Writing Web-Copy: How to Keep Your Readers Engaged


17 November 2020


Readers Engaged

Attracting your prospect with a decent web-copy isn’t easy…

But do you know what’s harder?

To keep the prospect engaged throughout the content piece! It isn’t simple since we all know about the human’s short attention span. (Less than the goldfish!)

Today, people ‘skim’ rather than reading the ‘whole’ content.

So what should a copywriter do to get the audience hooked?

To build up a successful relationship between you and your reader, you need to follow this smooth 5-step process

Are you ready to build your own ‘engagement boost machine’?


Then let’s learn the copywriting VICTORY secret from Spanishwriterpro!

Step #01: Know Your Reader

You can’t write a copy for someone you don’t know, can you?

But it’s more than just ‘knowing’ the reader…

You must know his thought process, his daily life, and other related factors to your product/service. Most importantly, find his problems, assess your product, and solve the problem with it.

Talk to your reader as if you’re talking to a friend. Your cordial and friendly tone will immediately hook the reader’s attention.

Show some emotions to trigger the emotional brain of the reader (the emotional brain has five times more processing power than the cognitive brain).

Step #02: Distinguish the Features & Benefits

Do you what’s the magic trick of copywriting?

“Selling without letting the customers know that they are being sold.”

It’s cheeky, but that’s how it works. Your product’s features are just for you. They aren’t meant to get you sales or engagement.

The only part about which your audience is interested are the ‘benefits’ of your product.

How will your product transform their life from a ‘less’ happy state to a ‘more’ happy state?

If you can’t answer this question, then you are less likely to engage your potential customers.

Step #03: Present Your USP

USP (Unique value proposition) is the heart of your web copy.

Can’t find one for your product? It’s not that difficult, though…

You just need one excellent benefit that fits accurately on your prospect. Tweak it a little to get more creative with the idea —  That’s it. Your marvelous ‘tagline’ is ready to be used as a USP!

Website visitors are in a hurry. They can’t be engaged with something they already saw on ten other web pages. Your copy should be different in terms of its selling proposition.

Step #04: Speak More with Fewer Words

Know the art of ‘getting a quart into a pint pot.’

Things that can be said in a ‘hundred’ words should be said in a ‘hundred’ words. Copywriters make the mistake of fluffing extra words into their web copy — and this makes no sense at all.

Conciseness in your copy is the key to get more engagements and conversions.

The early your readers know why they need you, the more engaging your web copy will be.

Step #05: Edit and Optimize

Last but not least, this step will make your web copy presentable.

A single misspelled word or a small punctuation mistake can turn away your prospect. Keep close attention to your text when proofreading. There are proofreading tools like Grammarly & ProWritingAid, which can be handy.

I would recommend editing your full copy in the end — It saves time, and optimization can be coupled.

Since you’re writing for both humans and search engines, the web copy needs to meet the guidelines of SEO while being interesting for the readers.

Pro Tip: Do not overoptimize your copy for search engines. In the end, it’ll be a human who would read your content — Not a search engine bot. Keywords are great for SEO but might be killers for readability, so use them wisely.

Humans Connect Humans

Being a social animal, a human likes to connect, speak, read, and listen to another human being — Don’t talk to him like a robot.

The moment you speak to him like a friend in your copy, he will be hooked forever.

Make fans, NOT customers! Happy copywriting…

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7 Tips for Writing a Dissertation

