3 Tips for Buying Bikes for Larger Guys

Published on: 21 November 2018 Last Updated on: 19 July 2019

Even though bike riding is now common and a good way to beat traffic and maximize exercise, for the larger, bigger people, there might be some discriminations and restrictions in their choice of bikes.

Regular exercise such as cycling is just as important to the bigger guys as it is for fitness enthusiasts, and there are bicycles for men out there that are well suited to their larger size.

Bikes come in so many different types, and some are much better suited for large cycles than others.

Bike Frames:

You can get custom made chromoly bikes to beat the discrimination in shops and bike stores. Larger riders might want to consider the options of getting metal, carbon, chromoly or titanium bike frames.

Carbon materials are an option that ensures strong frames but, not all carbon frames are good enough and some may have limits. For riders who are both heavy and have some height advantages, getting miles with metal frames might be the safest and best option. Steel is very affordable and a well known strong metal. However, bikes made out of steel might be a little heavier than the other non-steel counterparts.

Titanium bike frames give the best option for truly impressive strength and added options for uniquely shaped tubes, but for a more expensive price.

Bike Wheels and Components:

Just like with picking the right frames, the wheels on a bike are an important element to ensure safety and maximum use of the bike. Metal wheels are an option for larger bike riders. However, they, of course, will have a higher weight capacity than regular bike wheels. Also look at the spokes of the wheels, 32 double-butted steel spokes can be a good way to go. The spokes cross over three others in a three-cross pattern. If you can not find wheels to fit your needs, there is always the option of building and customizing your own unique bike wheels.

Consider the bar width before purchasing any bike. The narrower the bar, the more uncomfortable you will be, especially during long bike rides. To have an idea of how wide the handlebars should be, drop bars should be the same width as your shoulders. Also, saddle bars should be the perfect fit for your bones. Get proper measurements and ensure the saddles on the bike is a good fit for you.

Consider Customization:

For the much taller broke riders, or just any large biker who does not find a bike that suits his taste in the market, customization is always an open option. By customizing your bike, you get to design the bicycle in a way that best suits your tastes and needs. When building the handlebars, you can align them to the perfect height and distance that suits your size. Customization means there will be no compromises with making the perfect choice in bikes. You pick and decide on the bike seats you want, the wheels, and frame material to fit your bulk. It is truly the perfect option for larger bike riders.


No matter how tall or big a man you are, you can always find a wide range of bikes for larger guys. But going the customization way is always a great idea to ensure your bike perfectly fits your needs. If you want to go biking on the beaches, you can a men’s cruiser bike.

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Fall Prevention in the Elderly – What Home Tips Can You Employ?

Every year there are around 6,000 deaths through accidents at home, with senior members of the family facing some of the most significant risks from falling, according to RoSPA statistics.  This is the reason most health clinics are giving training to their staff on fall prevention in the elderly. Of course, we spend much of our time at home, and looking after our safety both in our house and garden is key to avoiding many accidents, falls, or other harm that we face with hazards around the home. 9 Fall Prevention Tips In The Elderlies Here we look at some of the measures you or your life in carer can take to make being at home safer and reduce the risk of an accident. For fall prevention in the elderly, you will require a very systematic infrastructure and execution process. Here are nine fall prevention at home in the elderly tips. 1. Maintain A Clean And Tidy Space Keep the place tidy and avoid leaving items on the floor as they can easily be trip hazards to fall over. Leaving a magazine on the floor rather than placing it on a coffee table can easily mean anyone of unsure footing or wearing socks slips on it as they get up from sitting. 2. Enough Lights On The Troubled Areas Like Stairs  Ensure adequate lighting shows any features well, so hallways and stairs are well lit. Use night lighting to ensure adequate guidance for moving around at night. For fall prevention in the elderly, you have to organize the whole living area systematically. For example, many of the house areas are risky and dark. You have to design those areas carefully. Enough lights are never bad. 3. Keep Wearing The Non-Slip Socks Wear shoes or non-slip socks to prevent slipping on non carpeted falls. They can also protect feet should you nudge furniture helping to reduce the occasions you hurt yourself or fall over. Non Slip socks and nonslip shoes are great options for fall prevention in the elderly. Wearing these socks are keeping your feet protected, and you can easily avoid sudden fillings. 4. Maintain A Single Level Flooring  Add grab bars and handrails where there are changes in flooring levels, as well as to help get onto and off the toilet safely.  Baths and stairs are safer if you have well-fitted grab bars to help you move safely. Enlist a live-in carer to help you if you feel you need more assistance. 5. Loose Clothing Is A Serious Trouble Maker Avoid clothing that is too loose. For example, if you have wide baggy legged trousers or excessively flowing sleeves, failing to grip or hold on securely or tripping on excess fabric is another major cause of falls in the home.  Avoiding dragging or bunched up clothing helps in fall prevention in the elderly. 6. Avoid Making The Surface Too Slippery Flooring and slippery surfaces are hazardous for many to slip or fall, even when wearing proper footwear and clothing, and especially when wet.  Ensure bathrooms, kitchens, and porches with slippery floors are covered to reduce dangers. Add a mat or carpet to make them safer to walk on and give fall prevention to the elderly. 7. Rails and Holding Anchors In The Restroom Areas Bathtubs and showers may need additional grab rails and matting to ensure that slick surfaces are safer to use.  Ask for help. Many accidents at home arise from falling in the bath or shower, so a helping hand from a live-in carer can help keep you safe. 8. Install The Stairlifts And Avoid Too Much Stair Climbing If you are finding stairs difficult, remove the need to use them.  Consider installing a stairlift and looking for ways to reduce the number of times you need to go up and down each day as much as possible or if you can move to live on one level. 9. Take Time For Walking Lastly, give yourself time. Don’t be in a rush. Many people fall by not taking enough care or time before they move after standing up or before taking the first step on the stairs going up or coming down and end up falling, this is another major cause of falling at home. Convinced a live-in carer could be a good fall prevention strategy? Why not take a look at this list of live-in care agencies so you or your family can find just the right carer for your needs so you can remain in your home safely. Conclusion: All of these fall prevention in the elderly nine tips are effective for fall prevention at home. Usually, the older adults are not going outside, and as a result, 90% of the accidents among older adults happen in their home locations. Home is a secure space. Almost 100% of the people are well aware of their homes and whereabouts. Even any blind person can walk into the houses securely. All of these tips will help you with the fall precautions and develop a house plan which is safe for elderly people. Read Also Types Of Eldercare CentersWhat Is Memory Care and Its Benefits?3 Ways to Boost Brainpower in Your Older Years4 Signs It is Time to Find Hospice Care Near Me for Your Elderly Relative with COPD

