3 Tips for Buying Bikes for Larger Guys


21 November 2018



Even though bike riding is now common and a good way to beat traffic and maximize exercise, for the larger, bigger people, there might be some discriminations and restrictions in their choice of bikes.

Regular exercise such as cycling is just as important to the bigger guys as it is for fitness enthusiasts, and there are bicycles for men out there that are well suited to their larger size.

Bikes come in so many different types, and some are much better suited for large cycles than others.

Bike Frames:

You can get custom made chromoly bikes to beat the discrimination in shops and bike stores. Larger riders might want to consider the options of getting metal, carbon, chromoly or titanium bike frames.

Carbon materials are an option that ensures strong frames but, not all carbon frames are good enough and some may have limits. For riders who are both heavy and have some height advantages, getting miles with metal frames might be the safest and best option. Steel is very affordable and a well known strong metal. However, bikes made out of steel might be a little heavier than the other non-steel counterparts.

Titanium bike frames give the best option for truly impressive strength and added options for uniquely shaped tubes, but for a more expensive price.

Bike Wheels and Components:

Just like with picking the right frames, the wheels on a bike are an important element to ensure safety and maximum use of the bike. Metal wheels are an option for larger bike riders. However, they, of course, will have a higher weight capacity than regular bike wheels. Also look at the spokes of the wheels, 32 double-butted steel spokes can be a good way to go. The spokes cross over three others in a three-cross pattern. If you can not find wheels to fit your needs, there is always the option of building and customizing your own unique bike wheels.

Consider the bar width before purchasing any bike. The narrower the bar, the more uncomfortable you will be, especially during long bike rides. To have an idea of how wide the handlebars should be, drop bars should be the same width as your shoulders. Also, saddle bars should be the perfect fit for your bones. Get proper measurements and ensure the saddles on the bike is a good fit for you.

Consider Customization:

For the much taller broke riders, or just any large biker who does not find a bike that suits his taste in the market, customization is always an open option. By customizing your bike, you get to design the bicycle in a way that best suits your tastes and needs. When building the handlebars, you can align them to the perfect height and distance that suits your size. Customization means there will be no compromises with making the perfect choice in bikes. You pick and decide on the bike seats you want, the wheels, and frame material to fit your bulk. It is truly the perfect option for larger bike riders.


No matter how tall or big a man you are, you can always find a wide range of bikes for larger guys. But going the customization way is always a great idea to ensure your bike perfectly fits your needs. If you want to go biking on the beaches, you can a men’s cruiser bike.

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How To Make Natural Eco-Friendly Holi Powder At Your Home

Holi Powder: How To Make Natural Eco-Friendly Holi Powder At Your Home – Step By Step Guide

The festival of Holi signifies the end of winter and the arrival of beautiful spring. The natural colors of Holi fill everyone’s life with joy and happiness. However, this does not mean that you will start flooding the market and your home with inexpensive synthetic colors. The best way to spend Holi this year is by making your own Holi powder that not only prevents many health hazards but also will keep your environment neat and clean. Color is regarded as the synonym of Holi and these colors are very easy to make at home.According to the dermatologist, some synthetic Holi colors contain ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. This can cause several allergies because they are made up of chemical-based colors and are toxic to the environment. This is one of the disadvantages of artificial Holi color nowadays. This is the reason why you should choose natural eco-friendly Holi. Disadvantages Of Artificial Holi ColorAccording to beauty experts, artificial Holi colors can affect your eyes, lungs, and skin. If your skin is very sensitive and suffering from certain skin allergies then you must never use artificial Holi color. The common issues of artificial Holi color are as follow:The chemicals can cause serious injury to your skin. Chemical colors when applied to the hair can cause loss of hair (alopecia).  Irritation of eyes Overall fatigue and weakness Dehydration Skin rashes Dry scalp and hair damage.How To Make Natural Eco-Friendly Holi Powder At Your Home – Step By Step GuideThe excitement of Holi is more among children and teenagers. So, it can be useful for you if you make natural colors at your home beforehand. You must always opt for natural eco-friendly colors to protect your skin and prevent your surroundings from becoming toxic. Now, let’s start to make our natural eco-friendly Holi powder to celebrate this Holi.  1. Brown Color Holi is the time for family bonding, and this can be the best time to spend your precious moments with them. If you are willing to make some dark colors with natural ingredients, then Brown can be your suitable choice.Brown is a natural color that evokes a sense of strength and loyalty. Moreover, it affects your mind and body by creating feelings of peace, confidence, and wholesomeness.To make the brown color, you need the basic ingredients:1 part of henna powder  Four parts of amla powderInstructions: Mix 1 part of henna powder with four parts of amla powder thoroughly. You can also dissolve them in water if you want wet Holi powder. Soon you will get a brown color powder with which you can play Holi with your friends and family. 2. Purple Color There is a long history of Holi that very few people know. Nevertheless, people all over the world celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm and happiness.The purple color of Holi symbolizes pride, creativity, independence, and royalty. Actually, it is the color of mystery. Now, let’s start making the purple color Holi recipe to celebrate this colorful festival. For the purple color, you need:1 to 2 kg of BeetrootInstructions: Cut 1 to 2 kg of Beetroot and boil it in a cooker. After a few minutes of five to six whistles, remove the water from the pressure cooker as soon as it cools down. To dilute the same, you must use fresh water, or you can also preserve it in the fridge.  3. Blue Color The blue color symbolizes stability, wisdom, and inspiration. Simultaneously, it represents both seas and sky, and this signifies freedom, imagination, determination, and bravery. It is believed that Lord Krishna is blue-colored as they fought against evil. Color is also a highly used color during the Holi festival.   To know the blue color Holi powder recipe, you need:Dried flowers of Neeli GulmoharInstructions: The Gulmohar plant yields beautiful reddish-orange or blue color flowers. These are very attractive and long-lasting violet-colored flowers. You can take these flowers and dry them in the sun. When the flowers are completely dried, you can convert them into powdery form.  4. Yellow Color Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness. Moreover, this color stands for positivity, freshness, happiness, enlightenment, royalty, joy, etc. This yellow color is also one of the most popular Holi color powders, and you can make this natural eco-friendly Holi powder at your own home. To make yellow color powder for Holi, you need:Good quality turmeric powder Besan flourInstructions: The recipe of this Holi powder is the easiest of all. To make this, you need four parts of besan flour and two parts of turmeric powder. Your dry yellow color powder is ready! 5. Green Color The green color signifies nature and the natural world. Our environment is also green, and you should maintain this by using eco-friendly green Holi powder. The green color also represents forgiveness, unconditional love, compassion, etc. It gives healing energy to the heart. To make this color, you need:Heena powder Flour  Instructions: Take a pure henna powder, which is free from artificial ingredients. Then, you can mix it with flour to get a green color powder with which you can play Holi.  Closing Thoughts Holi is one of the most popular festivals for Hindus, and later it becomes popular among non-Hindu communities as well. It signifies the victory of good over evil and is celebrated as a day of spreading love and happiness. To make this festival more memorable, you can make homemade natural Holi powder and save yourself as well as your environment from pollution. More Resources:-8 Effective Natural Stain Remover. A Brief Guide On Applications of Spray Dryers. All You Need To Know About Resurrection Plant and its Facts.

