10 Best Protein Shake Recipes for Weight Loss


30 December 2017

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Protein Shake Recipes

Market economy foresees an abundance of products for various human needs. In other words, you can go online or to a retail store and buy what you need. However, such an option is not always relevant. The trend of recent years is to paddle own canoe in miscellaneous tasks including the creation of nutritional supplements.

DIY protein shakes are rather popular among people who want to both gain musculature and reduced fat in the body. Unlike most marketed solutions, homemade drinks provide a guarantee that no artificial components are inside. Besides, users can control the so-called specification of the product namely the nutritional value. Also, read the shakeology review.

If you share that approach, the following selection of the best protein shake recipes is right for you.


Whey protein source – (one serving of the chosen powder);
Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup);
Raw almonds/cashews (quarter/half cup);
Instant decaffeinated coffee (one/two tsp);
Ice (handful).

Apple Cinnamon

Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) – (one serving of the chosen powder);
Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup);
Chopped apple (half/one cup);
Cinnamon (one tsp);
Ice (handful).

Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate whey protein source – (one serving of the chosen powder);
Almond milk (one and a half cup);
Fresh/frozen black cherries (half cup);
Ice cubes (up to five pcs).

Pina Colada

Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) – (one serving of the chosen powder);
Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup);
Fresh/frozen pineapple pieces (half/one cup);
Coconut extract (half tsp);
Ice cubes (handful).

Creamy Peach Smoothie

Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) – (one serving of the chosen powder);
Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup);
Fresh/frozen peaches (quarter/half cup);
Fresh/frozen banana (quarter/half).

Tropical Dream

Chocolate whey protein source – (one serving of the chosen powder);
Fresh/frozen pineapple (half/one cup);
Ice cubes (handful).

Almond Peach Delight

Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) – (one serving of the chosen powder);
Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup);
Fresh/frozen peaches (half/one cup);
Almond extract (half tsp);
Cinnamon (half tsp);
Ice cubes (handful).

Blueberry Vanilla Pear

Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) – (one serving of the chosen powder);
Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup);
Fresh/frozen blueberries (quarter/half cup);
Chopped pear (quarter/half cup);
Ice cubes (handful).

Breezy Freezy Shake

Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) – (one serving of the chosen powder);
Fat-free milk or freshwater (one cup);
Reduced-fat mango yogurt (one cup);
Fresh/frozen pineapple (quarter);
One banana

Melon Madness

Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) – (one serving of the chosen powder);
Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup);
Fresh/frozen watermelon (quarter/half);

All of the above are only ingredients. And a recipe stipulates a certain procedure of turning raw materials into a ready-to-drink product. One of the principal benefits of nutritional shakes and their variations like smoothies, rich-in-protein drinks, and others is the simplicity to prepare. You won’t need special kitchen equipment except for the blender. Naturally, one can blend ingredient manually and shed a couple of pounds while doing it but it is better to assign the task to automation.

So, take that device, which is usually accompanied by a container. Put all the ingredients for your future DIY protein shake and push the Start button. The blending time is not limited. You are free to play with the blender as long as you wish. However, watch the thickness of your shake. Adjust the liquid level according to your preferences.

It is not necessary that any of the mentioned recipes will be to your taste. Sometimes, a pinch of a certain spice can turn the flavor upside down and add the missing smack. That is why homemade drinks are so popular. You can create own taste and forget about the necessity to put up with the marketed flavor solutions.