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There may be numerous situations in your life that cause you to panic. You might forget that you left the stove on or suddenly remember that you forgot your wallet at home. However, if you experience too much panic in your life, you may have a panic attack. This is something you’d probably like to avoid if possible. Here’s a look at what a panic attack is and what you can do to prevent them. What is a Panic Attack? A panic attack occurs when your body is under a large amount of stress. This signals the body’s fight or flight response, which can physically make you feel like you are experiencing a heart attack or chest pains. An attack of this type only lasts a moment or two, but it might seem like quite a while when this happens. If you have had a panic attack in your life, this doesn’t mean that you will continue to have them. Many people have at least one, but this is nothing to be concerned about. It likely means you experienced a period of intense stress, which your body reacted to. On the other hand, some people have panic attacks regularly, which likely indicates that they have panic disorder. If the thought of panic attacks makes you uncomfortable, you may want to know what you can do to prevent them. To learn additional details on panic attacks, visit https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/panic-attacks. This page can tell you more about what they feel like and how long they last. Preventing Panic Attacks When you wish to prevent panic attacks, you may want to start with your diet. Ideally, you should watch what you eat and ingest healthy foods. This means that you must try your best to eat the proper number of calories and include healthy snacks, instead of fatty ones. You should also do what you can to stay hydrated since this is something that can keep you from having headaches and body aches as well. You also need to exercise. If you are following an exercise plan, then there is a lower chance that you will have a panic attack. This is because exercising can burn off energy and could allow you to change how you are feeling about your problems as well. For instance, if you have had a long and trying day at work, you may feel better once you exercise. It can alleviate stress and clear your mind, where you are able to figure out solutions that were problematic for you. In fact, you should limit stress whenever you can. If you are able to stay away from situations that cause stress, do it. On the other hand, if you are experiencing stress regularly, do everything you can to change this. You may need to take more breaks from work, relax when you get home, or work with a therapist. Seeking therapy for your stress may be able to limit your panic attacks since a professional can show you how to lower your stress level and offer you more information on preventing panic attacks. Also, they should be able to diagnose you with panic disorder if this is what you are experiencing. Consider working with a therapist if you are unsure what to do about your stress levels and you are concerned about panic attacks. Conclusion Panic attacks are a topic that may leave you feeling fearful, but there are ways to prevent them, in some cases. While anyone can experience a panic attack, most people only have 1 or 2. If you have had a panic attack or regularly do, you should work with a therapist for further help. They should be able to provide you with all the information and support you need to limit these attacks or protect you from some of the most severe symptoms of them. Keep an eye on your proper diet and the good amount you exercise as well, which could play a role in panic attacks and if you experience them. Read Also: Easy Ways To Live A Healthier Lifestyle 10 Best Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Of All Time In 2021