Without a doubt, a dissertation is the most challenging and lengthy paper a student has to write. However, this doesn’t mean that dissertation writing has to be a painful and unpleasant process – on the contrary, you are able to actually enjoy yourself while writing it.This seems impossible to you at the moment? Don’t worry: in this article, I’m going to give you some tips on how to write a dissertation easily. 1. Pick the Right Topic. Picking a topic isn’t easy. Some are too hard to research, some are too broad, some are too narrow, and some don’t look really original. However, try to step away from these limitations for a bit and come up with a topic that actually interests you.Not all students think this way while picking a topic for their dissertation. Some prefer choosing the ones that look more serious and promising; however, that’s not always a good thing to do. If a topic doesn’t seem interesting to you, you will most likely end up struggling with the whole writing process instead of actually enjoying it.Try to make the list of topics that actually interest you and then narrow it down to one, based on its popularity and the amount of data you’ll be able to collect for it. 2. Plan Your Research. We all know that writing a dissertation requires a lot of research. However, you can ease the process greatly simply by planning everything well. It’s unlikely that you’ll find all the necessary books and other information sources in one place. So make the list of the sources you might need and then think of where you can find them.For example, if you know that most of them can be found in libraries only, you should plan when you’re going to visit these libraries and how much time you’re going to spend there. Doing so will help you structure the whole process better and save more time. 3. Make Notes. You’re probably going to look through many information sources during the research process. Don’t simply read them and switch to another one: make notes while you read. This will make it easier for you, allowing to highlight the most important parts of each book or article. 4. Save Quotations. It is very important to use direct quotes in your dissertation. However, not all students are able to come up with an appropriate quote during the writing process. It’s better to find the right quotes during your research, saving them in a separate file. This way you’ll have a list of quotes before you actually start writing and will always be able to choose the most appropriate one.Moreover, if you save the quotes properly (including the names of the books they are taken from, the number of the page, and so on), you won’t need to look through all the information sources later, trying to remember where this quote comes from. 5. Remember the 10% Rule. Word count can be both limiting and challenging, depending on a student. That’s why it is so important to ask your supervisor whether the 10% rule can be applied to your dissertation or not.This rule is simple: it allows you to go both above and below the limit, as long as you don’t exceed the word count by 10%. It might seem like a thing that is not too important, but it can actually save a lot of your time (and words that maybe don’t have to be cut out) later. 6. Plan Your Writing. Being the most challenging and thorough paper, the dissertation requires appropriate approach. It isn’t a thing that can be written quickly (unless you turn to custom writing services for help) – it requires a lot of work, so the earlier you start and the better prepared you are, the better your dissertation will be.Read also: 10 Tips For Writing A DissertationPlan a number of hours you’re going to dedicate to writing: this can be a couple of hours a day or a couple of days a week, for example. Stick to the plan: if created properly, it could save you a lot of time and nerves, allowing to finish the dissertation before the deadline. 7. Don't Do It Alone. Contact your supervisor, ask them questions, ask for their advice. If there is a professor willing to help you, use their help too. Moreover, even your flatmates or college mates can help you, noticing the flaws in time and even offering some valuable ideas. So don’t hesitate to discuss your paper with them. If you lack sufficient skills and enough time to handle this exercise, you can buy cheap thesis online on BuyDissertations.com. You can be sure of getting a high-quality paper that will impress the college panel.A dissertation is indeed a serious paper. However, you probably wouldn’t write it if it didn’t seem appealing to you, would you? That’s why don’t forget to focus on the process and enjoy yourself as much as you can. I wish you good luck with that! Author's Bio:Kevin Nelson started his career as a research analyst and has changed his sphere of activity to writing services and content marketing. Currently, Kevin works as a part-time writer at the BreezeWriting. Apart from writing, he spends a lot of time reading psychology and management literature searching for the keystones of motivation ideas. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin.

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8 Easy Ways for Students to Improve Their Writing Skills

Writing skills are essential for students today. They include many aspects of personal and professional development. Once obtained, a student will easily use it in the future when writing motivation or cover letter, when completing a CV or portfolio, writing a personal blog, business offer, and others. Writing skills are essential for every educated adult person. Writing self-expression is the first thing employers and business partners are paying their attention to. That is the reason students have so many essays, term papers, reviews, analytical papers, and thesis to write. Here are 8 Easy Ways for Students to Improve Their Writing Skills: 1. Read books The first and the most fundamental advice to improve writing skills is to read books. Every successful business person reads at least five books every month. It not only improves a vocabulary but also improves the way of thinking. The brain generates new ideas and gathers interesting speech expressions from the passive memory which reveals itself when needed. Except for boosting writing skills, you will also boost the mindset. 2. Read news Today news is not only politics. There are tech news, music, culture, life stories, and many other types of publishers that cover world auditory. You can easily find your service and look through it one a day to know what's new and to improve vocabulary. The most popular publishers are Forrester, Gartner, HuffingtonPost, Wired, and many others. There are articles to everyone’s taste. 3. Learn grammar We all can speak and think that we know grammar. However, try passing one of the tests online, and you will acknowledge how wrong you are. Learning grammar is a never-ending process. Even if you have learned it Ince and have passed the exam, you will definitely forget some of the essential rules in one year. It is recommended to repeat the course once a year or at least once two years to be always professional.4. Read blogs After repeating grammar rules, find a few blogs to read. Yes, it is not the best option for learning the language; however, you will notice how hard it is no read stylistically, and logically poor texts. You will notice the difference between good and medium writing quality. Noticing mistakes will improve your skills significantly. 5. Talk to people correctly When talking to people, try to use correct contractions and various words unusual for speaking. It will give you a better understanding of which context you can use particular words and which constructions are better for understanding. Watch people’s reactions. When they need time to understand or ask you to repeat, it is better not to use the phrase. Otherwise, piquant combinations are welcomed. 6. Critical thinking If you would like to know how to improve your writing skills, you should discover how to develop critical thinking. Critical thinking includes two aspects: the ability to reason and judge according to the reasons. Writers can analyze information and find or explain the reason for any fact, concept, action, research, and others. These reasons lead them through further writing.7. Formatting Adjusting formatting is the most monotone and boring occupation but essential if you want to improve your English writing. Formatting rules are represented in study guides. They are to prevent plagiarism and make any paper stand for educational standards. It takes a lot of time and patience. If you don’t have both, ask assignment writing service in Australia to do it for you. 8. Structure Each text has to be well structured as well as formatted. Otherwise, readers will lose interest after the first paragraph. First, don’t make paragraphs too long. It has to have the first introductory sentence and the last transition one. The beginning of the article, essay, paper, critical review, or other must-have a hooch, and it is necessary to mention it in conclusion. Try to represent information in an interesting way including listings. If applicable, add tables and images. Visual material is always a benefit. Conclusion Every educated person should realize how to develop writing skills. It is a never-ending process because, like every other field, language has its trends, a popular set of expressions and vocabulary. The ways to keep updated include reading books, journals, blogs, refreshing grammar knowledge every one or two years, and keeping the structure understandable and catchy. Developing critical thinking is another fundamental element that helps in every educational field.Read Also : Argumentative Writing – The Skills You Need To Develop Top 7 Things To Take Into Consideration When Selecting Essay Writing Service 6 Ways to Achieve an Essay Writing Task Successfully

