vests are available in many different materials. They offer reflective and high-visibility colors to help alleviate safety concerns. So if you do not have one, you must get one. A high-visibility vest is a great option for riding in high-traffic as well as high-density population areas. These vests will save you from dangerous situations. You may want to stay comfortable, but safety is key. Protective and preventive motorcycle safety gears keep you safe while you take on the challenges on the road. They do not let safety become an obstacle in the path to your limitless thrill.EarplugsOne of the most important items of safety gear for motorcycle riders is earplugs. You may not be riding a throaty cruiser with its V-twin engine. Bikes, however, are noisy. If you add traffic and wind noise to the already loud party, ear fatigue is not too far away. The excessive exposure to this high-decibel noise will start to set in for sure.In order to protect your hearing, use industrial use foam plugs to keep your ears safe. Some of them are inexpensive, but a higher-quality plug will offer a better fit as well as better attenuation. It will be a far better choice to invest in a set of custom-made plugs. Our ears are unique, similar to fingerprints. There are many motorcycle companies that offer earplugs that are designed especially for motorcycle riding. Even audiologists can make you a custom-fitted pair within a week or two.Wrapping UpIt is crucial to wear safety gear amid the right clothing when riding a bike. You could be riding a moped or even a high-performance bike. As serious as crashing on a bike sounds, the right equipment will help keep you ready for all situations. There are safety helmets and eye protection to consider. Visors and goggles will keep your eyes from getting injured and increase on-road visibility. Safe riding is not just a personal choice, it is also a legal requirement to make sure that you get the right protection while on the road.If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!Read Also:Things to Consider Before Buying Your First MotorcycleDos and Don’ts When You’re Involved in a Motorcycle Accident8 Useful Tips to Help You Prepare For Your First Motorcycle Track Day