During Quarantine

5 Different Things You Can Try During Quarantine

No matter where you are in the world, you, unfortunately, haven't been able to escape the COVID-19 virus. For most of us, that means we've been stuck inside while the world tries to get back to some sense of normalcy.Now, since we're all stuck at home, we've taken some time to put together a small list of things that we can all try to help us pass the time. Some might not fit everyone's interests, but hopefully, it gets some ideas pumping for you! Here are 5 Different Things You Can Try During Quarantine: 1. Study a New LanguageThis one is much easier said than done, sure. But, don't let your own personal roadblocks get in the way. Nothing is holding you back from downloading an app like Duolingo and taking the first step to getting started.Even if you have tried and given up before, maybe even multiple times, there's no time like the present!To be fair, not everyone will have the time due to family issues to devote to something like this. However, hear me out. Using an app makes it super easy to have the app on the tip of your fingers. All you need, according to the app, is 20 minutes a day. You can set goals for yourself based on your schedule. All it takes is a little effort and motivation. I believe in you! 2. Try a New Relaxation Method with CBDMaybe on the flip side of studying a new language, you want to just take time for yourself and relax. I don't blame you one bit. One thing that I've gotten into recently is CBD. There are numerous different products that offer different strengths for whatever you need.From oils and gummies, all the way to bath bombs and facemasks, there's a way to get a relaxing CBD fix in just about anything.CBD can be used to help you relax, all without the side effects of getting high. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a strand of marijuana. This extract does not contain the strand of THC, which is the chemical that gives you that high feeling.Remember: CBD might not be for everyone. If you have any preexisting health conditions, make sure you consult with your doctor. 3. Start an at Home Workout RoutineThis isn't something that I at all wanted to take part in, but I finally broke down. A huge benefit to starting some type of at-home workout routine is not just your physical health. Getting the endorphins going is excellent for your mental health as well!A few celebrities even came out and offered free at-home workout plans. Now more than ever, we must take care of our mental health.For whatever your reasons may be for doing some at-home workouts, Whatever your reasons, just try and get out and do something, so you don't get stir crazy! 4. Find a New Hobby Maybe you can use some of the extra time inside to explore a few different hobbies. Have you ever wanted to start that Youtube channel? Do it now. Ever wanted to take up painting? Go for it!Just like you, your kids have gotten bored staying indoors all the time. You can pick out a great dance studio in Singapore for them and send them to have tons of fun. This can help them learn a new skill, and keep them healthy, all at the same time!The sky's the limit for you to try out some new hobbies! There are so many resources online that you can use to learn things. Whether it's a new skill you want to learn, something to brush up on doesn't matter. This is all about you!Just take some time and learn what you want, do something that you really enjoy! 5. Take Virtual Trips Around the WorldThat's right, you can travel the world during quarantine!Well, in a sense, you can.There are many different companies like zoos, parks, museums, and more offering virtual tours that you can take! As long as you have an internet connection and some time to sightsee, you're well on your way!You can link up with your friends on zoom or fly solo, totally up to you!It's pretty wild that we live in a day and age where we can have basically the entire world right at our computer screens. In a matter of seconds, you can be anywhere in the world seeing breathtaking views or historical monuments.How awesome is that? Conclusion We're nearing the end (hopefully) of this COVID-19 lockdown, but some of these tips will still be relevant. Some people will probably want to stay inside. If you're one of those people, take a bit of the extra time you may have and put it to good use!Read also:5 Best Ways For Seniors To Pass The Time 4 Reasons Why You Might Feel Tired During The Day Home Maintenance Plans And Cleaning Tips During Covid-19 Have You Been Laid Off Because Of Coronavirus? Here Are 5 Income Earning Opportunities For You