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Are You Safe When Looking for the Best Essay Writing Service?

Online academic help is a big thing these days. According to A-Writer, an online writing company, the amount of college homework has been increasing in the recent years, so more and more students are turning to online services for help with essay writing.  For many students, this is the only way out in difficult situations that have them completing multiple assignments every week, going to classes, and doing other important things.If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re a student going through a similar situation right now.If you are, you know how difficult it is to find time to do things you love or just relax in the company of friends or watch a movie. In many cases, it’s simply impossible, so you begin looking for alternative ways to complete all college assignments quickly. That’s where online essay writing services come in.They help to handle complex essay assignments within short deadlines, thus saving your precious time and allowing to focus on other academic projects or daily activities. In the recent years, the number of such companies skyrocketed, with some of them being not so unethical about doing business.In this paper, we’re going to cover the most common risks associated with essay writing services as well as the ways to minimize them. 1. Privacy : Many students worry about their privacy when ordering essays from online writing services. For example, they worry that their educational institution will find out that they used these services. Well, while there’s an extremely low risk of that happening, any self-respecting essay writing service won’t give any personal details to third parties such as educational institutions.The reason is pretty simple: it’s counterproductive for them because it’ll make them lose all clients. If they do that, they’ll go out of business pretty fast. In fact, if the news about that spreads, they’ll be closing their office in a matter of days.This is not to say that you should trust your information with any essay writing service you find out there, though. Read below to know the signs of companies that are likely to ensure a stress-free experience and provide a quality college paper. 2. Scams : Unfortunately, there are many scammers trying to take advantage of students desperately looking for help with writing an essay. They make websites to trick visitors into thinking that their services are legit but eventually those who trusted them with writing an essay get ripped off. For example, the papers produced by such companies are 100 percent copied but they refuse to revise them.To avoid being scammed, follow these tips:Take a good look at the website. Look for obvious signs of fake companies such as misspellings, fake endorsements, lack of reviews, and overall design. Google the name of the company. Try to find news associated with that company or reviews of customers. Many students who got ripped off by fake companies write on forums and blogs about their experience. Call the company. Does the customer service number of the website work? Has anyone picked up the phone? Does that person even know what they’re talking about? (Writing an essay requires a lot of expertise in academic areas, so ask some questions to see if they know what you need) If the answer to all these questions is yes, then chances are you’re dealing with a professional essay writing service.3. Plagiarism : This is another legitimate concern that students have when looking for an online company that does essay writing. Since the charges for plagiarism are extreme in most colleges and universities, submitting an unoriginal essay is simply not an option.Here’s how to maximize the chances of getting quality essay writing services:Avoid extremely cheap services. Any person writing essays for a living won’t plagiarize and aim for quality, therefore the compensation should be adequate. Read reviews. If the company’s customers said that their previous experience with it was spoiled by plagiarism, then look further. Look for companies that provide a money-back guarantee. In this case, even if you receive an essay that contains plagiarism, you won’t lose your money.The Bottom Line : Looking for a reliable essay writing service could be a daunting task. Since there are many risks involved in the search, you should definitely follow the tips described above. If you do, you’ll increase the chance of finding a good company that does excellent essay writing. If the quality of their writing satisfies you, try to order from them again so you won’t have to search for more companies next time you have the need for academic help. Happy and safe searching for the best essay writing service!Read Also : Tips On Cheap Assignment Writing Services Hiring 10 Easy Ways For Students To Improve Their Writing Skills 5 Tips For Getting A Cheap Essay Writing Service Online