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There are many reasons for the short circuit of the atomizer. If it is short-circuited protection, there is no danger. If the mechanical mod may cause the battery to explode, the short circuit of the atomizer is not a particularly serious problem, but it still needs to be taken seriously. The cause of the atomizer short circuit and its solution. After cleaning the atomizer, it will be installed and used without causing a short circuit. This situation is very simple, just remember to wipe dry after cleaning the atomizer, it is best not to use it immediately. The bottom electrode is low, and the top of the electrode of the host is not touched, resulting in a short circuit. Try to slightly rotate the electrode screw on the bottom of the atomizer a little. Check if the heating wire lock screw is tightened and re-wire the wire if necessary. Check if the bottom electrode is too tight, screw it out, and replace it with another electrode screw if necessary. How to avoid short circuit of a mechanical mod? Always check the resistance and short circuit of the atomizer. Unlike general-purpose vapes, mechanical mods can be ignited even when the atomizer has been short-circuited. Here, the resistance of the short circuit refers to zero or near zero, but most tanks do not let the resistance be less than 1.5 ohms, which ensures that the battery is not overstressed. When using a new atomizer, be sure to check the atomizer resistance and confirm that there is no abnormality before screwing it onto the mechanical battery compartment. If you use an RBA, don't let the resistance be too low, because too low a resistance will make the battery pressure too high. It is best to control the resistance between 2.4 and 3.0 ohms at the beginning to ensure safety. Although the atomizer is not so easy to short-circuit, it is best to use a multimeter to test. The specific test method is this, remove the battery, connect the battery compartment and the atomizer, put one probe of the multimeter to the positive pole of the battery compartment, and the other probe touches the surface of the battery compartment. If the multimeter shows a non-zero resistance value, it means that there is a current, so there must be a short circuit. When testing the resistor with a multimeter, be aware that the multimeter's leads may also generate resistance. We have seen some very cheap multimeters with lead resistances even higher than 0.6 ohms. The lead resistance can be displayed by touching the two probes of the multimeter. This value needs to be subtracted when testing the atomizer to get the true resistance value. For example, if you measure the resistance of the atomizer to be 2 ohms, if the lead resistance is 0.6 ohms, then the true resistance is only 1.4 ohms. In short, the atomizer is short-circuited, don't worry, think about the above problems can be solved. After a period of use, the atomizer needs to be cleaned regularly. The inside of the atomizer will be stained with some non-volatile liquid condensate. If it accumulates too much, it will affect the atomization effect of the atomizer, which will lead to the taste odor. In addition, when replacing different flavors of smoke oil, it is also necessary to clean the atomizer beforehand to avoid affecting the taste experience. The daily cleaning frequency of the atomizer is recommended to be cleaned once a week. The following is the atomizer cleaning method 1. Hot water After the residual oil in the atomizer flows out, pour the appropriate amount of hot water, shake gently for 1-2 minutes, wait for the dirt inside to dissolve in the hot water, then slowly pour the water out to dry. Or use a hairdryer to quickly dry it. This method is simple and easy to clean, but there are still residual odors that affect the taste. 2. Vinegar The atomizer is placed in clear water mixed with vinegar and then cooked. After heating for about 10 minutes, then wash it with water and then dry it. Cleaning the atomizer with vinegar is still good. 3. Cola Soaking the atomizer in a cola drink takes about 24 hours. After taking out, the water is washed and finally blown dry. This method takes a long time and the effect is not very satisfactory. It is not recommended to use it frequently. 4. Vodka. Blow the atomizer, pour the appropriate amount of vodka, seal the atomizer mouth with your fingers, and gently shake for one to two minutes and then pour off. Rinse off with hot water and let it dry. This is a more effective method to substantially eliminate the dirt and taste of the inner wall of the atomizer. Read Also: Vaping Is Fighting The Deadly Consumption Of Nicotine 7 Things You Should Know About Owning A Vape Vaping: More Than Just A Fad

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Top Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer According To Experts

The preferred alcoholic beverage for millions over the world has strong health benefits. Yes, you read that right. As compared to other forms of alcoholic beverages, beer is healthier, has a positive impact on your body, and allows you to keep critical illnesses at bay. For a very long time, scientific studies and health studies have shown how beer drinkers tend to live longer, have better cognitive abilities, and lowers stress. While a lot of reports state that wine has several anti-oxidants, the same can be said for beer as well. Its core ingredients are hops and barley, both of which are known for their anti-oxidant properties. In the following section, we take help from experts at Melvin Brewing to try and understand how beneficial beer is for your health. Beer Has A Positive Impact On Mental Health Of An Individual The natural properties of beer allow it to be a great agent for helping improve the mood. In other words, it helps majorly in lowering stress levels, reduces anxiety, and prevents people from getting into depression. The same cannot be said about harder alcoholic beverages like whiskey, vodka, rum, or gin. It should be pointed out that the above observation has been pointed out in the case of moderate drinkers. Heavy drinking is likely to reverse this and add to additional stresses and pressures. However, if you are drinking socially, with friends or colleagues once or twice a week in moderation, you can experience lesser fatigue levels and a more productive brain. Beer Is Great For Your Kidney And Helps Lowers Cholesterol Studies have shown how drinking beer prevents the risks of kidney stones. Experts have pointed out that beer has a natural filtration process when it goes inside the body. This helps it remove any internal impurities and allows the same to be excreted out of the body through urine. As we have already mentioned, beer contains natural fibers like hops and barley. These fibers play a positive role in the reduction of LDL or bad levels of cholesterol. Fibre has been known to have several positive effects on the human body. It helps with maintaining blood sugar levels and controls cholesterol levels within the body. However, heavy drinking is likely to have the reverse effects as it reduces the body’s power to naturally absorb minerals and vitamins that come from dietary sources. Does Beer Help Improve Memory Focus And Brain Functions? According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, moderate drinking of beer promotes cognitive abilities. Why? Because hops, the major ingredient in beer has a property called ‘Xanthohumol’. This chemical is a proven agent that prevents brain and memory degradation. Similarly, historically, advanced civilization has attributed drinking to improving brain focus, attention, output, and productivity. Beer has selectively been seen to boost the retention power of the brain in many research subjects. Again, it should be pointed out that we are talking about drinking in moderate doses and not heavy ones. The positive effects can only be experienced if the individuals are drinking beer in moderate doses of one or two glasses per week. The Final Word You would be surprised as we were when we first came across the positive health benefits of beer drinking. We tried to dig deeper and found that medical experts did not want to publicize the same for fear that this would act as a license to give drinkers the right to drink more. To conclude, beer has several positives, but only when it is consumed at moderate levels. If you are looking to add to the list of benefits, might we suggest you use the comments section and add to the list of health benefits of drinking beer? Read Also -  Tequila, The Alcoholic Cure-all? A Guide in Choosing the Perfect Brewing Burner The Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Alcoholic Spirits