Things You Need To Know About WoW Classic

WoW Classic is one of the most entertaining games in the industry. Here is a short explanation for the new leaves that don’t know about WoW Classic.

WoW Classic stands for World of Warcraft Classic. The first WoW Classic was launched in 2004. Since then, it has been one of the iconic games in the gaming world. The Blizzard announced that it is thinking of bringing back the old Wow Classic for the new generation players. This created massive excitement among the new players.

Recently, they have launched the demo game for the virtual ticket holder. Luckily, I was one of them and got the chance to have an early experience of the new Wow Classic game. While playing the game, I came across several things that I found different from the other games.

This article aims to bring forth the things that I get to know while playing the game.

Things You Need To Know About WoW Classic

With the demo games, the organization soon announced that the original game is coming out soon for all the players. If you are one of the players who want to try this new game, the following things might help you understand the game better and make yourself a better WoW Classic player.

1. Slow Levelling

Today, the World of Warcraft is more about how fast you can level up to have an advantage over the other. Yes, you do get a good story, nice gaming zones, but all these happens after the game is completed. This wasn’t the case in 2004.

We Blizzard first launched WoW Classic in 2004; they offered only 60 levels to play with. So, I tried to ensure people level up slowly; I mean very slow. So, before you start playing the initial version of Wow Classic, remember the 2004 WOw Classic is different from the 2019 Wow Classic game.

However, if you want to level up fast, you can certainly do so by investing in gold coins. The wow classic gold helps the users to buy gaming in-game Gold coins with real money. You can use these gold coins to further level up or unlock new treasures.

2. Surviving Alone In The Game Is Not Possible

The 2004 Wow Classic didn’t have any group finder or tools to find and play with your real-life friends. Hence, the only way to survive in this game is to have gaming friends. Wow Classic has tried making this more realistic by adding mini-feature like these.

Though while using the demoi, I did find a group window. But later on, Blizzard confirmed that this is just an artifact of the current UI and will not be available with the original game.

Wow Classic is all about experiencing virtual reality and making friends in the game that seem necessary for you to survive in the game. Think of this game like an “Isekai” where you have been teleported to a new world, and the only thing you need is to survive.

3. You Will Be Flat Broke

If you are one of the current Wow Classic games players and like to move at top speed hovering through the skies, you better be ready for serious gold farming. In order to move with 100% in the 2004 Classic, you need to pay more than 900 gold coins.

Remember how I have mentioned that initially, this game had only 60 levels, and the developer has made it hard to level up the game. This is why moving at 100% speed costs 900 gold.

4. Dying Is The Second Nature Of The Game

If you ask the older players, you will know just how lethal this game is. Unlike its competitors at that time, Wow Classic didn’t punish you by simply removing your experience points; instead, it offered a punishment of a lengthy corpse run to the land of the living.

In addition to this, the level difference between you and the monster is high. While you are in the aggro radius, you can expect to come across a monster 10 level higher, giving your one-shot knockout.

This created a much less face roll style to play and made the player think about a strategy to clear any dungeon.

5. But You Will Love It

Despite having so many things that can make any player avoid this game, there is no doubt that Wow Classic is one of the oldest multiplayer games that offered an absolute sensation to the players.

Yes, Wow Classic has certainly evolved in different forms of gaming style, but original is among some of the best games out there.

Final Verdict

Many people think that the Wow Classic game has lost its charm that it had 16 years ago. To some extent, I can agree with these people, but it is also true that even today, this game has a huge fan base.

We hope that this article will help you further boost your Wow Classic gaming experience. If you are one of the readers who have played this game, do share your experience here. I am sure My readers will certainly find that helpful.

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