Books & Self Development – How Words Can Help Motivate Yourself

The process of education and development builds the main theme of our life. Almost everyone tries to follow this process, but only a few can adhere to it.Well, for some people reading is never exciting and they want to leave books forever after graduation. However, the only thing you missed here is the limitation of books. You have set the limitation of it under academics, but books are something else.It provides you enormous opportunities for growth and perfectives to look forward to. The Importance Of Books In Different People’s Lives For some people, books are the opulence to people who have time. In this busy modern world, very few have enough time in life. They struggle to maintain a work-life balance.This is true, but it is also undeniable that a book can change your way of living and also improve your lifestyle.Here we will follow the instances of books and how they can help someone get motivated. Well, the moment you enter the job world, you will go through several stages of life, and your expectations from life will start changing over time.At first, everyone stays operated and enthusiastic about their perspectives and work. After a few years, this turns into frustration and a lack of productivity daily.Earning money cannot motivate you, but you need to follow something else. Books, self-motivating books can provide opportunities for you. Unlike entertainment and fictional books, which bring joy to life, self-development is very much possible through self-motivation books. How Are Books And Self-Development Related? Books and self-development are related to each other. You might not believe it now, but your insights may change in books after reading this.Books have no limitations, and you will find your area of expertise with books. Not everyone likes to read books. You may consider self-motivational books in different ways if you are among them.These are the books that are considered as the positive sign of life. Now if you ask us how it is related to self-development, we have a plethora of connections to showcase. Helps Reconstruct Your Mindset When you are struggling in life and want to bring justice to it, go for self-motivational books.Why?Well, these are efficient enough to provide tincture on a deconstructed mind. Reconstruction of your mindset and keeping you on track on the hearest day is basically easy with these books.Remember that you are not alone in this mess. Almost everyone is struggling with their life, and individual problems are needed to deal with personally. Helps To Start A Business One of the best ways to get rid of corporate frustration is to sink into business. Well, it's not that easy!You will need to have a basic idea of business, where many people are considered business degrees. Well, academics might not be a big factor if you follow the Headway app, which helps personalize your book list and provides insights.In this busy modern world, we do not have enough time to read, and this app is a great solution to finding out the gist of books and letting you become aware of new business processes and tactics from world-class references. Strengthen Your Relations Well, it's not about your love life but every relationship you are in. Your working processes hamper a lot due to related problems. In our life, everything is related to each other, and if one part of our life gets affected, the other will also.So, it's better to find remedies for relations and find peace for your career and future. Find out some critical books on maturity and relations and how you can maintain it in the workplace to deal with work-life balance. Stress Management Stress is one of the common issues in present life. It torments all sections of society. For example, according to a study and observation by Statista, around 24.5% of mental health clinicians state that anxiety is the most prevalent issue among college students. On the other hand, 16% of them opine stress as one of the major mental health issues. If you read books of your choice, they can transport you from the realm of unrest and stress to the blessed world of peace. Besides being a source of entertainment, books also work as a motivator. Hence you can say that they relieve stress and help motivate students to excel in their life.  Knowledge Base You might have observed that the young generation spends a significant amount of time on their mobile phones. Smartphones are indeed the mine of knowledge. But the negative aspect of these phones is that they are the top source of distractions. But books have always been one’s best friend, and they still are today. Books provide a source of knowledge minus distractions. They motivate one to push towards self-development. Books strike the inner chords of one’s heart and motivate one from within. From the simplest of tales to the most complex ideas, books enrich oneself with new ideas and, at the same time, play an important role in bringing the best out of oneself.  Positive Thinking  Positivity is the tonic that pushes oneself towards consistent growth. Books contain lines that fill one’s mind with waves of positivity. Especially if you read books on struggle and emancipation, you will be constrained to be motivated. Only a motivated self can push one’s boundaries and motivate oneself.  Best Motivational Books To Follow Motivation is overrated but the only factor to keep you alive and struggle another day. Books are never overrated but are available to all. This is why finding your life solutions through books is a thoughtful approach.Think and Grow Rich. Man's Search for Meaning. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The Power of Positive Thinking. The Four Agreements.Wrapping It Up These are some of the critical examples of books that you can find online and offline. Read these books or get the summaries if you are short of time. It will help you to manage your life in a way that you could not have imagined before. Read Also:Work from wherever you want Five things to consider before starting a Business Top 10 Apps for Team Communication and Remote Work